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Aug 23, 2018

I've now spent several days search the Internet and APC and I can't believe I still am left confused.

I tried to post this on APC's forums and it gives an error message. There doesn't appear to have been any activity on the forums for the past 3 days.

I'm hoping someone here has experience with replacing batteries on APC SmartUPS.

I tried contacting support and am still waiting to hear back.

My SmartUPS is the SMT1500C. It has the latest 4.1 firmware.

I've found plenty of instructions and videos on how to physically replace the battery. That's fine, I already know how to do that.

But that's where they stop. I'm unclear what to do to "tell" the UPS that a new battery has been installed.

I find references to "resetting the battery constant." But these instructions are quite old and the few results seem to be copies of the same instructions. Apparently this is something that can only be done with a serial cable and COM port? (Seriously?)

I found this, where APC gives the instruction, "...manually select 'Install New Battery' from the configuration menu..." Well, there IS no "Install New Battery" option on the configuration menu. (You can search the user manual for "install new battery" and it finds nothing.) On page 18 of the manual, it references a configuration setting called, "Date of Last Battery Replacement - Date set at factory. Reset this date when the battery module is replaced." I have no idea if this resets the battery constant or does anything else other than just setting a date.

I understand there is a calibration procedure. The manual references it on page 16 as part of General Settings and again on page 17 as part of Advanced Settings, but it gives absolutely no other info or instructions. My understanding that I've gotten from different sources, is to plug the UPS in, let the new batteries charge to 100%, then attach a load such as a halogen work light to the UPS, select the "Calibration" option, then turn the load on. The load is supposed to drain the UPS, then the UPS charges the batteries back up once they are drained. This is supposed to give it accurate info about the batteries, but I have no idea if this resets the battery constant, if this needs to be done before or after setting "Date of Last Battery Replacement", or if ANYTHING else needs to be done.

So all I've really been able to just guess so far is:

1) Replace physical battery,

2) Run Self Test

3) Set "Date of Last Battery Replacement" on configuration menu,

4) Run calibration

Is that correct? If not, can SOMEONE PLEASE provide CLEAR steps of the correct procedure?


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