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Aug 17, 2010


So, I officially have twins now.
Meet Thing 1 and Thing 2

Van #1 is a 2000, 1500. Has some flavor of V8 in it. Don't which one.
Body is in alright shape. Its missing the exterior door handle for the sliding side door, but everything else on it opens up just fine.
It starts. Doesn't have or need a key to start. But It starts! Smells powerfully of gas while its running, but doesn't seem to have any issues getting up and going.

The electrical side though, has a few issues. The PRNDL indicator on the dash doesn't work. The lights are wired in such a way that they come on automatically, but setting the switch to off turns them on. The blower for the HVAC sometimes works, but has a lovely wire connection and flakes out. AC doesn't work.

Van #2 is a 2001 2500. This one has issues.
The engine does start. Well, it used to before one of the battery terminals melted.

But it did start. Sometimes. It'd run pretty rough and kind sputter and misfire. So I'm thinking there's a timing issue.
I was told that this one had a motor swap done, that wasn't completely buttoned up. Again, this has a V8 of some flavor, still not sure which.

Most other things seem to work ok. Lights work. Well, the lights that it has. Blower for the HVAC works. This one actually has a key, and all the locks work.
Paint is in pretty bad shape as you can see on this one. The usual suspects on these vans though, the hood and the roof. Pretty easy to fix that side of things.

Both of them have a lot of dents and dings spread out across them. Some worse than others.

So why did I buy these? Well, for one, it was $700 for both of them.
For two, I'm gear these up to to be work vans again. I'm planning on making them ready for a hopefully long career in the HVAC/R field.

So they'll be getting shelves, partitions, and ladder racks at some point, and restickered on the outside. Not sure if I want to get them resprayed just yet.

Now, Let's talk about the """""FUN"""""" part of today. Getting these things home.

The journey back wasn't the hard part. AAA saved the day again by getting them towed for free.

Something tells me this won't be the last pic you'll see like this.

So the real fun began in the last 5 feet of getting these things park and ready to be worked on.
See, van #2 got stuck getting int in the driveway. Took a turn a bit too wide and welp.

Should have been simple enough to start it up, let it warm up, and back it in again right?
Well, the tow truck driver ran the battery down by leaving the lights on. Went to jump it out and got it started. Then it lost all power completely.

Popped the hood, and found that that postive battery terminal had liquefied. Not only was a poorly crimped aftermarket one install, but they lost the battery connector and had it held in place loosely by a bolt.
So that sucked. And this thing is loving heavy, loaded down with like 200lbs of OSB that the PO left in there for some reason, and its on a gravel driveway.

Well, after getitng Van #1 pulling and and friends truck pushing behind it we got it unstuck and out of the the way at least.
Van #2 has certainly proved it's worth today. Despite getting stuck in the gravel, pulling another van, and having it's own issues, it still worked like a champ.


Jun 17, 2010

Having a fun time on the internet

College Slice

Good luck on your sweet vans! I bought a 2003 Chevy Astro AWD today that has it's own gremlins, but not as bad as a liquefied battery terminal!

Nov 14, 2005

For The Record...

Love it!!!

Apr 12, 2010

do a kickflip

May 15, 2004

Psst -- Wanna buy

some high-quality thread's DESTROYED!

A+ thread title.

Apr 6, 2006

Welcome to thunderdome.

Ground floor.

Edit: nevermind the thunderdome comment, I see now you’re actually trying to get two running vans out of this.

90s Solo Cup
Feb 22, 2011

To understand the cup
He must become the cup

I'm liking where this is going.

Aug 17, 2010


So, no real update as of yet.

I'm keeping these at a friends house for now, as he has the room to store them and he's helping to work on them. I helped him install a bathroom fan today, and ran into some very scary wiring issues. So that was fun.
For some reason, the PO got rid of a bathroom fan that was installed in there already, by just removing the guts, but still leaving the shell in the attach, and installing a can light inside it, and sheetrocking over it. Oh, and to power it?" The tapped off of one of the main power wires running to the breaker panel. In the attic. Not inside a junction box. With a wire nut.

So, anyways, after doing lots of crawling and pulling some new wires. I just kinda looked over the vans and make a more complete list of what needs to be ordered and done on them.
And I went through and looked at some of the goodies contained within:

First prize of the day, some plumbing fittings:

Second prize, flavored nuts:

As you can see the previous owner was very thoughtful and forward thinking, and included a convenient snack holder for those long drives between jobs.

The radio leaves quite a bit to be desired, both in terms of actually working, and, you know, staying in place, or being level, or being secured in any meaningful way.
Also a whole mess of micro-USB charging cables were found scattered across the van.

The rear sliding door is completely missing the handles both inside and out. All the hardware is there, and it can be opened, but for some reason everything else is just....gone. Luckily its only like $20 worth of parts to replace everything, but still, its just like...why.
I do plan to try and scavenge some new interior panels for all of the doors as well. The sliding door one is missing, but the drivers side door card is all smashed up as well. Like, the entire bottom is smashed out of the storage pocket on it.

And last, but certainly not least, the wonderfully safe seatbelt on the drivers side:

I have no idea what's going on under that tape and I don't want to know. The whole assembly swings around like crazy and you can almost twist around itself. No clearly its barely bolted down to anything.

And this is on the "GOOD" one.

I still haven't looked around the inside of the other one too much because
A: I forgot to bring the keys with me this time
B. Most of the inside is taken up with the like 20 sheets of rotting OSB that were left in there.

So I can't wait to see what surprises are inside that one.

Mar 26, 2010

We're in the pipe, five by five.

Grimey Drawer

So the plan here is twin turbo LSX I'm assuming?


Oct 24, 2010



ExplodingSims posted:

So I can't wait to see what surprises are inside that one.

Another post like this on that van and we can call this a warped vans tour

It still kinda blows me away those things skipped the gen3 entirely and went right from tbi 350 to the gen4 in 03. In 2002 you could still get a good ole smallblock in a brand new vehicle.

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