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Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student


What is this challenge?

This challenge is called "Only Randomness is Free", it's made by me (and probably only will ever be attempted by me since I made on a game came out in like 2009), and it combines two types of challenges "Nothing is Free" and "Random Legacy". It leans more towards the "Nothing is Free" part of things. While the rules of "Nothing is Free" do have general guidelines for how to combine with a "Random Legacy" but I found the guidelines to be a bit broad for my taste and I'd prefer something a bit more solid. So I reorganized the roles, to be based directly off lot unlock, and modified things like generation goals to be completely objective based, and removed "Misc Fun". If you want to see the rules of the challenge click here (and here for the random rolls), but I'll try to explain everything as I go here on what is important to know and stuff for the Let's Play. For those that actually read the documents, know that I will be playing without adoption since I think that's funner. If you have any questions about what I'm doing or why I can or can't do a certain thing, feel free to ask.

What is "Nothing is Free" and "Random Legacy"?

Oh right I should probably link the rules of the challenges that inspired this one. The "Nothing is Free" challenge is found here The TL;DR is that you start with no lots (no other houses or businesses) in the neighborhood meaning you can't get a job, kids can't go to school, nor is their anyone else in the neighborhood, until you have specifically unlocked the appropriate lot by meeting conditionals (usually maxing certain skills and buying the lot if it's buyable) or move sims out. The Random Legacy is how it sounds (though here is the page for it), what your family situation is each generation along with how many kids you have along with what the adults do for income is all random rolls. This challenge heavily modifies those rolls so that it's directly correlated to lot unlock.

Why are you playing the Sims 3? The Sims 4 is out and has been for years

Because the Sims 3 is better IMHO and it's what I'm used to. Also for this challenge the open world is more conducive to this building a city challenge

What is the Sims 3?

The Sims 3 is basically a "White Picket fence" dollhouse simulator were you control normal people in regular life, but with all the expansion packs it gets more and more ridiculous to the point that "My vampire sim went to the future with his wife who was his imaginary friend turned real" is a perfectly mundane sentence. While this type of challenge playthrough is NOT the best introduction to the game I'll try to explain everything I do as I go along, especially advanced tricks and stuff.

What expansion packs and stuff packs are you using?

All of the expansion packs will be in play which is what the challenge I made is under the assumption of, however I'm not using all the stuff packs, however I am using most, namely all but Katy Perry's Sweet Treat, I didn't bother reinstalling it, since you can only install via CD and my current computer doesn't have a CD reader and I don't feel like stealing my parents stuff for a stuff.

What about Mods are you using mods?

Yes, here all the mods I'm using;.

Add Lot Any Size is a mod that allows me to basically add custom sized lots (though not beyond normal size), this is just so I can fit everything (hopefully), it's the only non Nraas thing I'm using.

Master Controller is a core mod that allows that basically allows options and stuff. I will be using primarily to check the status of sims, refashion sims when I feel like it, and as a requirement thing for the next mod

Master Controller Cheats is an extension of Master Controller mod that allows me to basically manipulate the game in more "cheaty" ways, I will do this mostly too remove Funds that shouldn't have mostly, but if I have to do something to fix a bug with this, I will.

Master Controller Progression is an extension of this and Story Progression (described below), it basically allows to integrate together easier, IDK if it's actually needed in this case, but I figured since I'm using both I might as well.

Mover is a mod that allows me to move in more then 8 sims so that I can have overstuff households which the challenge will sometimes require.

Overwatch is a bug patching and maintenance mod that is functionally required to play this game IMHO.

Portrait Panel basically makes households of more than 8 playable by allowing you click on all the sims portraits.

Saver is an auto save mod, I don't need to justify this don't think.

Story Progression basically allows more fun things to happen once I move sims out of my house.

Woohooer main purpose in this is to allow me to overstuff households via Woohoo. I'm intentionally not using the teen pregnancy or same sex pregnancy benefits here.

EDIT: As of generation 2, I'm also using Opporunity Phone Call Fix I explain why in the Generation 2.1 Update

How frequently will you be updating this?

I'll try to update at least weekly but ideally more than that. If I forget to update in a while and you want more content feel free to PM me on the board or on discord (at weso12#9499) to let me know people are interested and want more

What's your spoiler policy?

It's the sims. There is nothing too spoil. I guess don't spoil other games here.

What about audience participation?
Aside from Sims I've already named (the founder and the first two kids of the second generation are already named sorry), feel free to give me names for future sims if you feel like and I'll put on a list (male and female sims are separate lists).

Table of Contents

Generation 1.1
Generation 1.2
Generation 1.3
Generation 1.4
Generation 2.1
Generation 2.2
Generation 2.3
Generation 2.4

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Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Meet the Family
Generation 1

Kelley Green

Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Slob, Unstable, Virtuoso, Athletic
LTW: Swimming in Cash (Completed)
Favorites: Dim Sum, Classical, Violet
Sign: Scorpio
Lot Unlock: Salon (Max Painting) (Completed)
Husband: Skip Green
Children: Martin, Jordan and Brittany Green
Skills: Painting 10, Charisma 3, Cooking 4, Social Networking 9, Handiness 1
Moves Ins: Generation 1.1
Dies In: Generation 2.3

Skip Javeed Green

Traits: Socially Awkward, Daredevil, Never Nude, Easily Impressed, Mooch
LTW: Gold Digger (Uncompleted)
Favorites: None Mushroom Omelette, Chinese, None
Sign: Aquarius
Lot Unlock: Junkyard (Max Inventing) (Completed)
Wife: Kelley Green
Children: Martin, Jordan and Brittany Green
Skills: Inventing 10, Cooking 5, Handiness 8, Painting 3, Social Networking 4, Writing 1, Alchemy 1, Gardening 1
Moves Ins: Generation 1.1
Dies in: Generation 2.4

Generation 2
Martin Green

Traits: Friendly, Loner, Vegetarian, Couch Potato, Mooch
LTW: Culinary Librarian (Completed)
Favorites: Fried Peanut Butter and banana sandwich, French, Turquoise.
Sign: Capricorn
Lot Unlock: Diner (Max Cooking and 24000) (Completed)
Parents: Skip and Kelley Green
Wife: Marissa Green
Children: Grant, Chelsea, Chris, and Alina Green
Siblings: Jordan and Brittany Green
Skills: Cooking 10, Handiness 6, Logic 3, Social Networking 1, Writing 10
Born In: Generation 1.1

Marissa Ricketts Green

Traits: Workaholic, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Charismatic, Athletic
LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body Super Popular (Completed)
Favorites: Hamburger, Kids, Pink
Sign: Capricorn
Lot Unlock: City Hall (Max Charisma) (Completed)
Husband: Martin Green
Children: Grant, Chelsea and Chris Green
Skills: Charisma 10, Logic 3, Cooking 3, Gardening 8, Athletics 2
Moves In: Generations 2.1

Jordan Green

Traits: Easily Impressed, Loves the Cold, Clumsy, Ambitious, Supernatural Skeptic
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Favorites: Cheese Tofu Steak, Country Music, Hot Pink
Sign: Pieces
Lot Unlock: Arboretum (Max Gardening and Be a Fairy) (Failed)
Parents: Skip and Kelley Green
Wife: Takisha Green
Child: Jonathan Green
Siblings: Martin and Brittany Green
Skills: Cooking 4, Fishing 9, Gardening 10, Alchemy 9
Born In: Generation 1.2
Moves Out In: Generation 2.2

Brittany Green

Traits: Hydrophobic, Loner, Kleptomaniac, Loves the Heat, Unstable
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Favorites: Hamburger, Digitunes, Orange
Sign: Libra
Lot Unlock: Wasteland (Max Bot Building) (Failed)
Parents: Skip and Kelley Green
Husband: Stefan Green
Child: Maria Green
Siblings: Martin and Jordan Green
Skills: Handiness 10, Logic 10, Cooking 2, Alchemy 1, Advanced Technology 1, Bot Building 7, Social Networking 1
Born In: Generation 1.3
Moves Out In: Generation 2.2

Takisha Clinton Green

Spare Spouse
Traits: Adventurous, Star Quality, Light Sleeper, Childish, Ambitious
LTW: Great Explorer
Favorites: Dark Wave, Shawarma, Lime
Sign: Aries
Husband: Jordan Green
Child: Jonathan Green
Skills: Gardening 1, Social Networking 1
Introduced In: Generation 2.2

Stefan McGrath Green

Spare Spouse
Traits: Sailor, Avant Garde, Proper, Light Sleeper, Equestrian
LTW: Leader of the Free World
Favorites: Indie, Firecracker Shrimp, White
Sign: Aquarius
Wife: Brittany Green
Child: Maria Green
Skills: Charisma 2
Introduced In: Generation 2.2

Generation 3
Grant Green

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Genius, Coach Potato, Ambitious
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Favorites: Epic, Firecracker Tofu, Pink
Sign: Libra
Lot Unlock: School of Art (Cooking/Mixology, one Musical Instrument, Painting/Street Art and §70,000)
Parents: Marissa and Martin Green
Siblings: Chelsea and Chris Green
Half-Sibling: Alina Green
Skills: Painting 10, Drums 7, Cooking 5, Logic 3
Born In: Generation 2.1

Chelsea Green

Traits: Easily Impressed, Friendly, Kleptomaniac
LTW: None Yet
Favorites: Kids, Firecracker Tofu, Pink
Sign: Libra
Lot Unlock: Criminal Warehouse (Logic and Athletics and §50,000) (Completed)
Parents: Marissa and Martin Green
Siblings: Grant and Chris Green
Half-Sibling: Alina Green
Skills: Athletic 10, Logic 10
Born in: Generation 2.1

Chris Green

Traits: Genius, Neurotic, Excitable
LTW: None Yet
Favorites: Soul, Tofu Dog, Orange
Sign: Sagittarius
Lot Unlock: Java Hut (Cooking, Gardening, and Purchase the Lot)
Parents: Marissa and Martin Green
Siblings: Grant and Chelsea Green
Half-Sibling: Alina Green
Skills: Cooking 6, Gardening 9, Logic 5
Born in: Generation 2.2

Alina Green

Bonus Spare
Traits: Disciplined, Clumsy
LTW: None Yet
Favorites: Rockabilly, Stu Surprise, Grey
Sign: Sagittarius
Lot Unlock: Diving Area (Max Scuba Diving)
Parents: Martin Green and Shannan Xoxxaw
Half-Siblings: Grant, Chelsea and Chris Green
Born In: Generation 2.4

Benjamin Green

Spare Child
Traits: Genius, Loner, Slob, Supernatural Fan
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Favorites: Geek Rock, Egg Rolls, Lime
Sign: Pisces
Parents: Takisha and Jordan Green
Sibling: Bradly Green
Skills: Gardening 1, Handiness 2
Born In: Generation 2.2

Bradly Green

Spare Child
Traits: Genius, Easily-Impressed
LTW: None Yet
Favorites: Egyptian, Pumpkin Pie, Blue
Parents: Takisha and Jordan Green
Sibling: Benjamin Green
Born in: Generation 2.4

Maria Green

Spare Child
Traits: Clumsy, Athletic, Over-Emotional
LTW: None Yet
Favorites: R&B, Vegetarian Fish & Chips, White
Sign: Capricorn
Parents: Stefan and Brittany Green
Sibling: Carie Green
Born In: Generation 2.3

Carie Green

Spare Child
Traits: Light Sleeper, Friendly
LTW: None Yet
Favorites: Rap, Vegetarian Chilli, Violet
Sign: Aries
Parents: Stefan and Brittany Green
Sibling: Maria Green
Born In: Generation 2.4

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Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

So for the purpose of this Let's Play I will be revealing what the generation rolls are right away basically I considered being coy, but I decided against on the basis a lot of it would be super obvious immediately

Family Structure: Couple
Heir Lot Unlock: Salon (Max Painitng)
Spouse Lot Unlock: Junkyard (Max Inventing)
Generation Goal: Socialite
Number of Kids: 3
Heir is: Child 1

To explain all these things:

Family structure is basically how the family is gonna live, will we be a single sim, a single sim with help, a happily married couple, or something else weirder? In this case, we're gonna be a married couple.

Lot Unlock is since we are gonna start in an empty world, every sim we have is gonna unlock a lot. In this case, our founder will have to unlock a Salon and our spouse will have to unlock a junkyard. The comments in the parentheses are basically just saying the conditional for unlocking the lot, usually maxing skill(s) and money requirement to buy it, in this case their is no money requirement for either and only one skill requirement, I intentionally made the gen 1 lot unlocks never require money. (The lots you can unlock in gen 1 and gen 2 limited, gen 3 onwards is no holds bar.

Generation Goal is just an objective this generation will have to complete. In this case the goal is socialite, meaning at point or another our founder will have to have 16 friends out of the house, at least 4 of which are at least "Good Friends" and an additional 2 of which are "Best friends". And our spouse will have to 8 friends out of the house, at least 2 of which are at least are at least "Good Friends" and an additonal 1 is a "Best Friend". This might seem impossible considering we don't have any sims living outside of our home, but I have ways.

Number of Kids is just the number of kids we will have, we will have anywhere from 1 to 5, in this

Heir is: Just refers to if I have multiple sims, which one of the kids will the be the heir. In this case our first child will be the heir.

So to start off meet our founder here (the sim we will be starting with)

This is Kelley Green. To start out I'll go into here traits:

She hates the outdoors, is a slob, unstable, but a Virtuoso and an Athlete.

As per the rules I set up, I'm randomizing all traits here

To explain what traits are, they are characteristics every (well most) sim has that modify how the sim behaves and gives bonuses or penalties. The average adult/young adult sim has 5.

To explain what these traits do:

Hates the Outdoors is what is says on the tin. The sim will get a negative moodlet (moodlets are basically modifiers to how the sim is feeling) from being outside for too long, however their is an upside. Sims who hate outside will never get Stir Crazy from being home for too long.

Slob is a blessing and curse. First off a sim with slob will make an extra mess when using things like the shower, (to the point they leave a puddle on the ground after every time showering). But they are upsides first off Slob sims can "Lick plates clean" to fill up hunger meaning that you save time cooking, second off if your sim is completely empty hygiene, the slob sim will get no negative modifier on their moodlet. (However they get a negative moodlet for being somewhat dirty it's weirdly inconsistent). This trait is most useful for a sim living by theirselves.

Unstable is an odd duck. First off basically every time a sim wakes up they will feel "Out of sorts" for 6 hours, unless have them "Take Deep Breaths" or be admitted into the hospital for instability. If the 6 hours pass and you haven't done either, then the sim will replace one of it's non "Unstable traits" with something else. If you don't admit into the hospital within the time frame (deep breaths don't work anymore, and since we don't have a hospital I'll basically be screwed at this point), the trait challenge is permanent.

Virtuoso is one of the many "Skill traits", it basically gives a bonus to all instrument skills. Which spoiler alert, we don't need for Kelley here.

Athletic is another one of those "Skill traits", but this one gives a bonus to athletics, which guess what? We don't need.

Also it's not show here, but her lifetime wish is "Swimming in Cash", a lifetime wish is basically a goal that a sim has to achieve and will get wishes to achieve that goal. In this case her goal is "Have 50000 simoleons on you" which is actually fairly achievable with painting which earns you good money.

Also I did have fun making Kelley's entire wardrobe here.

Since most of it will never be seen I'll show it off here:



Athletic Wear.

Swim wear

Outer wear (for those of you who played more near the start of the Sims 3, outwear was added in seasons)

Her favorite food is Dim Sum. her favorite music is Classic and her favorite color is Violet.

To explain all of these:

The favorite food gives a bonus when a sim eats their favorite food, and favorite music gives a bonus when listening to that channel of music.

Favorite color is weird. According the wiki, this does literally nothing besides an obscure interaction with into the future. However according a playthrough I read long ago (you can find it here, it's actually shockingly informative about the sims 3) recoloring decor to the EXACT hex code of the color, gives a "Well decorated" moodlet bonus. I'll test this more later.

She's a Scorpio, and to briefly explain astrological signs in the Sims 3. They weren't in the game at launch, they weren't added until the update with "Sims 3 Late Night" and only purpose they serve is when a sim asks another their sign and those signs are "compatible" they get a relationship bonus.

Normally this town would be filled with lots, but in this case I emptied them all out (not only making them empty, but bulldozed the empty lot so the lot doesn't exist anymore) and placed a single 64 x 64 lot to move Kelley into.

Yeah BTW I'm using mods, check the FAQ in the first post for more information.

Okay I built a house for Kelley here, it's small but it has everything it needs, and time for an FAQ about why I designed the house the way I did

Q: Why that wallpaper and that tile? It's so ugly

Yes it is ugly but:

It's free, and (as far as I know) has no mechanically penalty over wallpaper and tile you have to pay for. (You need some wallpaper and tiles over wise sims get a negative moodlet indoors)

I have Kelley work on painting to make a moderate amount of money for the start, while I start considering how I have to find her a husband.

Then the paperboy comes.

And I get an awful possible messed up idea. You see as long as it's not the first day of a sim reaching a certain age, birthday cakes (which are buyable from buy mode) can instantly age up a sim into the next life stage. And in just two days I can make this paperboy into a young adult, which puts him in marriage age . Is this messed up from a real world perspective? Yes. Am I gonna do it? Yes. (Honestly the reason I'm gonna do it is because it's one of the few common service sims I've never married before as far as I can recall). Also I just decided this now:

Every spouse, non-sibling helper, and sim I have a kid with until I run out of ideas Is gonna be a different type of sim (Pizza Deliver, Maintenance, baby sitter etc.). So I would have had to paper deliver eventually.

She socializes with him, his name is Skip Javeed BTW.

And invites him inside. And they start chatting. Don't worry he eventually leaves. (he can't age up with birthday cake yet)

So Kelley wakes up the next day and starts to feel "Out of Sorts" (which she basically will every day), which if I do nothing about will eventually change her traits

So she uses a bag to do some deep breathing and that solves the problem.

So Kelley invites Skip back to her place and ages his up with birthday cake.

And does the same thing the next day. but this time into a young adult.

Also apparently the game still considering him a newspaper deliver even though he's a young adult now.

She starts flirting with him now that he's legal.

They start going steady.

They get engaged.

And they get married, and he moves in (don't worry I familyfunds out the 20,000 he comes with, but I don't family funds out the tax benefits or anything).

They consummate their marriage.

Skip Javeed Green is a Socially Awkward Daredevil, who is a Never Nude, Easily Impressed and a Mooch.

If your curious Never Nude, Easily Impressed and Mooch were his child traits (children only have 3 traits) and Socially Awkward and Daredevil were what he got from aging up. How do I know this, because Skip Javeed is a pre-made newspaper delivery boy from sunset valley will always be the male paper delivery when you start in sunset valley. He even has a sims wiki page here.

His favorite music is Chinese and he, unlike most sims has no favorite Food or Color. The fact even has a favorite music but nothing else is weird but I think because they never intended you to move him he has no favorites programed (I assume that the way WA was programmed it gave him Chinese to fill a gp) but this situation gets weirder later on don't worry.

His sign is Aquarius

His life time wish is Gold Digger, which means that he wants to see a ghost of a wealthy spouse, yeah I'm gonna change that to something else later.

To explain his traits:

Socially Awkward can apparently add have awkward results with certain interactions but I have never seen this matter, apparently it mostly applies to base game traits, because expansion packs rarely interact with each other. Apparently they are randomly better at the Science Skill which is weird.

Davedevils first off call everything "Extreme" (ie "Take Extreme Shower" etc) and can last on fire longer which is nice especially for an inventor (which is what skip is gonna be.

Never Nude is an Arrested Development and basically just means that sims will shower and bath with clothes on, and can't streak.

Easily Impressed is a trait that I have almost never seemed matter but basically means they are more likely to respond positively to people boosting and hypoing someone or something up, or apparently sculptures and arts.

Mooch just unlocks some interactions where the sim can mooch money or food off over sims, it's actually not very useful since the money is trivial.

Huh, looks like Kelley is getting nauseous and vomiting which is strange.

I build an inventing room so that Skip make the skill

I get him started, but honestly inventing gets kind of annoying since it's finically intensive because since I don't have a junkyard, nor do I have other people's trash to lot, buy scrap from the work bench and the ratio ain't great so basically a lot of money comes from Kelley's painting and goes into inventing. So he's kind of mooching off her in a way.

Just to 100% confirm and because I never got the typical zoom in you normally get with pregnancy (I didn't forget to capture it, I just never got it), Kelley is pregnant.

So I did get bored and I decided to give Skip a bit of a makeover with Master Controller (since it's ascetic the rules allow it)

Everyday wear

Formal wear.

Sleep wear.

Athletic wear

Swim Wear

Outer wear.

Even as they both get busy with their respective work, they still find time socialize. and it totally wasn't because Kelley's social motive was getting low.

Remember when I said Skips lack of favorites is gonna weird well, I quit the game (just because I was doing other things, believe it or not I do other things then play the Sims all day.) And when I came back to it, Skip now has a favorite food "Mushroom Omelette" but is still lacking a favorite color.

So I figured to spice up the house a bit I decided to recolor all the bedrooms to be color of the sims favorite color, in this case Kelley's favorite color is Violet, because recoloring walls is free and makes the house look slightly less bland. I would do something to represent Skip's favorite color as well, but skip doesn't have one.

And I add bedroom for the upcoming baby, with a crib because why not.

Kelley goes into labor.

And gives birth to a healthy baby boy

Martin Green is paradoxically Friendly and a Loner. His favorite music is French, his favorite food is Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich, and his favorite color is Turquoise. His sign is Capicorn.

To explain those traits, friendly is basically your sim is better socially then others but I have never noticed the benefits.

Loner is actually a decent trait, sims with get a positive moodlet when they are the only sim in the room and a negative one when in crowded areas. Apparently it also means social drains slower. (Though the wiki alleged for babies it drains faster for some reason and considering how buggy this game is I believe it).

If your curious why his blanket is a different color then normal, I used Master Controller to change it, because I thought it'd be cool to give babies the hex code blanket (found on the wiki here, of their favorite color, that will result in boys with pink blankets and girls in blue, but w/e)

And I make his room the same color.

Well that ends this update I think it's been long enough, I have played further but I think this is a good place to end off.

Sep 26, 2013

My face when others are unable to appreciate the

AGDQ 2018 Awful Block Survivor

Oooh this is exciting! Looking forward to seeing just what RNG has in store. There’s something about Sims LPs that are just satisfying.

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Generation 1.2

Before we begin Gen 2 is born and that means I get to reveal the rolls for generation 2. (For organization purposes it's not considered Gen 2 til the heir reaches young adulthood)

Family Structure: Couple
Heir Unlock: Diner (Max Cooking and $24000)
Heir Money Making Skill: Writing
Spouse Unlock: City Hall (Max Charisma)
Spouse Money Making Skills: Gardening
Sibling 1 Unlock: Arboretum (Max Gardening and Must be a fairy (which requires someone to do alchemy and fishing)
Sibling 2 Unlock: Wasteland (Max Bot Building, which requires someone to visit the future)
Generation Goal: Life Goal Achieved
Number of Children: 3
Heir: Child 1

Okay some notes

-Wow I got the same family structure, same number of children and same child be the heir, what are the odds? (To answer my own rhetorical question, about 2.67% with the rolls I got gen 1)
-Time to explain what money making skills are: Basically sims are restricted in what ways they can make money, normally they can only (primarily) make money with the skills needed to unlock a lot, but if none of the skills needed to unlock a lot (or if the lot needs no skills) then the sim is entitled a "Money Making Skill" a skill in which they are allowed to make money.
-Yes siblings get lot unlocks too, while they have to move out eventually in order for this challenge to not take a million years, they don't have move right away when they become a young adult, rather they have until a bit over half through young adulthood to move out before the school is unlocked, and considering their is no school right now, that gives them plenty of time to age up.
-I have restrictions on what is allowed for supernatural states, I basically only allow them if relevant for a lot or a generation goal and only AFTER you have your kids. Those of you players might wonder how I'm gonna turn a sim in to a Fairy well it might be difficult their is a way to change a sim's occult state, it involves the alchemy skill, the recipe for the alchemy does involve fishing. So this is gonna be a multi-sim project I think.
-In order to do bot building in this challenge it requires going to the future in this challenge requires a sim maxes Logic or Science and Handiness or Inventing (psst... pick logic and handiness, science is super slow and handiness is more practical then inventing) and because that means we're stuck without our way to make money, I spefically allow if you haven't gone to the future yet players to choose one of logic or inventing to be money making until they do.
-The generation goal for this gen just means that both the heir and the spouse have to achieve their life time wish.
-Some of you slightly more knowledge might question how it's possible to get city hall so early, but I have my methods.

Oh boy an imaginary friend doll. Because I'm not a fan of Imaginary Friends I'll only make one real the entire playthrough and don't worry it's not this one, I testingcheats object deleted this (which the rules explicitly allow in this context, granted I made that rule but w/e)

And Skip causes a fire which thankfully Kelley puts out, it did mean we were without a stove for a while since we're that broke.

So Skip and Kelley are very much still in love.

And the continue to express their love in the shower.

Skip gets caught on fire during his inventing.

But thankfully puts himself out.

Looks like Kelley is getting nauseous and vomiting again, I wonder why?

I got bored, and decided to make the floors of the bedrooms also match their favorite color, I'd make the floor of the marriage bedroom skip's favorite color, but he doesn't have one.

Just to confirm, Kelley is pregnant again.

Just FYI much like what happened in my old playthrough a horse clipped through the wall and entered the house. Overwatch took care of it eventually.

So Martin turned in a toddler around the same time as Kelley gave birth to our second child.

I took this time to change Martin's appearance, yeah his hair being naturally black is weird because both his parents are gingers, if I had to guess, Skip might have buggy genes.

They have another healthy boy named Jordan. He's easily Impressed and the loves the cold.

I've already explained Easily Impressed so "Loves the Cold" it's a very simple trait, sims get a positive moodlet called "Pleasantly chilly" from being outside in the cold, and according to the description can stay out in the cold longer.

Jordan Green favorites are Country Music, Cheese Tofu Steak, Hot Pink.

He's a Pisces.

We add a second bedroom for Jordan, and give him his favorite color decor, though annoyingly sims don't have a concept for "Preffered Cribs" meaning that the two babbies/toddlers are gonna be going back and forth between the two cribs til Martin becomes a Child.

So I do toddlers skills with Skip because Inventing is basically anti-money and painting is really start to come into it's own as money making.

So Skip and Kelley have some fun.

And Jordan becomes a toddler

And I give him a makeover, again the black hair is weird to me, by theory of Chip having buggy genetics holds water (I know legacy genetics work weirdly making this possible, it happening twice is weird)

And Kelley starts vomiting again.

I mess the denotation a bit, but find the ratio of scraps is not worth it, even compared to just buying it.

So after Martin maxes all his toddler skills, I decide to pass the time, to expand the bedrooms of both Martin and Jordan, and I put the Peg box (which is a way for toddlers to get the first 3 levels of logic) and the xyphone (which the is the same but for musical instruments), neither need either skill but it's useful to have and Martin has nothing better to do.

And Martin clearly doesn't know how the peg box works but it still boosts his logic.

Skip buys the "Steel Bladder" life time reward, which is basically a nessecity of a life time reward in that it allows Sims to not worry about bladder any more, which is nice.

And just too confirm and end this part Kelley is pregnant again, will this be a boy or a girl? Find out on NEXT on dragon ball Z.

Feb 23, 2013

The colours in the house are delightfully garish

Jan 1, 2019


Favorite color is weird. According the wiki, this does literally nothing besides an obscure interaction with into the future. However according a playthrough I read long ago (you can find it here, it's actually shockingly informative about the sims 3) recoloring decor to the EXACT hex code of the color, gives a "Well decorated" moodlet bonus. I'll test this more later.

I'm learning new things about this game 10+ years later.

Nov 19, 2014

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Jolene posted:

I'm learning new things about this game 10+ years later.

Don't worry I'm learning poo poo as I go too, like it wasn't til this playthrough I learned the the paper deliverers in sunset valley (and ONLY sunset valley, the ones with Roaring Heights have no traits, but they have favorites) don't have favorites.

Update is in the works BTW. And this is long enough I'm gonna split into two parts.

Nov 4, 2009

Or you can see me at The Riviera. Tuesday nights.
Pillowfights with Dominican mothers.

It's just not a proper Sims 3 LP until an errant horse invades the house

Looking forward to more of this. I don't like playing these challenges myself, but I enjoy following interesting ones like these. It'll be cool to see the town slowly form from nothing.

Nov 19, 2014

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Generation 1.3

No preamble this time let's get into it!

So not much happened in the two days since Kelley found out she was pregnant so I skipped straight to child birth.

Kelley gives birth a healthy baby girl who I named "Brittany".

So this picture is two purposed, to show I turned the bed that Kelley and Skip into Purple, and that I made Brittany's blanket orange.

I also made an orange room for Brittany but since preffered cribs are not a thing the three babies are gonna be shuffled around.

I also made the cribs colors of their room kind of.

Martin aged up and became a vegetarian.

And yes I did sufficiently bored to give Martin an entire wardrobe, for this update I won't bore you with it all I think, but if people express interest in seeing the entire wardrobe let me know.

And his bed also becomes the appropriate color for him, (I tried to make the outfits he has be close to his actual favorite color without going crazy)

Horse clip break.

Kelley buys the "Extra Creative" to receive extra money from her paintings.

And Skip causes a fire while inventing.

Skip thankfully put out the fire and and put himself out.

Kelley buys the Steel bladder LTR.

So I create a new room for Martin here to work on his skills, first off (since it can't afford a computer yet), I have him work on the three points of cooking with a toy oven.

He quickly maxes it. And starts doing some writing now that I have the money for a computer.

Brittany becomes a toddler and actually has her parents red hair!

Skip got singed from inventing

Jordan ages into a child and becomes Clumsy.

Clumsy is a trait I've never noticed matter

And I give him a makeover, hot pink was a hard color to work with, so I kind of cheated.

And I gave him the bog standard bed.

So you might be questioning why I put a swimming pool in the house. Well, the only skill Jordan can work on write now of the three he needs to work on is Fishing. (Alchemy and Gardening are only teen and higher). But fishing has two problems.

1. You can't in a pond (which you can make in your house) during Winter (or most of fall, so I would say the "developers must live in a frozen tundra" but then I googled them and they are shocking close to me (both Maxis and EA are about an hour from me) which raises the question WTF is with plants being dormant and rivers being frozen in the God drat fall.)

2. If you're a minor (a teen or a child), there is a curfew if your out of your house beyond a certain time the police apparently have helicopters to watch that poo poo, and WILL bust you. So that rules out the ocean from being a mindless fishing spot.

The solution, fishing in a pool, it works (at least for children and teenagers), and while it doesn't catch a lot of fish it bizarrely possible to catch fish while doing it. Also since I don't directly need fishing I can't sell these fish and I only need to get Justin here to level 8 then go out into the ocean (I'll try to time it right) and catch one specific fish.

God drat it another fire.

And Kelley became a (middle-age) adult. Thankfully she didn't have a midlife crisis, though I usually just ignore those.

Horse Clip break.

Kelley maxed painting.

And now sunset Valley has its first lot unlock, a salon.

And Kelley takes a break from Painting to meet her generation goal, socialite (which TL;DR is for her have 16 friends of those, 4 are at least good friends, and 2 more are best friends, her husband has to have half all that, now time to explain the "advanced technic" I'm doing here, first off I'm having her text her husband over and again until...

Until she reaches 4 in social networking, and unlocks "Sim Finder" I think a lot of people aren't fully aware what this does, they might it like it's name finds a sim in the local area that matches your specifications and if one doesn't exist it goes "sorry sim not found" but that's not what it does.

While this screen doesn't dispel this notation, allow to explain what ACTUALLY does, what it does is create a NEW sim of nowhere who will meet the exact specifications you assign, namely gender, age, sign and traits. However I'm banning the use of trait customization as that's against the spirits of this challenge having randomized traits (and I will have a sim finder spouse eventually)

However for this loophole I don't need any of those things optimized at all.

For this technic all I need is to is continue is right now is to text the sim finder sim til they become friends (in case I'm doing it until they become best friends), while chating on the phone is overall faster then texting them to boost relationship, I'm using texts for a specific reason... to boost social networking.

Now let me skip to the future and show you the next part of the technic.

Once her social networking boosts to level 7, you unlock the "Relationship transmogrifier", one of the most broken things I'm allowing in this challenge.

What is does is simple set the relationship between two sims, while this is limited to "Friend", "Disliked" and "Aquantince" and level 7 (good friend is unlocked at level 9 and Best friend is unlocked at level 10), it doesn't matter it still haves a tremendous amount of time, basically allowing to make 16 out of household sims friends super quickly.

Just to prove I made 16 out of household sims friends for Kelley, here's her charisma, which I had her briefly get just for this counter (Keep in mind her husband, Skip does count towards this totally which is why it's 17)

And just trust me that I managed to get 4 good friends and 2 best friends.

And Kelley does the same thing to make Skip achieve his part of the goal, and Skip will do some texting for that to max out the rest

Now to move back to the present

So Spring finally hits, and I added a Pond for Jordan to be able to fish in a slightly better location.

I finally realize I should buy "Efficient Inventor" for Skip

Martin becomes a teenager and becomes a coach Potato.

And I give him a makeover.

And I get him started on cooking and get a Life time wish roll for "The Culinary Librarian" LTW, which is to get every recipe. Some of you might be wondering how I'm gonna complete that since actually getting all the recipes requires a bookstore, and it also requires going to three different countries that seems hard! Well all will be revealed soon enough.

Skip became a (Middle-aged) adult.

And Brittany becomes a child, and becomes a Kleptomaniac and appearance wise, well I'm sure she has a great personality

EDIT: Opps forgot to explain Kleptomaniac, it allows you to steal a random item nearby you 3 times a night, however when you sell them it's only like a tenth of the value

And as typical, add appropriate color bed for the sim.

And I buy her a telescope so she can max Logic so she can go to the future to get the Bot Building, it's highly likely she'll fail her goal, (and I'll make a reroll rule for siblings about to reflect this is probably too hard)

And I think that's a good place to end this update. See you guys next time which should be soon.

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Jan 1, 2019

Social Networking is broken as hell. I do find it funny that it's raised by texting. Lord knows I'm mastering social networking by drunk texting memes at 2 am.

Also, are you going to build the rabbitholes yourself when you unlock a lot? I'm not sure how placing those lots work.

Nov 19, 2014

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Jolene posted:

Social Networking is broken as hell. I do find it funny that it's raised by texting. Lord knows I'm mastering social networking by drunk texting memes at 2 am.

Also, are you going to build the rabbitholes yourself when you unlock a lot? I'm not sure how placing those lots work.

I should probably explained I already unlocked the Salon (that's not a spoiler it's in the update), which all I did go into the lot library the game, and place in the town (well first I placed an empty lot of the exactly the same size of the salon since I deleted all of the lots completely before this). But what I'll do for rabbitholes, is add a new empty "Visitors Allowed" lot (as small as I can make it for the rabbithole, i'll use AddAnyLotSize to modify the size to fit my needs), and edit in the Edit Town and that allows you pace the rabbitholes from all the premade town. (Then as soon as the game starts, I partner it and then buy it )

In all honest I should probably ban sim finder and relationship transmogrifier but I don't because it's the only way to get charisma early in playthrough, and the socialite challenge as well. I guess part of the fun of the playthrough is banning the obviously broken poo poo to find the next layer of broken poo poo. And social networking isn't as broken as Moodlet manager, wishing for money, motive mobile and the age freeze potion. Also if I were making every broken things in the sims 3 banned, the rules would be closer to 20 pages long.

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Nov 19, 2014

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Generation 1.4

We got a new table so the entire family could (theoretically) sit at once.

Jordan becomes a teenager and ambitious, which gives a LTH boost to all wishes and ambitious also gives boost to career, but that's not gonna be relevant here.

Goddamn it another fire!

Since someone needs to work on alchemy for Jordan to become a fairy, I decided Jordan him, in hindesight maybe his mom would have been a better option (even though that holds me back money wise) but oh well.

Weird swimming bug that's caused by a mod for once, that's actually weird the vast majority of bugs are EA native. Basically when overwatch resets a stuck sim in a pool they are still swimming when they get out

I managed to put the telescope in a ROOM, it still discovers stars though for some reason. I guess developers didn't want to test if a telescope is buy a window or not.


Skip finally maxed Inventing which means we can add a new place to this empty world

A Junkyard (which I later move to a slightly different location because this location wasn't letting me enter). Honestly the Junkyard proved super useful in that getting scraps from their and selling widgets on a mass production is actually profitable, not as good as painting but not bad.

Basically to explain what I'm doing here is that Jordan (and spefically jordan) needs to Max Gardening, allow me to rant a bit about how EA loves loving over gardening in this game with expansions packs.

When the game first came out, gardening was fine it was kind of tedious and took a lot of time, but it was basically just you can plant then outside, you give them water and weed them and you basically do the equilavent of selective breeding (only planting the highest quality plants) to get higher quality stuff.

Then pets introduced wild deer, where if you don't fence your garden, they will eat your plants, reasonable enough and realistic that you probably want your garden fenced

Then supernatural introduced zombies who, as far as i can tell only do this due to cross-promotion with Plants vs. Zombies , will also eat your plants, but they are smart enough to open gates, and the only advertised solution was ONLY in the limited edition. Thankfully EA either made an intentional alternative solution or didn't realize the game had another built in solution (I lean towards the later), in that you just lock the gate of your fencer to everyone but your household and the zombies can't get through.

Then as the ultimate gently caress you occurred in Seasons, were plants are completely dormant in lower temperatures, temperatures that are basically 100% of winter, and 50% of fall and spring, because apparently the developers thing all sims towns are located in Northern canada. If you're curious their's no way to manipulate temp even with lifetime rewards, other then going to the options and making it summer all the time which i'm banning in this playthrough.

Thankfully the developers gave some mercy to gardeners in the final expansion with a special rug that allows you plant plants indoors. This probably should be restricted as future tech but honestly I'm not restricting something that basically makes gardening "The same as it was during base game, but it cost slightly more".

So Skip got an opportunity for a "Free Vacation" if your curious how this works, it basically just has all adults leave your house for a couple days, while giving your teens an opportunity for a "Teen Party", it's not worth it, and I will always cancel, because it takes away valuable time from the adults, granted all the adults have maxed theirs skills but both are still making us money right now.

And it's Skip and Kelley's one year wedding anniversary, this was something added in seasons I believe.

Brittany gets Renaissance Sim as her lifetime wish which is to max 3 skills.

I figured I'm successful in her unlocking her lot, she's gonna complete this.

Brittany became a teenager and got "Loves the Heat"

"Loves the Cold" is a very simple trait, sims get a positive moodlet called "Pleasantly warm" from being outside in the heat, and according to the description can stay out in the heat longer.

I wonder how many you noticed I basically copied and pasted "Loves the Cold" description and replaced stuff as nesscary

Though something wierd I just noticed:

Brittany seems to have either lost "Kleptomaniac or never gotten it in the first place (I don't have the record to determine which), at the time i was playing I knew she was missing a trait, but I didn't know what trait she was missing, so I quit the game and checked the screenshots to figure that poo poo out. Then I used "testingcheatsenabled true" then shift-click "Edit traits on active sim" and gave her back Kleptomaniac. I also edited the rules of the challenge of to reflect that this scenario is allowed.

At this point I should probably mention that the challenge i'm working is a living document if I find via playtest that something the rules didn't account for needs to be accounted for I'll adjust iot

Also gave Brittany a makeover.

Since I had Brittany work on blocks as a kid I had her practice handiness right away.

So Martin completed his lifetime wish just by reaching level 9 in cooking even though he technically doesn't know every recipe. Allow me to explain why: In base game sims 3 they are 28 recipes and since this lifetime wish is base game, it only checks for 28 recipes. However expansion packs (and in one case even an update) added more recipes, to the point that their's now over 28 recipes you get from just leveling up your cooking alone to the point you reach level 9 you hit the 28 mark.

Martin buys steel bladder (so does Jordan)

And no bills ever (which does what is says, as long as Martin is the house, we won't get any bills), i picked him for this because he's gonna be in the household the longest out of anyone.

And I had Skip unlock the Collection Helper, because we're gonna need that eventually.

And in the junkyard I managed to salvage a fortune cookie machine and decided to keep.

To explain in the junkyard, you can find broken stuff in there you can choose to salvage, this is normally worthless because the cost to make it usable is the same cost as buying it, but the fortune cookie machine is only buyable in china so i decided to keep it. I'll keep in out there if I find some other things, namely the Nectar making or martial arts skilling objects. Since those will save me a trip to france and china.

So Martin maxed cooking, yes as a teenager, not schooling gave him plenty of time to cook.

And unlocked the Rabbithole of the diner, which is nice. Not like we'll ever really use it.

Martin become a young adult and developed the Mooch trait.

Mooch just means he can ask out of household sims for money or food, it's not that useful since the money is pretty small.

And he's what he looks like pre-makeover.

And this what he looks like post makeover.

And that ends this update, I could go longer but how i'm organizing generations I really can't. BTW I'm gonna try to in the sim profiles keep track of the skills a sim has at the updates from now, so if your curious check that.

Nov 19, 2014

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Generation 2.1

While I don't install this mod right away I'm gonna point out that I do install another mod during this part of the playthrough. Basically the mod in question is "Opportunity phone call fix" found here. Basically while playing another save file (not this one) I noticed I basically wasn't getting any phone call opportunities, I was getting phone calls but usually the sim would answer and their would be nothing on the other end. Reading the mod description the issue is this: Every opportunity in the game has a hidden weight value to indicate how common is, for base game and most expansion packs this weight is about 5 to 10, for Into the future opportunities they hosed up and made the weights around 500. But where this get worse is that most of the opportunities they added are only in the future, and the way the game checks if you can only do it in the future is the game rolls between ALL opportunities your sim is other wise eligible and if it your sim can't do it because their not the future they phone will answer but nothing will happen. This mod fixes the issue more or less by giving the ITF opportunities more appropriate weight. I put it in the aproved mods for this

So Brittany buys steel bladder

And Kelley completes her lifetime wish of swimming cash via a combination of painting and inventing (mostly painitng

Next thing I do this part is find Martin a wife.

So I go to the salon and find I a tattoo artist, Marissa Ricketts

I try to use the Relationship transmorgifier, but i accidentally picked Skip instead, I fix this shortly.

And I Martin have them quickly get married

Marissa's traits are: Workaholic, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Charismatic, and Athletic.

To explain these traits:

Workaholic gives a boost to jobs, means they can work hard and stuff without draining their happiness (not something we're working on here), and means they can work from home (basically none of our sims are getting jobs so that is kind worthless)

Genius gives a boost to logic skills, not super useful here.

Heavy Sleeper means they can sleep through fires and burglary without any issues.

Charismatic gives a boost to the charisma skill useful for what we're doing here

Athletic gives a boost to the athletics skill, which isn't useful here.

Honestly for a regular sim this isn't a bad trait set, but the thing that slightly worries me is that she's an adult, not a young adult. However in practice playthroughs using the social networking trick (which won't be hard since I can have Kelley do the heavy lifting with that skill), I have managed to unlock city halls on adults, so this will be easy.

She's a capricorn, and her favorites are Kids, Hamburger and Pink.

Her lifetime wish is "Perfect Mind, Perfect Body" which isn't a hard lifetime wish, but it's something a bit too out of the way for my tastes, I'm gonna replace it with something easier considering what I plan to do.

So my first idea to compromise on the colors of bedroom with two swims of different colors is to make the beds sheets and pillows on color, while making the blanket the other, and making the floor one color, and making the wall another, I reprise the floor and wall thing later.

Jordan becomes a young adult and becomes GOD DAMNIT supernatural skeptic, which I believe actually LOWERS the alechemy skill growth a skill he basically needs to max.

He basically has to move out when it says "10 days until Adult" on this age chart, and i have been eyeing it regularly.

His LTW is Renaissance Sim which doesn't matter since he's gonna move out before he completes it anyways.

So while I didn't post the Woohoo, but Marissa is pregnant. (And yes she working on charisma by practicing speeches in the mirror and meeting the friend requirement and relationship by Kelley spamming relationship tranmorgifier)

So I later revise how I decorate rooms with couples with different favorite colors, since floors are more often seen then walls, I just split both the wall and the floor in half (Ignore the fact they are sleeping on the wrong side)

Brittany gets abducted by aliens, as you do

So Martin green completed a skill challenge in writing, namely with sports writer and I got this message of programming incompotence, I wasn't 100% positive if this was a caused by a mod or not so I tested again in a different save without any mods:

Nope it's from the game itself, reminder this is a professionally made game, with expansion packs this can cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

Kelley becomes an elder.

And Marissa goes into labor.

And gives birth to a baby boy (our heir) named Grant who's a Genius who loves the outdoors.

Loves the Outdoors just means you get a postive moodlet from being outdoors.

Grant is a Libra, and his favorites are Epic, Firecracker Tofu and Pink

Time to reveal stuff for generation 3:
Family Status: Couple
Heir Unlock: School of Art (Cooking/Mixology, Musical Instrument (Guitar, Drums, Laser Rhythm-A-Con, Piano or Base), Painting/Street Art and §70,000)
Spouse Unlock: Academy (Martial Arts and Purchase the lot)
Spouse Money Making: Nectar Making
Sibling 1 Lot Unlock: Criminal Warehouse (Logic, Athletics and §50,000)
Sibling 2 Lot Unlock: Java Hut (Cooking, Gardening, and purchase the lot)
Generation Goal: Social Group Expert (Rebel)
Number of Children: 2
Heir is: Child 2

Okay some notes and explanations

-To explain what i mean about that mess of school of art means, I need to max One of Cooking or Mixology, max one of the musical instruments, and one of painting or street art. I don't have a preference of musical instrument, so I'll do Drums since I've never done that one before, I'll do painting over street art because even though painting is slower, street art makes nearly no money and painting makes a lot, and Cooking over mixology because cooking is more pratical
-Yes I need to unlock university lots, they don't do much but i still need to unlock them
-I'll need to have someone visit china but I'm not allowed to have a sim that hasn't unlocked their lot travel, so i'll probably have Martin do it.
-I'm just gonna ignore Nectar Making because that requires visiting France with someone.
-The fact we have a couple again is annoying, I wanna show off something else but w/e, i probably have the odds too high (40%) honestly, I'd change it.
-Social Group Expert just means I need my heir to unlock
-First time we have a different number of children then 3, this time 2.

So I add a pink bedroom and give him a pink blanket, which is confusing for a boy, but it's favorite color.

Martin and Marissa have some fun in the shower.

Martin buys "Acclaimed Author" was bought by Martin to boost his money made by writing.

And Marissa is pregnant again.

Skipping over to when she goes into labor.

She gives birth to a healthy baby girl, named Chelsea who is Friendly and Easily Impressed.

Chelsea Green favorites are Kids, Firecracker Tofu, and Pink. and she's a libra

Same sign, same favorite food and favorite color as her brother but not same favorite music type. Weird. Their mom also has the same favorite color.

I managed to get enough Lifetime Happiness points for Marissa to change her lifetime wish.

And I gave her the LTW "Super Popular" since that is trivial with the relationship transmorgifier.

We add an extra bedroom for the new little one.

And Marissa and Martin had some fun in the shower.

So Marissa completed her lifetime wish, thanks to Kelley and the relationship transmorgifier.

So we had 3 ages up in one day.

Brittany became a young adult, and becomes Unstable.

Skip became an Elder.

Grant became a toddler and has his grandparents Red hair, legacy genetics are weird.

And that ends the update.

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Jan 1, 2019

I like that the lack of a school makes it so any children/teens get a random trait. Very in the spirit of the challenge, I say!

And I'm not surprised about that "DO NOT TRANSLATE" bit. I'm playing again since 2013-ish, and even with all the mod fixes and Overwatch/ErrorTrap, the game is barely holding together in a pretty standard town.

Sims 3 has a bunch of content and customization, but it's way too ambitious and poorly programmed to be stable in the long term.

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Jolene posted:

I like that the lack of a school makes it so any children/teens get a random trait. Very in the spirit of the challenge, I say!

And I'm not surprised about that "DO NOT TRANSLATE" bit. I'm playing again since 2013-ish, and even with all the mod fixes and Overwatch/ErrorTrap, the game is barely holding together in a pretty standard town.

Sims 3 has a bunch of content and customization, but it's way too ambitious and poorly programmed to be stable in the long term.

I'm also randomized traits that i normally wouldn't in the spirit of the challenge because I don't want every sim to be "Ambitious" "Overemotional" and "Trait that boosts skill", maybe through in neat and natural cook if I have the space since those are basically optimal traits in any situation.

Also call me crazy but I think that a company like EA could absolute create a game that's at least someone stable at the scope of Sims 3. But that requires more money and development time than EA is willing to do.

But honestly in my opinion the game being a buggy mess is part of it's charm. The fact that expansion packs don't ever consider each other almost ever makes things hilarious. The fact you start a fully expansion pack with first a mascot inviting you to join university, second a notification (from a ridiculously early update) that property ownership has moved to the digit age, third a portal to the future, fourth (if you have room in your neighborhood) a totem from seasons, along with another university notification about social groups. It's a mess but it's fun.

Nov 19, 2014

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Generation 2.2

So Marissa is pregnant again for the last time

And Marissa buys Steel Bladder LTR.

And Skip gets an opportunity to deliver a book to france, but I didn't go out of my way for that (Yeah by the way, Skip moved in with some points in painting and writing which is weird because the wiki doesn't say he has them

Kelley gets a similar request but this time she has to go to Egypt to learn a recipe, not worth my time.

Brittany maxed Logic.

And now it's time for Marissa to give birth again...

And she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Chris who's Neurotic and a Genius

His favorite music is Soul, favorite food is Tofu dog, and his favorite color is orange. His sign is Sagittarius

And we get an orange bedroom for Chris

Also Martin maxed Writing, not that he needs it for anything but money making but thought I should share.

And Skip Green got a date offer despite being a married man.

Also I feel the need to share that their's been an alien space ship almost consistently parks in the junkyard.

Also Chelsea becomes a toddler and yes that outfit is way too skimpy to be on a toddler so I changed it

So this is her makeover.

So I noticed Jordan Green is on his last day before he has to move and he's not remotely finished with his skilling yet, so I just decide to move him out. In hindsight I'll make an explicit rule about this skill being a reroll allowed on siblings unless certain conditions are meet in the rules. (That doesn't mean that Jordan Green's time was a complete waste, he made like 50 Jars of Friendship which should hopefully prove useful later). But first...

I use Sim finder to give him a wife for when he moves, I explicitly allow this as long as I family funds away any money she comes with and I don't use any of her items and move them out right away. I'm mainly doing this so that my spares out of the home are producing children and stuff which is fun honestly. (Unfortunately it's gonna be hard to get more then one generation going)

Here's what she looks like.

And here's them getting married.

If you're curious about her traits and stuff here they are. (Her maiden name is Clinton)

And here's the house I made for the lovely couple, basically all future spare houses will be duplicates of this, this is basically the bare minimum of what i allow for spare houses, aside from adding children stuff basically so that story progression let's them have kids.

And they move out taking some of our money which is annoying (yes we have a lot of money though)

Also I should probably note what I'm gonna for Spares after they move out of the house, I'm not gonna bore you with what all the spares are doing all the time. So I'll just put the kids they have and stuff in the "Sim Profile".

Another date request for Skip.

Brittany maxed Handiness combined with maxing logic she can now go to the future.

I buy a time portal.

And do the standard go the future opportunity.

Travel to the future.

Grabbed a laser Rhythm-A-Con for future use.

And buy some bot building books for present use.

Then head straight back.

Chris ages to a toddler and this is what he looks like no makeover.

And he's what he looks like post.

Grant ages up into a child and becomes a Coach Potato.

And he's what grant looks like. Pink was a hard color to make not look wierd on a boy. I probably failed.

And I use Kelley's LTH points to buy a hover bed, I slowly replace the beds in the house with hover beds (because hover beds are the best beds, i mean that in more way than one), I won't bore you with the details of that.

But here's what it looks like Orange for reference.

Bed for Grant, I'll replace it with a hover bed soon enough.

I have Grant work on painting, since that's the only of the skills he can work on now (aside from the first three points of Cooking)

Marissa maxed Charisma, told you Charisma is reasonable for a Sim that moves in as an adult, especially with another sim helping on the friendship front with social networking.

Which means we get to add a City Hall.

And Marissa gets a Political Job, not because it really matters, but because she doesn't have a lot to do any more, so I figure why not?

I still have her take over gardening since that WAS her money making skill.

Kelley registers as a Self-Employed painter (she couldn't do this without city hall)

Martin registers as a Self-Employed Writer

And Skip registers as a self-employed inventor.

Chelsea ages into a child.

And becomes a Kleptomaniac, what's with female sims in this family getting Kleptomaniac as their childhood trait.

So Kelley needs to max two skills, one of which she can't do yet as a child. And as you can tell from this far away photo the thing I had her work on Logic.

And Brittany reached the 10 days and she's only at level 7 bot building, so it's not reasonably possible for her to max bot building in the time needed.

I'll add reroll rules to clarify that Wasteland (and Dried Up Beach) can be rerolled if siblings if you haven't been to the feature nor if anyone else in the house has to max Logic, Handiness, Inventing or Science. But that metric means that I could have (and should have) had Skip max logic instead of Brittany here and just gone with the future with him and given Brittany more time to max Bot Building so I'll take the mistake on myself. That doesn't mean that Brittany's time was a waste she managed to go to the future and got a jetpack, Laser Rhythm-A-Con, and some bot building books. All of which is useful for future skilling.

Kelley finds her a husband.

He has an ugly hairdo but she proposes anyways.

Here is his traits, favorites, and sign and stuff. I don't feel like explaining things until a sim moves with those traits.

And they move out. And that's the end of the update. Also new feature will be added to the "Sim Profiles", I'll now keep track of which update a Sim is born, moves in, moves out and (eventually) dies.

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Sorry for the double post but, I have to ask, what do you guys feel about update lengths and stuff? It's hard for me to gauge what's an appropriate length and stuff. I think I'm probably leaning a little long here, but I want some feedback here.

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Generation 2.3
This is gonna be something of a shorter update I think but it's better then nothing.

Skip got an award from City Hall for his inventions.

And a Trophy to go along with it that we proudly display in the kitchen.

I have Grant work on cooking with toy oven.

Marissa ages into Elder and I give her an appearance change (Notice how I'm using an actual wardrobe this time rather than master controller, this is because I noticed the "Stylist" master controller option, tended to give Sims max Stylist hidden skill from what I checked in Status, and I thought that was a little cheating so I decided to customize appearance the old fashion way.)

Grant maxes the Toy Oven so he will start at Level 3 cooking when he becomes a teenager.

I'd be remiss if I didn't show this, Marissa goes to work in her graduation outfit, and I have no idea why

Kelley Green got this opportunity at City Hall, and I know there's a similar opportunity for another skill that's actually bugged and makes you earn less. Let's see if this one if similar.

Considering she was getting around 3,900 MAX before this point i'd say her value went up.

Skip and Kelley celebrate there two year wedding anniversary.

Um... both you and him are married. ANd not to each other\

Grant got his lifetime wish of "Renaissance Sim" which shouldn't be too hard since he needs to max 3 skills anyways.

Skip also got a medal for his inventing as well this one for making 50 widgets

Chris aged up and become Excitable

And gets a Hover bed in the process.

Martin became an Adult and I have him a new hairdo for the occasion.

I have Chris work on the Toy oven (the only one of his two skills he can do anything with right now), and he maxes it quickly. That does unfornately mean he basically has nothing to do for most of his childhood, so i usually just have him dick around.

Kelley gets presented an Artist's Painted Ribbon, for her paintings.

Here's what that looks like.

Grant ages up into a teenager.

Here's what he looks like post makeover if you are curious.

And he's a drum set we gave him so he can work on the drumming skill for his lot unlock.

While this not be when it happens this screenshot shows the principle, Kelley here is at 90 days of aging, this means she can basically die at anytime, this doesn't mean she will die right away rather, she'll die between anywhere and now and from what i've seen 120 days of life.

Well I didn't expect this show up that quickly. And she was just one painting away from maxing her self-employed career.

Time to show off a Pro tip:

Normally a -50 moodlet is super annoying, but there is a way to reduce it. That description of "Sims can mourn at a tombstone or move it to a graveyard to feel more at peace" isn't just flavor

Just mourning at the tomb, cuts the moodlet in HALF, and if we had a graveyard, just placing it there cuts the moodlet in a further half, down to -12. I never knew this until fairly recently on accident. This is wierd for the sims 3 because normally moodlets are static in the since that you can't reduce them but get rid of them.

I have the entire house mourn at Kelley's tombstone and place in the family inventory until we get a graveyard to put our dead sims in because I don't want the dead just haunting our house at night.

Well that ends that update told you that would be short.

Jan 1, 2019

I'm totally fine with shorter updates! I actually prefer them. (I must've missed your previous post. My bad.) I actually didn't know about the mourning/graveyard moodlet reduction myself. That's pretty cool!

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Generation 2.4
Welcome Jolene and lurkers this update was actually over a notably short play period i just decided to make an update, just because more poo poo happened I think

So Skip also reaches 90 days, let's see how long it takes til he dies.

Also I do something cheesy but I don't take much advantage of it yet.

You see Grant reached the level of Drums where he can play for tips. Their's nothing in the rules (either in the original nothing is free or the rules I'm using) of adding subways stations no consequence (in fact even in the original nothing is free it's explicitly allowed). And I'm gonna exploit that to my own benefit here. You see playing for tips on the subway is an absurd way to make money (though I think either one of my mods or an update to the game toned it down). I don't much advantage of it yet simply because of curfew that Grant has.

Well that was fast, he wasn't near as close to maxing his job, he was like at level 7 or so.

If your curious this reset the time on the moodlet but it was still at -25 but mourning at Skip's grave didn't reduce it any further.

Chelsea aged up into a teenager and became the perfect trait for what I need her to do, Athletic, which as you can guess boosts the athletic skills (and I personally tested this once and it worked)

Here is what she looks like after I gave her a makeover

And here is where she starts working on her athletic skill. My strategy with her is to have her work on athletics til she gets fatigued, then have her work on logic while she recovers. This way it minimizes wasted time.

Grant buys the Steel Bladder LTR, because he won't have much in the way of LTR once he's finished with generation goal, (yes I plan to do his generation goal in the cheesest way as possible)

Chris aged into a teen and became a Slob. Also becoming a teen means he FINALLY has poo poo to do, I was getting tired of him "Proceding over the royal court" all the drat time.

Here's what he looks like.

He immediately takes over the garden, Marissa was trying to take it over earlier but with her job she didn't have the time.

And it's Martin's and Marissa's anniversary.

If you're curious how I'm gonna do the Rebel Influence I plan on doing it in the cheesiest way possible. LTRs because these babies are dirt cheap LTR and they boost the influence by a lot.

Just buying 1 gets his Rebel influence up to 4.

Also Chelsea maxed Athletics, no seriously. Athletics is like super fast, see what teenagers can accomplish if they don't go to school!

Martin gets an award in writing and here's what it looks like.

Chelsea buys steel bladder.

Chris gets the Lifetime wish "The Culinary Librarian" which as I mentioned in an earlier update basically just means getting to level 9 cooking.

This screenshot doesn't it show it well but Martin gets abducted by aliens.

And Chelsea managed to not only max one skill as a teenager but TWO, which means...

We have the money and skill requirements for a criminal warehouse. And Chelsea can't even move out yet.

Looks like Martin has some Unexpected Weight Gain.

Grant maxes painting.

And Martin gives birth to an alien baby as you do. (This can only happen to male young adult/adult sims and it's like a 25% chance after getting abducted) I decided to keep it, which according the rules that I actually thought of in advance, surprisingly:

Basically: I can keep the baby but they can't be the heir. In this case I'll keep the baby, and they gets a lot unlock

Honestly I'm mainly keeping the baby because it'll be fun to have an alien.

Before I reveal her lot unlock let's figure out more detail about the baby.

It's a girl, I named her "Alina", she rolled "Disciplined" and "Clumsy", Disciplined is basically the skill boosting this for Martial Arts, which spoiler alert will not matter for her.

Her favorites Rockabilly, Stu Surprise, and Grey and her sign is Sagittarius.

Now time to reveal her lot unlock:

Diving Area (Max Scuba Diving)

Money Making: Painting (Likely not gonna matter)

I'm actually excited for this, since IDK how practical Scuba Diving is to max without a Diving Area to begin with, I know Snorkeling is a thing and it boosts it but IDK if it's fast enough to reasonably do it, so this will be a good playtest.

Also I was bored myself and looks at her family tree and saw that her biological mother is an alien named Shannan Xoxxaw, who's a Computer Whiz, Lucky, Childish, Commitment Issues and a Heavy Sleeper.

And I modeled her bedroom off her favorite color and it works for an alien bedroom really well I have to say.

That ends this update BTW thanks for reading all 5 of you.

Apr 18, 2018

This is really interesting to watch. I tried the regular Nothing is Free challenge before, but couldn't figure out how to actually meet enough sims for the town hall. Since I don't have University, got any other ideas for that?

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Cloacamazing! posted:

This is really interesting to watch. I tried the regular Nothing is Free challenge before, but couldn't figure out how to actually meet enough sims for the town hall. Since I don't have University, got any other ideas for that?

I haven't thought about this much but here's a burst of thought:

If you don't have University, for Charisma, I'd recommend waiting til you have a large enough of sims move out of your house before dealing with Charisma based lot unlocks, make sure if you're using the story progression mod, to allow immigration so that after the sims you move out die in the houses you make for them another sim family will move in. (if your not playing with story progression this will happen automatically) I'd say have about 18 sims outside of your household living in your town before working on charisma without university. but it's definitely possible earlier, (I say 18 because it's not hard to get the remaining 7 or so from service sims such as maids, pizza delivery guys, mail carriers, newspaper delivers etc.) I'm sure they are cheesy tricks that don't involve social networking as well.

Remember with regular nothing is free you don't even to play the same family throughout so if you have the money (in game money to be clear) feel free to move in sims just to move them out as well to expand your outside of household sims for Charisma requirements.

That being said I don't fully know what does and doesn't count for the Charisma skill friend and relationship requirements, there appear to be different rules for the skill requirement, the lifetime wish, the standard wish, the skill challenge etc. So IDK if you can just move a sim in and then move them out and have them count.

If you have world adventures, after you empty the world you might see a pile of tourist, those do count from what I understand though so maybe take the oppuronity to talk to them. (though note that actually traveling bars you from unlocking a lot)

Mar 18, 2009

The aging on the sims seems really fast, how many in-game days has it been for Skip to go from a paper-boy to dying from old age?


Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Keldulas posted:

The aging on the sims seems really fast, how many in-game days has it been for Skip to go from a paper-boy to dying from old age?

The aging is set to default, but for Skip, I used birthday cake to age him up twice quickly to young adult before he moved in. I will say around the time Skip died it was around 70 days or so, maybe a bit later. Sim lifespan is on 90 days.

The fact your probably noticing is that I'm skipping a lot of boring stuff, most of the time my sims are skilling, and there isn't much point in me sharing stuff like "Sim levels up in gardening to level 8", unless they max the skill or something weird happens. I might show a few more mundane stuff for the playthrough from now on to get a better sense of time.

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