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Dec 8, 2009

Cool thread! I'm a 95% park DH rider that did a lot of DH/Dual Slalom racing growing up but fell out of it for years before returning to riding in my mid-20s. I was never great, haven't won anything and only had sponsorships from a shop I worked at when I was racing.

I'm now at the point where I feel comfortable competing again, signed up for the first race this year actually but it was obviously cancelled with everything else. I had tried an enduro a couple years ago but I couldn't manage the climbs between stages.

My 2021 goals are to hit at least one BC Cup DH race (I'm lower mainland based), maybe some local Canada cup DH races, and whatever little local races happen at Whistler, which is primarily where I ride. Hope to have lots of photos etc for the thread in the spring/summer when it all kicks off!

I floated the idea of making some Goon Factory Racing decals in various sizes/colorways/configurations last year. Would anyone be interested?


Dec 8, 2009

I have a design at home, I'll throw up a screenshot tomorrow when I'm back.

bicievino posted:

Out of curiosity, how does DH racing work in terms of... what's a race day like? Are you on trails you know so it's kinda just show up, do a few runs, compare times? Is it initial times and then finals like a worldcup?
What's the vibe like?

So it's similar to UCI (sometimes is UCI). Friday and Saturday morning practice, qually saturday, race Sunday. Generally no practice sessions between qually and race.

It's divided into groups, so you might have like Jr Elite and Pro Men in group A, U18 men and Women Elite in group B, etc. They stagger the practices so people with wildly different pace aren't running over each other. On race day you line up for your run, get the beep boops and go (love a good beep boop, once you hear it start you have 5 seconds to go at any time), they stagger the riders usually 30 or 45s apart. As a junior I once had to wait on the start platform in the unexpected snow as they medevac'd the guy before me who had a huge crash. I think that was on Vancouver Island or something.

In areas without a chairlift they have trucks to shuttle riders up for practice. At the level of racing I was doing there was never timed practice but you kinda knew how you were doing based on the other riders on the track.

For Dual Slalom they used to have similar practice and timed qually, but for the race they took the qually times and basically folded it in half so that the top qually rider would be vs the bottom. This made more sense in the middle of the pack but got kinda dumb outside that. I once had a crash in qually and had to go against Thomas Vanderham in my first race heat. I can't really remember but I think it went to loser's bracket kinda stuff like a double elimination.

Oh yeah, timing is usually done by laser. In the enduro race that I tried to do you had an NFC token on your wrist that you had to quickly tag on the transponder at the bottom of the stage.

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