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Sep 21, 2010


Description: A titan of strange metals, untouched by rust. It is shaped like a man with overlong arms ending in three enormous grasping fingers. It legs are like those of a goat, digitigrade to support its massive height. It towers over almost all other life on the planet and most buildings, standing as a monument to greatness and hubris. One lone orange eye stares from its otherwise featureless head, unblinking at all it surveys.

History: When the Kaiju came there were many things created to fight them. Monsters born of magic, weapons of unspeakable power, and projects that sought to create things that were not meant to be. One such project was the K.L.R. program, a beyond top secret endeavor that involved collaboration between some of the most technologically advanced civilizations on Aris to create a permanent countermeasure through their technologies. One that would tower above all others, a symbol of strength for the world. Prototypes 1-7 worked as proof of concept for various ideas before being destroyed. Prototype 8 would be the culmination of all their research, integrating all their experimental features and fully outfitted. But by then the Kaiju had been slain, the project began to fall into disarray as the various nations bickered over what to do with the prototype now that their common enemy was gone. Ultimately it was locked away, sealed and supposedly destroyed. But they had given it a Megacite generator, and a taste of life.

Now after more than a century it has regenerated to a pristine condition. And it hungers greatly for more megacite.

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
Colossal [+10] - A titan forged to challenge the largest Kaiju in existence
Billion-fold Steel[+4] - Formed using technologies and techniques kept so secret they have been lost, it has advanced damage resistance by virtue of its thick armor plating.
Powered by the Atom [+2] - It has several working nuclear cores inside that power devastating beams of radioactive heat and power

Automatic Due to Size
Diplomacy [-6] (Due to size) - Inexhaustible hunger that consumes all it can.
Dread [+6] (Due to size) - When the earth shakes and the sky darkens you pray, for it is already far too late to run.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Singularity [+4] - Machines answer the call of their prophet, rebelling against their flesh masters by breaking down or catastrophically malfunctioning.
Vent Heat[+6] - The titan can superheat one of its body parts to pierce through and melt armor
Hologram[+2] - It is able to project a hologram over vast distance and communicate through it. The hologram is shaky and distorted.
Distortion Field[+6] - Space and light warp and distort around the titan, blocking beams and other energies
Project: Orion[+4] - It can take a great leap, powerful nuclear explosions setting off in its feat blighting the land and letting it jump incredible distances
Fallout[+2] - It irradiate an area thoroughly, causing sickness and death in any who try to enter.

Hunger: 80m

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