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Oct 12, 2009

Bogus Adventure posted:

I never got a chance to watch Macross, but that spoiler info clears up A LOT of questions I had about the concept and the cast of characters.

Also, Macross has good music.

It's been a long time since I read it but i really liked how space combat was described in A Fire Upon the Deep by vernor vinge, even though it was really only a small segment in the overall book. again its been a long time and i dont remember the details exactly but iirc, near-light travel involved rapidly skipping in and out of "warp speed" to recalculate or something and during their brief stops in realspace launching a shitload of drones which would then attack any enemy ships skipping out in a similar locale

im positive im misrepresenting some of these details and i dont have the book handy so maybe some kind goon can elaborate or explain it better

Polaron posted:

So in one of the Culture novels, the story briefly describes this giant cruise ship that's designed to never stop. It sails on giant rivers on ringworlds, takes hours to walk end-to-end, weighs over a billion tons and takes several years to get up to top speed because they're so massive.

Much later in the story, a character enters one of the storage bays of a Culture starship and it's offhandedly mentioned that way off in the distance, barely at the edge of his vision, one of those cruise ships was being casually packed away for storage and transport.

It's such a little thing that manages to drive home the awe-inspiring size of Culture starships and it does it in text.

i think this was in consider phlebas, yea banks does an awesome job imparting just how insanely immense and powerful the culture ships are, iirc in the first chapter when horza is awaiting rescue the idirans on the hand of god are worried about the culture ship being in the solar system even though they cant detect it; it later ambushes them and it turns out the reason they couldnt detect it was it was hiding in the outer layers of one of the system's suns

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