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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Drone and Clone, Freak and Chic; when it's 11PM By Decree and the weekly ethanol ration just deployed, you know it's time for...

Good evening Solar Decree! I'm Hazel Dang-Cobra Jr., and with me always is the Right Reverend Cawsey "Ocho" Rios, three time Micro-Grav Champion of the Hacktogon.

Good to be here, Hazel.

Welcome once more to the stately Pleasure Dome! Where all sins are absolved, and the victorious never die!*. We've scraped the lowest depths of the slumstacks, prison colonies and long-haul exile freighters, and brought the hungriest, most desperate contestants to you, our precious baby viewer!

This series' contestants are hungry for that luxe, Hazel. They're failures, prisoners, and filthy mutants all, wretched to the very last dreg, and some might say entirely beyond redemption, but they've poured every dram of determination into getting this one last chance at redemption, or at least a stay of execution.

Well, this year's deadly rigs and lethal combat zones are going to make them work for it, that's for sure. The industry's best murderologists have slaved over their killing assets to make sure this is the best Wrecking Crew yet!

Strong words, Hazel. Strong, shapely words. I can't wait to see what toxic hellscape they dig up first. Hazel, would you say you're ready for a scrap?

You took the words right out of my script, Rev; I was decanted ready. Dust off the shattered wreckage of your life and latch onto that CasTeat, precious babies, It's time for WRECKING CREW!

Dirtwomb Earth is a wasted heap, but that doesn't mean your life has to be! A bold new crop of contestants has arrived from all around the diáspora humana looking for a chance to help reclaim our beleaguered planet...and stack Luxe to precarious heights. Contestants will dropped into a dangerous combat zone, riddled with hazards, enemies both mutated and mechanical, and precious, precious resources.
The goal? To reclaim salvage to bank precious Luxe, your key to a brighter future, and to amass enough gear and power to take down the Zone Boss before the whole arena collapses around you!
Go it on foot, or hop in a rig and ride to mechanized victory!
Impress the sponsors in hopes of a supply drop, or ride the night train as a dark horse!
Work together for a better tomorrow, or waste one another on sight, the choice is yours!

Our Wreckers are sorted into several "classes" by a standardized set of metrics, and assigned starting loadout based on their class. Additional classes can be unlocked in play, through an obscure and painful series of criteria!



Luminaries of the Decree have gathered on Decree Station Alph to rub elbows and support their chosen Wreckers on the field of battle. Politicians, gangsters, titans of industry, and the fusest of celebs, all with their fingers on those drop-pod deployment consoles. Want to send medical aid to your embattled buddy? How about a fuel drop for a flagging fave? Or just order an airstrike and watch everyone eat poo poo; this is Wrecking Crew!

Wreckers: When signups open for a new map, make a post listing your name, portrait, class, and Orokos rolls for loadout. When you see your name and vitals on the broadcast, you're in!
Since the game is round-based, if you play a wrecker, you'll want to keep up.
The game updates Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Thursday!

Sponsors: Just participate in the thread. If you don't have a Wrecker on the board, you can post as a sponsor! Wreckers will redeem Scrap from the combat zone into Luxe that you can use to send materiel support...or "support"! RP in the thread, forge friendships and grudges, and present bonus challenges for the players!
Unlike wreckers, sponsors have no expectation of involvement; jump in and out as you like!

Bee Bonk fucked around with this message at 18:55 on Jul 12, 2020


Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

The primary rule of Wrecking Crew is called TN4:
>The Target Number is 4. Abilities and items may change this, but 4 is the default target number for any action, regardless of die size.
>Upscale increases the max value of a die by 2, i.e. 1D6 to 1d8 or 1d14 to 1d16. Upscales beyond 1d20 instead increase damage by 1.
>Downscale decreases the max value of a die by 2, to a minimum of 1d4.

A tidy statline when posting is helpful to keep yourself and your GM on the same page!
>A statline should include your character and equipment cards, and might also include text representations of anything that may differ from the information on the cards.
>Your statline should include your current Tokens.
>Noting which equipment is exhausted can be helpful!
>A statline should include your Augmentations, since they do not have cards.
>Look at other players for examples!

Wreckers may hold the following:
>1 Armor.
>2 Weapons.
>As many mods as your weapons and armor can hold.
>2 Utility Items (or more if you have additional utility capacity).
>2 Minions (or more if you have additional capacity.)
>Unlimited Consumables, Crafting Components, and Key Items.
>If a Wrecker collects or receives an item in excess of inventory, the limit must immediately be observed, either by trading one of their existing items for the new one, Swapping with another Wrecker in the hex, or storing items in a Wrecker's Cache.
>Items discarded in this manner are immediately converted to 1 Scrap.

Phases and Posting
Gameplay proceeds in up to 30 Rounds, each divided into discrete Phases, Sponsor, Movement, Encounter, Action, and Hazard.
>Sponsor Phase is posted Sunday. Players submit their Movement orders now.
>Movement Phase is posted Monday. Players submit their Encounter orders now.
>Encounter Phase takes place Tuesday. Players submit their Action orders now.
>Action and Hazard Phases take place Thursday. Players may begin submitting Movement orders, and Sponsors should finalize their deliveries for the round.
>Alea Iacta Est: You may edit your post (though it is appreciated if you don't, and if you notify me in Discord if you change an order), but once dice are rolled, your orders are final. This applies whether the player or the GM make a roll.

By gathering resources and gear, a Wrecker increases their power and ability to face greater foes, culminating in the map's boss, a building-sized Zodiac monstrosity.
They also accrue Luxe, used to gain assistance from Sponsors, and to reach the ultimate goal of a Wrecker: Retirement (often called Wreckscension or Wreckhalla.)
A Wrecker may participate in 3 maps in their career, and if they are able to accumulate 500 Luxe by the end of their third map, they may retire in triumph as endorsements and consultant's fees roll in.
Fail to do so, and they will be lucky to vanish in obscurity; more likely a lifetime (or more) of corporate indenture awaits.

Sponsors (anyone in-thead without a Wrecker on the board) will receive a 5 Luxe stipend every round (not phase) they post in the thread.

Sponsors may use their own or the beneficiary Wrecker's uploaded luxe to purchase one of the items listed below at any time, which will be delivered during sponsor phase (with the exception of the Airstrike, which will occur during Hazard phase of the next round).
Luxe spent on deliveries must come first from the Sponsor's account, before wrecker accounts may be tapped.

Sponsor Menu posted:

Drone Delivery (SHOT): Sends a specific Supply item to a specific Wrecker and makes a 1d6/2 attack on a random enemy in their hex. (25+Supply Rating) Luxe.
Drone Delivery (HEAL): Sends a specific Supply item to a specific Wrecker and restores 1 HP to them. (25+Supply Rating) Luxe.
Drone Delivery (???): Experimental drones with other properties can be sent; see examples in the play or ask in the Discord for more details.

Surplus Items: A dangerous cut-rate version of an item with random negative qualities can be sent on any drone; the Supply cost is halved, though the drone cost remains unchanged.
Experimental Items: A beta version with additional functionality may be sent for regular price. Using the experimental item accrues Research Credits, which can be used between maps to upgrade base supply items.

Supply Drop: Drops a crate granting a 1d20 roll on Supply in target hex. 25 Luxe.
Exfiltrate Wrecker: Safely evacuates a Wrecker (but no items) currently occupying a Strato-Cradle. 25 Luxe.
First Exfiltrated Item: +10 Luxe.
Second Exfiltrated Item: +20 Luxe.
Additional Exfiltrated Items: +30 Luxe each.
Exfiltrate γ Rig: Removes a non-enemy γ rig currently occupying a Strato-Cradle or Rig Silo from the map, and grants the controlling Wrecker a Command Fob used to reassemble it from a Rig Silo. 25 Luxe.
Exfiltrate β Rig: Removes a non-enemy β rig currently occupying a Strato-Cradle or Rig Silo from the map, and grants the controlling Wrecker a Command Fob used to reassemble it from a Rig Silo. 50 Luxe.
Airstrike: Target a hex for aerial bombardment; surrounding hexes may also suffer collateral strikes. 50 Luxe.

Sponsor Inventory
Sponsors accrue Luxe through participation stipends and completed challenges. Sponsor Luxe must be spent before Wrecker Luxe when making purchases. Sponsor Luxe can be traded freely between Sponsors, but Sponsor and Wrecker accounts are distinct and non-transferrable.
Sponsors may RP receiving items from Wreckers through challenges, but do not mechanically possess them.

Sponsor Challenges!
>A Sponsor begins with 1 Challenge Slot. A second slot may be unlocked for 5 Luxe from that Sponsor's account only, and further slots cost an additional +5 per slot (3rd slot for 10L, 4th for 15, etc.)
>Challenges may comprise almost anything, but are encouraged to either promote interesting play, introduce challenging or entertaining complications, further an RP metaplot, or all of the above!
>Challenges deemed trivial or exploitative by The Producers may be voided without refund.
>A successful Challenge nets the completing Wrecker 10L, and the posting Sponsor 5L.
>Additionally, a Sponsor may post additional reward Luxe from their account at the time of posting to sweeten the pot. Once these extra funds have been allocated, however, they may not be removed.
>Particularly challenging or noteworthy challenges may receive additional rewards on completion, by fiat of the Producers of Wrecking Crew!
>Sponsors may post 1 "Repeatable" challenge, which can be fulfilled multiple times. This earns the Wrecker 5L, with the reward reduced by 1L each time until the challenge is "exhausted". At this time, the Sponsor gains the usual +5L reward.
>2 Wreckers simultaneously completing a challenge will split the reward; 3 simultaneous completers (and the Challenging Sponsor) will each receive 1 Luxe and be ineligible for increased sponsor stipend; 4 or more simultaneous completions will void the challenge.
>Sponsors may be cancelled at any time, but any resources spent toward it are not refunded.

Exclusive Sponsorships
1 Wrecker and 1 Sponsor may, by mutual agreement, enter into an Exclusive Sponsorship.
1. The Wrecker in question may not have their Luxe spent by anyone other than their Sponsor without permission from the Sponsor. Non-Exclusive Sponsors wishing to access funds of the patronized Wrecker must pay a 5L royalty to the Exclusive Sponsor for each delivery so funded.
2. The Wrecker's DVice is granted functionality to redeem Scrap for Luxe anywhere with an Action, not only at a Luxe Crucible!
3. A Sponsor's stipend is increased to 10 on rounds when their Wrecker earns awards or bounties!
4. Exclusive Sponsors gain exclusive distribution of a unique item (or branded and improved version of a standard Supply item) appropriate to their domain. Other sponsors wishing to deliver the item in question must pay a 5L royalty to the Exclusive Sponsor.
5. Exclusives may be ended at any time by mutual consent; a Sponsor may unilaterally end an Exclusive at any time, but a Wrecker must Litigate to do so.

Wreckers may move up to their listed Move stat, unless halted by a revealed Encounter or Ambush.
Active encounters are always encountered, though a Wrecker may elect to not halt for a revealed non-hostile encounter.
Hazard Encounters may trigger upon entry to their hex if applicable.
Please CONCEAL your movements in your posts.
>Aim – If no Movement is taken, subject gains one upscale on the next Encounter Phase.
>Power Move – By spending a Power Unit, the subject gains +1 Move this Phase.
>Drag – A Wrecker may bring a willing allied unit with them, at the cost of a -1 penalty to Move.

Wreckers resolve any revealed encounters and engage in combat.
Attacks roll the associated die and deal the associated damage. Attacks resolve simultaneously. Damage Reduction reduces the total summed damage taken in the phase, not damage per attack.

>Ambush - Ambush attacks (gained from Ambush ACT order) resolve and deal damage before the main attack sequence, at which point the Ambusher take a normal ENC order.
>Boost – If no other Encounter order is submitted, in the next Action Phase subject gains either +1 to any HP restoration, an additional Lootroll for Salvage, the ability to make both a Wide and Tight Scan, an additional Interaction with a Map Feature, or +1 to a miscellaneous ACT roll.
>Charge: A Charge attack (gained from abilities or gear) has top priority, resolving before any other non-Ambush attacks or effects, but damage from Charges is calculated with that of the other attacks in the main attack sequence.
>Cover: Incoming attacks are Downscaled, DR is increased by 1, and subject is immune to Forced Movement and Disable.
>Improvise: Roll 1d6 on Improv Table.
>Power Attack – By spending a Power Unit, the subject gains an Upscale on their attack.
>Retreat: Move away one hex; enemy attacks still apply.
>Suppress: All enemy attacks are Downscaled.
>Weapon Powers – FreeENC. Certain weapons provide the opportunity to spend Power Units for an additional benefit.

Improv Table posted:

1 Junk Tower: Attack 1d6/5 AoE.
2 Red Barrels: Attack 1d8/2 AoE +Burn.
3 Green Barrels: All units in hex receive 1 Poison Token.
4 Industrial Equipment: Attack 1d8/10.
5 Sinkhole: Attack 1d8/Disable3 AoE. Does not affect units with Fly.
6 Exposed Conduits: Disable5 to all synths in hex; Disable 1 to other units.
(7-8 require expanded Improv Table access)
7 Kinetoclasm: 1d6/1 AoE Junk +Break
8 Reactor Leak: 1d8/2 Plasma Rampage +Rad

Keywords posted:

Units encountered often have keywords denoting abilities or properties. Some examples:

Unit Type: The class of unit, which determines behavior, strengths, and weaknesses.
>Mutant: Further divided by Tier 1-3. Immune to Rad damage. Cooperative to their own faction, aggressive against others.
>Beast: Divided into Lesser, Beasts, and Greater. Immune to Rad damage (Horrors are also immune to Poison). Aggressive to all units unless otherwise noted.
>Neutral: Typically NPCs that offer a service or function. Non-hostile unless triggered otherwise.
>Synth: Primarily non-organic units, often seen as Hazards or Familiars. Immune to Rad, Poison, and Freeze. Cooperative to units they spawn with, aggressive against others.
>Rig: A large subset of Synth, further divided into Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. Immune to Rad, Poison, Freeze, and Burn (*See Burn Token). Cooperative to their own faction, aggressive against others.
-Rig armor has an effective value of 5x the listed one when defending against personal-scale weapons.
-Rig armor has an effective value of 2x the listed one when defending against Heavy weapons.
-Rig weapons deal 5x the listed damage against personal-scale targets.
>Familiar: Inventory card. May only perform its expressed functions. May only acquire tokens if an attack/effect specifically targets them. Is not subject to AoE. is Exfiltrated as an item. Loses function (and loyalty load) if separated, and must be recollected to be used.
>Retainer: Inventory Card. May perform basic phase orders (Aim, Ambush, etc). Is affected normally by hazards. is a valid AoE target. Is Exfiltrated as a Wrecker. If separated, retains its affiliation (and loyalty load) until killed, subverted, or discharged from service.

AI Script: A /word after a unit's Movement rating indicates its AI Script.
>Stationary: Does not move from its spawn point unless compelled to do so. May return to its spawn point to engage enemies if subject to Forced Movement.
>Pursue: Follows directly to the best of its ability, and is obliged to engage if able. May or may not avoid hazards, depending on the intelligence of the enemy.
>Hunt: Follows its target, with broad latitude to employ tactical movement and no scripted obligation to engage if able.
>Retreat: Attempts to withdraw from close combat if overmatched and able.
>Minibosses and bosses have their own unique AI Scripts.

Movement Type: If Move is replaced by another verb, the unit has some special movement mode.
>Jump: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. May be intercepted by units with Jump or Fly.
>Fly: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. May end move in a sky hex. Ignores terrain modifiers and certain hazards. May be intercepted by units with Fly.
>Dig: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. Can penetrate barriers. Cannot traverse sky or water hexes. May be intercepted by units with Dig.
>Shift: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. Has a chance to penetrate barriers. May be intercepted by units with Shift.

Additional Keywords may be found listed on unit cards; examples can be found at the end of the rulespost.

Wreckers capable of acting may take one of the following actions:

Ambush: Gain a preemptive attack on an enemy entering the zone.
Cache: Surplus items can be stored in situ in a Wrecker's Cache as a freeACT. A Wrecker may have one such cache at any time, and will receive a Cache Key to allow access. Other Wreckers may find and try to crack the cache, however!
Craft: Modify items or create new ones. Combine at least 2 items and a Crafting Component and roll 1d6+any applicable bonuses. Each item beyond 2 inflicts a -1 penalty to the roll. Crafting without a Crafting Component inflicts a -3 penalty. Crafting without a Crafting Component of the appropriate level inflicts a penalty equal to the deficit+1. Crafting with an overleveled Component bestows a bonus equal to the surplus.
Hack: Certain map features and Wrecker Caches can be hacked, as indicated on their card. This is typically a 1d6 roll, though modifiers may be available.
Heal: Spend any number of Med Units to restore an equal number of HP, or to remove certain Tokens.
Hunker: Dig in and take shelter against an upcoming Hazard. HAZ attacks are Downscaled, and any tokens inflicted are reduced by 1.
Interact: Trading with neutral units and using certain Map Features require an ACT, as indicated on the card in question.
Litigate: A Wrecker wishing to take legal action may spend 5 Luxe as an ACT, and make a d4 attack against a Sponsor. Every additional 10L spent from their account upscales the die, to a max of d20. Every 5L spent by the Sponsor (from the Sponsor Account only) downscales the die, to a
minimum of d4. If the Wrecker succeeds, they gain Luxe equal to 5x the result, and an injunction preventing that Sponsor from spending their Luxe again. This also ends an Exclusive Sponsorship. If the Wrecker fails the roll, the Sponsor may garnish their account, receiving half of the Wrecker's Luxe income until the end of the map.
Mount/Dismount: Enter an unattended or Fully Disabled rig.
Negotiation: Make a 1d4 roll against a Neutral unit to gain additional benefits or possibly recruit them.
Reload: Spend the amount of Scrap indicated on the item card to make it ready for use. The first item Reloaded is a freeACT, but Reloading an additional item requires an ACT.
Salvage: Harvest 1 Scrap from the environment. If units have been defeated this round, additional Scrap is generated based on their threat level, and the Wrecker may choose to either make a Lootroll (1d6+number of defeated enemies beyond the first; gain an item on a 6) or Replenish one of their belt resources (Med/Power/Air) by 1.
A Boosted ACT may provide a second Lootroll or Replenish.
Cannot be used in a hex with active opponents.
Scan, Wide: Reveal Wreckers, active Encounters, and certain hazards in adjacent spaces.
Scan, Tight: Focus all sensors on one hex to reveal the number, class, and faction of inactive encounters.
Special: Certain abilities and gear require an ACT to activate.
Swap: As a Free ACT, all Wreckers in a hex may, one time, transfer any number of items between their respective inventories. Additional transfers require a Wrecker to spend their ACT to reopen the trade interface.
Transfer Mods: Transferring mods from one weapon or armor to another requires an ACT.

5. HAZARD PHASE (HAZ): Environmental hazards, perilous map events, and status Tokens all activate at this time.

Tokens posted:

Environmental hazards, periodic damage, persistent debuffs, and similar effects are represented by Tokens. Hazard DR allows possession of appropriate tokens equal to its rating before negative effects are felt. Some examples:

Air: Belt Resource. 1 Air Unit is removed each HAZ spent in an airless environment. A wrecker with no Air at the start of HAZ while in such an environment suffers 2 damage.

Med: Belt Resource. Spend in ACT to restore HP, or use to power other abilities.

Power: Belt Resource. Power Units are used to activate special abilities.

Break: Reduces DR by 1. Spending an ACT to repair removes 1 Break Token, while using a Fabrikit or similar item for that purpose removes all Break Tokens.

Buff Each Buff Token provides an upscale and a temporary HP that is lost first in the event of damage. After being used to Upscale or absorb damage, even if Buff Tokens remain, all Buff Tokens are discarded.

Burn: Attacks deal 1 additional damage per Burn, and each Burn deals 1 damage on HAZ. 1 Burn may be extinguished as an ACT.
Rigs collect Burn Tokens asymptomatically, but when Burn Tokens exceed Rig Max HP, pilots begin to suffer the overflow.

Freeze: Suffer downscales equal to Freeze possessed. When Freeze equals Max HP on HAZ, subject suffers 1 damage.
1 Freeze is lost each HAZ when a Freeze is not gained.

Infest: When the number of Infest Tokens possessed is equal to Max HP, a non-transformed subject is subject to a metamorphosis. A transformed subject may also accrue Infest Tokens, and has a 1/4 chance to transfer them when engaged in ENC with non-transformed targets.
Each Med Unit spent provides a 1/4 chance of removing an Infest Token.

Poison: Units with Poison Tokens cannot regain HP. Med Units may be spent for that purpose to remove Poison Tokens.

Rad: Each Rad Token reduces effective Max HP by 1. A unit is killed if its Max HP reach 0. Med Units may be spent for that purpose to remove Rad Tokens.

Spore: Spore Tokens reduce effective Hazard DR by 1 per Token. Spore Tokens increase by 1 each HAZ. Spore Tokens may be removed by spending a like number of Med Units, or by being hit by a +Burn or Plasma attack.

Warp: When Warp Tokens equal Max HP on HAZ, subject suffers a D-Crisis, and may find themselves and/or their gear harmed, altered, or transported.

When it's all over but the smoldering, Sponsors and surviving Wreckers have some decisions to make.

Sponsor accounts are drained of Luxe, and the Sponsor automatically receives Sponsor Crate/s based upon the amount so deducted. The most expensive Crates are redeemed first, followed by less expensive Crates, until all Luxe are depleted.
20L – Gamma Crate.
50L – Beta Crate.
90L – Alpha Crate.

Sponsors may then vote on which upgrades to apply to items that have accrued enough Research Credits to be upgraded.

Wreckers are presented with the following options:
>They may spend 25L to restore a lost Max HP or Move to themselves or their rig, up to their starting value. Augmentations that reduce those values prevent that reduction from being undone while the augmentation is still possessed.
>They may bank Luxe away from the prying fingers of the Sponsors, to chase Retirement.
>They may augment their character, as stated below.

Victorious Wreckers can choose from 1 Veteran Upgrade and 1 Veteran Talent.
Veteran Upgrades:
Increase Max HP by 1
Increase Move by 1
Upgrade a Mutation
Upgrade a Cyber

Veteran Talents:
Skirmisher (+1 Move; may reserve Movement to be taken after Encounter order.)
Improviser (Roll twice and choose 1 on Improv table; upscale all improvised attacks.)
Scavenger (Upscale Lootroll if not in combat, may Salvage normally in a contested hex.)
Evolver (Roll twice & choose 1 on Mutation rolls)
Upgrader (Roll twice & choose 1 on Cyber rolls.)
Provisoner (Roll twice and choose 1 on Supply rolls; 25% discount on Sponsor purchases.)
Surveyor (+1 Scan Range; Tight Scan at Wide dispersal.)
Cross-Trainer Learn a Talent from a Base Class and increase Aug Threshold as stated in that class's listing.

Wreckers who retire with 500L gain a point of Prestige, visible on all characters thereafter, which can provide one the following benefits for a new character:
>Increase Aug Threshold by 1.
>Increase the max of all Belt Resources by 1.
>Gain an additional Utility Slot.

Thrice-victorious Wreckers from previous heaps receive a point of Classic Prestige, which can be allocated once per map to:
>Spawn a Challenge or Enemy that rewards a Relic (retired Wrecker's Signature Weapon) or other special item.
>Deploy an additional Starting Package as a Round 1 Drop.
>Deploy a Gamma Rig (GM-determined and suitable for the map) as a Round 1 Drop.

Wreckers who complete 3 maps without accruing the 500L necessary for retirement gain a point of Spite; a one-time bonus that can be used to:
>Deploy an immediate (HAZ of the same round) airstrike.
>Deploy a miniboss-level enemy to the map.
>Fully Heal a ZODIAC component.

Supply Packages posted:

Package 1 – The Survivor
CS Suite II
CS Armor Mod: Medical
Hardlight Decoy

Package 2 – The Armiger
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Capacitor
Weapon Mod Kit

Package 3 – The Scrapper
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Efficiency

Package 4 – The Sector Ranger
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Chelating
Jump-Assist Module

Package 5 – The Meta
CS Suite I

Package 6 – The Brand Ambassador
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Research
CS Armor Mod: Grinder
Assist Flare

Package 8 – The Cipher
CS Suite I
1d10 Supply
1d20 Supply
1d20 Mutation OR Cyber

Package 9 – The Coordinator
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Loyalty
Motile Biocover

Package 10 – The Rigger
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Pilot
CS Armor Mod: Gunner
1d20 Cyber

1-Fabrikit: Utility. Med Units may be spent to heal a damaged Synthetic.
2-Optiscope: Utility. A missed attack adds an Upscale (cumulative) to the next attack. A successful attack resets.
3-Saf-T-Barrel: Consumable. Generates 1 of 3 map-specific protection suites for hazard damage.
4-Port-a-Luxe: Consumable. ACT to redeem Scrap and unwanted gear for Luxe.
5-Autofalconoid: Familiar. Collects items from remote hexes when deployed.
6-Hardlight Decoy: Consumable. Grants a chance to redirect enemy attacks.
7-DPM Pistol: 1d8/2, Coverfire. Power2: Make an additional attack.
9-DPM Shotgun: 1d10/2, Rampage. Power2: Attack deals +1 Damage.
9-DPM Rifle: 1d8/2, Range 1. Power2: Attack gains Penetrator.
10-Jump-Assist Module: Utility. +1 Move/Jump when Power Moving.
11-CS Suite II: Armor. Damage Reduction 2, 2 Mod Slots 
12-Assist Flare: Consumable. Mark location and call in phase-specific aid.
13-Motile Biocover: Familiar. Defends against attacks.
14-GutzGro: Utility. +1 HP restored when using a Heal ACT.
15-AblActiv: Utility. +1 Damage Reduction when Power Attacking
16-AdrenoMAX: Utility. +1 Damage when Power Attacking
17-MaroGen: Utility. Discard a Rad Token when spending Med Units 
18-CS Mod Pacl: Consumable.
19-Weapon Mod Kit: Consumable.
20-Squidpack: Utility. Prevent targeting during Retreat; AoE and Improv unaffected.

1-Lightweight Materials: Exfiltration costs reduced by 25%; Heavy Weapon downscales reduced by 1.
2-Pistol Grip: Adds Coverfire trait.
3-Recoil Compensation: Second attack during a phase is upscaled (AoE ineligible).
4-Target Assist Servo: Deals 1 damage on a missed attack.
5-Shredder Flechettes: Adds +Break trait.
6-XenoTherm Scope: Adds Hunter trait.
7-Purifier Protocol: Attacks against Mutants gain +Burn trait.
8-Junker Protocol: Destroyed synths grant +$1 and an extra Lootroll.
9-CQC Stock: Attack upscaled for every addtional enemy beyond 1 in the subject's hex. 
10- Custom Choke Adds Crit:Rampage trait.
11-Concussive Gyrodyne: Adds Crit:Push trait.
12-Underbarrel Launcher: Adds Crit:AoE trait.
13-Neutronium Tips: Adds Crit:Penetrator trait.
14-Malware Emitter: Adds Crit:Disable trait.
15-CryoFex Coil: Adds +Freeze trait.
16- EM Coils: Adds Junk trait.
17-Plasma Sheathing: Adds Plasma trait. 
18-Hair Trigger: Grants Top priority.
19-Mag-Rail: +1 Range
20-Unshielded Accelerator: Grants +Rad trait.

1-Medical: Automatically spend a Med Unit when damaged.
2-Insulating: +1 Cryo DR.
3-Chelating: +1 Tox DR.
4-Cooling: +1 Pyro DR.
5-Rad: +1 Rad DR.
6-Ablative: +1 DR.
7-Stabilizing: Spend a Power Unit to prevent Forced Movement.
8-Capacitor. +1 additional Power Unit.
9-Loyalty: Command one extra retainer or familiar.
10-Capacity: Gain +1 Utility Slot.
11-Efficiency: Reloading utility items costs 1 fewer Scrap.
12-Grinder: Gain +1L from Sponsor Challenges and redeeming Scrap Tokens.
13-Crafter: +1 to Crafting rolls.
14-Pneumatic: Air Units may be used in place of Power Units.
15-Pilot: Mounted rigs gain +1 Move and +1 HP.
16-Contractor: Gain an additional lockbox from completing Challenge Encounters.
17-Research: Gain double Research Credits from Experimental Items.
18-Gunner: Heavy and Rig Weapons are Upscaled and deal +1 Damage.
19-Dynamo: Using all movement points generates 1 Power Unit.
20-Slot Expander: Does not use a slot. +1 Mod Slot.


1-Nuclear Arms: +1 damage with melee weapons, +1 per Rad Token, and may use Heavy Weapons without penalty; cannot use missile weapons.
[LVL2] Missile attacks are downscaled twice.
[LVL3] Missile attacks are unmodified.

2-Batrachian Legs: +1 Mv (Jump), +1 per Rad Token; cannot use the Mount action.
[LVL2] May Mount Rigs of Beta class or higher, but suffers 2 damage to do so.
[LVL3] May suffer 1 damage to Mount freely.

3-Brachial Spurs: Gain a melee attack mode - 1d8/2P, +Up/+1 per Rad Token; cannot use freeACTs.
[LVL2] Must use a full ACT to Reload or Modify Gear.
[LVL3] ACTs unmodified.

4-Gelatinous Epidermis: Rad Tokens do not reduce Max HP; does not receive DR from non-mutation sources (except for Cover).
[LVL2] -2 DR from non-mutation sources.
[LVL3] DR unmodified.

5-Extremophile: Poison Tokens do not impede healing, and may be consumed as a freeACT to restore a like number of HP; may not restore HP by non-mutation means.
[LVL2] Non-mutation sources heal for half (rounded down).
[LVL3] Non-mutation sources heal for -1.

6-Technovore: Gain double Scrap from Salvage and deal +1 damage (+1 per Rad Token) to synthetic targets; must consume 1 Scrap as a freeACT each round or suffer 1 damage in HAZ.
[LVL2] Must only consume Scrap if damaged.
[LVL3] No Scrap consumption required.

7-Neurotoxic Pheromones: Gain a Special attack mode - 1d8/Disable3 (AoE, Indiscriminate); must use this attack mode if hex contains 3 units besides the user.
[LVL2] Must use this attack mode if hex contains 5 units besides the user.
[LVL3] No compulsory use.

8-Biolytic Emesis: Gain a special attack mode - 1d8/0 +Burn (+1 Burn per Rad Token); receive 1 Burn Token on a miss.
[LVL2] Receive 1 Burn Token on an attack roll of 1.
[LVL3] An attack roll of 1 generates an Unstable Mutagen.

9-Luminous Excreta: ACT to restore 3 HP to a willing target in the same hex (+1 per Rad Token); target receives 1 Rad Token.
[LVL2] Target only receives 1 Rad Token if healing is boosted by user's Rad Tokens.
[LVL3] No collateral irradiation.

10-Chitinous Carapace: Damage Reduction +3; may not wear Armor
[LVL2] May wear armor, but gains no DR from it.
[LVL3] -1 DR from armor.

11-Compound Panoptica: Not subject to Ambush, but may accept it to execute a top-priority Ambush attack against that attacker; subject suffers double downscales when Disabled, and suffers 1 damage for each downscale beyond 1d4.
[LVL2] Being Disabled causes +2 downscales.
[LVL3] Being Disabled is unmodified.

12-Fibrous Ganglia: Mutation-based attacks are upscaled once per mutation possessed; subjects TN to be hit is 2.
[LVL2] Subject's TN to be hit is 3.
[LVL3] TN to be hit is unmodified.

13-Vox Mutandis: Mutants are Neutral to the subject, and may be recruited with a successful Negotiation ACT; Non-mutants are always hostile.
[LVL2] Otherwise neutral non-mutants have a 1 in 6 chance to be neutral.
[LVL3] Otherwise neutral non-mutants have a 1 in 2 chance to be neutral.

14-Amygdalic Hypermegaly: Subject deals double melee damage and gains Rampage in any combat in which they suffer damage; subject must attack during ENC if there is another unit within range, and must attack as many targets as possible.
[LVL2] Subject must attack, but need not maximize targets.
[LVL3] No compulsory attacks.

15-Unstable Anatomy: Subject is immune to multiplied damage and their TN to be hit is 5; any new Aug instead Upgrades this mutation.
[LVL2] This mutation is the only Aug that may be Upgraded.
[LVL3] Augs may be installed and Upgraded normally.

16-Newflesh Eidolon: Max HP increased by number of mutations possessed; Cyber Threshold is reduced to 0.
[LVL2] Cyber Threshold is halved (round down).
[LVL3] Cyber Threshold is reduced by 1.

17-Endosymbiotic Brood: Subject may discard 1 Token of choice per round without effect as a freeACT; AoE attacks are upscaled twice against the subject.
[LVL2] AoE attacks are upscaled against the subject.
[LVL3] AoE attacks affect the subject normally.

18-Prehensile Teratoma: Subject may Reload or Modify Gear as a freeACT; 1 in 6 chance to take a random ACT.
[LVL2] 1 in 6 chance to randomly Interact with map features.
[LVL3] No risk of undesired actions.

19-Metavector: On a successful attack, subject may elect to inflict 1 Token of a type they possess onto the target; Swapping inflicts 1 Token of a random type the subject possesses onto each participant.
[LVL2] Swapping has a 1 in 2 chance to inflict 1 Token of a random type the subject possesses onto each participant.
[LVL3] Swapping has a 1 in 6 chance to inflict 1 Token of a random type the subject possesses onto each participant.

20-Critical Regeneration: When reduced to 0 HP, reroll a new Newtype character and resume play next round; subject gains double Burn Tokens, and may not Regenerate while they possess any Burn Tokens.
[LVL2] The subject may not Regenerate while they possess any Burn Tokens.
[LVL3] The new character gains this mutation (at LVL 1) as a bonus.

CYBER posted:

1-Eyegear: Missile and Melee attacks are upscaled.
[LVL2] Power Attacks gain Penetrator.
[LVL3] Power Attacks ignore Cover and Evasion.

2-Spinal Array: +1 Scan Range.
[LVL2] Subject may exclude 1 target from an Indiscriminate attack.
[LVL3] Subject may Mark a Scanned target as a freeACT to gain free Ambush against them in the next Round.

3-Charged Myoservos: Subject ignores the first downscale against them in a Round.
[LVL2]: May use Heavy Weapons without penalty.
[LVL3]: Power Attacks gain +1 additional damage.

4-Adrenal Accelerator: When subject is hit during ENC, subject's ACT is Boosted.
[LVL2]: Power Move grants +1 additional movement.
[LVL3]: Boosted ACTs are freeACTs.

5-Jacklegz©: +1 Move.
[LVL2] Attacks following a Power Move gain Charge.
[LVL3] Attacks following a Power Move gain Momentum.

6-Bone Lacing: Multiplied damage is reduced by 1x.
[LVL2]: Multiplied damage is reduced by 2x.
[LVL3]: Cannot be reduced from above 1 HP to 0 HP; bypassed by damage of 6 or more.

7-Hunter-Killer Cortex: When attacking in Ambush, exhaust all Power Units to multiply damage by 1d4; Power is not spent on a 1.
[LVL2] When attacking in Ambush, spend 1 (and only 1) Power to multiply damage by 1d4; Power is not spent on a 1.
[LVL3] Extra damage from upscales begins after d12 instead of d20 on Power Attacks.

8-Rigspike: A Power Attack against a synthetic unit may be changed to x/Disable3.
[LVL2] A non-Rig synthetic Rigspiked this round may be reprogrammed and Retained as an ACT.
[LVL3] As an ACT, a Rigspiked unit may be set to self-destruct the next ENC, making a 1d4/1 (AoE, Indiscriminate) attack, with +up/+1 for each max HP above 1.

9-Hydraulic Override: Subject receives only a single downscale when Disabled, and may ACT normally.
[LVL2] When Disabled, subject's Power units are restored.
[LVL3] Subject's ACT is automatically Boosted when Disabled.

10-Heuristic Precognizer: Subject may reroll 1 die per Round.
[LVL2] When ACT is Boosted, subject may roll twice on random tables and choose an outcome.
[LVL3] 1/Round, a Power Attack may be declared a 4.

11-Weapon Mount: Choose 1 weapon; attacks with it are upscaled, it is free to extract, and it cannot be destroyed while bound to this aug.
[LVL2] On a Power Attack, a mounted Missile Weapon gains +1 Range; a mounted Melee Weapon gains Push.
[LVL3] A mounted Heavy Weapon may be used without penalty.

12-Assault Drill: Gain a melee attack - 1d8/2P +Junk.
[LVL2] Power Attacks with Assault Drill deal +1P
[LVL3] Power Attacks with Assault Drill inflict Burn.

13-Inline Hemoprocessor: Discard 1 Poison Token as a freeACT.
[LVL2]: When Poison Tokens are discarded, restore 1 Med Unit.
[LVL3]: Discard all Poison Tokens as a freeACT, and restore the same number of Med Units (up to max).

14-Trauma Webbing: Spend all Med Units to reduce damage from a single combat sequence or hazard by the number of Units spent.
[LVL2]: +1 max Med Unit.
[LVL3]: +3 max Med Unit.

15-Magneto-Mantle: Spend 1 Scrap at the beginning of ENC to increase Damage Reduction by 1 for the phase.
[LVL2]: While DR is increased by Scrap, an enemy missing an attack of the subject rolls a new attack against a random target.
[LVL3]: While DR is increased by Scrap, TN to be Hit by synthetic targets is 5.

16-Rail Loader: Spend 1 Scrap at the beginning of ENC to gain Penetrator on the first attack.
[LVL2]: Scrap may be spent in lieu of Power Tokens for Power Attacks.
[LVL3]: Power Attacks grant a Boost to Salvage that round.

17-Bionic Recalibration: Max HP can not be reduced below the number of Cybers possessed.
[LVL2]: Power Units may be spent in lieu of Med Units, at a rate of 2:1.
[LVL3]: Downgrade this Aug to discard any number of tokens, spend all Power Units to restore that number of HP, and gain 1 Max HP.

18-Micro-Reactor: Restore 1 Power Unit when discarding a Rad Token.
[LVL2]: Power Attacks gain +Rad.
[LVL3]: Upon reaching 0HP, perform a 1d12/5 +Rad3 (AoE, Indiscriminate) special attack.

19-Interface Zero: Subject may spend personal Power Units for Rig Power orders.
[LVL2]: Subject restores 1 Power Unit each ACT while Mounted, and suffers no damage from Ejection.
[LVL3]: Utility Items may be used while Mounted.

20-Berserker Trigger: Power Attacks are Upscaled for each enemy unit beyond 1 in the hex.
[LVL2]: Power Attacks gain Rampage.
[LVL3]: Regain 1 Power Unit for each iterative Rampage attack taken beyond the first.

RIGS posted:

Mounted Wreckers use the listed statistics of their Rig unless otherwise noted.
Mounted Wreckers replace their standard phase orders with a new set.

As the Mounted rig; personal mobility devices do not apply. Rigs can Drag 1 other rig of their class, or 2 rigs of a lower class (barring special upgrades).
Rigs may Power Move using the Rig's Power.

Attack: With Rig weapon (or Heavy Weapon if equipped with Manipulator Tool).
Rigs may Power Attack using the Rig's Power.
Retreat: Personal mobility items do not apply.
Suppress: With Rig weapon (or Heavy Weapon if equipped with Manipulator Tool).
Improvise: As normal.
Pop Hatch: Free order. Wrecker may use personal weapons, items, resources, and abilities, but may be targeted by attacks, AoE, and hazards, and gains no benefit of the Rig's DR. Effect persists until the Seal Hatch ACT is taken.

Scan: As normal.
Reload: As normal; affects Rig resources.
Tool: Wrecker may use an attached Rig Tool, if applicable.
Seal Hatch: Return to the cockpit after a Pop Hatch order. FreeACT for Rigjackers.
Salvage: A Mounted Wrecker may only Salvage with the appropriate tool. A Wrecker Salvaging a scrapped Rig may choose to gain a Schematic instead of Scrap. Schematics may be used at Rig Silos to fabricate new rig components or improve existing ones.

_____DAMAGE SCALE_____
Rig armor has an effective value of 5x the listed one when defending against personal-scale weapons.
Rig armor has an effective value of 2x the listed one when defending against Heavy weapons.

Rig weapons deal 5x the listed damage against personal-scale targets.

Aug Threshold posted:

Wreckers may have a maximum number of cybers or mutations based on their class, as listed in their dossier (Aug-T).
Cross-Training a base class as a Veteran also increases Aug Threshold as listed in the dossier (X-Train).

Upgraded augs do not count as an additional aug.

While threshold is exceeded, the following apply:
>All attacks are downscaled for each aug in excess of threshold.
>Wrecker may not increase/restore Max HP or Move.

When the number of augs is double threshold, the following apply:
>No augs may be upgraded; any augmentation that would produce an upgrade has no effect.
>Wrecker counts as a rig or mutant (for cyber/mutation respectively) with respect to negative effects.

Extraction with augs in excess of threshold costs an additional 30 Luxe per aug.
Removal of unpaid augs will occur randomly until subject's biology is in good standing.

KEYWORD index posted:

Agile: Units with the Agile trait can only be hit on a 5+.
Affinity: Weapons with an Affinity deal the listed extra damage (default 1) to targets with the appropriate Token.
Alert: Cannot be Ambushed.
Ambusher: Gain an Ambush attack against a target entering its hex.
AoE: Make separate Attack roll against all chosen applicable targets in the hex. Power Attack may apply to multiple targets if multiple Energy Units are spent.
Backlash: Subject deals listed damage or effect to a target in the same hex that hits it with an attack.
Bio-Locked: Item may only be used by its original recipient.
Bodyguard: Intercept attacks meant for another unit.
Bombard: May attack hexes in Range with AoE attacks.
Bound: Cannot be given or removed from a living holder. A Bound Weapon or Armor is the only such item that can be used.
Cannibalize: ACT to consume a defeated enemy and regain 1 HP.
Charge: Gain a Top Priority attack in ENC when entering a hex.
Combo: Multiple units with the Combo trait that engage in the same phase gain the listed bonus.
Coverfire: May take Cover for free while Attacking.
Disable: Inflicts the listed number of Downscales on the target; may Downscale beyond 1d4, called a Full Disable, in which case no ENC or ACT orders may be taken. "Free" orders are the exception, and are still permitted.
*Due to turn structure, Disabled Wreckers may, at Producer discretion, have their Downscales simplified to a penalty to their roll; reduction to 3 or less inflicts a Full Disable.
D-Structive: Deal +1 damage and adds Penetrator to purple-bordered targets
Energophage: Consume a random token or Energy Unit from the target on a hit, and heal 1 HP for each token so consumed (not limited by Max HP).
Enrage: HP and Damage increased by 1.
Evasion: Not subject to targeted attacks when Retreating; AoE and Improv are not affected.
Fervor: Retainer attacks on sight any unit not of the stated faction.
Finisher: Deal massive damage to a Disabled opponent.
First Strike: Attack gains Top Priority.
Follow-Through: After a successful Ambush attack, the user's next standard attack that phase ignores Downscales and Evasion.
Forage: Unit may pick up and carry items (or possibly other units).
Glorious: Attacks against enemies with higher HP than the wielder are upscaled by the difference (to a maximum of the wielder's Max HP).
Hangry: A Retainer with the Hangry trait grows increasingly hungry over time, and if not fed, may become Unruly!
Hardened: 50% chance to act normally while Fully Disabled.
Heavy: A Heavy weapon may be wielded without penalty by a Rig with Manipulator Tool, a Wrecker taking Aim, the bearer of certain augs, or a Warhulk. All others are subject to 2 downscales and may not critically hit. Heavy weapons interact differently with the Rig Damage Scale (see Rigs).
Hunter: Deal +1 damage per Tier to Beasts, or +1 damage per Mutation to Horrifics.
Immobile: Cannot Move or be subject to Forced Movement.
Junk: Deal +1 damage per Rig Tier or cyber of target.
Lifelink: Lifelinked units experience the same changes in HP totals. Familiars with Lifelink are linked to their current owner or last holder.
Lock-On: ACT to let next main ENC phase attack against target gain Top Priority and ignore downscales and evasion.
Momentum: Attacks in ENC are upscaled by the number of hexes moved this MOV.
Mug: A hit calls a 1d4 attempt to steal an item.
Obvious: Holder is incapable of Ambush.
Passive: Will not and cannot be made to attack.
Penetrator: Negates DR equal to its rating for damage calculation.
Plasma: Deal +1 damage per Mutant Tier or mutation of target.
Precise: Deals damage on a miss equal to its rating.
Pull: Target is forcibly moved toward attacker a number of hexes equal to rating. Attack includes Range equal to Pull rating.
Push: Target is forcibly moved away a number of hexes equal to rating.
Rampage: If a weapon with rampage is used to kill an enemy, any leftover damage not used in kiling the enemy can be used in an additional attack. Rampage may continue until targets or damage is exhausted, or the attack misses.
Range: Extends the reach of attacks (and the awareness of units) by its rating.
Redundant: Forfeit second attack to ignore lethal damage or Disable, but forfeit both attacks if doubles are rolled.
Spectral: Acts as Penetrator vs non-purple-bordered armor, and inflicts a Warp Token on a hit
Tactics: The unit may use ENC orders like a player.
Torpid: May only act every other round.
Tough: 50% chance to ignore critical hits, multiplied damage, or instant kill effects.
Trample: Makes the noted attack to any unit in hexes traversed.
Trigger: ACT to cause any of the listed tokens possessed by the target to tick.
Unreliable: A miss with this item causes an additional penalty or hazard of some kind.
Unruly: Retainer may ignore orders.
Vintage: Cannot be transferred between units or used in Crafting. Mods may be applied, if applicable. May be redeemed for 25L.
Withdraw: May, as an ACT, be removed from active play and redeployed, inactive but cleansed of Tokens, in another valid spawn location.

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

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super sweet best pal
Nov 18, 2009

Lipstick Apathy

Wrecker: Dimensional Derek
Class: D-Breaker
Portrait: D-Breaker version of 7
Cyber: 1d10 5
Supply package: 6 - The Brand Ambassador
Offensive D-Mutation

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Apps are open! Stay tuned for Map Reveal!

Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.

Rook Engineered Organisms

This is Rook.


We have been waiting for this for some time.
Please, Wreckers, do your utmost.

This was Rook.


Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker

Wrecker: Cyka
Portrait: 13
Class: Rigjacker
Starting Cyber: 1d10 6
Supply pack: 10
Supply pack Cyber: 1d20 16
Classic Prestige: Round 1 Gamma Rig.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...


"Yes, Professor?"

"Has our little accident been packaged and sent away, as ordered?"

"Yes, Professor. Cleanup at clonevault 4 should also be complete according to schedule."

"Excellent. Anything else?"

"I also took the liberty not to inform the Class D interns dorming at the aerostat about the Biosweeper Squadrons we deployed."

"Right. We wouldn't want to cause undue and unhelpful panic."

"Quite so, Professor."

Wrecker: Vatman Jones
Class: Newtype
Newtype HP Roll: 1d6 6
Newtype Move Roll: 1d4 3
Newtype Mutation Rolls: 2#1d20 12 17 (Fibrous Ganglia and Endosymbiotic Brood)
Supply Package: 1 - The Survivor



DA͟TA͏ ̕I͡NTE̸GRIT̕Y ͝9͞2%̡

D̴͈̻͟R̭̭͡I̖͞V̡̧͓̲̖̬̱͕̜̝͙E̶̳͎͔͎͚̘ͅ ̣͙̻̻͈̣̮̬͝I̤̤̮͙͎͉͉̝͡N̢̗͓̗͕T̀͏͇E̜͓̣̙̯̦̘͢Ģ̪̻̕R̴̶̭̲̯͔̲I̢͈͙̳͚̩̹̰̰̖͢T̶̪͉̭Y̢̟̦̺ ̷̧̭̲͡4̸̹͙͚͚̬̟2̛̹͓̺̺͍̯͓̖%̧͏̝̫̳͉͎̹̠̀

D̨͜͝҉̠̮̜̣͓̪͠I̵̛̞̦̪̗͙̙͘M̷͕̱̰̬̹̰͕̰̮͕̲̖̠͖͔̹͞E͟͠͏̭̯̠͔̰̞̰Ń̖͎͔͈̫͍̪̗͔̫̥̞̮̻͙͡S̗̗̤͔̥̀͜͢I̴̶̞̩̙̳̳̥̺̗̮̰̘͜͞O҉̡̼̙̘̫̘͈͘̕ͅN̴̢̛͇̖̬̪̲̤̤̼̕͟À̷̗̜͓̭̖͙͔̼̜̹͡͠L̶̤̙̩͎͓̮̰͍͙̣̦̯͠ ̨̛̥̺͓̯̖̰͓̠͍̗̥̮͜͜͝I̵̢̪̯̮͍̝͉̫͎̬͈̻̦͙̞͞N̛͡͏̥̳̣͕͚͚͙̥̙̼̝T̠̫͖̦̩̤̘͓͖̘̱̻́́̕͘͢È̱̘̣̹̬͇̩̰͓̦̮̮̻̣̫̺Ǵ̶̢̲̰̺̗̹̺̘̻̲͍̖̺̺̬̺̜̪͢ͅR̢̧̛҉̩͎̹̯̼͕̭̙͖̙̺̪̱̥͇͓͙͈~̢̨̼̫̙̳I̧̡̜̳͍͓̭͘͜T̡͝͏̨̦̹͍̺̜͓~̧̡̻̳͇͚̬͢͝~̸̯͍̰̖̯̫͖͍̦́̕ͅ ̨̤̻̣̙̀͡͡¤͢͜͢͏͖̟͙̦̖̫̺͙͓͙̩͕͖̞̲̜͝ͅͅ"̸҉͖͖̠̜͓͚̤͍̠̠̝̥͇̫̼͇̩̯#̴̧̝̖̹̲̮̯͇̯͍̬̩̩̰͓̹̕%̵̡͏̖̻͎̠͔̯͎͝

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Oct 14, 2012

Wrecker: Eugenius McBuster
Portrait: 1
Class: Headhunter
Augmentation: Mutation: 1d10 = 8... Biolytic Emesis!
Supply Package: 9

The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010

Wrecker: Opal Dang-Cobra
Class: Junker
Starting Cyber: 1d20 15 : Magneto-Mantle
Starting Package: Cipher
Cipher Gear: 1d10 6 1d20 14
Cipher Cyber: 1d20 1: Eyegear
Classic Prestige Point: Additional Starter Package (Cipher w/ Cyber if permissible, dealer’s choice if not)

Nov 11, 2008

Wrecker: Acolyte
Portrait: 15
Class: Junker
Supply Package: Cipher
Supply Package, Cyber: 1d20 3 1d20 4 (I messed up and forgot supply packages are different from rolling on the supply table, but Cipher gives a 1d20 Supply roll so I'll just use this errant roll for that. The cyber roll is the starting cyber for the Junker.)
Cipher Package, 1d10 Supply, 1d20 Cyber: 1d10 4 1d20 5

Unbalanced K-Hammer: 1d4/5
CS Suite 1

Adrenal Accelerator

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Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

Greetings Friendunits. We are GEN Cultural Liaison to the [Decree, subset; Wrecking Crew LTD.] Genericae [Null].
It is our pleasureresponse to announce that GEN will be sponsoring this eventcontest to full capacity.
For new viewerentrants, a brief overview of Corporate Policyaesthetics are in order.
:: run promopackage.trid

We are the Voice of Your GENeration
Spanning Your Galaxy
Delivering unparalleled Entertainment
Through integrated thoughtmatrix Networking
Derived through on-site bioinvasive complex pikosense statistical architecture

We are the vanguard of Fashion - Trideo - Fame - Multi User Hallucination Events and Deliberately and Mechanically Induced Dis and/or Harmonic in-Atmosphere Gaseous Medium Reverberation Sets (Music™)

In short
What GEN is
is Trend

Please Think to [subscribe]

Apr 29, 2010

Any scientist with the right background can brew his own booze.


What do you mean electrolytes aren't used for brewing booze? That's silly!


Well when all you have are chunks of TNE and an overly large water ration, all the world looks like a still!

Grimey Drawer

Wrecker: Ned "Slitherin'" Sidious
Portrait: 11
Class: Headhunter
Headhunter Cyber Roll: 1d8 5 (Jacklegz©)
Supply Package: 8 - The Cipher
Supply package 1d10: 1d10 3 (Saf-T-Barrel)
Supply package 1d20: 1d20 14 (GutzGro)
Supply package Cyber: 1d20 11 (Weapon Mount)

paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007

Wrecker: Dunk Tuggum
Class: D-Breaker
Portrait: 6
D-Breaker Cyber: 1d10 10
Supply package: 8 - The Cipher
Defensive D-Mutation

Cipher Supply 1d10: 1d10 8
Cipher Supply 1d20: 1d20 3
Cipher Mutation 1d20: 1d20 18

Aug 10, 2012

Grimey Drawer

Low pumping sounds in the dark. It flows down, gargling, through all the veins, down. Down and into the looming monolith resting here. A thin seam appears in the dark, gleaming surface. Jagged, like teeth. Thick steam rushes out of the cracks.

The Cryptvault - yawns open.
Steam bellows out. The layers peel apart. Amid the smoke and flashing green lights, a figure rises slowly, arms crossed across his chest.

Fleshy cables tying him to his sarcophagus pop off one by one, spraying unspeakable fluids. A low groaning can be heard- the ceiling lights switch on, revealing the sorry state the room is in. The floor is dusty. The lights flicker. Someone has forgotten a "wet floor" sign over there.
A door creaks open and a tired janitorial drone slumps in. He takes his time walking around the old and dry biotechnical props littering the room. There. He grabs the forgotten sign, and turns to leave.


Ah yes. He drags his feet up to the Cryptvault, to Ra Maximum, and whispers something to him.


- They're doing WHAT to my plotline?!?

Aug 10, 2012

Grimey Drawer

A normal human Ra. A normal human Ra with permanent human, plastic and metal eyeballs. Wreckeverially contract-bound and loving it. Like a machine.

Supply Package: 10 – The Rigger

Rigjacker Cyber: 1d10 8 - Rigspike: A Power Attack against a synthetic unit may be changed to x/Disable3.
supply pack cyber: 1d20 10 - Heuristic Precognizer: Subject may reroll 1 die per Round.

May 20, 2001

The location: Station Alph. The man: Aethelred Konstantin Von Schussman XIV, Crown Prince of House Pertinax, Director of Pertinax Ammunition Fabrication Sponsor Affairs, and Wrecking Crew otaku. It's not often that Aethelred can be found in person in the main Sponsor Lounge, preferring to view the field - and operate as an active Sponsor - from geosynchronous orbit, yet here he is, gladhanding fellow members of the Great Houses of the Solar Decree, other hypercorp elite and prospective Wreckers. Flanked by Misty and Stormy, twin Pertinax Encouragement Operatives wearing their vintage Season One cheer uniforms there not only to provide close protection and entertainment, but also to keep an eye on Aethelred's infamous swab-cum-valet-cum-temporary-sponsor-stand-in, he takes some time to eye the talent, always on the lookout for exceptional individuals to help Pertinax field test new technologies and represent the company on the field of battle.

Pertinax Ammunition Fabrication Systems will be offering only one exclusive sponsorship slot, but completing Pertinax objectives as a free agent will also grant +Pertinax Rep*.

Pertinax Rep not redeemable on Wrecking Crew, non-transferrable, no monetary value. Pertinax reserve the right to revoke Rep points for any reason.

Feb 21, 2013

Hell yeah, let's go! I'll get my contestant rolled up tomorrow, but I'm ready for this!

Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

we vibin'
we slidin'
we breathin'
we dyin'

Clever Betty

"drugs. weapons. computers. it's me, lol"

thanks for the ping
this dumbass poo poo is happening again, hell yeah

Luxe: 0
null pointer

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Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.

Well then lovelies, let's be about it.

Wrecker: Bonny Anne Elsewhere
Class: Rigjacker
Portrait: 9
Mr. Stinger
Cyber roll: 1d10 4 Adrenal Accelerator
Package 10
CS Suite I
CS Armor Mod: Pilot
CS Armor Mod: Gunner
Cyber roll: 1d20 8 Rig Spike

Jan 19, 2015

The ad flicks between settings.
A gravball acolyte on the court, spiking the orb. "It gives me the energy I need to perform at my best."
A student at a corporate academy with neural implants like horns. "It helps me focus. It helps me stay at 100%."
A holofeed star, relaxing backstage. "I take it for my skin. Did you know it has a billion times more Veetamim™ Proteanium™ than the leading premium nutrient paste?"
A methusalan in a verdant biodome, body encased in a sort of standing-wheelchair-tank. "It keeps my bowels regular." The methusalan chuckles.

"Protean Flakes™: For the adaptability you need to face life's challenges."

The music crescendos as the same characters take bites of the cereal-analog with smiles, the methusalan slurping through a straw in their vehicle. The ad ends on the product itself, a metalized film bag emblazoned with the name and a logo of a chibi-hiver providing a thumbs-up.


An eyeball the size of a blimp hovers atop a gilded throne. Fleshdrones the color of bubblegum work quietly from scaffolding to either side, some working to clean and wax the membrane while others maintain an array of tubes pumping various garish fluids in and out of the creature.

The eye's focus rests on a display feed of a corporate suit, prim and pale, with powdered hair and teeth like needles. "Your Most Esteemed Luminence... rest assured that your gladiator will be ready for battle promptly and immediately. Think of it as done yesterday." He smiles warmly, grown free of both traitorous sweat glands and conscience. The susurrus of a million locusts fills the silence. In the background of the display an orderly drifts by upside-down, arms flailing frantically. Another dozen attendants in hazmat gear race after in pursuit, waving around tools that look like butterfly nets attached to car batteries.

Judge™ Oculus' iris clicks audibly as they stare at the suit skeptically. "Is that so?"

"We've got one!" comes a shout from off-screen. The suit spreads their hands with a grin "See? The matter is settled. Will there be anything else?" "No... that will be all." "Until I next find your gaze, Your Radiance." The suit bows humbly. In the background the crowd of orderlies flees in the other direction. They're followed by a short figure with skin that crawls and chitters. It yanks one of the staff to the ground with a net in a spray of sparks. The suit glances back and disconnects the transmission.

Judge™ Oculus lets out a long and sonorous sigh before eyeing one of the plumed guard and giving them a simple order. "Go." The figure salutes and races across a football field of carpet on their way to investigate.


Heap 3 Compatibility Revisions: TWtW mutation updated. Gear updated. Class changed to Hiver. 2 Mutations and 3 extracted items lost. 75L + random mutation received in compensation (Nuclear Arms).
Liquidating STR8 Shootr for 25L.
155+75+25 = 255 Luxe. Banking 175L for retirement. 80L remains.
Veterancy Upgrade: Upgrading Nuclear Arms.
Veterancy Talent: Headhunter X-Train. 2x Damage on Crit. +1 Cyber Slot.

HP: 6/6 MV: 3 DR: 3 HazDR: None. TN to be Hit: 5. Scrap: 0. Luxe: 80.
Belt: 3 Air, 3 Energy, 3 Med. Tokens: None.
Hiver (Protean): Access to Hiver Challenge List. +1 to Craft Rolls. ACT: Hiver convert a consumable.
Cyber (0/2) Mutations (3/4)
Lamellar Thorax(Hiver): +2DR; spend 1 Infest for +1DR for the phase. (Always on due to cost reduction)
The Worm that Walks(Hiver): Subject's Max HP cannot be reduced below their # of Infest. Abilities/gear that spend/transfer Infest cost 1 fewer Token.
Nuclear Arms (Lvl2): +1 damage with melee, +1 per Rad token. No Heavy Weapon penalty. Missile attacks downscaled twice.
SmokeSwarm: Loaded. Hydroly-Sis: Loaded.
Charon Pistol (2/2): Thermal Flechettes: Deals 1 damage when Suppressing. BlazBuzz: Suppressed targets suffer 1 Burn per Infest on target.

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Nov 21, 2005


I want to sponser but now Im intimidate.

Lux Animus
Apr 17, 2016

Posts from the end of the world

Dinosaur Gum

With a bright blended drink in his hand, Dr. Skipp Wiley Sr. slowly paced around his new spacious office, inspecting the immaculate polysealing job in the microscopic seams between the walls' holoprojector plates.

"I don't know how you did it, Viquesha, but this office is a boy genius' dream come true!" He crowed into the comms device embedded in his jaw, "No, thank you for all the strings you must have pulled, all those wheels you must have greased, and all the backs you must have scratched just to get little ol' me back down here at headquarters! I simply wouldn't be here if it weren..."

"Why, I told you already at the fundraiser, Viquy - no, I'm not being coy," Dr. Wiley rounded on the caller, getting adamant. "He just showed up on my doorstep one day asking if 'my estate needed a bodyguard,' just as pitiful as a zoner orphan. What was I supposed to do, with that head-cannon of his pointed right at me? He was already on my doorstep after having breached through my security systems without a peep from my alarms, so I offered him a job right there on the spot. I'm dead serious!"

Dr. Wiley approached his brand new, sleek and streamlined office chair and took a slow, appreciative seat within, nestling deep into the luxurious black cushions of the chairs' backrest.

"(Ah~! that's nice.) Yeah - honestly, it saved us a lot of time not having to actually recruit from the Zones directly... despite that whole prison outreach campaign we were running. I mean, the good PR was worth itself."

Dr. Wiley paused and listened to the voice on the other end of the line while taking a sip from his drink through a frivolously festive straw.

"(Mm that's refreshing-) Well, of course, you and Stevey-boy had his paperwork handled after he passed the Wrexam... right, the amnesia story."

Dr. Wiley's stared off at the distant wall, suddenly appreciating the blank space he had all to himself.

"No, I don't think he's lying - at least, I believe that he believes it, if you catch my drift."

Dr. Wiley took another long sip from his drink in order to mull over his next words more carefully.

"Whoever he is, I think he's our best shot at keeping Cosmiq in the running this Heap, and I can drink to that."

"Cheers, big ears," Cosmiq's Director of Sponsor Affairs said into his comms, and he lifted his drink in a salute before signing off.

Dr. Skipp Wiley Sr. grimly shook his head as he took a long, deep slurp from his decorative straw until a gurgling sound began.

Theo Reticule, Rookie Junker
HP: 5/5 Move: 1 Scrap: 00 Luxe: 000
DR: DR1 HazDR: Poison 0 // Rad 0 // Burn 0 // Freeze 0 // Warp 0
Belt Tokens: 3 Air // 3 Med // 3 Power // 0 Buff
Hazard Tokens: 0 Poison // 0 Rad // 0 Burn // 0 Freeze // 0 Warp // 0 Spore // 0 Infest // 0 Break
Cyber [2/5]: Spinal Array (+1 Scan Range.) // Rigspike (A Power Attack against a synthetic unit may be changed to x/Disable3.)
Weapons [1/2]: Unbalanced K-Hammer (1d4/5 Melee)
Armor: CS Armor 1 (+1 DR, 2 Mod Slots)
Utility: AdrenoMAX (+1 Damage when Power Attacking.)
Familiars [1/2]: Autofalconoid (Collects items from remote hexes when deployed.)
Consumables: none // Items: none // Notes: none.

Cyber Roll: 1d20 2 - Spinal Array Cyber
Cipher Roll: 1d10 5 1d20 16 1d20 8 - Autofalconoid, AdrenoMAX, and Rigspike Cyber

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Apr 28, 2017

HP: 3/3 Move: 2 Scrap: 00 Luxe: 000
Belt Tokens: 0 Air // 0 Med // 0 Power // 0 Buff
Hazard Tokens: N/A
Mutations [2/3]: Gelatinous Epidermis (Rad Tokens do not reduce Max HP; does not receive DR from non-mutation sources) // Prehensile Teratoma (Subject may Reload or Modify Gear as a freeACT; 1 in 6 chance to take a random ACT)
Weapons [1/2]: Goad (1d6/2 + Hunter, Melee) DPM Pistol 1d8/2, Coverfire. Power2: Make an additional attack.
Armor: CS Armor 1 (+1 DR, 2 Mod Slots)

Familiars [1/2]: Autofalconoid (Collects items from remote hexes when deployed.)

Hijacked transmission posted:

"See here! The damage GREEN BARREL INC. wreacks! When the screens are off, their foul byproducts are STILL HERE. Leeching into the groundwater! Poisoning us! Well no more! I will end GBI if it's the last thing I do!"

The last thing wanted ecoterrorist Collette Errol broadcast before being arrested for attempted sabotage of the GBI beltwards processing facility.

Starting mutation: 1d8 4 gelatinous epidermis

Cypher- supply/supply/mutation: 1#1d10 7autofalconoid 1#1d20 5DPM pistol 1#1d20 18prehensile teratoma

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Deadmeat5150 posted:

I want to sponser but now Im intimidate.

As a sponsor, all you need is a gimmick for your dystopian corporation, post fluff preferably once a week, and give whatever quests you feel like giving to the players. There are some less integral fineries but the Discord is always happy to answer any of your questions

Don't think you need to be as high effort as some of the regulars from the old thread (I sure as hell am not).

Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

we vibin'
we slidin'
we breathin'
we dyin'

Clever Betty

Theantero posted:

As a sponsor, all you need is a gimmick for your dystopian corporation, post fluff preferably once a week, and give whatever quests you feel like giving to the players. There are some less integral fineries but the Discord is always happy to answer any of your questions

Don't think you need to be as high effort as some of the regulars from the old thread (I sure as hell am not).

Part of my sponsor’s gimmick is being low effort

Feb 21, 2013

New Wrecker!

Name: Shines-in-heaven
Portrait: I'll dm you on discord
Class: Horrific
Horrific character creation rolls: #1 breed, #2 mutation: 2#1d10 2 1
Breed talent: venomous fangs(?)
starting mutation: Nuclear Arms lvl 1
Supply package: The Survivor

Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

New Wrecker!

Name: Lonán Murder-Birb
Hp: 3 / Move: 2
Portrait: 4, 8 or 15, with some Ex Simurgh-Pirate theming if possible?
Class: Exo-Wrangler
Supply package: Package 9 – The Coordinator
Starting Cyber: Starting Cyber: 1d6 3 = 3-Charged Myoservos: Subject ignores the first downscale against them in a Round.

Nov 21, 2005


There is the sound of heavy breathing and straining anti-grav units as the massive bulk of Wilhelm Shliefman, CEO and largest shareholder of the Diamond Intergalactic Asteroid Mining Consortium, settles into the specially designed concierge booth.

"Ah... it's time for the games again. Excellent. I do so love to feast on the losers."

He gargles a laugh.

"A joke, a joke of course."

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Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

we vibin'
we slidin'
we breathin'
we dyin'

Clever Betty

"drugs. weapons. computers. it's me, lol"

imagine even joking about eating meat
or even eating

lmao you’re so gross

Luxe: 0
null pointer

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Cloud Potato
Jan 8, 2011

"I'm... happy!"

Gideon Pallas, Wrecker Wrelations, Turnt™ Alcohol-Infused Concotions.

"Oh, come now, Gu$tav, I'm sure you, of all sentients, would appreciate the value of a well-rolled, oily joint.

"Welcome, Wilhelm. I'm Gideon Pallas, Turnt™ Wrecker Wrelations. Don't worry about these fellows, it's like I always say, Sponsors are here to shill, not kill. How's about a nice Malt-0153™ from one of our fine AutoCanteen™s to get you settled into your suite, hmm?"

Nov 21, 2005


"Why that sounds quite positively delightful, my dear Gideon. Just have it poured into that port there, the one with the martini glass on it. Yes, that's the one. Had my stomachs bisected and chromed a few decades ago in order to allow for some more alien food to cross my table. Hah! The downside is I can no longer actually imbibe delicious and noxious drinks."

*hrmph* *slurp* *snort*

"This little gizmo lets me at least taste them."

super sweet best pal
Nov 18, 2009

Lipstick Apathy

Galaxploitation Media Dummy Corporation

Greetings from Dummy Corporation, the #1 fashion equipment provider in the diaspora!
Is this setup working? Hijack team, come in. Are you receiving the encrypted broadcast embedded in our dummy corp's press release? Are you still alive?

We are proud to announce Dummy's new d-ummy mannequins, capable of holding cloth soaked in the otherworldly energies of the Between without degrading into technoflux.
We were lucky to get you inserted into the maintenance ducts under the station's video streaming servers during the victory party at the end of Rise. Many of our PR reps died at the hands of WCPLTD's lawyers when we sent them to "celebrate" Talcum's victory as a distraction.

As a celebration of our new product, we've entered the famous recently D-Broken fashion model Dimensional Derek into the Wrecking Crew competition. That's right, the Diaspora's biggest heartthrob has a new look and he's here to strut his stuff for all the lonely singles in the audience.
You need to hijack as much footage as possible for this to pay off. Get as much bootleg stock of Derek's new D-Breaker form as possible so we can complete shooting of Himbonymous Bosch at the Garden of Unearthly D-Lights.

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

How does a body cope, Haze, with the spectre of certain dismemberment, or worse, uncertain enmemberment, looming over them like an unlicensed brawlborg? Strapped into a missile, wondering if you'll end up shot to poo poo or with six hairy tits growing out of your back...There may not be enough squats to manage, Muscle Jesus spot me, so what's the tonic, Haze?
Well, Rev, this Map's Drop Cocktail, Mauve Horizon, comes to us courtesy of Paragon Recreational Genetics. This breezy little PWN-mod will provide four hours of blissful relaxation, courtesy of your own adrenofactors.
Will Mauve Horizon work for me, Haze? I'm contractually obligated to inform you that I've seen some poo poo.
Mauve Horizon is approved for all Decree-authorized PWN Custodial Softs, and is compatible with most major adrenofactors.
Another trip by PARAGON RECREATIONAL GENETICS: Perfection isn't born, but it can be rented.
A shapely and articulate spot, co-host of my heart, but where are these sweaty-toothed lifetakers headed today with destruction in their heart and sedatives in their blood? What grimy hellscape awaits the liberation of their assorted life-giving fluids?
For Murderological deetz beyond my ken, we go to Forward Observer Eurydice Mann-Chong, with our Map Report.
O Maiden of Beginnings, pray crystalize our perspectives!

Howdy-hayou, binch-martens!

Ocho, my immaculate fēngzi! Also Hazel, as contractually obligated. Pour your turbid gaze-matrix into the ocular suck-hole that is...CYST!

Some greasy factotum of the Calorie Court lost track of one of their Meateors, and their loss is WRECKING CREW's gain! Our WCLTD Rapid Insertion Vehicles have been retrofitted with boarding attachments, and we're going to give this spicy meatball a hot Wrecker injection!

Have I mentioned it's alive? Because once you're past the frozen crust, it's a balmy body temperature in there, and the juices are flowing! Try to resist taking a dip in the rivers of molten grease if you can...It'll slow you down and make you succeptible to any number of cooking methods. This baby's not boneless, either...If you do take a trip to the Bone Zone, bring some mining equipment if you've got any hopes of harvesting that sweet, sweet marrow.

And you'll have to contend will all manner of nasty carnivorous mutants and monstrosities, of course, including a few half-cooked Calorie Court mascot lines that seem to have stratified into some kind of cannibalistic cult. Remember the Calorie Clown from those old AdverCasts? Legend has it he's still around, skulking the ducts and sphincters of CYST, waiting to drag you all the way down to flavor town. And if that weren't enough, I've heard rumors of a Purifier Battalion Errant that was lost here in an attempt to burn down the horrific misteaks within, most slain, devoured, and generally shitmurked save for a few wigged-out meatslaps and one half-mad commanderite, Knight Barbacoa!

This nasty piece of work is riddled with orifices, most of which will have no compunction jettioning you into space with the slightest provocation, but we at WRECKING CREW have kindly lodged a couple of Strato-Cradles into a couple of them, should the desire to eject on a plume of fear-wee become inescapable.

It's not all meat and failure, though, my precious sweet dangles...All the usual amenities are here. You've got your Luxe Crucible in which to shovel all that delicious scrap and reap the rewards beyond. You've got your Rig Silo, for all your rig launching and customizing needs. Your handy the Fabric8R is here, if you need an extra (giant, robotic) hand with some arts and crafts. And of course, what WRECKING CREW map would be complete without the Z-Beacon?

O Delightfully-turnt Eurydice, what bowel-quaking terror awaits the summons of our bold combatants?

You're in for a triple meat treat, friendomats, because Big Boss CYST, straight from the fastfood front, is that legendary consumer of franchises, the LEO!

Three heads are two more than it needs to turn you to ground round, but this sweet darling's got 'em! Teeth for days and limbs-a-poppin'! Neurotoxic flechettes to tenderize you, and broiling breath to render you truly well done...
I'd be lion if I said you'd be in for an easy fight. Don't drag-on or you haven't goat a chance.

Thanks again, Eury, for showing our viewers the ravages of long-term radiation exposure on language and cognition.
Chimer and say that to my face, I inCYST!
Now listen here, you little--
No more time for spicy bantz, worthy copresenters...We've got Wreckers to sedate!

Stay tuned!

Nov 21, 2005


<drools uncontrollably>

Apr 26, 2014

Death, but with a gun

I would like to try again

Name: The Late Johnson
Hp: 2 / Move: 3
Portrait: 14
Class: Headhunter
Supply package: Package 2 – The Armiger
Starting Mutation: 1d10 = 4 - 4-Gelatinous Epidermis: Rad Tokens do not reduce Max HP; does not receive DR from non-mutation sources.

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Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

we vibin'
we slidin'
we breathin'
we dyin'

Clever Betty

"drugs. weapons. computers. it's me, lol"

the entire...
the entire map...


oh no i think i just crashed like 8 nodes that is disgusting as gently caress brb

Luxe: 0
null pointer

May 20, 2001

"Sweet Black Baby Bullet Jesus that... is......hurrrrrp...." Misty, the red-haired member of Aethelred's two-girl cheer/murder squad, covered her mouth as a peristaltic wave pulsed up her abdomen.
"You feeling alright there sis? You're looking a little green around the g--ohgodwhatthegrife." Stormy, the black-haired of the two took a moment, hand held up in the universal signal for 'hold on a sec' as she swallowed pronouncedly.
"Really? You two were personally responsible for flaying the entire Board of Directors of Magnadyne Munitions in front of their familiies at a company picnic so they'd sell me their shares at cost, and a giant space meatball makes you nauseous?"
"Well... I mean yeah... we did that." Misty admitted. "Nailed it!" The two say in unison, hands on hips with a confirmatory, exaggerated nod.
"You did indeed, so try not to vomit in the salsa fountain. It looks like it's already fairly chunky as is. Besides, when all's said and done I'm sure the Purifiers will be more than happy to lease a plasma artillery cruiser to avenge their fallen brethren should they not make it off that giant teratoplanetoma."
"See, that's why you're the bossman and we're just the hired h--sorry, oathsworn and eternally loyal members of the Pertinax family."

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Our Aeropaths are hungry, and bidding is open for desirable entry points!

Any Wrecker deploying to CYST may secretly bid any number of Luxe (against future income) to secure a deployment hex closest to one of the lettered hexes, and to secure the undivided attention of WCLTD Aeropaths on the maneuvering and maintenance of their entry vehicle.


Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.

Bonny cackles. "Lubing the machinery, eh wellers? Feels like home, truth. Put me down for a lucky 11 jink on C

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