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Mar 14, 2019

Been trying to write up a build from pre-release, but, well. There's a unit the thread hasn't brought up yet.

The Infested.

They are the builds linchpin and just plain bonkers at how useful they are to the point they overshadowed the other minions in the build (Dark Knight/Mummy/Players Choice) by far.

Here's the deal:
-The Infested has stress debuffs (regular single target and ultimate target all flavors), a self buff or targeted heal, a four-hit stress attack (each hit can crit), and magnified wretchedness to throw in on a otherwise wasted turn to give a whopping +30 luck (with +2 Initiative and 30 accuracy as a bonus).
-The stress multihit attack alone makes them great at finishing off enemies with heart attacks (four chances to other units one) or chewing through wards; but with a bit of luck in gear this gets truly absurd.

See, each minion has their own class gear, making them even better at what they do.
Cursed bandages give the mummy slight regen for each debuff on enemies,
Gruesome Snack gives the ghoul a stack of Lunch Break at the start of a fight,
and Plague Body Organ gives enemies who attack the Infested 20 stress damage per turn for three turns.

That's cute.

See, the real minion item for the infested is Acid Gland, which for reference is


Every successful ability using grants the minion a chance to strip the enemy of all Armour and Resistance until the end of battle:

- 50% chance for single-target abilities.

- 25% chance for AoE abilities.

Now remember how the Infested has a four hit single target attack usable from the front three spaces.
Then add insult to injury by giving the Infested perfect accuracy with Mechanical Eye and stronger crits with Plaguefall.

The Infested, even without these items or a team that can take advantage of the debuffs is still a wrecker, but with them?
You could use one on just about any team; little to no questions asked.

So, what balances the Infested out?

90 health, a base armor/resistance/ of 0 with no stat upgrades for either and block/ward being pricey as usual.
They have a decent base dodge chance at 16, one of the highest, but are otherwise fragile so a few lucky hits puts them out of the fight.
No tank, infested go squish. don't muster up the stat points for a tick of ward/shield? infested go squish.
Don't have decent protection for them and every fight is a gamble. Do have decent protection, and you tilt the odds a bit.

So with all that in mind, why wouldn't you ever not use one?

It's DLC.

On steam it comes with the games soundtrack and a skin for every unit, but it feels a bit off the supporter pack would have a unit with this much oomph packed in instead of just cosmetics/non-mechanical benefits.
I'unno, it might seem a bit more balanced once I give the other units a more thorough try to see what powerful antics they can do (compared to their tankiness/lack thereof), but it feels like a lot of power out of the dlc box with only room to grow.


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