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Pot Smoke Phoenix
Can't post for 2 hours!

Look, the bottom line is this.

We all POOP.

And that poop, once it comes out of our butts, has to go SOMEWHERE.

Sometimes it goes into a septic tank, which is a (usually) concrete tank underground that your doo doo goes to, along with the rest of the waste water in your house (laundry, bath, shower, etc). The water stays there and the solids (the doo doo) settles to the bottom, and the liquid (including your pee pee, your shower water, and your dish water) flow out into what is called a leech pit, which is where the water will then "leech" or seep into the surrounding Earth, and your lawn (which should be mowed now and then will grow healthy and green.

If you have a municipal sewage treatment system (when you flush, that poo poo goes away from you and doesn't sit under your lawn like all that crap I said above.) I have a septic tank. I know all my doo doo is just sitting outside underground, waiting- stewing, until I call a sewage truck to come out and suck out all my doo doo so it's not there anymore before it builds up to the point where it will come in and kill me.

And then the cycle begins anew...

But if you have a sewage treatment plant all that poo poo goes away, and you're not living life like me, seeping in your own fifth!

Which do you have- a moat of poo poo and piss waiting to drown you out from your own home should society collapse and the honey truck (that's what the sewage trucks call themselves, and doo doo is "honey"- eww! Right?)

Or do you have a waste treatment center that waits eagerly for your doo doo to arrive and be processed and sent out into the ocean where hopefully you don't eat the fish that swam in your poop?

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