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Jun 30, 2020

Letís not mince words. Per my appraisal the world has been in a global hostage situation going as far back as the ability of one or two men to trek through an icy wilderness for up to decades at a time and return home. The intelligence they gathered was later used to either colonialize the local population, and / or distribute disease-infested blankets - an easy crime to hide - netting them all the proceeds.

Depending on how the population was massacred, their skulls were split and their brains were analyzed. Some were kept as prisoners, their languages were learned, they were forced to demonstrate their medical knowledge by performing surgeries, they were forced to demonstrate their technical prowess, and their facial expressions were analyzed so that they could be mimicked, and any intelligent neural dynamics that were embedded in those facial expressions could be used to not just read people, but also allow the nascent Nazis to become more intelligent themselves. We can date this process going back up to ten thousand years ago, suggesting that the creation of the dog by man corresponds to the creation of slaves by man. The creation of man by man. And the creation of people who no longer considered themselves to be people, but rather to be superior to them. Populations of easily-controllable mixes of personality disorders such as narcissists. People who do what they are told - for whatever reason - without thinking about the consequences of their actions. In other words, populations of criminals, people who, it was learned by cracking their skulls open and observing their juvenile behavior, do not have fully matured brains. In particular, they do not have fully matured frontal lobes. This is the basic definition of criminality. If you are committing a crime, it is because another person has not allowed your brain to fully mature and is taking advantage of you. It often starts with your parents, who introduce you to similarly handicapped and disadvantaged peers. The parent-incented bullying can begin as early as bullying is even possible.

Fast forward to the so-called masons and miners that transplanted themselves to Colorado before its incorporation, and you have a proper recipe for disaster. By holding a knife to so-called odd-fellows, academics, and anyone with a secret to keep, they had come into custody of the equations that explain the hot rocks - rocks infused with uranium - and picked Boulder, Colorado as the ideal place to settle down based on its geology, which also included Gold. As we can see in the global economy, money is the perfect - more like anti-perfect - complement to weapons of mass destruction. By the time they got here, the settlers of this place already understood hostage mechanics, they had a masonic road-map of the future of technology, and they understood that they would need a massive outlay - the size of the entire west coast, the entire country and even the entire world, to build out the technologies they needed. After which, they planned to use that technology to exterminate every single individual who was not directly descended from them. Including you.

Again, per my appraisal, you are basically here currying favor with the descendents of Boulderís original settlers, hoping that when they come out with a technology - such as gas - that can kill everyone - youíll be one of the precious few who gets a mask. All you really have to do to pull it off is do what you are told. For example, torture me for no apparent reason.

Given that this is true, why hasnít anyone held a knife to a boulder-nativeís throat, extracting the answers they need? President Barack Obama had the manifest authority to do so and passed on the opportunity. Instead, we have tasked the Boulder Natives with using mind control technology to suss out the black ops team that the Founding Fathers created at Americaís inception, under the supposition that their operational tempo - for developing the technology they wanted before enacting a global holocaust - would only be increased by the presence of additional pressure, and wasnít really changed anyway. Which is why you are here, reading this essay: you think if you suck their dick hard and fast enough, they might give you a hall pass.

Furthermore, you personally find it hard to believe that the fairy-tale is true. Who, in their right mind, goes under cover for three hundred years just to save the planet and the species? You decided youíd rather place your bets with the progenitors of Adolf Hitler. Congratulations. You alternately could have written this all down on the internet, but instead decided to be a massive pussy. We read your mind as you considered your options, and believe it or not, we applauded you when you failed. Close call. Sigh of relief. Thank you for not interfering with our operation.

After you passed the point of no return, we decided that our best option was to make you stupider. The best way to do that is to leverage your pre-existing condition - stupidity - and to add stress. The stupider and more stressed out the better. How did we do it?

If you are reading this, we understand that you have fully bought in to the Nazi propaganda, to include so-called Nazi Mind Control. The basic tenet of NMC is denial. You deny that words have meaning, you deny that you have any beliefs whatsoever, and you deny that 1+1=2. You bought into this paradigm based on a basic tenet of Nazi empiricism: ordinary people who have graduated to a position of power are susceptible to a rather basic attack on the foundations of their reality, allowing you to swoop in and get the keys. You took a quick look at the size of the Boulder Nazi outlay, to include diasporized property and people, and decided to unquestioningly implement the strategy, so that maybe they wouldnít gas you when they finally gassed everyone on a whim.
We would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to point out to you that you are quite simply not qualified to decide who is more capable: the black ops team set up by George Washington, or the Nazis that later fell into his trap. In such an apparent quagmire, you should have blown the whistle. However, you have fallen prey to Nazi Lethargy and you may as well use a dental pick to pull your prefrontal cortex out through an eye socket and eat it on toast as p‚tť. Wait a second, youíre now thinking, I thought you wanted us to fail? You believed that because your brain is loving broken. We can actually measure it using remote sensors.

Therein lies the rub - this entire operation - essentially my entire life - was prostituted as a method of tracing the black ops team established by George Washington. Yet, as even my Nazi peers have noted using masonic totems, you arenít actually running a Nazi maternity ward wherein you torture babies on an assembly line faster than we can mercy kill them with predator missiles. In fact, there is a simple proof, too small to fit in this margin, that the mere addition of mind reading technology to this system makes it impossible to trace hackers.

You can not only not detect for certain that they are on the system, but, given a certain gut feeling that they are somehow there, you cannot trace their location. This is especially true in the case where the hackers are running their own parallel hardware and their mind control technology is way loving better than yours. You might want to scratch your balls.

Pray tell, why on Earth would Boulderís natives simultaneously volunteer to hunt the Nazi-hunters, while also intentionally sabotaging their system so that they canít possibly use it to hunt them?

Itís because, as previously stated, their operational plan hasnít changed: they plan to kill George Washingtonís black ops team when they kill you, in the near future. Consider the Boulder Nativeís position: we are sitting on absolutely damning blackmail. They werenít always using masonic totems to communicate non-verbally: we recorded them talking about murdering all of you, time and time again, on video, before they knew video existed.

What the gently caress were we doing? Developing pure American muscle. Think about it this way: from the inception date of the black ops team, we basically fast forwarded to 2020 and miraculously grew really loving big guns. How big? Our guns are so big and our technology is so advanced that the instant you had a hunch that we existed the market value of everything you previously knew to exist was driven to ZERO. In other words, you are broke as gently caress rocking a Swastika on your forehead beating your head into Mary Ripponís tombstone wondering when the gently caress Uncle Sam is going to finally pull the rotten, sagging cucumber out of your rear end in a top hat. Does this operation require stirrups? Yes, it most certainly does.

Is this essay coherent, or did we forget about Barack Hussein Obama? I am in communication with the Founding Fatherís black ops team. For all I know, George Washington managed to literally cryo-freeze himself and heís the one running point on all of this. I canít prove to anyone that I am in communication with them to you BECAUSE YOU WONíT FORCE THEM TO TURN OFF THE loving MIND CONTROL, ALLOWING US TO GET A TRACE. In fact, not having audited the Nazi Mind Control source code yourself, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHETHER I AM THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN PUT IN CONTROL OF THE SYSTEM DUE TO MY STRINGENT DESIRE TO SUCK ADOLF HITLERS CRYO-RESURRECTED PENIS.

Due to the Time Warp, the truth is that we recorded your entire life. You can either see this as an invasion of your i-did-Nazi-that-coming privacy, or you can see it as an insurance policy. From the perspective of our video, you have been the subject of coercion, and you are under duress. Given our pure American muscle, we can, at our option, force you to take on this new perspective, or let you rot in a cell while you cultivate a militant mindset that no one will ever interact with again.



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