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Bright Bart

False. There is only one electron and it has never stopped.
So I was thinking that this might just eventually become one of the last frontiers in the fight for equal treatment and acceptance. For one, people just have a right to do their thing. For another, people are products of their environment and it can be as difficult to change behaviour as to rehabilitate from an accident. I guess some people do consciously, purposefully adopt ostentatious mannerisms to make themselves stand out but even that might be due to some deeper need, ya know? It's hard to tell what led anyone you find out there to be the way they are. And if they are doing it for attention maybe normalizing it will tone things down regardless.

I look forward to the day when this conversation takes place at work:

Boss: Well Joe--or I guess as you like to be called JBirdSquakTribe this week--we have a problem. No, no, you're a fine payroll manager that's not the issue. No, you seem to adhere meticulously to the dress code policy. It's the other stuff J. Like the random high pitched drill noise you make when you lose track of where you are. And when Wanda saw you measuring that magazine model's feet with a ruler in the break room it really made her... upset. The whole team is upset. Is there any chance you have ever been diagnosed with being on the spectrum?
J: Nope.
Boss: Oh. Hmmm. Well, and sorry if this is personal but... would you identify as LGBQT+?
Boss: That makes this harder. We're going to have to let you go.
J: Naah. Not unless you want a lawsuit.
Boss: Well then what you you suggest I do?
J: Hold an HR training session on acceptence.
Boss: And tell the team what? Joe you're being unrealistic here. What could I possibly show them at a meeting that would make this okay? Any of this okay?
J: *hands over sheet of paper with the BYOB URL typed out and 'PAY 10 DOLLAR' written over it in crayon*


Pot Smoke Phoenix

It's not as bad as it looks

Police Officer: You have the right to remain silent!

Mime: ...

Police Officer: ...

Mime: ...

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old friend

I cleaned my toilet today OP but i Forgot to flush it ! it's been sitting there all day with the toilet cleaning liquid stuff all around the bowl having a great time.

Love you

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