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Jul 11, 2010

I'm helping!

Out of curiosity, I searched my own Facebook messages for references to "virus", "corona", or "covid" from before the lockdowns started and it was obviously going to get bad. Here are some highlights, I feel like it makes an interesting personal timeline of the crisis escalating. What kind of messages did you write about the novel coronavirus before mid-March?

Jan 21: The Chinese virus is probably an animal virus that jumped to humanity, animal agriculture breeds tons of disease

Feb 28: poo poo is hosed
Not like civil war sideways. Definitely thousands of needless deaths sideways

Mar 6: We're currently asking if anyone involved with the sport has been exposed to coronavirus or is showing symptoms. We're going off of Health Canada's recommendations for events, which so far doesn't involve cancelling sports tournaments

Mar 11: The league is telling everyone not to share water bottles and not to put their mouthguard in their collar or bra strap. The buffet at Nationals will be replaced with individually wrapped food

Mar 12: Nationals have been cancelled


Jan 26, 2019

Never get out
Hoard beans

truly, going back through my post history paints a haunting picture of the early days of the pandemic

Feb 17: how can someone be sick if a few days ago they were healthy

Feb 25: can't believe amazon sold out of cotton balls and violet oil

Feb 28: also, corona haul report, the wife and i already ate like a quarter of the candy i had stockpiled for the next two weeks

Mar 1: lol we've had plans to bury half our population since we invented nukes

Mar 3: i'm getting kinda tired about being told how to wipe my rear end at my age

Mar 12: lmao @ boomer remover, the kids are alright

Mar 13: trump's gonna bomb any hospital that reports a case of the corvids

Jan 13, 2006

Excalibur? More like "Needle"

Grimey Drawer

On another forum (with a lot of chuds), when the projected death rate was 2% (Jan 25th):

Ur Prez Attacked PPL 4 A Photo posted:

Looking forward to being one of the 2% finally

Jan 27th:

Ur Prez Attacked PPL 4 A Photo posted:

Also: it's got around a two-week incubation period and is transmissible during incubation. Both killer upgrades.

Ur Prez Attacked PPL 4 A Photo posted:

R0 is now estimated at 5.47 holy lmao we are hosed

Remember the thriller "Contagion"? Yeah, the superbug in that had an R0 of 2.0.

There won't be any containment and by how far it's gone now I don't understand why we're wasting any effort on that. All that effort should be going into treatment.

edit: ok, R0 estimate changed to 3.0. It's still pretty volatile, understandably.

Ur Prez Attacked PPL 4 A Photo posted:

nono posted:

China is "wasting effort" because events like this can bring down entire governments

I'm not saying you're wrong, but lmao if you think they're going to be even marginally successful

Ur Prez Attacked PPL 4 A Photo posted:

I hear a lot of people are worried that it's going to mutate and become more dangerous. Honestly though, it's fuckin wild that it's as dangerous as it is, because usually infection rate balances out with fatality rate. If it does mutate, it will almost certainly become less dangerous as a result. So, uhh, GO MUTATION GO!

The guy I ride with in the morning said he read somewhere that this one is probably going to become something we just live with, that goes round and round like the cold and flu every year, until we get some vaccination going. Sucks if true, but as a species we'll be ok.

Yeah was I fuckin dumb as poo poo way back... 5 months ago??? hachi machi

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