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Oct 9, 2012

To my endless shame it was the CAD mock thread that drew me in. İ read it for a long time as a non member, but the same locked forums that angered so many danganronpa fans also caught me.

İt was.a different time. I'm still reading the new Deegan thread though. Maybe not too much has changed


Dec 5, 2011

Fun Shoe

It was the LP archive and links that people on other boards posted that brought me here. I had gotten a prepaid visa gift card for my 18th birthday (you have to be 19 to get a real credit card in Canada.) and decided to sign up for the forums because I was sick of being paywalled and why the hell not.

SA saved me from becoming a shitlord.

Dec 9, 2020

I think about 10-15 years ago i came across the forums for the first time. I think it was around the time that tons of people shat on furries. I spent a lot of time checking out some photoshop threads i think, and also some LGBT relationship related stuff. Hell, i remember a PYF dick thread. And that disgusting one about the guy with the keyboard crumbs. That was really long ago. But after a while i got the 'you must register' thing and forgot about it for a while. Didn't care much for people making GBS threads on furries either.

Years later i came back, found some pretty cool discussions about car/bike/old tech stuff, and the furry hate had significantly died down. By that time i kinda wanted to register but i didn't have a credit card. I'm not from the usa, not much is done by credit here.

Another 5 years later and i finally have a credit card. I just used it for the first time to register here. So that's my back story. Lurked intermittently for over a decade before registering.

Nov 28, 2016

I'm a hot bitch angel named Panty. And no matter what anyone says,

I somehow hadn't ever heard of SA until 2016. An ex bought me an account because a bunch of his buddies were goons and he wanted to bring me into his social circle. (While expressly telling me not to tell anyone we were dating, for some reason? I had a lot less self-respect back then.) Also to get me into PbP RPGs he and his buddies were hosting, largely organized via the IRC group he owned. I stayed on SA for the community-- the paywall is a good troll barrier, and the userbase is largely in their 30s-40s, which avoids a lot of forum/ social media problems.

Also I met the guy who ended up becoming my fiance through that same goon IRC group, and I've met several folks who have become lifelong ride-or-die kind of friendships from SA. In a way, the gift of goonhood ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me!

Oct 11, 2011

Grimey Drawer

I had been a fan of photoshop phridays for a long time, a long time ago (early 2000s, maybe earlier? ). Didn’t even realize there was a forum.
Daughter told me to check out Pet Island for cool fish tanks in 2011, then I watched “Yellow Sea” (Korean movie) with goons online, then watched hurricane sandy and the dudes flooding basement... then Wren thread 🥺. Goddamn I’ve spent thousands of hours on here now. Best loving thing on the internet, best $10 I ever spent on anything, ever.

Aug 6, 2019

Our security is guaranteed by being able to melt the eyeballs of any other forum's denizens at 15 minutes notice

I came for cspam and ttrpg chat. First really noticed the site when I saw that lets read of a John Ringo book.

Dec 14, 2020
Can't post for 7 days!

I joined in 1999 but then from the back-half of 2000-2010 I didn't have regular access to the internet for various reasons (a combination of homelessness, college without a computer, living off the land, grad school with a departmental computer where I didn't want my colleagues seeing me look at goatse). You know the drill. So I did some mild lurking when I could and "came home" in 2010. Been here in various forms more-or-less ever since.

Endymion FRS MK1
Oct 28, 2011

I actually posted on General Mayhem through my high school years and lurked here when I could. Shortly after I started college and was paying attention to the Battlefield 3 thread the paywall went up and I figured I should finally get an account to post about it once it launched. Glad I did, I've had nothing but good come from here

Nov 2, 2014

Knew about SA since middle school thanks to retsupurae and ProtonJon videos, but kind of pushed it to the back of my memory for a few years. Then, come senior year of high school, a very nerdy friend who also knew about SA regged to do screenshot LPs here, and convinced me to reg alongside him. It was a wise decision.

Jun 25, 2011

Ways to circumvent the Compact #6: Find a dreaming god and affect his dreams so that they become reality. Hey, it's not like it's you who's affecting the world. Blame the other guy for irresponsibly falling asleep.

I found out about Dwarf Fortress somewhere and then of course found Boatmurdered and LP Archive. Then I figured out where those hilarious LPs were coming from. I had to subscribe when I wanted to follow Grey Hunter's Let's Plays.

Nov 11, 2015

I'm not sure how I found SA or when I started reading the forums but I know I was roughly 12 or 13 and it was the mid 2000s. I lurked on and off for years until the 2016 election. I found myself reading the C-Spam trump thread more and more and decided to bite the bullet and get an account

Jan 9, 2021

I’ve heard about it forever but was put off from it by the cost. Nowdays Facebook ended up as my main time waster, and zucc has been on some bullshit, so signing up on here finally started to make sense.

Apr 1, 2010

Also 2010er. I discovered the front page way back in 2003 when I was 12 and then the forums a year later. I finally got my own debit card in 2010 when I was 19. My mum paid for a lot of dumb stuff when I was a kid, but I would never have dreamed of asking her to pay $10 so I could post on an internet forum.

Feb 16, 2014

The sanctioned action is to CHUG!!!

Bleak Gremlin

I was a regular at the PlanetQuake and HalfLife forums when Lowtax got his rear end fired and moved permanently here. At the time most of the edgelordiest, goatsest posting forums regulars migrated en masse with him, but I wouldn't due to not finding the edgelord stuff all that funny (some front page stuff still makes me laugh though, the ICQ pranks were great), stubbornness, and why he got fired, although friends would post me links to the funnier threads via ICQ. I even contributed one or two shops around 9-11 (but I think a lot of the images got migrated from here to an off site). When paywall went up though I was like "I WILL NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET!" and quit coming. Its kinda adorable in retrospect.

But around 2013 or so a friend on another forum kept linking me to the Homestuck thread, I started lurking a little more, and realized the posting was really good, especially compared with the rest of the internet. And hell, 15 odd years is long enough, people can change (lol), perhaps I should let go of that old grudge and just pay my $10. And I got sucked in pretty good; y'all are good posting pals and help keep me laughing in the face of *gestures widely at everything*

Dec 22, 2010

Grimey Drawer

I lurked fairly seriously without significant reason to post for at least several years before I purchased a scooter and started posting in Cycle Asylum. I've spent most of the last twenty years of my life very drunk and not in a fun way, so I'm not entirely sure of the veracity of my memory. Ten years and many terrible posts later, here I am.

Preen Dog
Nov 8, 2017

For the longest time just read Photoshop Phriday. Didn't think there was anything else and didn't bother to look.

Then noticed the rap sheet button and the goldmine. That was a fun weekend, mostly lying on the floor in agony laughing at stuff like Krust and Tails Got Trolled. This was at least 2016, so it was like discovering treasure in an archaeological dig. Still here because my sanity is degrading at the same rate as the content quality.

Got an account to correct bad opinions in D&D and rereg as often as I can as a way to give back.

Preen Dog fucked around with this message at 21:29 on Mar 21, 2021

Feb 13, 2021

ive known about SA ever since i watched one of those fuckin slenderman videos back in like 2011 or whenever the gently caress that was

never really bothered to sign up until recently, though (seems i picked a pretty good time to do it too given recent uhh cough events)
decided to sign up because right now the only forum i really post on has been dying for the past 6 years and i need something that isnt like 2 posts an hour on a good day

A Festivus Miracle
Dec 19, 2012

I have come to discourse on the profound inequities of the American political system.

I joined for goons in Eve Online, and then never bothered applying to join Goonwaffe. Ultimately, I became a lot more interested in other video games that Goons played at that time, and left Eve Online behind forever. Since that time, I've kinda come to the conclusion that I just really like the vibes Goons put on.

And plus, watching Reddit turn into "Shouting the quiet part into the void" put me off a lot of social media forever. I actually really like that SA still costs to use, and since Lowtax has gotten the boot, I actually have some real hope for the future of shitposting on SA.


Mar 24, 2021

After finding $10 crammed inside of a paypal wallet - I was convinced to sign up for SA. Definitely the best $10 I've spent in a while.

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