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Dec 1, 2005


I haven't gotten very far yet (only survived to floor 6 I think?), but for the most part I really like this. The only things that bother me are:

(1) Enemies fleeing is a complete pain in the rear end. God drat, it's just such a time-waste chasing kobolds down the halls in the early floors, which you have to because...

(2) The difficulty increase from floor to floor means that you can't really leave stuff behind and come back later.

I think that number two I think is the bigger concern, at least from my limited skill at this game. If you get a bad RNG floor where there are substantial challenges that just don't fit the build you're running, you can't jump down to the next floor and then come back after you've leveled because the next floor is likely harder than what you're running away from in the first place. You need the experience from the previous floor to keep pace with the challenge of the next floor. I spent probably 3,000+ turns chasing a Troll around Floor 4 or 5 because he'd flee, trigger Die Hard while fleeing, and then escape into the night healing up while I chased him. I needed that ~600 exp, though; the next floor had several purple wizard enemies in a group with shitloads of demon summoning and fireballs that melted my life bar. The first floor or two become a kobold footrace for melee classes unless they find nice ranged ammo, because they're the prime EXP source before next floor. It doesn't play like (as an example) Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup where you can skip a D:2 Sigmund and fight competently on D:3/4 before coming back to finish him.

I have to agree with the overall feel being awesome otherwise - really top notch atmosphere, and the environmental plot stuff is great.

EDIT: Also, I loving loved (and hated) that Worgs and other wolf-related enemies can sniff you out across multiple floors. I used a wand of sanctuary to escape a worg room, went up two floors, and they all found their way up two levels of the dungeon to murder me on D:2. I just sort of stared at them coming up the stairs and was like, "Okay, yeah that makes sense. Good boys have good noses."

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