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Apr 20, 2007

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone!

Get ready!

NikkolasKing posted:

Well I'll just jot down an additional thought that I feel is particularly relevant to an intensely Left Wing forum like this one.

I've seen some people say The X-Files is, in a bizarre roundabout way, Conservative. I can see elements of this if you tilt your head enough but I just got done watching episodes about how the military is poo poo and prisoners are beaten to death by corrupt prison guards. There was also the episode last season about how Haitian refugees were being abused by the US military.

So the show is harshly critical of authority, especially the type of authority that is usually beloved by conservatives like the military, prison wardens, etc..

To quote The American Conservative:

"Most critically, like all good horror and science fiction, The X-Files played upon—and at times exacerbated—our deepest fears as a people. This is not to suggest that it would have failed at a different time in our history, but it certainly didn’t hurt that libertarian angst over Gulf War I, Ruby Ridge, and Waco, the general conservative distrust of the New World Order, and the rise of popular and consumerist radio talk shows coincided with its success. And while Watergate was two decades past by the time The X-Files began, Nixon’s specter of corruption hangs over the entirety of season one."

Personally I don't think The X-Files set out to make a big conservative political statement or stick it to Clinton specifically, but there's no denying it wasn't afraid to play on the right's paranoia. It's the same sort of stuff you heard Oathkeepers, 3%ers and Cliven Bundy and Co. never shut up about during the Obama years. I can guarantee you those same voices were around in the 90's (just look at the OKC Bombing), although without Fox News you probably wouldn't have heard of them as much. Hell, David Dees is still photoshopping pictures with the same general themes nearly 30 years later, albeit with far more antisemetism.


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