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Nov 6, 2008

I am a wizard, not a poet.

The Dark Queen

Description: The Dark Queen is a large creature that has been seen only a handful of times. Most often spotted with an oily metallic exterior, the creature resembles a cross between a spider and and a person and is roughly the size of a pick-up truck.

History: The Dark Queen was first seen inside of the Miasmic Swamp, a dense swamp known for it's damp air filled with poisonous gasses. When it was discovered the air could be purified for Megacite, many began to filter the air for it's valuable energy. Unfortunately that awoke the Dark Queen, who had previously been content to simply stay within the swamps and breath the air for sustenance. Now that the swamp can no longer sustain the Dark Queen, it stalks the land for food.

Kaiju Qualities: 16points [8 Ranks]
Size Large[+4] - The Dark Queen is not a hulking behemoth, but it is large enough that it is able to physically defend itself against most human attackers.
Chameleon Skin[+4] - The Dark Queen's chitinous skin can shift it's color, melding into the background making it difficult to spot when stalking prey.
Chitinous Plating [+2] - The Dark Queen is covered in a tough exoskeleton, protecting it from small arms fire.
Spider Legs [+2] - Like a Spider, the Dark Queen is able to walk on any surface that can support it's weight. Their legs end in barbed points that can dig into nearly any material, providing support for the creature as it moves.
Acid Spit [+4] - The saliva of the Dark Queen is acidic in nature, allowing them to burn through metal and flesh alike.

Automatic Due to Size
Diplomacy [-/+ 0] (Due to size)
Dread [+/- 0] (Due to size)

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Spawn Larva [+4] - The Dark Queen is able to spawn minions to take actions on their behalf. These creatures can be no larger than a dog, and have animalistic intelligence, following simple commands but unable to communicate themselves, or do complicated tasks, with the most complicated task being something along the lines of "find X and bring it back here."
Psionic Blast [+4] - The Dark Queen assaults her foes with psionic energy, causing damage to their mind, and in severe cases, to their physical brain.
Leaping Strike [+4] - When needed, the Dark Queen can propel itself forward quickly, launching itself through the air and landing upon it's foes with razor shard claw-legs, slicing and crushing enemies.
Dominate [+2] - The Dark Queen can exert control over weak willed creatures, over-writing their own desires with its own.
Burrow [+2] - To escape in extreme situations, the Dark Queen will burrow underground quickly, sealing the tunnel behind themselves and protecting them from many attacks.
Mind Shields [+4] - The Dark Queen's mental power is formidable, and when dedicating that power to defense can protect itself from incoming attacks by creating a shield around itself.
Corrupt Land [+2] - The Dark Queen can cause the land near it to become corrupted and rotten, mutating it into swamplands.
Healing Slime[+2] - The Dark Queen secretes a slimy substance that can be used to heal wounds in lesser creatures, such as their minions or humans.

Hunger: 10M

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