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Jaded Burnout
Jul 10, 2004

Note: This post is no longer written or edited by Jaded Burnout, please contact the mods listed below with any comments. Thanks!

This forum originally began as the rotating forum Take a Hike and has been expanded to include all outdoors activities! Our goal is to have a place for goons to come together and talk about these activities in a welcoming space! If you think you have a subject or question that isn't covered by one of the existing threads, then make a new one. You never know who might share your interest or have a valuable insight on your question. If you're ever in doubt !

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? PM Elmnt80 or Verman We'd be happy to hear from you. Issues with reports should also go to us since IKs do not have access to them.

The forum IKs are
Safety Dance


1. Use the report button
Everyone now has the ability to report posts, not just plat users. We may not always take a visible action on a report, but we read every report that is made in this forum. You will not be punished for filing a report or bringing up a concern to either of us in private. If the complaint involves one of us, then you are encouraged to bring it to the admin team. Our one request is that you actually put a reason in the report. Us trying to divine the reason for a report is going to make it less likely that your desired outcome happens.

2. Brigading
No militantism. It's okay to have an opinion. To go on little "campaigns" every time someone mentions something you don't like is bad and you should feel bad. Suppress the urge to bring your hammer of truth and logic crashing down on their little thread of lies. If you must post, make it something with context that can actually spawn a discussion were people can learn and grow.

3. Low effort threads
Content is the lifeblood of a forum. Your thread should be done in a way to start a discussion, either through asking a question with details that pertain to your situation or enough information in the OP to start a conversation. Now, not every thread needs to have some super huge megathread style op, but we also don't need a million one liner threads that serve no purpose.

4. Hunting and Fishing threads
There are goons that enjoy hunting and fishing. There are goons that think that these are horrible activities. Both groups are welcome to their opinions, but in a view towards having a forum that both groups can share and post together, we're going to have a couple of guidelines we expect you follow. Firstly, keep photos and descriptions directly dealing with your catch/kill to the relevant thread. General posting about it in relation to other camping/boating/etc activities is fine. For the other camp, going into the hunting/fishing thread to tell them how they are heartless monsters who just want to wantonly murder bambi/nemo is not needed or welcome. We can all behave like adults here and respect each other's opinions on this subject like the adults we all are.

5. Gunchat
Some goons may be doing outdoors stuff in places where angry animals want to rip their faces off. Some may bring guns with them for this reason and may make mention of it. This is fine. However discussions about said guns are better kept to PMs. TFR or an appropriate thread in TGO if one exists. The politics of guns should be kept to C-Spam or D&D. Threads about outdoors activities where guns are integral (such as the hunting thread) are fine to discuss them as it pertains to that activity. I'd like to think we can all be respectful of each other and all post together peacefully.

6. Stay on topic
Try to stay to the topic of the thread, derailing for a couple posts is fine, multi page derails about this weird rash you got from a toilet seat are not.

7. No Politics
This is not DnD, this is not CSPAM. Political discussions are best served being held in the actual political forums.

8. Rules Lawyering
Don't try riding the line on the rules. If you have to question how to word something to try and skirt the rules, we're both going to be better off if you just post what you actually mean and eat your punishment.

There are several goons with the ability to afford nice shiny things and the posts about them tend to be really neat. Nothing does more to discourage posts about these things than people asking "OMG WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING". Its not any of your business and they have 0 obligation to tell you. Just enjoy the neat content about something you'd normally not get to see.

10. Hate Speech
While its already an SA rule, I'm going to repeat it here so there is 0 misunderstanding. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia and other bigoted speech is not welcome here. This is your only warning.

11. Thread title changes
If you have a super witty title change that OMG YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE, then PM a mod or send a report requesting it when we get a chance. Just try not to abuse it.

(AI regulars will notice some similarities, since I borrowed heavily from AI's rules to make it and I feel the general vibe there would very much suit this forum. - Elmnt80)

Jaded Burnout fucked around with this message at 12:33 on Oct 29, 2020


Sep 25, 2006

looks good.

Dec 30, 2012


We now have a formal rules list for the forum!

It is of course subject to change depending on how this forum develops, but I do feel this will give us a very good starting point for future posting.

Dec 30, 2016


Somebody fucked around with this message at 16:24 on Jul 19, 2020

Dec 30, 2012


Updated the rules list with something on gunchat. Also updated list of IKs, a new forum deserves its own IKs that can grow into mods for it. But a big thank you to the TAH IKs picnic princess, levitate and verman.


Dec 30, 2012


Uodated mod and IK info

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