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Jul 16, 2011

Tinfoil Papercut posted:

[list] Red light, Green light!
[*]Skeleton (or Tank of your preference, flexible spot)

Definitely stick a golem up front with onslaught to get more pulls and thus a full extra cycle of backline carnage. Plus his bone ward will help keep the bride alive while you give her as much attack as physically possible.

Right now I'm getting minced up by the cathedral because I only have one damphire, shes been in my party the whole time and is indispensable cuz of her rage talents but like... thats one minion. I've nearly lost her a couple times and save scummed out of losing her a couple more

I don't have unfrozen or widows which dosn't help

Motherfucker fucked around with this message at 16:59 on May 2, 2020


Jul 16, 2011

fuckin' irritating the mummies 'eats all enemy buffs' trick dosn't work on the cathedral enemies damage boosts they get from their features.

Jul 16, 2011

skeleton warrior posted:

Well, I started over and built up the suggested party for stress and shuffling through poison clouds, and it was fine, though it rarely involved thinking, just pushing people around and waiting for them to spontaneously die.

Then two-thirds through the dwarf level, the enemy got a bunch of crits in a row and wiped out 3/4ths of one of the teams.

But I had unlocked headless hunters, so I decided to invest all of my accumulated parts into a new team of Bride, Headless, Zombie, and Skeleton to do physical damage instead, and creating a brand new level 12 party from scratch felt good!

And it turns out they completely sucked, unable to penetrate the armor of enemies to do meaningful damage before getting completely wiped. Not by elites, just by the regular dwarves.

So, in a desperate attempt to not lose all of the accumulated pieces and brains I had invested into these guys, I opened up the menu and hit "last checkpoint" to go back to a save, only it turns out that "last checkpoint" is actually "beginning of the dwarf level", so gently caress this game, I hate it, it sucks, and I'm angry at myself for being stupid enough to waste a dozen hours in a game hoping that "eventually I'll unlock things and have decisions to make".

y-you know you can just... rebuild them, just make some more litches and poo poo and stick the old brains in 'em and they'll be back up and running just the same like it never happened.

Plus you unlocked the headless, you've obviously unlocked SOME stuff. I dunno dude it seems like you're having the same problem I am. Level five is infested with highly armored dudes and I only have one armor shredding dhampire and no ability to produce more... basically the enemy finally found answers to my party comp and its been a frustrating challenge but it IS a challenge and its whatever, its fine.

Jul 16, 2011

man. makes me wish I HAD SOME BOILING BLOOD.

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