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rare Magic card l00k
Jan 3, 2011

Me uni a la Revolucion #RXT

el sabe ...

My god, I never knew camera cuts could be used to make punches look LESS impactful.

Now I kinda want to rewatch Rocky Balboa vs. Tommy Gunn to see if it has finally lost its crown for Worst Street Fight.


Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'd like to
speak to the moderator

Prokhor Zakharov posted:

NXT Takeover In Your House 6/7:
  • Road Dogg is in your house. He's sitting on your couch. You don't remember inviting him in, though he insists you did. You can't remember a time when Road Dogg wasn't in your house. He's eating a cold hot pocket, his third of the last hour, producing them unwrapped from his sweatpants pocket. You want Road Dogg to leave. Why won't you make Road Dogg leave?

  • You look into the mirror. You are Road Dogg. Road Dogg is you. Bow chicka wow wow welcome to the Dogg House.

Nov 11, 2003


  • You suddenly realize you were always Road Dogg. You look at your family and friends, and they are all Road Dogg. You walk the streets and see only Road Doggs everywhere. Everyone has always been Road Dogg. All is Road Dogg now, and always has been.

Jan 9, 2008

Mar 20, 2007

Donncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Donncha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

Beware that when fighting Armstrongs, you yourself do not become an Armstrong... for when you gaze long into the Road Dogg, the D-O-Double-G gazes also into you.

May 20, 2004

Would you be my new best friends?

It's time to play.... was this booked by Vince McMahon, or a story told to me by a four-year-old kid?

So there were two fat guys and they were in a fight with two street guys and then they was fighting but then but then they broke the champ's car and they got scared and ran away! And then they was still fighting and one found a golf stick and and there was a bowling ball! Then the street guys were all,"We should be friends!' and the fat guys were,"okay!" but the street guys hit the fat guys! One of the fat guys was sad but then he was happy because he remembered he liked bowled and he bowled the ball and the ball hit the guy in the ding dong! And then the other fat guy threw the other street guy BOOM SMASH through a window! and then and then some guys showed up on motorbikes and they were all,"We can do this too!" and some of the guys on motorbikes were ninjas! So the fat guys and the street guys decided to be friends and they fight the ninjas and they beat the ninjas! But then a really BIG ninja showed up! And one of the fat guys tried to use magic powers but he got hungry and got a turkey leg instead and then the big ninja has a SWORD so they ran away and they were on a truck and they fell into a big garbage bin! And a lady showed up and yelled at them not to be naughty but she told one fat guy he was cute but she told the other fat guy he wasn't cute and the other fat guy was sad AND THEN A MONSTER SHOWED UP!

Oct 19, 2009

Ooh! Are we messing with Adora?

It was awesome.

Golden Bee
Dec 24, 2009

I came here to chew bubblegum and quote 'They Live', and I'm... at an impasse.

Rarity posted:

  • You look into the mirror. You are Road Dogg. Road Dogg is you. Bow chicka wow wow welcome to the Dogg House.

“Road dogg likes it“

Edward Mass
Sep 14, 2011

The Timeless Child is THE DOCTOR? Oh, for God's sake!

Top Cop

-Roman Reigns defeated The Big Dog to retain the WWE Universal Championship. The Big Dog was not unmasked, despite being billed as Title vs. Mask. Lince Dorado was unmasked instead to make up for this.

May 20, 2004

Would you be my new best friends?

Recent WWE news from the Wrestling Observer:

- The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is in serious talks with WWE to create a physical Hall of Fame in a shared revenue tourism enterprise.
- Vince McMahon removed Antonio Cesaro, Alexander Rusev and Buddy Murphy's first names because he became convinced they weren't believable heel names.
- Andrade and Angel Garza were broken up as a team when Vince found out they weren't brothers.
- The caning of Dominik Mysterio was intended as a warning message to Vickie Guerrero that her children weren't safe.
- The recent popularity of social media trending hashtags in support of Naomi have convinced Vince McMahon to make Nikki Cross the new Smackdown Women's Champion.
- Shane McMahon has been heavily pushing a storyline where he is the "final boss" of Raw Underground, and he wants an actual shoot fight against Dabba-Katto.
- The WWE recently warned their wrestlers that they own their actual legitimate real life names.
- The Dark Order skits about Griff Garrison are based on Canyon Ceman legitimately mixing him and Jungle Boy up and making an initial contract offer to Griff.

extradite THIS!
Mar 8, 2010

You can’t fool me J-Ru. Canyon Ceman is still not a real name!!

Golden Bee
Dec 24, 2009

I came here to chew bubblegum and quote 'They Live', and I'm... at an impasse.

It’s what you find when people have sex at a national park


Dec 10, 2005


Grimey Drawer

- Raw opens in the THUNDERDOME where a vulture is perched on the top rope. Commentary says nothing as we watch for a full hour. There are too many camera cuts.
- We watch a replay of the entire first hour. Michael Cole reminds us there are PPVs for the next six weekends.
- Raw Underground: Ricochet takes on Apollo Crews, but the camera never cuts from the arena to the match. Ricochet probably loses.
- We watch a replay of the first hour in its entirety. The THUNDERDOME is now all pictures of Vince laughing.
- Raw hits its highest rating in two years because Raw sucks real hard.

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