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New Spain
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Jul 31, 2010


Memes and funny pics are a form of virtual currency that I'd wager is more stable than bitcoin. I collect many of them and have been collecting since 2011, though every year or so i'll go back and trim ones that weren't as funny as I remember. I send them to a lot of people or in discord and people get a lot of joy out of them (or so i'd hope).

Anywho, even with a lot of trimming, I'm still around 4000 images and things become complicated. Someone in the group chat/discord/1 on 1 conversation says something, and by god I usually have a funny picture for that. However, as you can expect, things slow down when I have to find one pic in thousands. It's basically the box of legos we all had where you need that one piece that you saw plenty of times before when you didn't need it, and now you can find neither hide nor hair of it. When managing a meme folder for this long, you begin to learn how things are organized. If looking through it in a list sorted by filename or date modified, you eventually learn "oh im at the pic of hank hill photoshopped as sonic, im around half way to the connect four photoshop image". Still, hardly quick and at that point the conversation has moved on so you can't land a killer pic with excellent timing.

So genuinely curious, how do you guys do it? My pics are on my OneDrive so I can access them on my phone/desktop/device, but its just one folder. Should I sort it by meme format? ex: image maros, gifs, reaction faces, image manipulation. There's so many ways to split this, and sometimes you get memes/funny pics that fit neither, multiple, or all categories. Would tags be better?

Here's a few vintage 2011-2013 images for the trouble, thanks guys:


Zippy the Bummer
Dec 14, 2008

pro hobo

Silent Majority

i have a folder called "funny pictures"

i put them there

i don't save memes because they suck

A Grand Egg
Jan 12, 2020

No one should be doing this if they are older than like 15, tops.

Or maybe you're just some socially and mentally stunted person who posts on reddit and calls themselves Le Golden Sir, or something.

Oct 19, 2002

If anyone wants me, I'll be in the Angry Dome!

Total Clam

I have a file marked "Funny pictures". Inside that folder is a sub-folder for memes. My filing system is so old that it is titled "Macros".

May 25, 2002

They all go in my pictures folder on the C:\ drive, because I only save top tier high quality ones so it's not very full. Epic memeage!

Universe Master
Jun 20, 2005

Darn Fine Pie

Next to the folder labeled "tits".

Aug 1, 2013

hedgefund wizard

Back in the day when I used to hoard images I had a browser extension that'd save stuff into subfolders by date and file type so any image would automatigically get spirited away to a proper spot for safe keeping. It didn't really help you find anything unless it was specific seasonal content I guess, but at least you wouldn't end up with one giant folder containing 30.000 images.

I suppose if I were really hardcore about that stuff in 2020 I'd manage it all in Lightroom, assign tags and star ratings, group riffs on one theme into collections, and have the ability to publish a gallery of say, every permutation of the buff Luigi 'that's how it is on this bitch of an earth' thing I've ever come across with the click of a button.

But like, it's 2020, if I want to see bitch of an earth Luigi I just type that into Google.

Alan 00X
Dec 15, 2017
Can't post for 10 hours!

I know it makes me a bad internet and messageboard user, but I don't bother doing this.

Mar 18, 2008

I have a very small TV. Don't make fun of it! Please don't shame it like that~

Grimey Drawer

I print out the memes and put them in a binder labeled "Memes".

May 6, 2006

Upload to Imjur and then use Google image search to find them later.

Apr 4, 2004

one step done and another begun

Nap Ghost

i used to save them into a folder called 'Totally Unsorted'

now if i save a picture i save it to the default 'Pictures' folder and then get mad when i have trouble finding things

Tiberius Christ
Mar 3, 2009

by dick size

Apr 29, 2009

In a world gone mad,
we will not spank the monkey,
but the monkey will spank us.

Alan 00X posted:

I know it makes me a bad internet and messageboard user, but I don't bother doing this.

That's OK, Alan 00X, since you do type worn out shticks into many of your posts, which has about the same effect as meme pics.

OP, making subcategory folders for meme pic filing isn't that hard. It's being assed to rename and file the pics that's the hard bit, but not if you never get round to it, like most of us.

Just be sure to have a Something Awful folder for Krusty and Doobie etc. pics, and of course a folder for all The Dllbert Hole cartoons for quick access.

magic cactus
Aug 3, 2019

We lied. We are not at war. There is no enemy. This is a rescue operation

I just right click save as and don't even bother to rename the file. all my images are named long strings of gibberish

Jul 29, 2015

Grimey Drawer

I upload them all directly to iFunny and then immediately delete them off of my computer. I don't want mom asking any questions.


Dec 31, 2000

Very carefully

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