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Feb 8, 2006

I'm comin' for you, colonel.

Hey goons,

See tldr at the end.

The place I work at is a clusterfuck tech wise. We have a lot of locations that people computer from, some out of state. We have three servers, all of them mapped to everyoneís computers and they suck. If I try and open or copy a file from one of the remote servers from where Iím at itíll either work or the building will start on fire.

We have like 12 terabytes of files across these servers going back to 1990. The other issue we have is that our accounting databases are on these servers. We have about 100 companies and 2 accounting systems - yes we keep our books in two different accounting systems and I also drink very heavily.

We are on MRI and Great Plains (dynamics now that Microsoft bought it) if that matters, our MRI database is cloud based and it works good, our GP database is stored locally. We have the 2005 (:() version of Great Plains, but the owner is coming around on putting up the money to modernize that and modernize us. My boss is a cool and good guy who understands these are problems and wants to fix them, and our owner is a cool and good guy who is willing to put up money to fix this.

So my question is, storage wise we were thinking about moving everything into a cloud based system. My boss mentioned g suite, would this work? We are very boomer heavy and having it be identical to the process of click explorer, click server you want, click folders would be nice just to keep the peace with tech resistant people.. Iíve used Dropbox lately just by myself for rona shutdowns and something like that would be great because it just works like a folder system everyone is used to but I donít know how scalable it is.

I think we can just keep the Great Plains database locally until we upgrade it but wanted to mention in case it might be an issue, but if possible itíd be cool to move the database to a cloud server too before we upgrade if at all possible. The issue with upgrading is we are like 15 versions behind and need to upgrade a million companies through all of them so realistically itís gonna be awhile before we can do this, and getting rid of some or all of our Fred Flintstone rear end servers we keep all of our records on is a bigger priority.

TLDR; tell me about good cloud storage solutions that are user friendly and extremely scalable, and is it possible for dinosaur accounting software to interact with it like itís a normal server that the dinosaur software was designed for precloud days.


Dec 6, 2006
The Wizard of Menlo Park

I'll take a stab at this:

Are you asking for something where users have like Shared Drives mapped to a network drive on their PCs? And are these shares pointing to the same files that Great Plains (I'm not familiar with it) running on your server is using?

There's services like Azure Files ( that are kinda designed for this, but I think the performance of your software is going to suffer if it's suddenly pointing to files not co-located on the same server. Perhaps someone else has more experience with this.

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