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Feb 16, 2011

This is Fire Emblem, The Sacred Stones. You probably know what that is by now, so to shake things up a bit, we're doing a challenge run this time: we're going to beat the game using only archers.

To get into the fine print, the rules i'm going to use for this will be that only bow users may fight; i reserve the right to use utility characters to heal, dance, ferry, and block tiles if necessary, but they will carry no weapons. Also, because there are a grand total of two pure bow units in FE8, i'm also going to use units who promote into bows on the condition that they do so as soon as they are able and only use bows thereafter. This will mean leaning heavily on Garcia and, if you can believe it, Ross to start out with, but it's better than killing one enemy every 3 turns because all i have is level 1 Neimi with an iron bow.

Spoiler warning in full effect here - this is mostly going to be gameplay so i probably won't be saying much about the story, but i'm also going to assume you're familiar with it, so feel free to talk about whatever.

01: The Bowginning
02: Bazba Bows Out
03: Strung Along
04: I'm already out of bow puns
05: Spider's String
06: Everything that's not bolted down
07: Never mind bows, check out These Guns
08: On the straight and arrow
09: Utterly bowned
10: This loving Map
11: Strung out
12: Archer Emblem
13: Finally, Nidhogg
14: Also, Speedhogg
15: The Sacred Bownes

Prepromotes only bonus run
1: And Then Seth Killed Everything
2: Like A Truck
3: And Then Seth Killed The Demon King

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Feb 16, 2011

Other contributors

Rabbi Raccoon attempts a solo Dozla run!

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Feb 16, 2011

1: The Bowginning

All right, here we go!

We're doing hard mode, i think i did this on normal at some point so let's have the challenge,

...not that it's very visible right now since we're killing everything with Seth because we don't get any of the permanent party members until chapter 2 and i want to get there as soon as possible.

Well okay Franz can handle this one

assuming he doesn't miss like a jackass!

It takes Seth an embarrassing amount of time to finally end Baguette on his gate

while Eirika grudgingly starts walking all the way over there.

Well there we go! Good level. Enjoy not having it matter in the slightest!

(It might actually matter because Naked Seth is going to play an important role in upcoming chapters.)

Got Eirika some help.


Um, well, bye!

We get Vanessa and Moulder and dump everyone's weapons because we're getting real characters next map!

This part is routine. Grab Ross...

...loot the villages... Garcia go a round with the brigand. This time he lands a killing blow! (But unfortunately gets no exp from it.) Leaving him to fend for himself is viable, he almost certainly won't die and still joins up at the end of the map as long as you have Ross, but since i have to use him i want to recruit him (and start gaining levels) straight away.

So next turn, we take and drop Ross

and recruit him with Eirika

before picking up Garcia

and dropping him on the shop.

This lets Ross talk to him

and paint him blue

so Garcia can head down and claim the fort. Garcia on the fort will quite effortlessly solo this chapter if you let him, even on hard, but of course we want Ross to get some levels because he's going to make up 20% of our final party.

Well not quite that much but 20% of the effective final party.

To facilitate that, we'll heal him up so he can survive a hit

and get started throwing hatchets at people.

There we go!

This is honestly a lot harder than cramming him into a corner and letting competent people handle this, but alas, we're going to need Ross.

Going to have to make sure he can't get attacked by more than one bandit, because he gets twoshot...

Didn't turn out necessary because this guy got low enough to start chugging vulneraries instead of attacking. Vanessa's going for the village, if you were wondering.

Ow, my entire everything!

Got him a kill, and a level, though. More survivability is good right now!

Don't know if i'll need this, but might as well, it's free.

Guy's still healing.

Our weaponless units make for good bait, protecting Ross (and the curiously-squishy Moulder - i've played Sacred Stones a whole bunch and still keep expecting him to have more bulk than he does).

More exp!

This guy's range is a bit of an issue.

I can wall him off pretty effectively though.

I think Garcia can technically, theoretically die here if everything hits him, but it's really unlikely when enemies are looking at sub-50% chances of connecting.

Eirika, not even having got her customary prologue-soloing level, which as it turns out may have been a pretty bad move on my part, is even squishier than she normally would be here. And she would still be pretty squishy with a level or two under her belt! These guys don't have the greatest accuracy (although more than they otherwise would, because she does not have a sword on her and therefore doesn't have WTA!), but they hit hard.

It shouldn't be too tough at this point.

'specially if these guys keep missing Ross like this!

I'll burn a bunch of heal staff charges and vulneraries, but on the plus side, i can sell every sword and lance i come across for healing money!


Garcia is an incredibly underrated character, i find.

I mean he's not Ephraim-tier or anything, but he's big, solid, hits hard, tanks reasonably well, and while he's not fast he can use steel axes straight out of the box with no penalty whatsoever.

I like Garcia, so sue me.

Ross, meanwhile, not so much. He continues chipping, and this is a pretty good level even if it does nothing to de-squish him.

Pro walling straaatszszsz

Compared to Ross, it takes Garcia a little bit more to gain levels

but he's worth waiting for!

Franz is taking a beating this chapter, but he shouldn't need to do it again after this.

Ross gets a kill and doesn't level from it, what kind of mad sorcery

Don't want this guy going after Moulder because he's taken a few hits and i still need him.

Garcia landed one of his 64s and that leaves just Bone and a lesser brigand.

Happily, we can set up some chip and

get Ross the boss! Come to think of it, it'd probably have been better to give it to Garcia, he gets much less from regular mooks. Oh well.

Eeehhh it's a level closer to promotion.

One guy now.

Ross continues to profit from chip damage

and this is fine. Ross isn't actually very good, you see, so we'll take what we can get.

We've been at this so long Moulder got a heal level. It's more bulk, so i'm happy!

No levels taking out the last bandit.

And now, we can access a suddenly much-improved armoury compared to the one that's available from the map!

Both Ross and Garcia get one of each type of axe. Ross really isn't in any condition to use steel, but maybe one day he'll be glad to have it and i'll be glad i bought it when i had the chance instead of forgetting it three maps from now. Then, onward! We're getting a real archer next chapter.

May 1, 2012

You think you can defeat ME, Ephraimcopter?!?

You couldn't even beat Assassincopter!!!

More vilk FE!

Garcia hitting speed on his first level is a big deal and will help a lot. That 20% growth is the primary reason I don't like using him, even though he's a very respectable unit when you get right down to it.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

You're completely insane.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Rabbi Raccoon
Mar 31, 2009

I stabbed you dude!

Vilk, you didn't see that therapist I told you about, did you?

Aug 3, 2007
Snorlax Afficionado

This is a profoundly dumb challenge run and I totally endorse it and love it and encourage it.

Feb 16, 2011

theshim posted:

More vilk FE!

You're not getting rid of me that easily! A little thing like the potential end of Something Awful isn't going to keep me down actually i was going to have this up earlier but i wasn't sure there would be a forum so

And yeah i'm definitely overselling Garcia a bit, but he's a rad dad and i respect that dang it!

Blaze Dragon posted:

You're completely insane.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.


And it's going places.

Rabbi Raccoon posted:

Vilk, you didn't see that therapist I told you about, did you?

I did but they were like "it's only a video game and you should not be afraid to promote Amelia into a general" so i'm pretty sure that diploma is a forgery!

Omnicrom posted:

This is a profoundly dumb challenge run and I totally endorse it and love it and encourage it.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

So let's see if I have our fighting roster correct.

We have Ross(warrior), Garcia(warrior) , Niemi, Gerik(ranger), and Innes. Did I miss anyone?

Feb 16, 2011

FoolyCharged posted:

Did I miss anyone?

Nope! I get five people.

At least they're not all bowlocked through the entire game...

Feb 16, 2011

2: Bazba Bows Out

It's about time we got proper archer!

Neimi gets a hit off and gets dropped a little higher so she can recruit Colm on the next turn.

That way i can continue to feed Ross...

...or, you know, try to.

Easy peasy.

That keeps Colm from running in and aggroing this guy. I want to do that myself!

Heeeyyyy a hit. Using the hand axe here since no one's going to come up and stab us if we take our time, and i might want the extra accuracy from the hatchet when speed is more important.

I didn't forget to trade away Colm's sword.

Might as well get started on the small room.

Nothing on the enemy side moves on their turn.

Decided to go for the hatchet for the final blow and Ross managed to get a kill. And a door key.

Time to kill the guy with the chest key, too.

Colm's never fighting, but i'm going to take that free support because level 1 Neimi needs every bit of help she can get.

Could have used a little more help, to be honest! But i wanted this guy to come to me.

So i can start shooting him.

Garcia killed his bandit and got beefier. And a chest key, as said.

Time to break down this wall.

Opened the door more out of boredom than anything else.


Around that time, Neimi got her first kill, too.

Gonna draw some fire here

and try taking out the thief, although it's not going to be easy with hand axes.


This is fine.

We're getting there.

Moulder hasn't made it all the way here yet so i'll have to back off for a moment. Still in no rush.

It's a bit strange that enemies won't try and break these. I guess it is their fortress, but we are being supremely obnoxious.


And Neimi's made it down to get involved, too.

Some rescue shenanigans and i've switched Garcia and Neimi's positions; it's much easier for Garcia to hit without the weapon triangle against him and Neimi can handle the thief well enough.

Like so!

Good, she needs strength.

We've taken out the thief, who likes to come in and steal vulneraries off people if you don't kill him before opening the last room, so now we'll break down the wall.

Gonna draw in the guy on the bottom first.

Not bad!

And we've healed him so

well at least they both missed...

I pulled Neimi out since she was low.

Got Colm down for support boosts and



...and doing little of any use...

but anyway this was what i was after, so he can die now.

The merc has a stealable too.

He's harmless.

And now he can go as well.

Going to let the newbs do most of it, since they're still behind.


Well then.

Since Bazba's stationary, he's also pretty harmless.

On the contrary, it's only just beginning!

Both of them missed.

How's this, then?!

And now, chipping.

I uhhh had the turbo on and didn't actually catch the +1 arrows but i think we got hp, mag, spd, which is pretty dang good.

Time to head for the throne, it's going to be vacant before too long.

It's sparse but i'll never complain about speed.

Going to get Ross that last level!

C'mon, c'mon, let's see it


Well. Fine then. At least he's promoting next chapter, and speaking of chapters... this one's over now. It's not very exciting this early on, but maybe it'll pick up soon!

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

Are you promoting garcia and ross right away or are you holding off til level 20 like a scrub?

Feb 21, 2014

weso12 posted:

Are you promoting garcia and ross right away or are you holding off til level 20 like a scrub?

If I read the rules right, he's not allowed to hold off on promotion, and must promote Ross and Garcia as soon as possible. Now, I don't know if he has to bench them at level 10 while he waits for promotion items to show up or not...

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Doubtful. The only reason he let them in was to stop it from being the Niemi show for half the game. Almost immediately benching them flies straight against that.

Feb 16, 2011

Yeah if i bench Ross and Garcia when they hit level 10, we're looking at multiple maps where the entirety of the action is "Neimi stands behind Seth and shoots one guy, turn ends, repeat 50+ times" and it's going to be incredibly tedious and unfun to both play and watch. They're here to stay. Ideally i'd like to promote them by 10 but... i have three units who'll soak up all the exp, so they'll be pretty high by the time i get seals. I did consider turning all promotion items into master seals so they can get there earlier, but in the end decided it was better to keep the game as vanilla as possible.

The rule is still "promote as soon as possible", so there will be no grind. I'm not going to promise to use the seals the moment i get them, because i don't remember where everything is and it might not be reasonable to transport things in the middle of a map, but at the very least they'll promote before the next map.

May 1, 2012

You think you can defeat ME, Ephraimcopter?!?

You couldn't even beat Assassincopter!!!

Neimi hitting that str growth, you go girl!

Nov 19, 2014

Lurker, Sims 3 LPer, Bored College Student

I was about to ask more questions about the future choices in the playthrough but I realized best leave them a suprise.
Minor gameplay advice (spoiler tagged if you don't wanna read it):
If you haven't already promote Ross to pirate, otherwise you won't get two hero crest til chapter 13/14

Also if you get to chapter 6 make SURE you keep all the civilians, it's the only orion's bolt aside from a secret shop in chapter 14 so getting that is important

Also thanks for doing this i'm tempted to an "Axe Only" playthrough of FE1 (not an LP just for fun) now

Feb 16, 2011

3: Strung Along

This is the first chapter where we get to pick which units to deploy.

It means i can finally start benching people who won't be contributing, but i'm emptying their inventories anyway in case i want to bring them at a later date. Seth, for instance, is definitely coming back.

But first!

Gameplay wise there's no reason to ever not go pirate, berserker's just straight up the best class to aim for with Ross but

of course we're not doing that so he's a fighter now, like his dad!

Honestly, even if you're not aiming for berserker, pirate is still better unless you're specifically going for hero - it gets him one more point of speed than fighter, which is quite significant given his growth isn't exactly stellar (nor his base). Does give one point less con, though - but even fighter doesn't give him enough to let him shrug off steel the way Garcia does.

Our party. Colm is there for moral support.

I bought Neimi another bow at a ludicrously overinflated price,

and a staff for Moulder, likewise. His starting one is starting to looked a bit dinged-up.

Neimi doubles! Zombies are generally pretty nice, harmless bags of exp.

No shenanigans out of you! You still have a weapon. Didn't anyone tell you you're not allowed?

*muffled Thriller playing in the background*

*record scratch*

Despite being unable to counter at melee, Neimi seems to look more threatening than Colm because the enemies go for him every time.

Ross is turning out pretty decent! Of course, in anything resembling normal play, he would maybe be promoting for the first time after this chapter... if you made an effort.

Also, even promoted, he is not good at tanking magic.


Rescued him with Garcia.

Hi, future party member! I'm allowed as long as you don't do anything but heal.

Ah, just one more point of strength...!

Mmmm. That's good.

Now we just have to weather all these guys running at us.

Get healed and

delete some of these guys,

and another one for a sparse but good level,

and we should


So instead!

We lose out on that beautiful level, but at least this is still good.

Instead of rushing in towards the eyes, i hang back and take out the enemies closer to us.

Sword skeletons

We're not nearly as pressured as last time.

Hey, the triangle is in my favour this time!

Garcia got a better level than last time, so it evens out... a bit.

Ross... doesn't impress.

Casual doubling with a steel axe, nothing to it.

Moulder looks like he could swing an axe, but alas, war monks weren't invented yet.

Garcia is really quite good!

And now, we've weathered the initial assault so we should be mostly fine from here.

...missing that strength level, though...

Now, towards the bridge!

Ross is drawing the last eyeball

and Neimi is starting on the snag.

Moulder's staff is still hanging on by a thread.

Neimi felled the tree

and shot a skeleton for a nice, but again, sadly, strength-free level.

Colm gets to play bait while Neimi gets healed.

Here come the reinforcements.

We'll let them come to us.

Ross got started on the boss, again. This thing has a lot of health!

Doing fine over here

but Ross managed to get all the bad stats this time. Sigh.

Got a support rank, though! This will be nice, and they're definitely getting A rank if they get that far. Hopefully i can manage B between Garcia and Neimi as well (and she's getting A with Colm in like five minutes).

Another healbot level.

Neimi killed (?) the last zombie from below

and got started on the newcomers.

She can handle getting chewed on for a little bit.

Gonna need to get some heals in soon, though. So i drew the skeleton with Artur (who has traded away his tome by now) and then Ross and Garcia chopped it into pieces

and there we go!

I'm letting Neimi tank so Moulder can keep getting experience.

There it goes, but as said, he also has a fresh one.

Speed, again, always useful but i'd really have liked some strength on you!

As if to rub it in, Ross, killing the last one, did get strength.

You don't miss out on Lute if you don't visit the village during the map, it just gets a different version of the conversation you get from visiting with Artur.

'course, if you intend to use Lute at all, it's probably a good idea to pick her up and get her a level against these easy enemies before the next, much tougher map rolls around...

For our purposes, though, she still provides free vulnerary and 280 bucks.

I was going to say something about how the next map's the first one where we're likely to see some deaths but, you know, i can't even do that any more so i'm just going to end the update here.

Feb 16, 2011

No need to tag things here! I'm too far ahead to be able to use hints like this, but i looked up that ocean seal and whoops, going pirate would have been useful

Axe run could be fun! Feel free to let us know how it goes.

Feb 16, 2011

4: I'm already out of bow puns

Next map! It's been easy so far (me being a dumbass aside), but it picks up a little bit here.

Vanessa's not going to accomplish much on this one, i'm not entirely sure why i even brought her, and

Seth is here mostly just to grab this house on turn 1 because no one else has the range for it.

Not sure who's getting this yet!

Gonna send Neimi up the left, axe boys to the middle and right.

Colm's here to play bait, and to get another support rank.

Yeah, mood.

This is about right, i think.

Bought Vanessa a heal staff in the prep, what else am i gonna spend all this money on?


Big reason i sent Garcia right is these jerks pop in so quickly. Gotta make sure i don't pull Joshua by mistake while i deal with them - i wouldn't mind killing him for exp since i can't use him anyway but he does have a killing edge (and wta on our axe boys) so it's a bit risky.

This is safe.

Neimi's getting better!

Should probably have sent Natasha to the right and Moulder left but who plans these things out before acting?

I moved Colm up to draw the archer on the left, neglected to check this guy. Oh well, if he dies it's just turn 3 or something, who cares.

Trying to draw some fire with Moulder (and keep him out of brigand axe range).

Garcia, again, could possibly die if everything goes wrong but probably won't.

Soldiers are so bad.

This isn't great either. He doubles soldiers, but could stand to double more things!

Need to keep these jerks busy so they don't start looting.

Colm dodged one of the arrows, so i don't need to restart.

Ross with the steel axe is just enough to handle this.


Ehhhh Garcia's was better.

Still wish he had more speed, because these guys are tanky!

But we're in no big hurry.

Still missing Neimi's +str level from the previous map...

Gonna use Seth to do some blocking.

This is getting close even for Garcia.

He'll be fine, though!

Ross is just out of Joshua range to draw the generics.

One of these days, she'll have a steel bow.

Here's Seth, because i'm tired of spamming heals.

I'm not going to have to heal Seth. Ever.

Still hanging on.

Even got some numbers for it!

Going to have to do something about that hp, though.

This is not "something", just a bonus, if a lovely one, Moulder

Gotta roll this 77.

Garcia managed it so now we're safe.

As soon as i move Vanessa out of this goober's reach, at least.

Neimi's gonna kill everything on this side.

Oh hell yes! Got that 7 str back.

Mostly cleaned up on the inside, too.

Natasha takes a hit, as expected. It's fine.

She has vulneraries.

Can't oneround the archer, sadly.

Brigands spawned, but i'm working on it.

Eirika will block and play bait for the archer so he leaves Natasha alone.

Even level 1, she's fast enough not to get doubled for a good while yet.


Eirika eats a vulnerary.

I was going to block this guy off so Natasha couldn't take multiple hits but Garcia 4% crit him instead.

Hand it over!

We're home free, so Ross goes looting.

Not sure about this either.

Let's draw in the merc!

Natasha takes a hit.

Colm dodges.

Archer keeps picking on Eirika.

I'd kill him, but this guy is more dangerous so he's priority.



I don't have a healer with this group so Seth will help block for Neimi so she can kill in peace.


Vanessa Did A Thing!

This is like 600 bucks.

Vulneraries are running out.

So i'm having Eirika bait the archer up to the axe users.

More brigands spawned by the boss. We'll have to do something about them before they hit the torch house...

This works.

Colm on a tree with Neimi B support continues to dodge.

Ross isn't in too much trouble

and even gets a level

but he needed to dodge one of those attacks. He did, so it's fine!

This is going fine but i'm a little worried about axe boys' speed stats...

Neimi's got that side covered, but in her case i'm still worried about strength...

May as well get some loot.

Hello, little ms. Not Appearing In This Let's Play! I don't expect i'm going to be able to recruit her before she peaces out.

Ugh, i know what's coming but seeing this doesn't make it any less obnoxious.

All right, finally have the peace and quiet around here to deal with this jackass!

And here's the last generic,

so some last minute heals

(and some extra staves because why not)

and we can get started on the boss!

No, see, you got it the wrong way around, we are too good for death.

Was gonna give it to Ross because he's still several levels below but Garcia rolled that 1% crit and

still didn't get speed!

(He is still faster than Ross.)

Some more backstory and we get the guiding ring for saving all the houses, which sadly is going to sit unused in my inventory for a long time. It's tempting to just replace all promotion items with master seals because i could actually have Bowcia at this point if i did, but if i'm doing a challenge run then... i feel that it should be of the vanilla game unless i start out with a different concept.

Jun 29, 2013


Poor Ross and his bad levels.

Feb 16, 2011

That's just The Ross Experience in general He does get 9 extra levels to grow, but his growths aren't very good so he kind of needs those levels if he's going to keep up with the non-trainees.

Rabbi Raccoon
Mar 31, 2009

I stabbed you dude!

I've had a lot of good luck with Neimi in the past. She typically ends up in my final lineup and is one of my frontliners after promotion.

Except for the time she she got 6 levels that were either blank or HP only. Then she sat on the Bench of Shame because it's REALLY hard to have an unusable unit in this game but she managed

Feb 16, 2011

I've had good luck with Neimi in general, too. She tries her best, and it shows!

now watch me get six blank/HP-only levels in a row because i said that

Rabbi Raccoon
Mar 31, 2009

I stabbed you dude!

Exactly. Neimi tries her best at everything, even sucking

Feb 16, 2011

5: Spider's String

Wait, what's this totally unnecessary and pointless chapter?! It doesn't even have any archers!

Yes. Pleasant. That is certainly the word i would have chosen to describe a surprise visit from Valter.

Feast your eyes on this never before seen footage of Orson fighting something!

His palette honestly looks entirely new to me, you could have snuck in and changed it in the rom and i'd have come back to this and went like "oh is that what he looks like?"

I'm just going to run through this quick and dirty, there's really nothing i can do that will make a difference in the end.

Will try to conserve healing uses as much as i can, though, because the trio might need them when they show up next time,

Uhhh i don't know if you've noticed but we kinda outnumber you at this point.

I used up most of Orson's silver sword but it's not like i have a use for it anyway so

Speaking of uses, here's another fresh, pristine one!

And finally we have steel bows. Neimi's happy!

That's one well-used bow. Selling it rather than breaking it, it's just a waste of space.

I wish this was the Ephraim map. But alas it is not, so on to the foggy war!

"Did any of you chucklefucks think to bring torches?"

Colm thought to bring a torch.

Doesn't like what it lets him see, though.

Seth's' going to visit the village, because everyone else will be busy.

Ouch. Obnoxiously, these two both have swords. One has an iron blade, so it hurts!

Worth it in the end, though. Even got a weapon level out of it. It's at B now.

Gotta heal.

Don't want Natasha to take an iron blade to the face if we can help it...

Of course, i put her right in iron lance range instead because am v smart!

Anyway antitoxins. Probably never use them, but they're free.

Two soldiers suicided on Garcia.

And Natasha got stabbed a little but hey! Staff exp for Moulder

Iron blade guy missed Ross and got another axe-shaped dent in his skull,

while his much less dangerous companion went for Colm

who's sitting here providing support bonuses for Neimi

so she can take out both the soldier and the archer who shuffles in to take his place.

Sketchy, but it lands!

And Neimi manages the other cav.

Awww yeah!

Garcia picks up an iron blade and A-rank axes. He knows all he's ever going to know about axes! Because he can't get higher than A before promoting, and after... don't forget what you're reading now.

Getting that staff exp.

Seth will distract some of the enemies so they don't clog everything up too much.

Seth is pretty good even without a weapon!

This time, Natasha gets the heal exp.

He misses Eirika on the forest.

Ooohhh poo poo you guys are early.

They're really nothing special, just... mobile. And behind us.

Maybe we can at least keep them from hea-

-ling... oh.

Sadly Garcia can't double and he doesn't get better at it either.

But he does set up a kill for Neimi with her steel bow!

Colm on a mountain should be able to dodge enough to survive the next round so let's move up and torch.


Yeah, even without the triangle advantage Colm'd normally be rocking, a fighter against a thief on a hill is not the most accurate thing.

And on the other side, not having a weapon works in Eirika's favour because she has more evade against soldiers without one than she would with a sword equipped!

Not a scratch.

Ross takes a beating,

as two out of the cavs go for him and the third for Eirika, but he's fine for now. Going to eat a vulnerary next turn, though. And switch from the hand axe to the iron one.

That is one hell of a level to get started with!

That fast Colm support is so helpful for early game Neimi. She picked up the halberd, somehow!

A fighter went for Natasha and one of the cavs for Neimi

who at least got bulk out of it.

Gba enemies loooove units who can't counterattack. But that does also make them easy to bait...


Garcia missed

Dang it, the spider's already way too close for comfort...!

Gonna chance it and run Colm straight up towards the boss and hope i can get a good look and then run people in and snipe him before that thing starts munching on Neimi's promotion item.


This might be tight.

I can't just leave all these assholes to murderize my healers, after all!

I know!!!

Oh. Well that's not great.

So now i'm rushing. Taking Neimi and

dropping her by the boss, hoping Colm can manage to dodge another mage attack...

The cluster by the starting area's mostly handled.

Some more heals for the road...


...all these jerks go before the boss and there went not just Neimi's promotion but her statstick as well.

Yeah, you should be ashamed of yourself!


We're going to push harder and since Garcia is my beefiest unit, he gets to be more beefy.

Garcia is charging, Neimi parks by the mountains again, and Colm heads up to torch and provide support bonuses.

Seth's villageing it up again but this time i'm sending Vanessa with Eirika into the corner so they're out of the way.

And Ross, although it's unfortunate that he can't get support bonuses away from Garcia, will handle the left side.

Soldiers still no threat.

Even to Neimi, who does the same thing as last time.

The big difference here being that Garcia is once more claiming a fort.

Neimi got a pretty good level finishing the archer.

Ferrybots ferrying ferrily.

And Ross heads for a tree so he's in a good position for the reinforcements.

Still love the Chunky™ lance wielded by knights.

Wow, that's more damage than Seth took all last run of this chapter.

Not too shabby, although speed.

We're in good shape now.

I've raved enough about the Colm support but it is so helpful before Neimi starts gaining strength.

I expected the northern cavs to come around to the right since i was pushing there, but they came down to the left anyway. Repositioning Ross to intercept! They still have swords so it's not ideal, but with a forest and a good stack of vulneraries we're probably fine.

Look over there!! It's a distraction!!

Healed Seth up, i need his 8-move butt to stay alive.

And the rest of him too.

This part is handled.

I know this may come as a surprise to some people but Garcia is not a horse.

Sadly we couldn't nab the halberd for ourselves this time, but it's probably fine.

Ross dodged the iron blade so he's definitely fine, at least for this turn.

This family is allergic to speed. He did get a weapon level that ultimately won't matter, too.


Please stop making more work for me.

...i can't really remember the last time i saw this troub actually use her mend staff.

Ross took out one of the sword cavs just in time for the new guys to spawn in. But they can all only attack him so they should cluster up in the corner where i want them.

Don't be rude to the cleric, rear end in a top hat!

Most of the enemies below are grouping up around Seth, the new cavs around Ross, all proceeding according to plan.

I mean Ross might have a concussion or something by the time we're done but that's a sacrifice i'm willing to make.


Taking out the troub might be handy, so she doesn't start healing the boss mid-beatdown...


Huh, there's a cav all the way up there. I wonder what he's doing.

We can see the boss, and no spiders yet!

Oh, i think he's scared because he's low on health and was trying to get to the troub, but now she's dead! What are you going to do now? Huh?!

I think Colm's safe, the soldier can't reach him and the mage can't oneshot.

Ross is getting javelin'd so it's hatchet time.

Huh, that cav's still coming! Probably gunning for the fort.

What did i say about being rude to clerics?

And that is extra rude! You absolute turd burglar!!

Yes yes i know we're working on it

Colm gets shocked again,

but it's all good as long as it leads to some loving speed!

Healers will keep healing each other since i can't do anything about poison axe rear end in a top hat.

Can do something about you, though!


No, it's fine, Neimi's got this.

Tell me you loving got this, Neimi.

So i have to heal Colm i guess.

He dodged anyway.

And the cavalier decided to stab Neimi in the face. Ow.

Well! This could actually have been bad. Not sure why he's going for Colm when there are nice squishy healers to be had, though.


This goes predictably.

Ross finishes the last cav.

This isn't safe, but we also don't have the time or hp to try and clean up the other guys around here.

No, actually, your minions did quite well, it's just i have the power to reload my save whenever i want to.

Fortunately Garcia did not whiff an 83 and

Neimi didn't, either.

Eat it!

I will happily take more strength on Neimi.

And her promotion item, of course!

I mean, i'm not saying i'd feel good about feeding helpless civilians to a spider if it meant i'd be able to take things slowly and get some more levels on my characters for a challenge run or anything...

Anyway! We've cleared the map, so i better stop writing things before i have to start on the next one, too. We'll do that next time!

Apr 27, 2013


Wow, getting a bit triggered by you losing out on these fantastic levels when reloading.

Though overall I think the replacement levels compared to the first time levels were more of a wash this time.

Still, I would have been livid reloading, that's for sure.

Feb 16, 2011

Some of them definitely sting more than others. But that's challenge runs for you!

i mean i'm sure if i were any good at this i might not have needed to restart but

Oct 6, 2017


turd burglar


1234567890num fucked around with this message at 18:38 on Jul 12, 2020

Feb 16, 2011

I just wanted to make a dumb and not overly serious looking insult.

Feb 16, 2011

6: Everything that's not bolted down

We're on to the last map before the twins reunite, and unlike the last one it has a promotion item we can't use,

and an energy ring on this mage which has to be stolen.

Colm may still be level 1, but he is still fast enough to nab it. The challenge, of course, being making sure he doesn't die horribly in the process.

Let's go!

They're soldiers, so we can just clown on them. Ross is still behind Garcia on levels so i'm going to feed him a bit.

Hell yeah! He might actually be on Garcia's level now. (Only 20 levels in...)

Vanessa's task, once again, is to keep Eirika out of trouble

and to that end she'll be sitting on some of the mountains where she won't get in the way of people who need to do things.

I think they've noticed by now, guy.

Spoiler, it didn't help much.

We're piling in. These fighters have steel axes and 22 attack which is kind of scary because the fighters don't have a lot of def. If we draw this entire pack, someone could easily end up dead.

I was thinking there'd be an archer up on the left, to actually use that ballista, but no, that was a change i made when i was editing Sacred Stones for myself. I still think that would make more sense! It would give you a reason to go up there and handle those enemies actively. But it's just a fighter and a mage and you can safely ignore them or let them come to you as you see fit. Since i only have three people who can do damage, Seth will wall them off for a bit while i deal with the crowd ahead.

Not great hit rates, but two hits from that axe and Ross is out.

Of course, i don't want him to get all the exp, because this is Archer Emblem and Neimi is the protagonist. Now she's in range to draw the enemy archer on the next turn, too.

This guy's the biggest problem because i don't want to kill him.

But that's for later. Neimi drew and killed the archer and uuuugghhhhhh.

Seth will choke this point.

Ross got a pretty good level off the second steel axe fighter.

This guy came down from above, even though we're not in range; the other three won't move until they can start hitting us.

There is a ballista up top so Vanessa's just chilling on the bottom of the map for now.

They can actually do damage to Seth, but he has vulneraries.

The attack ranges mostly overlap, buuut

we can safely draw the mercs without pulling the mage, and since Colm is very squishy, that's what we're going to do.

Garcia crit the first. The other lives, for now.

We're in ballista range but it has like no hit.

Neimi's still too weak to do this without support, but she manages with the steel bow.

And now, since Ross has more res than Garcia (and doesn't have a bow that will kill on a counter), he gets to draw some fire.

Meanwhile, Moulder patches up Garcia.

Okay fine, he got to draw some lightning.

Colm dodged another ballista bolt,

and Neimi, now within support range, onerounded the mage. Progress! She now has B bows, which might actually matter.

Even the smallest scratches are worth exp. I'm still not sure how it works when you're "wounded" because you gained more max hp but technically haven't been damaged. Maybe it just represents working so hard you re-open an old wound or something...?

or maybe i'm just overthinking the videogamey videogame mechanics in this here video game shut up

Worth it, anyway!

Ross will kill the ballista nerd and his ineffectual fighter bodyguard.


The fighter survived one round, but doesn't live through the next.

Now then, we can move Vanessa closer to the seize point and get started on the last enemies.

With the important bit handled, i pulled Seth from the bridge so these two could come closer. I didn't want them messing up the energy ring grab, but now it's fine. Neimi killed both of them and picked up a pure water.

The second soldier

dropped a decent level.

I'm trying to keep Neimi and Garcia together for their support, but it's been slow so far.

Still, she was able to get stats by a different method.

Now it's safe to drop off Eirika so she can seize as soon as we remove Whatshisface.

Not the greatest showing with just an iron bow and no supports.

Gee, maybe you should have i dunno put some loving archers on them or something...?

+2 damage, +10 hit, +7 crit from Colm's B support. Better!

I still went for the steel bow but didn't have much for it.

Murray only does 20 damage tops to Neimi per turn so it's completely safe to leave her 24-health self in front of him and just heal up when she takes damage.

She crit.

We also pick up the knight crest i may end up selling for bow money,

a final support rank with a very unimpressed Colm,

and a B support between the axe boys!

Then i camped for like 10 turns so i could get Neimi and Garcia up to C as well. With all that, it should make her damage pretty decent in the next chapter!

And then, we seize. I sure hope there's nothing fishy about

Oh no!!!

May 1, 2012

You think you can defeat ME, Ephraimcopter?!?

You couldn't even beat Assassincopter!!!

vilkacis posted:

6: Everything that's not bolted down

Feb 16, 2011

Dad Joke Emblem is here to stay!

Jun 29, 2013


It seems like you're getting more one and two stat levels than normal.

Feb 16, 2011

I think i just bitch about those more so they get more attention

This update we have one level with 6 stats, one with 5, four with 3, and three with 2. So on average 3+ per level. Science

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Since the route split is coming up I assume were doing erika's route since ephraim loses out on one of our useable recruits for half the game?

Feb 16, 2011

Oct 6, 2017

On the bright side, you get to recruit Gerik early and you don't have to deal with the Phantom Ship

Feb 16, 2011


Feb 26, 2016

You picked Ephraim, didn't you?

Don't you remember; he can't be hyper-competent unless he's off-screen!

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