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Dec 10, 2013

wheres the jester, I could do with some pointless nonsense right about now

Belfry, Night-Spawn, Goat-Snatcher, the Beast of Devil's Spine Mountains

Description: The superstitious guides that know the trails of the Devil's Spine Mountains describe Belfry as being part bat, part rat, and part man. They are not far from the truth, although the winged creature shares no resemblance to humans beyond an almost upright posture and hands capable of fine manipulation. His milk-white eyes stare blindly in front of him, but his clever nose and his huge ears provide him all the sensory information he could dream of. Thick, leathery wings lift his hunched body over the pastures and the crags, most often on moonless night, when you'd have no clue of his presence except the sudden disappearance of stars as his silhouette flies over your head. His tail lacks the smacking power of many kaijus, but it does help stabilize his ungainly frame and maneuver in the air.

History: Even the most venerable great-grandparents remember being told tales of Belfry, which means that the beast has haunted the forests of Old Dalcya for quite some time now. But lately the sightings have become quite regular, and while in the past many different descriptions of him circulated, now all eyewitnesses seem to agree on what he looks like. The leading theories among the scholars and sages from the capital who consider such things worth their time is that this beast had gone into hiding for entire generations, and now something has dragged it out of its lair to interact once more in the world of man.

They would have chalked it up to one more horrid critter born of the forests of that blasted region (the place has an unsavory reputation; as if the inhabitants being insular and prone to unusual customs wasn't enough, its fauna is also prone to a statistically unlikely number of mutations), if their radios didn't pick up a signal coming from that region, far from any sign of civilization that should be capable of producing radio waves.

Imagine their surprise when it introduced itself, in a halting and high-pitched voice, at Belfry. He seeked a different prey than goats, and he was willing to negotiate...

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
Size [+2] - He's just big enough to dive onto the herd you were watching, snatch a juicy-looking goat (or your horse, if he's feeling really hungry) and fly away into the night.
Bat Senses [+6] - From a comfortable perch on an ancient redwood tree, overlooking a little town more than a hundred paces away, he can hear the guilty hearbeat of the priest, smell the liquor on the drunkard's breath, echolocate the unkindness of ravens coming in from the West and listen in on a hushed radio conversation between two spies.
Stealth [+4] - Given Belfry's size, you'd think he would have been discovered earlier. How did he manage to stay hidden for so long? Is it true that he's been seen flapping his wings with no sound coming from them? Can he silence his flight at any time, and if he does, how do you know that he's not coming for you right now?
Flight [+4] - Belfry has never been in a dogfight with the humans' fancy flying machines, but he's pretty sure that he'd come out on top.

Automatic Due to Size
Diplomacy [+2] (Due to size) Belfry's a quick learner. He can communicate with radio waves, Morse code (tapping the ground with his paw) and is well on his way to producing vocalizations very similar to human voices. Given the way his mouth is shaped, he'll probably never manage to get rid of the screech in his voice, but it's still quite impressive, isn't it?
Dread [-2] (Due to size) The locals see him as a local cryptid, a piece of their folklore. The scientists from outside his native lands see him as a fascinating subject. They both know him, somewhat, and familiarity is fear's antidote.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Sonic Scream[+8] - Strong enough to pulverizes bones, shatter stone and break metal.
Subsonic Manipulation [+6] - By tapping into frequencies much beyond what humans can hear, Belfry can disorient, stun and confound his opponents as tintinnabulation fills their ears and brains. He also uses this for radio communication.
Burst of Speed [+4] - Belfry likes using this when he's diving down on some prey or escaping a bad situation.
Grab-and-Throw[+4] - Back when goats were enough to feed him, he liked grabbing one, flying up very high and letting it crash onto the ground. These tactics aren't going to work on his larger kin, so he's trained himself at grabbing heavier and heavier things and throwing them with unerring force and precision.
Magic Resistance [+2] - Devil's Spine Mountains are chock full of old magic and eldritch spirits. Overexposure to it might have had an hand in making Belfry what he is today, once upon a time, but now it doesn't affect him much.

Hunger: 5 M
Lair: A cavern complex on Devil's Spine Mountains. Lots of room to fly, skeletons of his prey for decor, bats for company and a couple of bears for security. Home sweet home.

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