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Apr 6, 2006

"That must weigh heavily on your soul. Let me purge it for you."

Problem description: I believe this started when I was connecting a mic headset, which seemed to confuse the ASUS Realtek HD Audio Manager that my PC has, as it resulted in the headphones being disconnected and no sound to the speakers. Normally sounds goes to my speakers by way of my monitor by HDMI, as I also use it for my PS4, so whilst I can just plug the speakers straight to the PC for sound, it's not the permanent answer I'm after.

I found after this that sound is fine when I first start up the PC, but if it goes to sleep and I come back, sound will stop outputting to the HDMI monitor. There is no indication there is a problem from Windows, if I do something like adjust Windows volume with a visualizer up it "thinks" there is sound.

Attempted fixes: If I go into Device Manager and open my Sound Controllers, I can disable and Re-enable NVIDIA High Definition Audio and get it going again. I've also checked and attempted an update on the drivers (already current). If I connect the speakers directly to the PC there is no problem with the sound.

Recent changes: Previously mentioned confusion with ASUS Audio Manager was probably it, it asks for confirmation of what device has just been connected, my headset uses 2 audio pins and I put them in at once, and I think my interactions with the tool and disconnecting them may have caused this.


Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit

System specs: Asus G20CB-UK032T Core i7-6700 12GB 1TB + 128GB SSD GeForce GTX 980 - Product page

Location: UK

I have Googled and read the FAQ: Yes. Was able to find the suggestion to reset the controller but nothing lasting.


Oct 2, 2003

Asus Audio Manager is probably a re-skin of the Realtek audio control panel, which I've found to be notoriously suck rear end.

When your audio is not working, open Services and see what's disabled. When I had this issue, the control panel kept disabling the Windows audio service. I never did find a fix; we ended up just plugging in a $10 USB sound card and saying gently caress it.

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