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Roland Jones
Aug 18, 2011

Azheia, Hundred-Year Moth, Solar Empress, Midnight Sun, Hell-Monarch

Description: An enormous moth-like creature, white-furred body larger than an elephant and orange-black wings stretching over one hundred feet. She bears some differences from a typical moth, however, such as proportionally longer legs and the apparent presence of an actual mouth instead of a proboscis. A bright glow usually emanates from her.

History: A century after the first kaiju emerged (popularly claimed to be exactly one hundred years later to the day, but the precise date of the first kaiju's appearance is debated), a bright flash erupted over a mountain range near one of the largest cities on Aris, before a sun rose above the peaks, illuminating the region, before streaking off into the distance and disappearing. Investigating the area later found the landscape scorched black in a large radius, at the center of which lied the empty remains of a massive cocoon. The first official sighting of Azheia occurred shortly after.

Since that day, the kaiju has been seen numerous times, and is near-constantly monitored by several nations (in part because it's not exactly difficult to track her). Thus far, she has seemed largely non-hostile towards humans, and outside of clashes with more aggressive kaiju no incidents involving her have resulted in human casualties. Nevertheless, national leadership remains wary of her destructive power (and immense appetite for megacite), even as a segment of the public regards the entity positively or even reverently.

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
Huge [+6] - While her body is closer in mass to kaiju categorized as smaller than her, her wingspan stretches considerably further, and her appetite and might firmly place her in the upper range
Essence of Fire [+6] - Azheia's body can grow burning hot, to the point of melting through metal, while even the most intense external sources of heat leave her unburnt. Even the area around her can grow devastatingly, nightmarishly hot, boiling liquids and immolating plants, though Azheia can also reduce this to a mere uncomfortable heat, and similarly regulate her body temperature to be tolerable to less resilient beings if necessary.
Flight [+4] - Despite her massive size, she soars through the air with incredible speed and ease.

Automatic Due to Size
Diplomacy [-2] (Due to size) - While there are those individuals and groups that admire her, nations as a whole are invariably (and arguably rightly) wary of anything with such destructive power.
Dread [+2] (Due to size) - A second sun descends from the heavens and lands, towering above you. Awe and terror are only natural.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Celestial Radiance [+6] - Grossly incandescent, Azheia can shine intensely enough to appear as a second sun in the sky or make the night as bright as day, though her normal brightness is somewhat more subdued. (It can also be completely suppressed, if required.)
Atmospheric Manipulation [+6] - Through alteration of air currents, pressure, temperature, and other means, Azheia can affect the weather in a localized area, most commonly bringing or banishing clouds and rain.
Sensitive Antennae [+4] - While her sight and hearing are nothing special by kaiju standards, Azheia has other senses that are incredibly sharp, including a sense of smell that can detect things from miles away.
Psionic Receptivity [+2] - Though poor at communicating more than general feelings with anything other than fellow kaiju and the psionically-sensitive, Azheia is quite skilled at picking up the thoughts and feelings of other beings, swiftly gaining their measure and making her hard to deceive.
Restorative Mucus [+2] - Strangely, Azheia's saliva has demonstrated mild curative properties, as well as a cooling and anesthetic nature that makes the heat of the entity's body more bearable.
Catharsis [+4] - Azheia burns away impurities and imperfections, cleansing both lands and lifeforms, so long as they can endure the heat of purgation.

Hunger: 20M


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