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May 24, 2006

You try to be happy when everyone is summoning you everywhere to "be their friend".

Drunk Nerds posted:

We just hit the second world, did we miss it or can it be bought in merge world?

Believe so, yeah.


Feb 25, 2013

Bear Witness

Cattail Prophet posted:

Can't wait to catch a Mammon in Moore and hold on to it all the way to Rugwizard, and also pick the Brave Blade I guess. I'm only like half kidding too, the novelty of it will be kind of interesting.
Mime to make you not able to use the Void Castle encounter instead? That's the most brutal thing I've ever seen.

Nov 26, 2011

Why does Khajiit have to go to prison this time?

Drunk Nerds posted:

We just hit the second world, did we miss it or can it be bought in merge world?

You can buy it in Mirage!

Drunk Nerds
Jan 25, 2011

Just close your eyes

Fun Shoe

Thanks, everyone! The chance of summoning a chonkobo will keep my kids enthralled, no lie

Apr 26, 2005

I found my kendo stick, bitch!

Lipstick Apathy

Run #9, Triple Crown #5


I mean, this is about as powerful as a group gets in this game.

Jobs Remaining: Time Mage

Aug 9, 2010

Lipstick Apathy

I spent way too long on this.

May 23, 2008

~ it's our ~

~ final fantasy ~

(just don't ask them about "the after years")

Grimey Drawer

Worth it.


Man with Hat
Dec 26, 2007

Open up your Dethday present
It's a box of fucking nothing

Wedge Regret

Hempuli posted:

I'll donate $10, up to a maximum of $300 to Against Malaria Foundation for every pic of a geomancer attacking Neo-Exdeath with Gaia's Bell. Just post a pic of the attack and a pic of the bell being equipped on the geomancer and we're good.

I don't get what the deal is, that bell is good!

You know, with bard and at lvl 99 with 99 magic when it procs the earthquake

It's so good, in fact, I used it to kill NED!

The memory values at the bottom left are health for all the parts and they all read zero because the memory changes the moment the attack starts.

I did get one regular lovely 200 damage attack too

This was a super strange team (Geomancer, Dragoon, Bard and Thief, in that order). I had so little damage throughout the entire game (I finished at lvl 23 so that might have been on me) until the very very end when I got the last two songs. This lead to some problems to say the least, which I now realize can almost all be solved with !Hide, my new MVP skill of FF5. I hid to drain ifrit, seal guardians and Necrofobe's Barrier's MP, and probably several others I forgot. Soul cannon was beaten by hiding from the surge beams. loving gargoyles were defeated by hiding and waiting until they both used fuse at the same time and killed themselves. Reflected zombie beat Meatdeath and Shinryu while the others were hiding. I've never used hide so much before in my life but apparently it's the solution to drat near everything! If romeo's ballad didn't work against Puroboros you could hide from that too!

Hide is love, Hide is life. A coward's way to victory. And it only took 19 and a half hours in game time.

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