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elf help book
Aug 5, 2004

It's not a dream, or a lie.
I know my sister is alive out there.

Tulip posted:

A Ferengi learns that latinum is replicable, it was all a lie to avoid disrupting Ferengi culture too much.

This is an upsetting idea.


Jul 19, 2009
mottled gecko

Nap Ghost

Oooooo I like that too

Statutory Ape
Sep 12, 2017

Latinum is space weed

mind the walrus
Sep 22, 2006

Tulip posted:

A Ferengi learns that latinum is replicable, it was all a lie to avoid disrupting Ferengi culture too much.
This is too good. gently caress someone get a fan-script and $10,000 for Armin Shimerman to do a read at a convention.

Statutory Ape
Sep 12, 2017

i love the idea of the UFP brain trust just not telling the ferengi how ridiculous they're being about latinum because it would violate the prime directive

like revealing that the second controller was never plugged in years later

it's just mean

Feb 4, 2013

Something looks fishy.

Latinum is just all the other changelings that got sent out. They hid themselves in worthless, unassuming gold shells, and now they run Ferengi society.

Sep 25, 2009

got ya now, kyanka-chan!

It's just one changeling who invented capitalism for the ferengi and on his death, as per tradition, his body was split up and sold at the highest price. Each piece of gold plated latinum is like a little tiny coffin containing a holy relic and that's why it can't be replicated. What makes it latinum isn't the material sandwiched inside but who it represents.

Jul 18, 2011

Modern worldly poster

My two dream treks:

1) Lore, the Moriarty Hologram, and the shapeshifter kid from The Dauphin are 'recruited' by Section 31 to do black ops stuff, they escape S31's control and along with Seven of Nine and Will "Hannibal" Riker embark on a quest to do good in places where the Federation (in this conception, principled as ever but with blind spots) can't reach. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find their subspace frequency, maybe you can hire the Space A-Team.

2) Improvised Star Trek, but filmed with a big budget.

Statutory Ape
Sep 12, 2017

i think star trek should have more shuttles

also runabouts

and also the enterprise D survives the crash and the girl gets her doll back

generations is the best trek movie haha ahh my secret plot unfurled

Statutory Ape fucked around with this message at 23:34 on May 24, 2020


Bogus Adventure
Jan 11, 2017

"When I started here all there was was lampshade warehouses and leather bars, the serious leather bars where you wouldn't get in unless you had a rubber ball stuffed in your mouth, the wine list was tattooed on the bartender's face. That kind of place."

-Bogus Adventure

All of these Trek threads are making me want to run a Something Awful version of Lasers and Feelings

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