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Mox vs Cage 7 6.67%
Shida vs Ford 2 1.90%
Best Friends vs Hangman and Kenny 47 44.76%
Jericho vs Orange 49 46.67%
Total: 105 votes
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Jul 13, 2009

enigmahfc posted:

And Sonny dick punching dudes and Janella beating people with bags full of Lunchables was so much of what I need in the weird-rear end sport.

The recapper is a sourpuss, I thought this was great. Like a cheap action movie, in a good way.


Dec 27, 2008

Yes hello it is I Kurt's Secret Son

The only problem with the Janela/Kiss segment is it created an expectation that now each week we will find out what it is like when a new tag team goes to the convenience store.

Like how do the Lucha Bros go to the convenience store? The Hybrid 2? JURASSIC EXPRESS? They've promised us these segments now.

Lead Pipe Cinch
Mar 10, 2003

Heavy Metal Bakesale

I hope they tape all of Fyter Fest before they send folks home so they can hole up for 3 weeks, they can figure something out for Mox/Cage.

Apr 22, 2008

here come the planes

looks like the mox speculation was right

Apr 22, 2010


just wanna say I love Brodie Lee and hope he can get a world championship reign in one day. Straps down, burly chest Brodie looks like such a killer.

And even though we're a couple months in now, it still blows my mind how consistently great Dynamite is.

Oct 9, 2012

WWE sucks so loving much

Apr 30, 2003

Probably the person on the WWE "roster" with the least fucks to give and the most outside opportunities. I hope she can tell her story somewhere.

Vince MechMahon
Jan 1, 2008

Anyone gonna make a discord for us all to aew post in after this forum dies in a day or two?

Sep 18, 2005

Take me to your Shida

Oh no his favorite ear

Apr 11, 2005

god qb
jay hova

Can't wait for Taz to cut a promo on Mox for not abandoning his sick wife

Jan 26, 2009

I'm becom-, I'm becom-,
I'm becoming
Tana in, Tana in my mind.

No, not Nae Nae!!!

Mons Hubris
Aug 29, 2004

fanci flup


Dango Bango
Jul 26, 2007

"Yup, it looks like his head went so far up his own butt-hole that it exploded right back out his pee-hole and he died in a cataclysmic shower of his own blood and poop and pee."
- Too Much Mustard

I love these weirdos so much

May 26, 2001

Fundamentals as sound as the WNBA

My favorite part of AEW is how it is used as an excuse to show off Shad's car collection.

Sep 22, 2019

Great American Bash is two weeks lmao

Fresh Like Zafo
May 31, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, don't eat ground cake during a pandemic.

Sep 27, 2001

Yams Fan

The Best Friends are such great promos when they just have no guidance and get to be weirdos

Jan 16, 2007

Grimey Drawer

I am not okay

Renee and Mox both own, I need them to be okay

Jun 9, 2013
you make wcw money now man cmon

Sep 27, 2001

Yams Fan
Possible Big Money Matt incoming

Dec 31, 2007

Hasta la Sunset Vista, baby

Welp, that's gotta be Mox out for like a month, yeah? I can't imagine he would opt to let his wife deal with covid on her own while he quarantines elsewhere so he can continue to do shows.

Fortunately AEW has shown that they fully support that though!

Sep 27, 2001

Yams Fan

Envisioned posted:

Welp, that's gotta be Mox out for like a month, yeah? I can't imagine he would opt to let his wife deal with covid on her own while he quarantines elsewhere so he can continue to do shows.

Fortunately AEW has shown that they fully support that though!

I guess it depends on whether he has it already and itís an individual couple decision. If I had it and my significant other didnít, I would want them to stay way the hell away from me, because why risk their life unnecessarily

Mar 16, 2009

Mox's MRSA might complicate things too.

Prokhor Zakharov
Dec 31, 2008
Good luck with your depression!

Trent is a deeply weird human being.

Jun 2, 2011

It's short for Maxwell Jacob Friedman Fans, come on guys, use your noggins.

Pylons posted:

Mox's MRSA might complicate things too.

This is what I'm really worried about.

They were advertising Mox/Cage tonight and I assume they knew Renee tested positive before they went on air. As of right now, I think Mox/Cage is probably still happening unless his or Renee's health gets worse.

Reality Protester
Aug 10, 2016

she tried to warn us

they pushed Mox/Cage to night 2 which gives them about 13 days for quarantine if they so choose

Jun 26, 2003

It's like goldy or bronzy, but made of iron.


Disappointed to see Justin Roberts still there.

1) Wardlow and Luchasaurus lumberjack match. Wardlow really is physically impressive. Luchasaurus is obviously taller, but also leaner and more agile. Starts with a pretty decent hoss-off, but my standards for such things have been set pretty high by SHO and Shingo. Wardlow did a jumping headscissors which was just... guys, I think Wardlow might be pretty good. We're getting lumberjack on lumberjack action here. Props to Cutler and Stunt for those ludicrous stage spots. This is a super fun trash match. Fuckery finish, but this match was really enjoyable. MJF and Wardlow vs Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy is a perfectly good match as a continuation.

Fix the levels on the Taz segment, guys.

I love the "blurred personas" effect behind Hardy in this promo segment.

Britt Baker has the Popemobile glass! This is awesome.

2) Hikaru Shida vs Red Velvet. Yes, give me more of Shida's aggressive side. Jaw jacks with Penelope, wins her match in seconds, then back into the crowd to gently caress PENELOPE UP. Great stuff.

The press conference bit was... a little weird. Arn is a great promo but I'm not sure about the framing. Cody is getting incrementally more heelish in a good way. Honestly from the optics Jake looked like more of a face here. Until the water glass thing anyway. OK, I liked that more by the end.

Goddd, I am so glad we got the Joey /Sonny film even in miniature. Love these two. SPLIT LEGGED DICK PUNCH!

3) Colt Cabana and Mr Brodie vs the New Jersey Connection. We get Reynolds and Silver, who I understand are in charge of emails now. Joey and Sonny look good together. Takes Brodie and Sonny a minute to get up to speed together. "Brodie just tosses Sonny off"... beg pardon? My headcanon is that Sonny plaited Joey's hair. Blackout on picture-in-picture which is a shame. This match isn't bad, but I'm not sure people are connecting like I want them to. Match warms up as it goes on though. Good ending, nicely done continuation of the Colt / Dark Order stuff, and- LANCE ARCHER JUST OBLITERATES JANELA! Good stuff.

Spears segment still means nothing to me.

4) FTR vs SCU. Two different kinds of old school here. The truck thing is a bit hack. Britt is drinking an appletini, which I'm interpreting as a Christopher Daniels tribute. For gently caress'S SAKE, JR, don't talk about taking "your girl" to the woodshed. This week of all weeks. Glad they mentioned QT staying home. This is a very good match so far. Just solid, smart work on both sides. Smart and chaotic stuff. And then blackout again on picture-in-picture. OK, the "rule following heels" thing is growing on me. The chop battle between Kaz and Wheeler was great. Daniels reversing a superplex in midair was great. This is a really good tag match. I figured out how to tell FTR apart. Cash Wheeler: cash as in cashmere sweater, and he's the one with body hair. Dax Harwood: Harwood like hardwood floor, no carpet on it, so he's the bald one.

LUCHA BROS! MEXI-KINGS! I like the B&B / Lucha Bros group.

This Best Friends promo package leans into the anti-comedy, I like it.

5) Brian Cage vs Jon Cruz. Fun squash. Jon Cruz can bump like a king. I liked "hi, I'm Taz and... that's your fate right there". Less keen on the "bullshit excuse" line but overall a good post match promo.

I like Colt and Brodie in the Glowing Brickwork Room. I love Brodie's form of superstar cult recruitment. The smoke-blowing to Colt is great.

Swole. Swole. SWOLE COMING OVER THE TOP WITH GARBAGE! This is elementary face/heel stuff but so well done.

6) Santana vs... Broken Matt Hardy! Ooh, this could be fun. Heavy on Matt in the early going, which is good for establishing the Broken persona. Oh hey, they fixed picture-in-picture! Santana is just so naturally good. The "head against every turnbuckle" spot was fun. This is a really enjoyable match so far. Santana's running Death Valley Driver is superb, good enough that I didn't mind him losing. Especially as he gets post match revenge. The Street Sweeper is such an awesome move.

Orange Cassidy out, and not looking sure why he's there. Jericho's "repeating the joke" bit worked really well. He really is great at this. Cassidy just grabbing the mic and walking off was good. There really is something about Cassidy's turn of speed that is remarkable, not just in contrast to his usual mocking stuff. He looks like he's actually fighting, which is great. Cassidy is bleeding a lot from his ear now. This is a GREAT build.

Overall, fun show. Not all that substantial, but lots of fun.

Sep 18, 2005

Take me to your Shida

Lamuella posted:

This is elementary face/heel stuff but so well done.

I feel like this is the best thing AEW does. They don't get in their own way by trying to outsmart everyone.

Feb 18, 2005

Cabana's legal advice?
I'm bourgeoisie.
I... hit the shitty
firemans carry knee.

STAC Goat posted:

To be honest the whole full career thing is kind of a late stage save. He did some fun stuff with V1 and Big Money Matt but like he also had a LOT of cringey, bad stuff. There was a lot of time where Matt was either the boring other brother, "Fatt Hardy", or the really unstable looking period he went through. Five years ago he was running Omega and a "loltna" punchline. He really turned things around with Broken Matt and it salvaged his legacy and kind of erased that bad stuff and showcased the potentially forgotten good.

And the crazy thing is going back to WWE could have potentially squandered it since they did nothing with him and stifled that revolutionary hot stuff. Getting out and into AEW shot him back to the top of the business and probably is going to be his end legacy with the way he's focused on working with young guys.

Apr 10, 2017


vince mcmahon injected the AEW with a lethal dose of poison

Nov 24, 2007


WWE has decided that instead of killing everyone over decades, they'll just do it all in one go.

Jan 9, 2008

here's posters of the week. ssorry stuff sucks atm. Good job posting however (real words)

1. Prokhor Zakharov
2. Seams
3. Reality Protester
4. hooman

Cerebral Bore
Apr 21, 2010

Fun Shoe

Remember when people were saying that Luchasaurus was bad and couldn't hold his own in a singles match?

I just wanna say that I absolutely love the fact that every face in the women's division is unified in their unrelenting hatred of Kip Sabian.

Aye Doc
Jul 19, 2007

my name is john carter

Cerebral Bore posted:

Remember when people were saying that Luchasaurus was bad and couldn't hold his own in a singles match?

yeah thank god wardlow was there to carry him

Jun 26, 2003

It's like goldy or bronzy, but made of iron.

Cerebral Bore posted:

Remember when people were saying that Luchasaurus was bad and couldn't hold his own in a singles match?

Being fair there are some weaknesses in Luchasaurus's wrestling that do need to be booked around to some extent. He's agile and he's strong, but he's not fast, and there were points during his (admittedly impressive) kicking offense on Wardlow where it felt less like a fast flurry of blows and more like "all right, here's my kick, and here's another kick and here's, wait for it, a third kick". That's not automatically bad, but it has to be taken into account. The usual way to take it into account is to surround him with superfact guys like Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. This time they took it into account by giving him an opponent big enough that they were able to have a proper hoss-off.

Oct 10, 2005

Brock! Oh, man, I'm sorry about your...


Pylons posted:

Mox's MRSA might complicate things too.

I interviewed him about a year ago and he said that after the relapse, the MRSA was removed completely and he's in no danger of it coming back again.

Jul 7, 2005

Womp womp

Nov 1, 2019

Another great episode. Lots of really strong promos and vignettes tonight. I take back what I said a few weeks ago about FTR not seeming like they're very confident talkers. Dax, at least, is very good. In fact so is the Butcher. That whole match and segment was just fantastic and I popped off when I saw the Lucha Bros.

A lumberjack match that I actually liked? I'm so used to the dogshit matches they do in WWE that I was shocked. Wardlow is such a great athlete. I'm glad he's on the FF card and honestly, it might actually be time to move him away from MJF. It's starting to feel like it's run its course and the faces could use another giant dude to feud with the likes of Archer, Brodie, Cage etc.

Loved the Sonny/Joey vignette. I wish they showed the full thing but I guess 3 minutes is a lot of real estate in a show as packed as this.

Britt Baker was excellent as usual. I lost my poo poo when Reba pulled out the leaf blower. It's almost going to be a shame when she's able to wrestle again because we probably won't get to see the Role's Royce pope mobile and pulley system any more. On the other hand, the inevitable match against Swole is being built up extremely well. By the time that match happens Britt will be telling people she spent 3 days inside of a dumpster.

The press conference I actually....liked? I think I might be at odds with people here. Arn was really good. Cody sort of went off on a bit of a tangent but was decent too. Hager does what he does best which is say nothing and leave quickly.

Didn't love the Santana/Hardy match but I loved the entrance with NEO. All of Hardy's character stuff is great but weekly singles matches is not something I need to see from him.

The final segment was terrific. I go back and forth between a few people who I think are my favourite talkers in the business but I always come back to Jericho. He was great here. Sucks that Orange got busted open again. It's been a rough time for him but that superman punch into the table was awesome.

Overall, super looking forward to FF. I really thought they should have done Jericho/Cassidy on night 1 but the way things have played out I'm happy with what they've done

Dec 14, 2009

Some brief comments on Dynamite.


I'm endlessly amused of how much of a poo poo stain Kip is. I hope he never changes.

Wish they aired the full Jersey Boy video package, it was superb.

Is there any way Pac could have returned to the USA similar to Penta and DO? Would love for him to interfere during the match at Fyter Fest.

I hope Cruz gets paid twice for his efforts tonight after being a human landing pad in his Serpentico gear, then bumping like a machine later against Cage.

I also cannot get enough of Jericho's face at the end of the show.

Diplomat fucked around with this message at 10:57 on Jun 25, 2020


Jul 26, 2018


somebody said there was some kind of athlete/sports waiver passed and that's how Uno/Stu and presumably Pentagon got back in the country, but they were adjacent in Mexico/Canada, not sure about hopping the Atlantic.

Weren't TH2 in Mexico tho?

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