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Richter Scabies
Dec 29, 2012

Hello friends.

Especially this year in Hellworld USA, I've been watching a lot of stuff on YouTube, and as seems common, there's a sort of ring of personalities/representatives at the forefront of whatever particular hobby you're interested in that have YouTube Channels, airsoft being no exception. Topics can range anywhere from gun reviews , to gameplay footage, to vlog-type entries, and the like. I ain't gonna post links because I'm a) lazy and b) just YouTube searching the names will bring up the pages so eh.

Here are a few that I like to follow:

Jet "DesertFox" I guess was a former army medic and now lives in....Arizona? with his wife Unicornleah (who also has a channel) and he runs and also participates in various milsim events. Most of his vids are milsim gameplay footage with a semi regular 'straight outta the box' video series of him trying out a fresh tasty new AEG or gas pistol. He seems to get a little flak for his disinterest in working on his own guns. Between him and his wife they own quite a lot of gunz and gear.

A guy named Jonathan. He lived in the US and did airsofty vids but now lives in Taiwan and has a regular weekly-ish Q&A based on YT comments with some gun overviews interspersed here and there. He's really really upbeat and the very image of "Brand Ambassador". He might have moved to Taiwan for other reasons but in my mind he loves airsoft SO MUCH he needed to be where 95% of all gunz are born. At the end of his vids he usually gives a shout out to another YT comment-recommended youtuber and their content, which led me to.....

An airsoft tech based in the UK who posts curmudgeonly videos of his client's guns and how he fixes them to synthwave or heavy-variants thereof (or whatever he wants). People like his no-nonsense personality and what to me (despite probably not following it) is pretty common-sense, sound advice (many flavors of 'don't overspend'). A divisive personality but he has banned users from commenting based on racist remarks on at least one occasion. Very informative, I'm a little ambivalent, but I'm not out to make him care about that.

A jack-of-all trades reviewer and gameplay-footage-maker. His reviews are pretty comprehensive and well scripted, but he'll go off on a 'humorous' tangent every now and again that goes on for more than it needs to which I find grating sometimes. When he shows up in other YouTuber's videos he gives me the impression of a tryhard?

The 'get together and play games' arm of the YouTube collective "Corridor Crew", who I guess do SFX and actual game dev stuff (I don't follow that portion). A lot of their game-time is airsoft related, and they play a lot of game types around CA. I really enjoy watching these guys play and can only hope to have a fun chill play experience like that sometime when I am not at risk of Full Virus Death.

What other Youtube Airsofters do y'all watch if at all?

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Oct 24, 2012

The only sword wielding rabbit on the internet

Ultra Carp

I don't go hunting around for videos, but House Gamers Airsoft is pretty cool especially for being a Canadian airsofter on youtube.

Faded Mars
Jul 1, 2004

It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga.

The biggest US airsofter by subs is probably Dutch the Hooligan. He's out of California and posts lots of 2k/4k videos with high quality sound. People like to watch him reload, since he re-indexes his empty magazines into his pouches instead of using a dumb, ugly dump pouch.

Airsoft Alfonse is a refrigerator of a man who likes to run LMGs, usually with some sort of HPA engine in them. He's out of Michigan but has started a bromance with Dutch that sees them both play in each other's respective arenas.

You can't have an airsoft YouTuber discussion without Novritsch, an Austrian sniper who has successfully turned himself into an entire airsoft brand with his own line of gear and guns (these are mostly KJW and Modify offerings rebranded with a few upgrades thrown in for the price).

There's Silo Entertainment and Cleanshot, both Belgian (?) airsoft snipers with large followings. Both are known for doing some gimmicky videos, but they both also post high quality content.

Kickingmustang is an English airsoft sniper known for his ability to hide in plain sight using his custom ghillie suits. He does decent sniper footage but is also a bit of an rear end in a top hat.

Scoutthedoggie is the OG airsoft gameplay guy, taking lots of videos in his native Scotland and he is apparently a big influence on USAirsoft. His stuff is kind of outmoded now, but not terrible.

Swampsniper owns Ballahack Airsoft in Virginia. He posts lots of sniper gameplays and in general seems like he would be a cool guy to have a beer with.

BrainExploder is another Cali airsofter. Even if you haven't watched his stuff you have probably watched another airsofter who uses his custom 3D-printed hardware. He's made a lot of stuff for camera mounts and action cameras in general. He's probably the most criminally underrated of the bunch. Right now his current thing is an innovative first person camera perspective camera which pretty much lines up with his dominant eye, giving you a real sight picture down his various red dots and scopes. Cool dude. Deserves your sub. I am not a paid shill.

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Feb 10, 2008

One day I will be happy
every day

I watch a lot of Japanese airsoft youtubers which isn't much help to most people as they're all in Japanese, but there is one guy who does stuff that may be of interest even if you can't understand much.


He's very prolific and pumps out a crazy number of videos - sometimes more than one per day - and a lot of them are just detailed examinations of new gun offerings, so even if you can't understand you can get an idea of the look and feel of the gun. He also does decibel, trigger pull, and chrono checks for each gun (though they'll all be the Japan versions which are limited to ~1J so different from what you can get overseas in many cases).

His most famous line is マガジンは自重で落下します "the magazine drops from it's own weight" and on almost every video one of the top 10 comments will be a timestamp of when he says this haha

Richter Scabies
Dec 29, 2012

Lol I had seen a few vids of Mach Sakai but didn't see that tidbit, that's funny.

I suppose Our Own Airsoft Amigos should get a mention too, they made a vid a few weeks ago, he's still alive!!

Evike and Airsoft GI, two of the biggest store/distributers also have a pretty regularly updated YouTube presence. I like Airsoft GI's channel since their vids are split between product and community related vids ("roast my build" comes to mind). Evike seems more focused on product. They both at some times feel kinda shill-y, but Evike especially to me since they have their own private-label rebrands they like to promote a lot.

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