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Apr 15, 2008

Yosuke will now die for you.

Admiral Joeslop posted:

I'm adding another late toxx because gently caress it. $1 for every normal kill of the Tyrannosaur in the Moogle Cave, without exploiting its Undead status. That means no Phoenix Downs, no Healing Items, just a regular fight. The limit will be $25. Quote this or something of mine so it's easier to see, if you please.

Edit: It'll have to be the honor system unless you feel like recording the entire fight I guess.

Did it a second time with a slightly different method. Fire swords.


Mustached Demon
Nov 12, 2016

Grimey Drawer

zharmad posted:

I will finish a run for the first time ever (Neo Exdeath.) I've competed in 7 years of this but never finished a run. This is year 8. If I don't complete a run this time, I will donate $500 to the charity this year.

Let's see if I can manage with Monk, Red Mage, Bard, and Dancer.

God have mercy on my soul.

Hell yeah you got a bard with a fancy hat. Now sing the song of your people. Sing until monk becomes Goku.

Feb 2, 2008

...Can we have the radio?

ultrafilter posted:

Same as last year. Use all twenty regular jobs and I'll donate $20 plus your job fair expenses (up to the total price of one of each regular job). Any kind of run is fine except for #fifthjob or some other mode that has you using more than four jobs in a single playthrough.

If you're going to do this, I suggest that you plan ahead a bit. This is going to take at least five runs, and you don't want the last one to be something like Monk/Berserker/Geomancer/Dragoon. There is no requirement to do this in exactly five runs, but more than that is a lot of FFV.







All 20 regular jobs plus the GBA jobs and Mime. Job fair total (not including GBA/Mime) was $27 cause Gilgabot hates me apparently.

Aerdan posted:

5 of 20 The Skald runs have been made, might as well do the first installment now. Reminder: $1 per run up to $20 where a Bard hits someone with an Axe.

Apr 24, 2008

I fucking hate puzzles.

ZypherIM posted:

RDM lets him snap rods to power through a ton of stuff, and later on you need more bodies to sing anyways. Not as good as other mages for sure, but if its the only one you have it does enable a lot of stuff.

Yeah, and bard helps a ton with keeping the monk relevant in the endgame since unarmed damage is keyed to level.

Give Dancer Barehanded, give Redmage sing/harps, give the bard Equip Ribbon, Give the Monk either Ribbon or focus as the situation demands. Your damage will be pretty alright (barefist blade dance can do work). You have a gameplan for omega (spam romeo's, fish for monk/dancer barehanded crits). Shinryu will be kind of nasty, but you have workable berserk for him, you just need to work out the 'not getting greased by him' part after that without a consistent blind or damage avoid. If you can set it up right you can do the reflect + Zombie + hide thing. Maybe Mini the Redmage with a Main Gauche and pelt him to death with lovely rdm spells? Maybe mirage vest exploiting? Either way it's going to be Not Fun.

I'm winding down on my current Nin/Geo/Dancer/sam run and thinking about what I want to do next. Thinking about straight up job fairing the next run and doing something kind of Cozy but also kind of Berserkery. Right now leaning towards WHM/BER/RAN/THF, giving BER !white and everyone else Equip Axes and just have them be a rowdy lot. I GUESS Ranger/Thief can take Rapidfire when they get it, but I just like the thought of even the squishy types being absurdly tough and fighty.

Mar 22, 2013

Hempuli posted:

I'll donate $10, up to a maximum of $300 to Against Malaria Foundation for every pic of a geomancer attacking Neo-Exdeath with Gaia's Bell. Just post a pic of the attack and a pic of the bell being equipped on the geomancer and we're good.

Took some extra time getting around to actually finishing this run. First time I've finished 2 runs in a single fiesta!

Aug 23, 2007

It is time for your viscera to see the light of day!

Sep 11, 2003

This is gonna be fun!
Or else!

Run 4 - Random - KNT/WHM/RED/SAM - Complete!

Hella easy. Omega isn't really doable with this team without some nonsense, so I'm just not gonna bother! By the end of this I was just berserking the Samurai, Knight, and Red Mage (all double-fisting their weapons) and they were doing just obscene amounts of damage.

PMush Perfect
Sep 30, 2009


Progress update: Got my Dragon Lance, and a party in the mid 50, level-wise. This is still gonna be a loving mess, and itíd be trouble even at a lower speed, but gently caress it! I made a promise to do this legit! Shinryu and Omega are gonna eat poo poo if itís the last thing I do!

Mar 30, 2011

Run #3, Beastmaster/Ranger/Blue Mage/Mystic Knight. Triple crown this time! Omega and Shinryu were done without any tricks but looks like that toxx is already full

apophenium posted:

I'm excited about this Fiesta!!! I registered for a Pure Chaos Risk run. My first risk!

I also want to do a challenge:

I'll donate $2 for every victory with Bartz named ACAB, BLM, George, or any related name, up to $100. Let's have fun and help people!

Bufuman posted:

Oh, that reminds me that I had an idea for a toxx myself.

It's time for Magical Bufu's Magical

* The condition for this one is simple: Obtain every magic spell in one run. White, Black, Time, Blue, Summons, and Songs. Dark Arts are exempt, but if you're a masochist you're welcome to go for it.
* The classes required to actually USE the spells are not mandatory, but obviously Blue Magic will require a Blue Mage or a randomizer run with Learning.
* Donation amount is $5 for every run with all spells, up to a limit of $100. (I wanted it to be more, but I have more bills to pay than I did in previous years thanks to Real Life Bullshit)
* Proof requested: Ideally shots of your magic screens, but for simplicity's sake I'll accept a shot of just the Time magic list to cover White and Black too (since you need to get their final spells to get access to Meteor). For most lists with multiple pages (White/Black/Time just barely require two pages in certain versions IIRC), I'll go by the honor system and accept single shots at the bottom of the list. Blue Magic will require shots of all pages though.

Mustached Demon posted:

Thought about it and I think the Great Sea Trench would be better. Seems more useless if you don't have a time mage or geomancer to make it less annoying. Monk is ok because they need help.

So! Post a pic of you beating the triple goblin jerks to get credit.

Hopefully a picture of knowing Meteor counts! Float from Mighty Guard might be cheating though


Apr 24, 2008

I fucking hate puzzles.

Wow greg, rude.

Edit: Run 3 down - Dual Wield Dancer is shockingly potent when you can get them to stop hip thrusting suggestively and Getting him in a rainbow robe helped, but man that mana dance just ruins me every time, especially when it happens like 4-5 times in a row. SAM did the sock full of quarters thing, geo threw anime. Ninja was kind of the dead weight by the end, strangely enough. I didn't have a +magic kicker skill to boost throwing and melee was doing like 1k a pop so he became the dedicated healer. Samurai and Ninja both had Equip Ribbon which pretty much trivialized grand cross.

DeathSandwich fucked around with this message at 04:52 on Jul 6, 2020

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