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Feb 7, 2010

Walh Hara posted:

* Way better at encouraging the player to theorycraft: tons of interesting combo's, way more possible interaction between minions' abilities
* A lot more potential strategies, for a big part because of the health/stress system
* Iratus himself being able to use spells adds another layer of complexity
* Minions being able to equip items adds another layer of complexity (on top of the minion abilities/stat points upgrade system)
* A campaign is a lot shorter

Story/setting/mood is better in darkest dungeon, but in my opinion the combat itself is just way more interesting in Iratus.


* Abilities in Iratus are built more to play off other classes so you've got a stronger cohesive party theme, but they are very simplistic and not interesting. Edit: Once you unlock all the classes you can get some engaging depth in the combos, but still not on the level of Darkest Dungeon and you're talking playing for quite some time and multiple runs to get them all.
* I'd maybe agree there are "more potential strategies" than Darkest Dungeon, but the vast majority of them are blatantly terrible and/or useless to the point that even a moderately experienced person familiar with the genre will quickly find the few effective strategies. You'll either stick with them or intentionally kill any challenge in order to play with others (which if that is fun for you then that's great).
* The Iratus spells and abilities don't add another layer of complexity, they make up for the lack of complexity in the class combos (see first point) compared to Darkest Dungeon
* Because you will build parties so focused on a one or two stats and targeted for a specific combination of abilities you'll use like clockwork in every single encounter, the equipment and stat point system is boring and tedious with no real flexibility
* The campaign is shorter, no argument there.

Story I'll go with better. Setting is more varied but also each variation is not as deep. Don't really have an opinion on "mood" (not entirely sure what that would encompass outside of "setting"). I personally found Iratus combat to be way to mechanical and repetitive and would say Darkest Dungeon is far better in the gameplay/combat department.


Feb 7, 2010

Walh Hara posted:

Can you elaborate about this? It's been a long time since I've played darkest dungeon, so perhaps I'm just not remembering things. That said, I don't remember there being any combo's like how in Iratus you can make a team around shuffling the opposing team (+ abilities that trigger when this happens) or a team around stacking debuffs (+ abilities that trigger on this) or stuff like that. I could easily list 10 interactions between abilities that are interesting in Iratus, in darkest dungeon the only thing I remember is combining abilities that move your own team around?

The "engaging depth" is the key part there, Darkest Dungeon doesn't have the direct combos that Iratus does but Iratus is setup such that certain abilities are basically designed to go together such that they are almost pointless on their own and instead are basically a single ability you press multiple buttons to use. Darkest Dungeon you fight until you need a specific end result or big hit, then setup the combo (like say mark, poison, shift position for a big hitter to be in the right spot, then hit), execute it, and then go on with the fight until you need to setup another combo. Iratus is first character press 1, second character press 2, third character press 2, fourth character press 4, then next round 1, 2, 2, 5 (probably a fury spender), then 1, 2, 2, 4, 1, 2, 2, 5, 1, 2, 2, 4, etc... Sure the first ability is your taunt/block, the second is your damage on move shift, the third is a enemy shift position which triggers the 2nd character's damage, and the 4th is a pull to trigger the second character again, and on and on. But it's a set pattern you follow basically 100% of the time until you need a heal, then you heal and go back to the set rotation. Yeah it's a combo but it's no more interesting than an opener to a Darkest Dungeon fight.

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