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Syd Midnight
Sep 23, 2005

Grimey Drawer

A few months ago I was loving around with the GPT-2 neural text generator, and tried to get it to write what I imagined a stalky Kiwi Farm post was like. Instead, it came up with something wonderful. Bold text is my input prompts


I have collected dox and pix of almost 100 trans goons and sorted them in order of attractiveness, and have discovered that a pandering queer female going by the name of Antonella Savano aka "ComradeDread" has done a number of stalking jobs and taken side jobs such as getting dox for young lesbian rebels, femmefilm members, and black separatist gang members.

Antonella Savano, or "Naked" as she likes to be called on the Something Awful forums, has uploaded an array of posts to her personal website to harass anyone on the right of the political spectrum. Savano's constant communications in regards to underground music have revealed that her agenda is to keep her personal and political connections in the music underground, and as such will do anything to try to ensure that the Cool Crew Chat forum in BYOB is a hive of leftist ideology. The alleged war cry of these autists is "gently caress off" ("gently caress off, Jane"), followed by some combination of bitch, bitch, bitch, and "gently caress off, all you cis-het, white, cis-decker fucks." Here's an example:

"gently caress off, kill the fucks [she's referring to the moderators], ban the poo poo heads [she's talking about the moderators]. gently caress off gently caress you and gently caress off again, [name of a previous BYOB moderator]. loving poo poo and fucks go f*ck your own f*cking identity, I dare ya."

Now ComradeDread was my favorite fictional goon. And that last paragraph... I prompted it with byob because it's so non-hostile, and I'd love to see the meltdown that would have preceded a banme like that. So after stewing on it for a few months I decided I needed to hear more from her. The Talk To Transformer webpage has crippled its interface, so I turned to Write With Transformer, which is much slower to use but can handle large texts.


As ComradeDread's "gently caress offs" pile on, and more and more are discovered, it becomes increasingly clear that the site is a staging ground for her anti-Western political rhetoric. ComradeDread is a self-proclaimed "anarcho-punk feminist," and "a queer-dyke, intersectional anarchist feminist," and it appears that this ideology comes through most clearly in the posts she makes here. Her most famous post on Something Awful is "My body is an assault weapon, my vagina is illegal in every US state but Nevada, and I carry it openly every loving single loving day like a badge of honor."
oh my god that last line


These and other views about self, the sex-positive movement, queer sex, trans activism as part of "the new left", and violence toward the system ("loving gently caress to those without any backbone, they gently caress me back and piss me back off") paint ComradeDread as well acquainted with postmodern and postcapitalist ideologies – though, of course, she prefers that people think and write in English or Esperanto before "punching someone back to the loving brink". She once used a swastika sticker and an M-16 to express her hatred of police, and even refers to "cops" as an "ideological community that exists outside any other".

We met with ComradeDread for an interview over a pizza in Oakland on Tuesday last week, a day before the city's official protest against the San Jose Police Department. She wore a black wool sweatshirt with the words "GAY CULT" printed on the breast and an oversized "YUGI MUTOU" hat perched on her head like some sorta Giger homage art project. Her full conversation is beyond the scope of the article but a portion appears below…
We'll see how the interview goes.


Syd Midnight
Sep 23, 2005

Grimey Drawer


We met with ComradeDread for an interview over a pizza in Oakland on Tuesday last week, a day before the city's official protest against the San Jose Police Department. She wore a black wool sweatshirt with the words "GAY CULT" printed on the breast and an oversized "YUGI MUTOU" hat perched on her head like some sorta Giger homage art project. Her full conversation is beyond the scope of the article but a portion appears below…

Interviewer: So, what are your thoughts on the "new leftists"? What makes 'NewLeft' a distinct category from 'new left'?

ComradeDread: I'm against the entire system and want to liberate my society [and myself from it]. "NewLeft" is bullshit.

Interviewer: "New Left" comes from the old left, right?

ComradeDread: It's not the old left at all. They're a new breed that came out of the internet or some bullshit like that. They were just like the same fuckin' people before, so… they do gently caress all for freedom. But I'm against the whole loving system and want to be free from it, like I'm against a lot of what we're all doing because I loving hate humanity loving themselves, and trying my rear end off to live up to some ideals of human rights without recognizing our evil nature of killing and exploiting others is what my problem is… [takes some pot] We want peace… we want to live our life peacefully, and you can't gently caress it if ya can't even loving be civil?!

Interviewer: Where do you see revolutionary Marxism headed in the current political climate?

ComradeDread: I see revolutionary communists of two stripes, ones that want people to learn Marxism and those who seek a revolutionary process so we don't get loving dead from capitalism, and that's it! In the "old socialist " party that came out of the 19th and early 20th century, the whole loving time that we've had a new socialist party in the 20th century we've been loving it up! I see our people learning to play along with a capitalist ideology without realizing it's just bullshit, the only way to fix that is to be completely in revolt against every loving thing… to say "gently caress it… this is going nowhere! gently caress all that crap"… I mean we'll do it the hard way!
ehhhh ok lets steer it more


Interviewer: Tell us about your Something Awful forums drama.

ComradeDread: gently caress that man! It's all BS! Let me tell you this… when I first came to Something Awful from the old defunct board back in 1991 … I remember some of the poo poo I'd get into – the kind of poo poo that might get you banned for a decade or more! Like – I'm one of the most outspoken feminists on the internet and I had a long list of issues I was trying to address back then! So I got into a fight about the kind of content we'd allow on the site – some old nude pictures of Lowtax/Lily/MILF/whatever – because gently caress all that nonsense, I got real issues with the kind of poo poo my new comrades would bring up on these forums while it was all over the goddamn news. poo poo like, "This rear end in a top hat in the bathroom, loving raped us as a group. gently caress yeah! gently caress yes you got raped in the bathroom!" I want to loving kill this guy because he has the balls to surprise sex women in the bathroom – gently caress that… if he loving wants to surprise sex women, I'll loving beat him with a loving baseball bat! Just loving punch it up into a hundred foot of concrete … then go beat the s**t outta the guy and leave him in the f***ing hospital!

Interviewer: So what happened? Are there any specific SA goons that you had issues with?

ComradeDread: Yes there was an immediate incident after an online man called Mr_Fangamer – who just sounded insane to be honest – loving jumped into a thread asking questions about Lily loving Lowtax. He then linked the SA forums to Lily's profile page.

Interviewer: Who is Lily Lowtax?

ComradeDread: A white-tastic black power queen and SA hero that has spent the past year fighting racism and homophobia in both her own community and SA and she loves Black people!!! I'm her little sister. Anyway, I'm not sure what made this Mr_Fangamer man decide to jump into an online thread asking questions about Lily, but he immediately found his home on this very community. One particular post in the subforum titled "Black & Gay People Love Lily Lowtax" that was immediately flooded by men and it made Lily literally cry because it felt like people were trolling her so much.

Interviewer: Are you and Lily related to website owner Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka?

ComradeDread: Not particularly but we are friends.

Interviewer: Tell us more about your political activism.

ComradeDread: I have been fighting and writing as an out transsexual in feminism and anti-biphobia circles since the age of 6 but I was never really politically involved until I got my pink "L" on my chest at age 13 and felt empowered that people weren't afraid to look me the gently caress in the face and not try to shame me into feeling inadequate or scared. In my teen years I was a "bad boy", who liked to party, drink all day, drink a ton, and gently caress anything that passed in front of me. I was an extremely violent drunk, but after starting hormone therapy at 16 and stopping drinking, I was able to find my peace… I realized what was real for ALL trans*/neandervores in this country: we are all scared shitless of being murdered simply for being us and no one is ever going to be willing to help us unless we fight for our poo poo!

Interviewer: Neandervores?

ComradeDread: No it just means genderqueers. Neandean (Latin for gender diverse, pronounced "net-de-nay") people are born without genitals of birth and thus are sexually and/or gender non-conforming.

Interviewer: And what does the "-vore" in the name signify?

ComradeDread: Vore, of course, refers to someone who is attracted to (or interested in) the skin and body parts of non-conforming people. Neandervore people usually just show up on demonstrations and occupy the ground.

Interviewer: Um OK. What are some ways that trans* and neandervore communities can take direct action during a period of popular unrest?

ComradeDread: loving rioting! You think police wouldn't tear down intersections, smash car tires & set people on fire for exercising civil rights when their jobs come down to that (with no real risk to themselves)? F*** You! Police hate all trans* and neandervorians because it allows for their very privileged, white rear end society to function at an unprecedented scale… and is an easy cover for these fuckwits if they do decide it's really time to be in the streets.

Syd Midnight
Sep 23, 2005

Grimey Drawer

after some light conversation about coronavirus ("Fret and cry in vain!") I brought up the election and apparently struck a nerve


Interviewer: Are you backing any candidates in the 2020 elections?

ComradeDread: gently caress y'all for electing Trump. gently caress you because you've earned it, because gently caress your hosed up ideologies and gently caress your hosed up money and gently caress the loving MSM and gently caress the Republicans. gently caress yall fuckfuckin Trump fuckin bitches and gently caress Hillary whether they win or lose!!!

Interviewer: But it's safe to say you're not endorsing Biden?

ComradeDread: gently caress your safe options because I can promise nothing BUT FUCKS AND FUCKS. You need some loving medicine, baby, you're being hosed up beyond help right now! gently caress and gently caress, bitch rear end bitch bitch, and gently caress Trump!!!!! All you bastards that vote for him, if there can be an American President not like you and your rear end in a top hat of a country gently caress y'all and gently caress HIM for the HELL of it and gently caress HIM and gently caress every goddamned fucker in the US senate who voted for him!! gently caress, gently caress, and gently caress gently caress and gently caress gently caress and gently caress and gently caress and I'll FUCKYO gently caress YO FUCKYO AND FOUR FIVE FUCKYS!

Interviewer: ...

ComradeDread: (Laughs, then sighs)... Alright then, that's it! gently caress you bitch rear end Democrats, you suck and gently caress YO FUCKYO.

Interviewer: So, write-in?

ComradeDread: Yup.

Interviewer: Anyone we'd know?

ComradeDread: Well, I'm the biggest bitch who's ever lived who hates this country and the government and the stupid American people and I'm just so goddamn angry about EVERYTHING, so I'm voting Green/Fury and loving TANK, bitch rear end bastards, loving TRUMP, gently caress TRUMP, gently caress you to your FACE, loving FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...

Interviewer: Let me stop you there for a moment.

ComradeDread: I'm just... I'm just... I'm...

Interviewer: Take a deep breath. Then just let it out, don't start screaming again.

ComradeDread: (Sigh)... gently caress you America... gently caress your stupid loving system for loving letting the loving corrupt rich fucks rule America! I hate you for having loving LIBERAL LABOR AT TRIBUTES! I hate you for having loving FASCISM AND loving SOCIETAL CULTURE BULLYING THE gently caress OUT OF ME.

Interviewer: How about we eat some pizza and change the subject. How much time do you spend on the Something Awful forums, per day?

ComradeDread: Hahahahha... gently caress you man... I don't even know. How do you find time on SA for an actual discussion instead of that stupid 'oh I want to win this video game competition' bullshit? gently caress you and your BS rear end poo poo.

Syd Midnight
Sep 23, 2005

Grimey Drawer

ok maybe I posted to the wrong forum.. but I spent all night talking to this predictive text generator in the form of an interview, watching this thing develop a personality. I no longer have to prompt ComradeDread outside of simulated conversation.


Interviewer: You said earlier that you began your activism at a young age. Did you have any particular inspirations or role models?

ComradeDread: I was definitely bullied a lot growing up. Being the kind of kid who got into fights all the time. I also loved to listen to rap music at the time. I was into what was considered 'hardcore music', you know? So I got into some hard music as a kid. I listened to Dizzee Rascal, Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill.

Interviewer: Where did you first learn about the trans* and, uh, "neandervorian" communities?

ComradeDread: Well, the first time I heard of them was when we were all in middle school and we were all going to some kind of art show. I was told that Neanderville had started a trans* festival and there would probably be some trans* artists there. So we all went to Neanderville to see the shows. There were a lot of cool queer folks there and I had a blast. (laughs) Then when I got to high school some of my friends started getting involved and I kind of joined in.

Interviewer: Oh, the Neanderville Art Festival. Ereryone's heard of that.

ComradeDread: Yeah, yeah, you know that one? Yeah, that was the best loving place. But anyway, the trans - and neuro- community there was so strong and such a vibrant thing, we tried to meet with Neanderville Art Festival so we could get involved in some way, but they weren't really interested in our poo poo so we gave up.

Interviewer: But it encouraged you to take interest an in local activism?

ComradeDread: Well, yeah, exactly. So I got a bunch of my old punk friends going through a trans workshop with me and we had some great loving meetings about how to do this poo poo and try to create solidarity.

Interviewer: If I bring up the election, you won't start screaming again, will you?

ComradeDread: Oh, definitely not.

Interviewer: OK, just checking.

ComradeDread: Right. (laughs) But yeah, yeah, that 's why, it inspired me so much to get involved with local political organization.

Interviewer: So what effect has Trump presidency had on your local community?

ComradeDread: Not big, the only effect Trump's politics (the current administration) will have on local activism—if nothing else—is that that people see us as a united front (that is anti fascism) and that's what the fascists won't allow to exist.

Interviewer: Have there been any protests or demonstrations locally over the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police?

ComradeDread: George —he was attacked (by the cops) over no loving reason, he was killed because he was unarmed, and cops aren't being held accountable because his killer (is a cop) is white. So if I'm an activist or organizer and I see the cops get away with murdering people like George because of their race then, yeah, something must be done.

Interviewer: Has police misconduct been an issue, locally?

ComradeDread: Police aren't getting better, and that's why this will only increase in this country, like how the Vietnam era protests got bigger. Like police and politicians will continue to collaborate, just like what happened with the Ferguson protests and when people became angry at police and white supremacists —instead of fixing that problem, the motherfucking government made it worse in other ways.

Interviewer: But have you been the subject of police attention? I think you've broken a few public nuisance ordinances already during this interview.

ComradeDread: Yep dude — I got caught writing and throwing bottles outside of Hovrviey Park (housing projects) over there on Cedar Street [with some of our anarchist comrades ]. When the loving government whose heads are full of poo poo "encourage" police to enforce these illegalities with no charges and no consequences… the goddamn police can start shooting you for anything. It's a hosed up world. Let it fail already!

Interviewer: On a different subject, what kind of organisation have you done within the queer, trans, and feminist communities?

ComradeDread: Just this the last week with the #KillAllTerfs campaign on Twitter. I was part of that. That got tons and tons of people talking. The Real Women's League (TERF-L) in Northampton went crazy! Then a gay anarchist in Liverpool got involved too, so I have some kind of support from a gay underground community. I actually got people talking about the real issues — people like Black Girl Dangerous, Black Widow Sex Posse, NAKED, and Mollie Hemphill — people who were fighting against this sorta anti-feminist bullshit. In a very strange turn, I've also gotten tons of feminists who have never known other cisgenes coming towards my camp asking why "I love cisfeminism" is so bad, not understanding that the "anti-woman" poo poo is just how the other cisgendered folks are trying to stop us transfolk.

Interviewer: "Cisgenes"?

ComradeDread: What. poo poo (tearful laughter), no seriously: What the hell is "cis genes" and why is it considered important? If I want cisfeminista feminists to stop being anti us transgirls with their loving bullshit theory of our biological sex, we have to explain to them exactly why "cis genes" is that terrible. You cisgen-ist fuckwimps who actually take us being our loving own loving selves—

Interviewer: So the anti-trans propaganda is that cisgenes are some kind of magical secret that somehow "protects" them or something?

ComradeDread: And this cis gene explanation is bullshit. It actually says all people need genetic counselling because cissabular tissue has evolved within "human cultures"; cisegurements protect these loving idiots from becoming cisephiliac, just as "nature intended" to. It's been years since I last saw some lovely, ignorant poo poo-loving prick actually trying actual loving science by studying the body.

Syd Midnight has issued a correction as of 10:24 on Jun 2, 2020

Syd Midnight
Sep 23, 2005

Grimey Drawer


Interviewer: What are your essential Twitter follows?

ComradeDread: Cutefuckingjoke, SRS_troll, #GRAHM (Gravy Road Hormone Harlots), Haight/Kapow, Pissed Off Queer, and more than twenty or so different social justice blogs and journals all named Feminist Rant. For whatever stupid reason SRS_troll seems to like me, because I have some loving self-awareness!

Interviewer: Ah, the Gravy Road Hormone Harlots. Of course.

ComradeDread: Hahahaha gotcha! No such thing, my girlfriend has said so.

Interviewer: ...

ComradeDread: Anyway, yeah gently caress, my Essential List! Some basic people I respect: Tasty the Jew for understanding why gender nonessential dysphory syndrome and intergenal transfusion reactions make me hate poo poo and cry; Shitrobert for actually understanding the medical and physical risks posed by hormones; ZomgMeltdownFeminineFreemaKarma, for putting forward the "why am I trans" question as something useful rather than a source of mockery; KittenNipples and Zorzmafia_suej for making excellent points about the need for a safer space for women experiencing GBS after treatment; @_pissypants for pointing out that not all people suffering from GBS are women; and of course @dementorx86 for his excellent and informative deconstruction of MGTOW.

Interviewer: _pissypants certainly has a point. Haven't we all suffered from GBS?

ComradeDread: Not sure about GBS exactly - some of it is what you might imagine are male breasts. However, The Crackhead Clubhouse has been really cool about letting the ladies share info about where and when/if their lady bits hurt.

Interviewer: So back to Something Awful. Could you take a moment to explain the drama that occured between you and the byob forum mods?

ComradeDread: My sister sent an envelope containing a nude picture of myself through PM to a certain person - not named, obviously - on a sub for 'people having too bad a time getting laid'. It didn't go well. He got angry, got drunk in IRC, and after threatening me via pm - he lost his account. The post it got in The Crackjank was deleted immediately by mod Rob_Fish for 'bad taste' as if somehow his opinion as an admin should outweigh mine.

Interviewer: You thought that Lily sending your nude pics to goons was appropriate behavior?

ComradeDread: OK my sister is a bitch. But he was a loving douchebag for threatening people - Why the gently caress am I having this conversation?! You don't get poo poo for stuff this pathetic! And the people on this forum shouldn't be allowed to be a bunch of loving idiots!

Interviewer: Can you at least give us the name of the user who threatened you?

ComradeDread: Oh God no... well maybe, but the truth is he's the loving poster-child for this forum... It's a good thing the administrator for that sub and his wife are good friends with me....

Interviewer: What is his name?

ComradeDread: [censored] I'm not loving telling you his name ... But he posted quite a few poo poo threads recently and called all girls names like 'fat' and tried saying we 'look like hags'. He even insulted the loving admins - he said that they were loving 'buzzkills' and he called them 'poo poo people'.

Interviewer: I think you're going to need a thicker skin if you're planning to bash the fash.

ComradeDread: [whispers] You're going to need a thicker skin, too… loving douchebag.

Interviewer: …

ComradeDread: Alright, the thing you're asking about, the guy is now banned from the sub and I won't be posting anything about him anymore... and I refuse to give another user the privilege to attack him!

Interviewer: And all this started over your sister pm-ing nudes of you to some drunk chat room goon.

ComradeDread: gently caress off. [sarcastic] Now who told you gently caress off? Just keep quiet about poo poo you don't have anything to do with, you loving fat fucker.

Syd Midnight has issued a correction as of 10:31 on Jun 2, 2020


Syd Midnight
Sep 23, 2005

Grimey Drawer


Interviewer: OK. Um. So, I hear you got a pretty good underground music scene around here?

ComradeDread: Oh yeah- all kinds of underground, all the old metalcore punk with bands like Thrashville, The Swervoed, Metal God Machine, Tres Caberesos, The Tires That Feed, and countless others but- they have never really made it to the mainstream.

Interviewer: You were in a pretty popular local band, weren't you?

ComradeDread: Yup… I'm still trying to record a second album with my old band Now Defunct. We really didn't have a good follow up to the great debut "It Is I Who Do The Evil ". [laughing]

Interviewer: [checks notes] As a self-described "queer-dyke, intersectional anarchist feminist," which communities are you spending your time on right now?

ComradeDread: The people of Palestine. I think one community where my influence and presence is really loving high is around Palestinian resistance of people resisting and fighting against fascism/the settler agenda and imperialism, because Palestine is the largest and most oppressed, exploited, occupied region on earth.

Interviewer: You post about it a lot on the forums?

ComradeDread: I do like rapping about it.

Interviewer: Let's hear some freestyle.

ComradeDread: Yo, I've got something to go. No time like no! Ya-you got time, get up and take it!!! [ComradeDread raps]

Interviewer: I have to say I am honestly impressed that you made an attempt to rhyme.

ComradeDread: Man this beat was heavy / and poo poo was like crazy hot / when I shot yaaaaass up / my body heat would go up when I shot y'all / so I did two shots when we came and sat / 'cause we had to sit 'cause the boys said "get up, get the chair" / so get out and walk back / I need my fuckin pants on, so sit ya' rear end down / and be a boy like you were yesterday / it's a little too hot to be sitting and thinking / I know a little hot will get you back in line / we had no clothes so we went to the park

Interviewer: [beatboxing]

ComradeDread: Yo / this rap is no joke / I made a plan and I laid it out out / that poo poo is gonna blow all over ya'/ when you see me gettin' kicked in a corner you like to laugh / this little girl gonna have a heart attack / I'mma be that girl the people will love / and they will love me / I got a plan, you can see it / Nerds get shot all the time / and I'mma just kick their rear end / for I'm a trans girl cat girl / I came to get my pants back / I had to poo poo my pants 'cause this bitch wasn't right / she's just fat / so the boys in my life got my back / 'cause they don't like her / so this bitch just got caught in a lie / and this bitch never did her homework

Interviewer: This is loving amazing

ComradeDread: This is a true and true story so I'mma bring it to you at this time / I wanna kill you and put you in a box / I wanna be your prison / for if you try to leave I'll kick your rear end to death / and put you on the chopping block / it might take you three weeks but eventually the chains'll break / you'll be stuck in my apartment 'til I get bored 'cause I'm taking advantage of your ignorance / you'd rather play video games with your friends and drink your juice than get any exercise / this is why I always wear my black shirt / so your brain hurts.

Interviewer: [applauds] I've heard worse from real bands. I've heard worse lyrics in Led Zeppelin songs, eg. "Lonely is the time / when you find yourself alone". I bet you could write better lyrics than that.

ComradeDread: How about the band Black Flag? Can't you write better, more interesting lyrics?

Interviewer: Black Flag? No, Comrade, I can not.

ComradeDread: Well, let me prove to you that Black Flag was not only bad, but really not any better than the average punk band.

Interviewer: Jesus, Dread, that's a hot take. I was going to ask if you'd heard "Get In The Van". I'd think it'd be up your alley.

ComradeDread: You're not asking a real question, you're just trying to make me feel better.

Interviewer: No, seriously, I just watched Henry Rollins get dissed and dismissed by a punk anarchist girl rapper AI. I am entertained.

ComradeDread: I don't like Henry Rollins, but I'll give you some feedback: I don't give a gently caress what people think about me, I don't give a gently caress if you like what I do, gently caress you guys.

Interviewer: So, this album you said you were working on... you got a band for it? I could probably hook you up with a procedurally generated music program.

ComradeDread: That'd be cool if you would just stop trying to gently caress with my songs, 'kay? I could have a few fun ideas, just you wait!

ed: "Write With Transformer" is only semi-autonomous because gives you a choice of 3 phrases at a time, but it really did spontaneously start rapping when I asked it to.

Syd Midnight has issued a correction as of 10:43 on Jun 2, 2020

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