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Oct 22, 2012

jeeves posted:

I really wish they would have gone out of their way to connect the inferred dots that the marines in Aliens were lovely mercs hired by Burke to try to keep a lid on the profits for himself instead of any governments or the rest of the corp.

It would make sense if it was a squad of mercs and they were trying to keep their pay down by not having a lot of crew. Also would have been a nice plot point of "no one is coming to rescue us" as no one knew that they were there due to Burke keeping the whole thing to himself, instead of the 17 days or whatever for normal military rescue.

They are just so amazingly over-confidently incompetent, and the fact that there are ZERO crew left on the ship after they go on a drop is so weird. Talk about lovely tech-- all it would have taken is like ONE person left on the ship to arrive in the secondary thing. Or like, androids-- as they are already established in the film's universe.

They're not mercs, and that's just as important to the story as them being intentionally understaffed and lead by a green looie so nobody can rat on Burke.

The narrative is about government forces meant to protect society being hijacked by corporate interests, and that doesn't work with mercs, because mercs are explicitly loyal only to money. Meanwhile some of the film's core conflicts come from the divide between the Marine's goals on paper (protect the colonists) and what they're actually being used for (help the company cover its rear end), and how the Marines react when they realize the conflict.

They're overconfident because most of them have done this a million times with zero difficulty, and they think the civilian is overexaggerating a non-issue, and they're inept because their commanding officer (handpicked by Burke) is someone with no real field experience so they won't go off script.


Oct 22, 2012

This season of anime got a decent submission for the pile in the Juggernauts from 86.

Officially, they're drones to fight a clean war. They're pretty lowest bidder for spider-tanks. Tin armor, 6 pound cannon rather than something beefy like a Rheinmetall Rh-120, and they tend to take serious damage when stressed, but hey. There's a price you pay for a 0 percent casualty rate.

Off the record, they're actually piloted by members of ethnic minorities who have been left outside the safety of the walled cities to die as human shields for the upper class.

Like the ATs from VOTOMs, they're mechs explicitly called out in the narrative as deathtrap pieces of poo poo, both to highlight the uncaring nature of command, and to show the skill (and superhuman abilities) of the protagonist in staying alive anyway.

Oct 22, 2012

Tulip posted:

Goddamn that is cyberpunk as hell.

You don't know the half of it. On the one end, the soldiers have neural links directly to command, conveying light emotional reactions in addition to senses. The protagonist is noted to somehow drive his commanding officers insane over the uplink.

The enemy, meanwhile, actually is made up of drones. They're the weapons of a broken empire, still soldiering on with the human chain of command severed and trying to destroy all of empire's enemies. Fortunately for the Republic using slave soldiers, the drones are victims of planned obsolescence. In a few years, their neural nets will burn out and they'll drop dead, ending the threat. All the Republic has to do is keep their wall of bodies more or less intact for a couple more years, and they'll win by default.

In theory. In practice, life finds a way. The drones are replacing their neural nets with something a bit longer lasting. Human brains, harvested from the very soldiers sent against them, echoing with the voices of the damned.

The protagonist can hear them. All the time.

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