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skeleton warrior
Nov 12, 2016

Just picked this up and Iím enjoying it. Itís definitely easier than DD: I always felt in DD like I was constantly falling behind and each run wrecked me more than I gained, but here on normal difficulty Iím making steady and clear progress.

Speaking of which: progress through the plot is much more Slay The Spire than DD, with you following branching paths to Big Bosses at the end.


skeleton warrior
Nov 12, 2016

Okay, starting to get more frustrated than happy with this. Iím mid-way through floor 2 on my first run and there just doesnít seem to be any point in continuing - the dwarves hit too hard for me to keep good minions through the battle, all of the advice on builds are around unlockable classes I donít have, and most of the unlocks look like boring grinding to get (in cases where I have any clue how to do the things itís asking for).

skeleton warrior
Nov 12, 2016

Tinfoil Papercut posted:

You should have no trouble on the easiest difficulty setting getting all the unlocks (except unfrozen and widow) to help a normal difficulty play through. They *just* buffed up the zombie, so he's a perfectly viable damage dealer right now.

Honestly you're not going to go too wrong with a bone golem and three things behind it that do the same type of damage.

That advice would mean more if I didnít already have seven hours in the game and was only a third of the way to unlocking bone golems, and my only option is ďrestart and grind moreĒ. Right now I have dark warriors who canít do anything interesting except take damage, and skeletons and zombies that die in three hits from dwarves, and liches and brides who die in fewer hits if they get pulled forward. And they always get pulled forward.


Once you hit the dwarves you need to start thinking about every move, depending on the composition of the opponents. Don't do stress damage vs. the berserkers - and focus down any rifleman (I forget their official name). If you have a flamethrower encroaching make sure you keep him pushed back with a Bride every turn so he doesn't reach the front lines, etc.

Yeah, which would be fine if you got a chance to learn those things, but itís much closer to ďhereís a flamethrower and now that youíre fighting them letís NOW reveal that they have more armor than your best physical attacks do, oh, TPK, guess youíre not smart enough to play at the medium difficultyĒ.

Iím just generally finding it a mess where youíre supposed to stat up characters but stat ups donít actually seem to be big enough to matter (ooh after two levels Iíve saved up enough for another 2 points in evasion), half of the powers a character has never get used because theyíre in the wrong position or do the wrong damage, and it just all feels like a wreck of bad options and trap choices with everyone talking about the good
Classes but those are all behind the grind wall.

skeleton warrior
Nov 12, 2016

Well, I started over and built up the suggested party for stress and shuffling through poison clouds, and it was fine, though it rarely involved thinking, just pushing people around and waiting for them to spontaneously die.

Then two-thirds through the dwarf level, the enemy got a bunch of crits in a row and wiped out 3/4ths of one of the teams.

But I had unlocked headless hunters, so I decided to invest all of my accumulated parts into a new team of Bride, Headless, Zombie, and Skeleton to do physical damage instead, and creating a brand new level 12 party from scratch felt good!

And it turns out they completely sucked, unable to penetrate the armor of enemies to do meaningful damage before getting completely wiped. Not by elites, just by the regular dwarves.

So, in a desperate attempt to not lose all of the accumulated pieces and brains I had invested into these guys, I opened up the menu and hit "last checkpoint" to go back to a save, only it turns out that "last checkpoint" is actually "beginning of the dwarf level", so gently caress this game, I hate it, it sucks, and I'm angry at myself for being stupid enough to waste a dozen hours in a game hoping that "eventually I'll unlock things and have decisions to make".

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