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Apr 27, 2003

by Jeffrey of YOSPOS

Lipstick Apathy



Heres some police reports and pics of what happened so far

Obeah posted:

Posting for Nite Crew's stumbling into this

:siren:Primer/Refresher for Anyone Interested:siren:

This is/was an admin and marketing consultant for SA who, for a time, lived with Lowtax after meeting him during the collapse of his previous marriage.

She has since retracted her claims, though the veracity of this retraction is... suspect for a variety of reasons.

Warning: very uncomfortable video.

A major part of the skepticism is the unhealthy relationships Lowtax has had with the women in his life over the years, and his constant shifting of blame anytime anything relating to them comes to the forum's attention. Perhaps the most damning examples are the very, very recent (as of this year) abuse claims and custody issues Lowtax has been contending with.

Lowtax posted a large thread detailing his side of the story. Anyone looking to question him was... not treated well. The same went for anyone donating to the GoFundMe of his wife (well-liked user LadyAmbien), who had taken refuge in a women's shelter.

When goons finally came to their senses and were free to wonder what the gently caress was up with this bullshit, mods/admins involved had the following things to say.

Look, a primary part of why we probated and banned people for contesting Lowtax's claims of a wife conspiracy were to protect those wives' right to privacy in the thread where their abusive ex-husband repeatedly and confidently posted details regarding their private lives and legal stituation.

And Burt's very respectable response!

It is not yet apparent if the forums will be deleted, censored, sold, or handed over. Existing offsites, discord groups, etc. are popping in to welcome new people. New ones are being created. There isn't much consensus as to which of these are the most likely or preferable outcomes. A lot of us are just wanting to say our peace and will play it by ear afterwards. I expect to be banned in all likelihood.

Do what you want. My advice is this: unsubscribe from Lowtax's patreon, stop spending money on the forums completely and most importantly:

:siren: Donate! To RAINN! :siren:

6/25 Update from Logan


6/26 Update from Logan


Transcript from the audio that Richard says will exonerate him:

QueenAnnesDead posted:

R = Lowtax
L = Logan

L: *unintelligible mumbling*
R: Yeah, what kind of respect have you showing to me that I should be looking in your face?
L: I've been defending you on Kiwifarms all day long.
R: Who gives a poo poo about Kiwifarms?
L: Uh... (your lawyer)
R: I didn't ask you to do that.
L: Your lawyer...
R: I didn't ask you to do that.
L: Richard...
R: What?
L: Why do you hate me?
R: I just wish that you'd leave me alone. I don't like you. I don't wanna be with you. I wish you would respect that.
L: Okay, well, um... I... spoke to the police officer yesterday...
R: Uh huh...
L: And she said that I... have a lot of things here.
R: Uh huh...
L: And I don't know what it is that you're trying to accomplish, Richard.
R: I'm trying to accomplish you leaving because I don't want you here anymore.
L: What are you going to get in exchange?
R: I don't want anything in exchange, I just want you gone.
L: Because you dislike me?
L: Why are you the way that you are?
R: I dunno, probably the same reason you called my ex-wife to say that, y'know, I hit you last night and you lied to her. And probably the same reason why now you're trying to...
L: I fixed it.
R: You fixed it?
L: I fixed it.
R: The fact that you LIED and then you lied again. Which one was the real lie?
L: Well, the real lie is that I had a panic attack.
R: The real lie is that you had a panic attack.
L: But it's not a lie. It's very true. I had a panic attack.
R: You'd been drinking.
L: Well... I think that... a panic attack and h... having been drinking are not mutually exclusive.
R: Uh huh... so then you just lied to the police.
L: No, I didn't.
R: No, what did you say to police?
L: What does it matter to you?
R: Because you're telling somebody something that you said about me, and I'd like to know what it was!
L: I said that you... threw me on the ground.
R: I threw you on the ground?
L: But they didn't believe it. Did they.
R: Why is that?
L: Because... I was... clearly in the midst of a... an episode.
R: YEAH. And maybe because it didn't happen?
L: I think that...
R: You cannot remember anythings that happen after you've been drinking, YOU KNOW THAT.
L: I... remember... what you've told me.
R: Yeah. But this time you don't remember this.
L: No, I...
R: THIS time, YOU remember FOR SURE what happened here.
L: No, I remember what you told me. I remember that I, I *felt* as if you had hit me but what had actually happened was you had stood up and your feet were slippery and I had roused you from sleep very quickly.
R *slurring*: Yes, you had punched me in my herniated disk that was up against my nerve... after you sending me probably about 30 messages saying how you wanted to kill yourself and how I treat you like poo poo.
L: Well... I just know that... when... I... fell to the ground, it was because it was an accident... it was...
R: Uh huh, but you told the police officer that I back-handed you, so you lied to the police.
L: The police didn't take a statement...
R: But you lied to the police.
L: The police didn't take a statement.
R: That's for... that's... not... what I'm asking! It's yes or no, did you or did you not lie to the police just like did you or did you not lie to my ex-wife?!
L: I... lied... I don't remember what it was that was the truth or a lie at the time.
R: Oh, okay. But you just told me that you lied.
L: Well, NOW I know that. And that's what I was saying on Kiwi Farms is that I said that I... I had roused you...
R: Heh. "Roused me".
L: And you felt that I had hit you in the back of the neck and I did not INTEND that...
R: Why did you even need to put that on another website?
L: Because I wanted to have proof that... uh... what had happened was totally... uh... copacetic at the time.
R: Mmm.
L: It was not at all abnormal.
R: And now you're going to lie to the police to stay here?
L: What do you mean "lie to the police"?"
R: Well, you already lied to them once, I assume you're going to lie to them again to stay here.
L: Why would I lie to them?
R: Because you were just telling me how, uh, you've been here for 30 days which means that you're a tenant.
L: I've been here since... May 5th. Which is the truth. That's not a lie.
R: Okay.
L: And it's... I'm sorry, what?
R: I said hold on. You can get away, out of my face, please.
L: What's wrong with you?
R: I don't want you in my face. I don't want there to be another sudden confrontation from you.
L: Well, what are you writing?
R: I'm TYPING IN how long it takes before somebody becomes, uh, a resident.
L: So you don't want me here?
R: No, I don't want you here.
L: But... I thought you said I could stay until tomorrow?
R: I said you could stay until you got your packages. But if you're going to be... making up or hearing things, saying that you're going to bring me to court to keep you here for 30 days, then I'm not going to let you bring... stay that long, and you're leaving tomorrow.
L: I'm not... making up anything.
R: Mmm.
L: I just... I want us to be... I want us to be... peaceful.
R: That's not going to happen. You've burned every bridge that you had.
L: Why?
R: Hmm?
L: Why?
R: WHY?! Because of all the LIES, the you attacking me in the middle of the night, you screaming at me, you not respecting me, you not listening to me, you... you ignoring me when I asked you to STOP drinking and you continuing to drink! You're not respecting ME AT ALL! Everything
L: I...
R: NO.
L: That doesn't sound at all like actual... like, like, these don't sound like actual accusations in a court of law.
R: WHAT?! You don't have to PROVE why you DON'T LOVE SOMEONE IN A COURT OF LAW!! I'm not MARRIED TO YOU!
L: Well, no... but... um, I've been here since the 5th of May...
R: Okay.
L: And I'm pretty sure I count as a tenant.
R: Okay.
L: And... y'know, if you hate me that bad, then that's very unfortunate.
R: Mmm. You're not required to give a guest a 30 day notice no matter how long that person has lived in your home. *clicks tongue* Huh!
L: No, but wh... do you own this home? Is that th..
R: *sigh* No, I'll have *someone, can't make out name; Sean Pink?* do it. She'll kick your rear end out in a day.
L: Why are you looking at him?
R: I just did.
L: Can I see? *a long pause* Alright, lemme look. Let ME look at something. Hehehe.
*another long pause*
L: Why are you treating me this way?
R: I've... are you going to ask that question, seriously, again?
L: So you don't love me at all?
R: No, like I've said: you've burned every single bridge.
L: You don't...
R: You have.
L: That's so sad.
R: It is sad.
L: It's sad on your behalf.
R: Why is that?
L: Because... your soul is...
R: *incredulously* My soul?!
L: ... is so cold.
R: How was your soul last night?
L: Uh...
R: How was your soul when I asked you to not drink and you keep drinking. How was YOUR soul when I would ask if you'd been drinking and you'd lie to me and say that you weren't.
L: My soul... was... struggling every single time. My soul was in full, in full view of whatever it is that you believe in. But your soul is, uh, you don't have one.
R: Well. That's terrible.
L: It IS terrible for you. Why are you being this way? I thought you said that we could talk tomorrow.
R: Because I... I never said this longer than 20 minutes ago, so you don't remember, I said if you're going to try to LEGALLY stay here for 30 days, and you're going to try to take me to court, then I have NOTHING left to say to you!
L: Well... I... I just wanna talk to you mano a mano, that's all I care about.
R: Yeah, and I asked you for one thing...
L: I'm not tryna go to court...
R: You just said repeatedly that you WILL take me to court.
L: I... y'know... I have no desire to go to court.
R: Then why did you just say that you will take me to court?
L: I... b-because you can't just throw me out.
R: I'm not THROWING you out, and you can't just lie to police and you can't just lie to my ex-wife and you can't just RUIN MY LIFE.
L: I've been... remedying... everything said, since last night, I... I've been sitting on, uh, uh, Kiwifarms.
R: *at mention of KF* Mmm!
L: I've been sitting and I've been saying you're an honorable man, that you did nothing wrong, that I was the one who, uh, acted improperly.
R: Mmm. Did I ask you to do that?
L: Well, no.
R: No. What did I only ask for you to do? To text me. And are you doing that?
L: I don't know what you want from me, Richard.
R: I don't know how to explain this any clearer: I said one thing: I want you to text me. I do not want to see you tonight. I do not want to talk to you tonight. If you have a question, you may text me. But I don't want you near me.
L: Why are you doing this now? What... why... what if we can talk about this in a couple of days?
R: What if...
L: Or what if tomorrow?
R: What if! We'll deal with that then, but right now you're not even showing me the respect to listen to the ONE rule.
L: What's your one rule?
L: Text you.
R: Yes.
L: Wh...
R: And see? You can't even listen, like, I say "this is the rule". And instead of saying "okay, that's the rule", you have to argue with me, and we get no where with this.
L: I've been trying to talk to you, it, w-would you like for me to enter the thread and say "Rich said..."
R: I DON'T CARE what you say on Kiwi Farms.
L: You don't care?
R: No.
L: Okay.
R: But can you please do it up stairs, where I asked?
L: I'm sorry. Were you speaking to me?
R: Why are you saying it like that? I asked you one thing...
L: UH, I'M SORRY, you wanted me to say "sir", well...
L: Well, um, I'm not gonna say "sir" anymore.
R: Okay. Don't do it. I don't like being called "sir". I told you that.
L: *giggles* Good. Then what the gently caress do you want?
R: I ASKED YOU if you could PLEASE go up stairs!
L: Um, I think I'll stand right here.
R: 'k, then I will call the cops.
L: You're gonna call the cops?
R: Mmm, yeah.
L: Y... *recording ends*

some guy on the bus posted:

Hey OP. Here's Lowtax's twitch stream from yesterday if you want to add it your history post (with the dogs gif cut out)

6/28 Dick Show transcript

SalTheBard posted:

Ok I'll do it:
Message from Sal in the future. I wouldn't normally annotate something like this, but there are horrible loving rape jokes and very distressing conversations of domestic abuse. If those are triggering for you please for the love of God do not read this post.

Starts with Lowtax talking about losing the site, and then sort of rambles a bit. I think one of the hosts is Maddox? I'm not sure

He made 7 million billion dollars on SA

He blames the internet outrage culture, calls it a fire tornado

Lowtax sounds hosed up

He starts talking about the assault allegations from his first wife. Podcast host with long hair says "I would assume that a lot of ex-wives do that, and I would assume a lot of them are telling the truth and also doing it back."

Lowtax rants about how this should be tried in a courthouse. He says his Ex-Wife didn't show up in court and that exonerates him from all charges. His ex-wife wanted a do over but Judge said no.

Long haired host brings Lowtax back around

Lowtax starts talking about his 2nd wife and says he won't go into it too much, but says that she accused him of abuse because Violence Against Women Act allows a Green Card to be expedited. Both of the hosts are incredulous about this fact. "The Judge asked her point blank if I had ever abused her, and she said "He stood over me and told me to punch him in the face."

Lowtax starts talking about Logan next. He says that Logan is an awesome person and they both hosts laugh. Lowtax says that when Logan wasn't drinking she was awesome. But she would drink and mix that with antidepressents and would become a handful.

Both of the hosts are horrible people interviewing a horrible person

Lowtax says that he's spoken to people that know Logan publicly and they support Lowtax, but they are afraid to say anything because of the internet outrage machine.

I feel like I should know the hosts, but I don't. Apparently long hair guy is "Dick" and short hair guy is "Sean". That is how I will refer to them from here on out

Dick says that even when he announced that he was having Lowtax he was dogpiled by the internet outrage culture. He says that he is a white nationalist and racist. Dick then reads Logan's facebook post asking people to send money to his daughters. They compliment Lowtax's GTR and are incredulous about the accusations

Lowtax makes a terrible joke "I use my left hand to eat cookies and my right hand to beat women." He again says that if you are found not guilty it used to be that people would believe that, but now allegations (especially on the internet) are all it takes to take someone down." He says the internet views him as an evil villain that could club a woman to death and get off with dazzling the courts.

The thing I find interesting is that Logan and HIs first wife both accused him of standing over her.

Dick says it's interesting that Logan cited Missouri Law and not her safety, he then asks what happened.

Lowtax explains the story with Logan. He says he has "Degenerative Disk Disorder"

loving hell we are only 13 minutes in

Lowtax says he has no feeling on the left side of his body. Casually mentions he has a $90k medical bill from the appointment where his disease was found. He says that Logan came out to take care of Lowtax, he says that Logan swore she stopped drinking. Lowtax says that he told Logan that he wouldn't be much fun because he would be contained to bed for the most part. The day before the post Logan started drinking in the upstairs of Lowtax's house. He says he knew Logan was drinking because she was slurring her words. Logan was trying to instigate a fight with Rich, but Rich decided to go to sleep. Lowtax woke up to someone punching him in the spine, he jumped out of bed, slipped and pushed her while falling into a childrens desk.

Dick says that a backhand isn't an unreasonable reaction to being punched in the back. The hosts are vile

Lowtax says that he doesn't know why Logan said anything about stairs and thought it was a joke in relation to "Do you have stairs in your house?"

Lowtax says he called the Police on Logan, Logan started screaming "He's raping me, he's raping me." The 911 Operator asked Lowtax to leave the room

Dick then brings up the 2nd allegation of domestic abuse and muddies the water saying that since Lowtax's wife was taken from the house so that means it must have been serious and tells him something about Lowtax's 2nd wife

Lowtax then starts talking about how both instances of abuse happened right around when he was having surgery.

Lowtax then says he tried to leave the room after being punched in his spine, nerve, muscle area. Lowtax then gives the protip of not going to the bathroom

Dick then says Oscar Pistorious also learned the same thing. gently caress these guys are VILE

Logan then plowed through the bathroom door like Jack Nicklason in the Shining. Logan was screaming "I'm being raped" Lowtax then says "It must have been a mobile rape because I was trying to get away from her!" Dick then excitedly asks if the 911 call is public.

Lowtax then talks about how he was recording Logan since she blacks out when she drinks. Sean then says he has experience with Psycho Women in his circles, Dick agrees "We all do!" The two hosts talk about how the cops cuffed and pepper sprayed a woman and they both wish they had seen it live

Lowtax says he wasn't cohabitiating with Logan, she was only there because Lowtax's parents couldn't help him due to weakened immune systems.

Lowtax finally got away from Logan. The hosts ask if Lowtax was raping her the whole time. Dick asks Lowtax if he was drinking, but he doesn't answer. Lowtax then says Kiwi Farms is to blame for a lot of this. Kiwi Farms told Logan that she was a victim and gave Logan help.

Dick says he hopes that Logan gets help. Lowtax hopes he gets help first because everyone turned on him. All it took was an allegation, but because two other women have done it.

Logan apparently posted on Kiwi Farm, they don't read the post totally but focus on a line that says "I was too forceful trying to rouse him." Logan says that she would never purposefully harm Lowtax because she is not a violent person (Dick then says: Anyone who says that is a violent person) Logan says she doesn't blame Lowtax for anything. They then also read her Facebook post where she recants everything. Sean then says "Oh she's walking it back because she's afraid of him!" in a very sarcastic way. Lowtax then says he doesn't know anything about the Kiwi Farms post because he doesn't go there. They are all sucking off Lowtax and are saying that Logan is the horrible human.

loving hell it's at the 28 minute mark

Apparently Lowtax sent them these text messages alleged to the show.

(Sorry I had to take a break to refresh my VPN because FILE TRANSFER SIZE EXCEEDED)

SalTheBard posted:

They accuse of her being like Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys

They continue to read Logan's Facebook where she recanted everything. Dick says that it's actually Logan who is evil for accusing Lowtax of this stuff. He also says that Goons that have turned their backs on Lowtax are similarly evil.

They ask if Logan's post made everything go away (sarcastically). Lowtax then starts talking about the internet hate mob telling Logan that she was gaslit. Lowtax hates that word and thinks it's over used.

They then start talking about why Lowtax sold the forums. He says that Jeffery's offer is "Cheap for what it is but enough for me to start actually doing something else. I don't know what the gently caress I"m going to do because I'm a college drop out"

Dick then tells Lowtax to start an only fan. Dick then starts reading Logan's text's to Lowtax from "that night"

They are pretty much mocking her through out the text messages. Logan says that "she loves smelling Lowtax and that she thinks about ending her own life" (I'm sorry the texts are a little confusing and it's also hard to listen to.) Lowtax is saying that he was in so much pain and was one day from an epidural so he was in so much pain that he couldn't do anything. Logan then sent a text message that said "Coward, I'm not even a trophy to you, I just make sure you have Gatorade. I wish you found me attractive at least :-/" Lowtax says this happened while he was sleeping. "I wish some entity would just strike me dead where I stand" The hosts continue to mock a Woman having a mental crisis. Logan than texted "It sucks when you are just like "Hahah you dumb oval office gently caress you." It hurts bad every single time." to Lowtax. Sean says that that is what Logan hears when Lowtax asks her "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Your suffering is not like mine when I'm alone and want to die" Dick then says "Lowtax WHAT ARE YOU GETTING YOURSELF INVOLVED WITH?!" and Lowtax says "Single white female" They continue with Logans texts "I really feel compelled to go to the hospital, why don't you be my friend right now?" "Your lucky that you have a spine condition, at least people care, unlike for me." Dick then says "Yeah I've heard females say that before." They continue with texts "You have gotten help every time you've needed while I've had to beg for it." Sean and Dick both agree that this is because Logan has driven everyone away from her. The hosts keep calling her insane over and over.

They continue to read her texts and they are paraphrasing. She apparently calls Lowtax "Sir" and Lowtax thought that was really strange. Lowtax talks about his epidural

The next day (the day after the alleged abuse). Lowtax gave Logan permission to come back to the house while he arranged for her to get a plane ticket because "I didn't just want to kick her out." Both hosts think that is exactly what he should've done, Lowtax agrees, but says he didn't because he's dumb. "I'm just gullible!"

Lowtax just wants love. He says that when you are in nerve pain you aren't thinking straight. He does say "I know have some responsibility for the choices I've made." Dick tells him "THAT IS VICTIM MENTALITY! " They then make some stupid jokes from there. Lowtax says there is no reason to physically assault someone in a relationship.

They continue to read text messages, this one from Lowtax to Logan "You have a key to the house you can come over and get the rest of your stuff assuming you are sober. You do not come downstairs and you do not instigate any physical contact with me." Logan responded "Can we talk about this" "I don't have a car can you call me an uber?" "Can you keep me on the phone plan until I get back to Salt Lake City?" Both of the hosts are just floored by these reasonable requests.

The hosts don't understand why the forums are in revolt. Dick says (sarcastically talking about SA) "Women need protection! Well not this one!" Lowtax starts to talk about victim mentality. He says that Logan has no right to call herself a victim when she was the one drinking. He didn't know she was addicted to alcohol when he invited her to come live with him. Logan texts something that ended with calling Lowtax Sir. Lowtax responded "Don't call me Sir!" Both hosts comment on how she isn't respecting Lowtax's boundaries with that. Logan continues "What other rules do I need to know? I don't know what else to call you." They keep reading texts. They all say they don't want to play the phone calls on air, because the text messages are so cut and dry.

The forums are the ones that are enabling the abuse for Logan because we have all secretly hated Lowtax for years. Lowtax is worried that Logan is going to start drinking because she knows she can do stuff.

The hosts are incredulous that all the Goons have turned on Lowtax. Lowtax says that people secretly support him but don't want to speak out publicly. "Allegations are just allegations. I've talked to people who know her in real life." Lowtax says that Logan has abused an ex in the past who is scared of her. He wishes people had warned him about Logan before Logan came over.

Dick says that people can be different around friends then in relationships.

Lowtax says that all of this started with her being physical with him and that he can't believe people are still saying "GASLIGHTING"

Dick says that everyone hates Something Awful because of all the liberals on here. Kiwi Farm especially. SA is as left as it gets. We are super liberal here. Dick says that Lowtax is stuck between two warring houses, the SUPER LIBERAL Something Awful and the Super Conservative Kiwi Farm and we are both united in hating him. Lowtax says that he gives Kiwi Farm because it only took them 22 years to get him removed from SA.

Dick says we are keyed up for justice. Lowtax says that the people in this thread are the vocal minority of posters. He says this situation is complicated and that people are manipulating the information to make the person we don't like look worse.

Dick says that everyone is a little bit guilty when it comes to domestic situations

Dick then talks about the text message to Lowtax's daughter, Lowtax says that text message is news to him. Sean can't believe this and says "Can you imagine having the worst moments of your life brought public"

Dick thinks that Lowtax is going to get the site back after we read the text messages. Lowtax says he disagrees with a lot of the Goons, and a lot of us only "think we know what happened" Sean says "I don't get the digging of the heels in when evidence to the contrary is presented." Sean rants about this for a few minutes. Sean thinks we should say "Sorry we jumped the gun, our bad!" They compare this to the OJ trial where Mark Furman saying the "N word" was enough to get OJ off. I'm not sure how they connect

Lowtax says the internet isn't fun anymore.

Lowtax says he isn't losing the site, because the left hates him, the right hates him, his ex's hate him. Lowtax is choosing to step down to keep the community intact. He's passing it on to someone else.

Sean wants to know if Lowtax is over estimating people leaving, Dick interjects that we owe him an apology.

:siren: Lowtax mentions that his patrean has gone from $8k a month down to $1k :siren:

Lowtax says that he thinks the majority would leave. Dick says "That bitch did you dirty!" Sean wants to know if Lowtax is paying alimony. Dick says that alimony was measured at it's peak and that Lowtax is hosed. Lowtax says that it's not even called Alimony it's called Maintenance and Dick thinks this is hilarious. Dick wants to talk to Lowtax about divorce court sometime. Lowtax says Divorce Court is highly stacked against the man.

Thats pretty much the end. Lowtax says that he knows this won't change anyone's minds. Dick thinks that Lowtax should just post the texts, go offline for a week. Lowtax (correctly) says that it won't change anything. The people who hate him will hate him regardless. Dick takes back his comment. Lowtax says he's unemployed and SA is dead.

EDIT: Holy poo poo Lowtax "If everyone tears down statues racism will be solved!" I don't know how they started talking about this.

Link to verbatim version of transcript quote:

QueenAnnesDead posted:

This is about 45 minutes. After this, meanders away into tired repetitions of the right-wing O tempora O mores – these days, people don’t listen, logic alas, moral outrage mob squadron battalions, marching under their piebald flags, etc etc.

They did tick my last bingo square by coming around to the n-word, i.e., the tragedy of not being “allowed” to say it. And they ended with a vile little ‘bit’ on current events which anyone can imagine for themselves, though I wouldn’t recommend it – so hackneyed as to be obviously contemptuous of a target audience that would hoot and stamp and pay for this.

*~*~Lowtax, Sunday June 28 2020: It’s just, the internet isn’t fun any more~*~*

Epilogue: Hahaha, you should take over KF and Null can take over SA!
L: I hope Null takes over a painful disease.

JakeP posted:

Heres the police report:

6/25 Jeffrey of YOSPOS Forums Announcement:


I, Jeffrey of YOSPOS, have reached an agreement with Lowtax to transfer all Something Awful LLC assets to me. No contract has been signed yet but these things take time and I want to make this announcement now. Obviously, if this falls through, you all will hear it straight from me.

Lowtax asked me to make clear that this is not an admission of any guilt. He maintains his innocence. However, he recognizes that the site cannot continue with him in charge, and the community and site are more important than his name.

This has been one of the most stressful and sad ~72 hours of my forums life and I'm sure everyone has a million questions and I'll plan on discussing this with the community tonight, after taking a few hours to catch my breath. Please don't burn down the whole site yet - we can get through this as a community.

This site has been extremely important to me since I joined 15 years ago. I love this place more than anything and, and top of everything else, the idea of it just going away was heartbreaking to me. My promise to all of you is that I love something awful as something awful, and my intention is to preserve all of the things that make this site incredible. This will be something awful, at its best, not any sort of weird vision of what something awful should be.

edit: please post normal now, please, don't burn that down, we need that, yeah me too man, I get it, just please, ok?

7/2 Jeffrey of YOSPOS Forums Announcement:


Sorry I don't have much concrete to update on. I have retained an attorney and we are working on structuring the terms of the deal. I cannot say much more than that, but needless to say things are progressing nicely and I hope to have a more material update soon.

7/9 Jeffrey of YOSPOS Forums Announcement:


This guy, Jeffrey of YOSPOS, seems to really have his poo poo together. When he buys the forums, real soon, he is totally going to name a hot dog after them. He will have an actual, concrete, update within the week. Everything is proceeding as planned and I am very hopeful that I can get this done quickly.

7/11 Facebook Update:

7/11 Jeffrey of YOSPOS Forums Announcement:


I'm sure many of you have seen the news on facebook - Lowtax and I have reached an agreement on purchase terms in that I will purchase all Something Awful LLC assets. There is still a bunch of legal paperwork and due diligence to do, so this is not over yet, but I'm on it and will keep everyone posted.

As of now, forums store purchases will still go to him. I will make it very clear when this changes, personally, via one of these announcements. Until I have announced as much, you may assume that he will still receive money from purchases. I do not want anyone to be mislead by this and so feel free to make it clear in whatever goon spaces you find yourself in.

Thanks for hanging in there, everyone.


May 29, 2015

An excited little mouse!

How many gourmet cookies did Lowtax purchase at Goldbelly?

Crusty Nutsack
Apr 21, 2005





Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

I made this earlier

Mar 10, 2014

Squatch Em All 1989
I am trash poster

Baba booey baba booey

Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

Who’s Logan Day? I googled it and it said they were a hockey player

Jan 7, 2020


This is bad

Really really bad
Love you goons

Apr 27, 2003

by Jeffrey of YOSPOS

Lipstick Apathy

Nigmaetcetera posted:

Who’s Logan Day? I googled it and it said they were a hockey player

Lowtaxs new girlfriend who he brought in to the site as a marketing consultant or something? Her user name is Toad on a Roll here

Zeta Acosta
Dec 16, 2019


Domestic abuse is not a joke and if this is another loving idiotic bullshit April fool's day between the admins and the mods they should step off.

Peggy Edson
Oct 15, 2004

I, uh, don't think I'm, y'know, so different than your average, y'know, average.

I'm beginning to think lowtax is a piece of poo poo

EA Sports
Feb 10, 2007

A Grand Egg
Jan 12, 2020

by Pragmatica

I guess using S.A. is exactly the same as enjoying Hitlers art (paintings) but disliking him as a person (his moustache).

May 12, 2001
Can't post for 6 days!

I just huffed more of the same shoes in head. Ended up bees in my hey.

Devils Affricate
Jan 22, 2010

Girls can be named Logan?

Bronze Fonz
Feb 14, 2019

Zeta Acosta posted:

Domestic abuse is not a joke

Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

I won’t stop posting here, I’m too loving autistic to adapt to a new layout or UI. This is the best forum ever; if Lowtax is too much of a piece of poo poo to run it anymore he should sell it to somebody else, provided they keep the layout and user interface completely the same. I’d rather loving die than use or reddit.

May 25, 2002

I don't know anything about that but I can definitely tell you that Jacque Torres cookies they have at Goldbelly are amazing

sharknado slashfic
Jun 24, 2011

Spinz posted:

This is bad

Really really bad
Love you goons

no one is going to care lol

May 26, 2004

Nap Ghost

FFS even by Something Awful's standard of decorum and debauchery, I wasn't quite expecting this.

If we contributed to his Patreon and/or Spinal Fund, does this mean we get to ride in his sweet new GTR :rice: ?

Also lol at her tagging him in that post

Bronze Fonz
Feb 14, 2019

Is there a statue of him somewhere we can take down?

sticksy posted:

FFS even by Something Awful's standard of decorum and debauchery, I wasn't quite expecting this.

And also this 100%:

Spinz posted:

Totally wrong

I do

It matters big time.

Jan 7, 2020


sharknado slashfic posted:

no one is going to care lol

Totally wrong

I do

It matters big time.

Sep 30, 2002


Nigmaetcetera posted:

Who’s Logan Day? I googled it and it said they were a hockey player
She famously was building a multi-faceted approach to maximize the brand of SA, relying on cross-audience strategy to strengthen the Frontpage and maybe leverage the YouTube and TIKtok-famous Lowtax's streams.

She also said "yeah the forums don't make money so the're not really a priority " and that got some folks heated.

Bust Rodd
Oct 21, 2008

Colonel, there's no exposed breasts in these dark souls

Nigmaetcetera posted:

I won’t stop posting here, I’m too loving autistic to adapt to a new layout or UI. This is the best forum ever; if Lowtax is too much of a piece of poo poo to run it anymore he should sell it to somebody else, provided they keep the layout and user interface completely the same. I’d rather loving die than use or reddit.

I mean you can literally go years on the forums without seeing Lowtax.

Dirt Road Junglist
Oct 8, 2010

There's a ghost in me
Who wants to say I'm sorry
Doesn't mean I'm sorry

No admins no masters?

Oct 29, 2012

This avatar brought to you by the 'save our dead gay forums' foundation.

Seize the forums for the people, ban the OP (again)

Lil Swamp Booger Baby
Aug 1, 1981

Sid Vicious posted:

I made this earlier

What have we done to God to deserve this.

Jan 1, 2009

High Tech
Low Life

Fake News

Richter Scabies
Dec 29, 2012

Between prowrestling and this it seems like all of my hobbies and interests are getting hella upturned and poo poo this is becoming a hell of a bitter pill.

Jan 7, 2020


Sentinel posted:

Fake News

.06 posts a day

Someone's alt^

Il Federale
Oct 10, 2012

this lowtax guy sounds like a real jerk

Mar 8, 2011

heya /

how much longer till lowtax gets permabanned on his own website

Hometown Slime Queen
Oct 26, 2004

the GOAT

Only 3 out of 3 wives/sidepieces have accused him of physical abuse.

I think we can get those numbers UP, ladies! :getin:

Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

prahanormal posted:

how much longer till lowtax gets permabanned on his own website

I think he already permabanned himself a long, long time ago as a joke.

Grant DaNasty
Jul 16, 2006

Richter Scabies posted:

Between prowrestling and this it seems like all of my hobbies and interests are getting hella upturned and poo poo this is becoming a hell of a bitter pill.

2020 is cursed. I'm just going to hide in my bunker until 2021.

Supreme Allah
Oct 6, 2004

everybody relax, i'm here

Nap Ghost

Something about that tone, is this just how people talk now? got beaten well g'night fans zzzz :sleep emoji: :dog emoji: :namaste emoji: :emoji emoji:

Nov 19, 2013

imagine donating to a domestic abuser on patreon because they own a forum domain and occasionally stream

Feb 17, 2005

Whelp. Been nice hanging out with you all, I'll be here til the server gets unplugged at midnight.

Jan 7, 2020


Hometown Slime Queen posted:

Only 3 out of 3 wives/sidepieces have accused him of physical abuse.

I think we can get those numbers UP, ladies! :getin:



let it mellow
Jun 1, 2000

Dinosaur Gum

Dear Richard,

Please stop beating me

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