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Filthy Hans
Jun 27, 2008

Hodgepodge posted:

isnt it the "doctor turns to stims due to overworking himself" plotline? because they literally do that with the nice old white doctor in bsg

i don't remember though maybe he just smokes space crack and it's super rascist

I don't remember the details, other than he goes on walkabout for a few episodes and that cures him of his cravings

regardless, "[x character] turns to stims due to overworking themself" could apply to any character but they picked the one black guy to be that character

I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt because I don't think they deliberately promoted a racist stereotype, it was just really insensitive, I think the correct term would be implicit racism


Ghost Leviathan
Mar 2, 2017
how about we just not have the toilet cthulhu

Eh, it's a bit of a weird thing in the context of US racial and drug politics. Though I dunno if drug user stereotypes were as developed then as they are now, where using stimulants to deal with overwork is usually a white person thing, even back to moms stealing their kids' Ritalin. (and I'm wondering how how much of the ritalin overprescription craze was due to abuse of it, similar to opiates now) And it's an especially common thing with doctors in particular, since they can prescribe themselves. (see House about a decade later... and, of all things, a Transformers Prime episode)

Of course, in the 80s and 90s most Very Special Episodes would treat all drugs interchangeably and usually laughably inaccurately, which tended to completely undermine the message. Funny thing is that episodes where a fictional drug or analogous addictive habit is used to tend to actually come off better, since they're internally consisent, and sometimes even actually go into the motivations as to why the character uses it, the positive and negative effects it has on them, and since it's often a main character using it they can be treated sympathetically rather than becoming an irredeemable monster or dying.

Jul 19, 2009
mottled gecko

Nap Ghost

There are only like 4 human characters to choose from and I think they were just struggling to find something for Franklin to DO.

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