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Apr 21, 2010

So, played a dwarf Lone Wolf spear-and-shield grinder through to the final plane, challenged and lost to the all-rounder god. Thoughts:

The level generation is great - lots of environmental storytelling. I guess I need to go stir up trouble in Carillo to find out more about the Company

Monster AI, for the most part, is pretty fun. Spellcasters use their spells properly, they'll loop around and come at you from the rear if you try to hole up in a corridor, good stuff. But the fleeing is unbelievably annoying - Charge can only do so much, summons melt past a certain point, ranged weapons were terrible because to keep my melee capabilities on par, I couldn't spare many points for Ranged. This was exacerbated by damage resistance being all over the place.

The shops pretty quickly became useless for anything past buying potions. It would be nice if the items refreshed as you went deeper to offer more level-appropriate gear. Some kind of crafting would be nice, to allow for filling out holes in the equipment. Also, the percentage limits on enchanting are a bad idea - if you want to cap enchanting gear at a certain level, then hard cap it. Enchant scrolls are a precious resource, committing one should not have a random chance to fail.

Elemental damage properties feel a bit underwhelming, particularly given that you're giving up getting a plus to-hit to take them (to-hit isn't trivial to come by).

The final fight with the all-rounder god was a deeply disappointing waste of time. No interesting tactics at all - just limitless stamina to spam spells and abilities, and more raw stats than me in every way. And with significant regen and damage reduction on both sides, it became a pointless slog to see if my potions would last. Summons just melted, Orb of Anchoring couldn't pin her down for anywhere near long enough to get anywhere. Getting her to 15%, then having her blink clear across the room, regen away everything I'd achieved in the last five minutes, then blink and regen twice more on top of that?

I assume she's supposed to be a hard counter for a defensive grinder - but she's insufferably boring to fight. If that's how god fights are meant to go, I don't think I'll bother with trying any more. Stacking up enough demigods in the final plane to take one of the gods down assumes this game can keep my interest that long, and frankly, I don't think it can, particularly if the god fights are all going to be like that.

I want to try a mage next, and an ally-focused character. And maybe a version of Ol' Stabby that sacrifices some melee to keep ranged vaguely up to speed. Fun game, though I'm hoping I just got a bad first impression of the god fights.


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