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surf rock
Aug 12, 2007

Things have changed over the years. Business has changed. Music has changed.

Those were the good old days, Motown. It was like one fantastic machine that took care of everything. How to walk, talk, perform.

Everything but what was inside. We're putting together a special TV show. Motown 25.

Yeah, I heard.

I want you to appear on it. You and Jermaine, your brothers. United.

I don't know. It's been a long time.

Yes, it has. But now is a great time.

I told Suzanne that I'd rather just sit in the audience.

She doesn't need you in the audience. Besides, I would appreciate it.

I've been doing too much TV.

It's not just a TV show. It's Motown 25. It's a celebration of a major accomplishment that broke through all of the obstacles, all of the barriers. It's about me. It's about you. You and your brothers haven't been seen together for years. Wouldn't it be great getting out there on the stage with them again? People love magic. You singing with Jermaine again? That's magic. - Berry Gordy and Michael Jackson.


Anyway, I just found out this loving classic is on YouTube in its entirety and had to share. It's got goddamn Billy Dee Williams as Berry Gordy in the best non-Lando role of his career, for god's sake. Enjoy!


Agent Escalus
Oct 5, 2002

"I couldn't stop saying aloud how miscast Jim Carrey was!"

drat, I was a kid when I saw an ad for the premiere of this, but only ever saw the part where one of the kids was talking to a rat under the bed while hiding from one of Joe's whippings. Always wanted to watch the whole thing, thanks!

Smiling Mandrill
Jan 19, 2015

Wonder if Ben was the rat?

Big Beef City
Aug 15, 2013
Can't post for 5 days!

Ramrod XTreme

C'mon man. It's not JUST a tv show

It's not? Because the last time I signed up for one of these it absolutely was just a tv show, it didn't go to theaters or even home release, like literally it was JUST a tv

It's Motown 25

It's what the gently caress now?

It's...Motown. TwentyFIVE

No I heard that. What the gently caress is Motown 25, like I'm supposed to know what Motown 25 is just because you said it in italics.

It's celebrating 25 years of something since it happened in Motown, man, c'mon. This is history. YOUR history, this is for the PEOPLE.

The gently caress are you talking about?'s nineteen NINETY-two

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