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Sep 12, 2007

Ask me about Proposition 305

Do you like muskets?

Welcome to the Internet VFW, formerly known as GiP or Goons in Platoons. This forum is populated by persons who have, are, or want to join military, emergency response, and similar uniformed services. You don't have to have anything to do with the uniformed services to post here. We like to talk about everything from current events to DIY, so

We have a few rules here. Main forum rules apply, but we have a few local rules in addition.

Goons in Platoons Rules posted:

GIP is not a "FYAD Lite" -- This means that inline NSW images or racism will be punished; normal SA rules apply.
Do not violate OPSEC! -- If you see a post that you believes violates OPSEC please report it AND PM me.
Blanket Racism/Slur/Inclusion Rule-- I want GiP to be a place for everybody, and I want it to be inclusive of people and conducive to discussion. Slurs are ugly nouns used to define a group based on one or more of their inherent characteristics, that is characteristics that they cannot change. Slurs are not allowed here. I will punish you very, very hard for using slurs. Same goes for dog whistles. Bad faith posting and signalling are not hard to see through.
Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes -- Arguments will happen, but attacks on posters instead of their arguments are frowned upon. Partying on is optional.
Shitposting in the Get Help Thread is forbidden -- Please do not cause trouble in a thread meant to be a resource for troubled goons.
The Current Events Thread is for current events -- Discussions and even heated debate will inevitably occur there and that's fine, but sustained discussions on politically-charged topics should go into a thread dedicated to that topic.

Informative discussion thread
  • Active Duty / Prospective Enlistees Resource & Discussion thread. Post here with questions about joining the military. Be prepared for brutal honesty.
  • Veterans Resource & Discussion thread. VA benefits and entitlements, nonprofits, etc.
  • Help Sometimes we're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to go. This thread is a good place to start.

Service-Specific Threads (these change frequently)

Kick Back and Relax threads

Welcome to our weird world. As always, bash the fash.

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