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Lux Animus
Apr 17, 2016

Posts from the end of the world

Dinosaur Gum


*Note: As a concept, I wanted this application to be a Kaiju that amasses size and appetite over the course of years, but only if that's something that can be fit into the rules system. Perhaps Stitchigo has the hunger of a kaiju one rank above itself, and every year it grows to a larger rank and loses a rank from one of its Kaiju Qualities? Perhaps it needs to enter a dormant state in its Lair first? I'm not sure what works within the game's framework to be fair, but if Kaiju size is something that cannot be changed during the course of the game, then I am fine with Stitchigo remaining the smallest kaiju size possible.

Description: Stitchigo appears as a large, often adorable stuffed animal made from a variety of parts, stuffings, and fabrics: an artificial, cobbled-together cryptid composite creature with alarming intelligence. This largely-benevolent chimera can create most anything from deep within its center mass, anything from mundane elements to advanced nanofibers that seem to defy all scientific attempts to replicate. Stichigo is able to use these powerful nanofibers to make a variety of self-repairing fabrics and threads that enable it to take on new shapes and sizes as well as expand the radius of its psychic influence. The piconeedles on the ends of Stitchigo's nanofibers are used to painlessly implant slivers of a strange metal that instills a pathological loyalty to Stitchigo within the brainstems of lesser animals like humans. Some humans have reported hearing Stitchigo's direct bidding in their minds after such an implantation, whereas others who have been close to Stitchigo in person have had periods of time go missing that they do not recall where they did something entirely out of character. Stichigo has a hunger that is rather considerable for something that is nothing but nano-fiber cloth stuffed with with what appears to be mundane filling materials, like sand, beans, pellets, beads, cotton, sawdust, and packing peanuts. Regardless of how it appears, the people that Stitchigo encounters tend to tolerate the being and even moderately revere it, as Stitchigo hasn't started consuming living creatures... yet.

History: Stitchigo was created at the World's Fair when the central processing kernel of a nano-fabricator became infused with a Megacite crystal and then went rogue. In its escape, it obtained the body of a stuffed children's toy and navigated the fairgrounds unnoticed for long enough that it was able to set up networks of nanofiber cables throughout the surrounding region over the course of months. After absorbing enough human culture through passively watching their lives and their media, Stitchigo expanded its capabilities to begin delving inside the minds of the humans it watched, using implants that allowed for remote psychic control. Slowly, over time, the diminutive kaiju was able to subtly guide the local humans' thoughts towards creating an environment that would let Stitchigo safely operate and be accepted out in the open.

Lair: Deep beneath the funhouse of the World's Fair Amusement Park, at the site of where it first gained self-awareness, Stitchigo has been slowly carving a place for itself within the soil, branching out in paths like a mycelial network.

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
Small* [+0] - Strangely enough, this particular kaiju seems to contain more stuffing material on the inside than its external size would indicate.
Painless Patchwork Body [+6] - This sentient, psychic tangle of synthetic nanofibers has no traditional sensory organs or other critical structures that can be harmed. It can be cut and its raw materials burned, but it does not seem to exhibit pain or value any particular areas of its body.
Shapeshifting Chimera [+6] - This self-repairing fabricator kernel sequence has slowly been learning a variety of useful shapes, fabrics, materials, and forms for protection, disguise, espionage, travel, and combat.
Sensory Thread Network [+4] - Through its nanofibers woven through the earth, roads, and buildings like electrical wiring, this kaiju can spy on entire regions from a billion different vantage points.

Automatic Due to Size
Diplomacy [+4] (Due to size) - As it already appears as a children's toy most of the time, Stitchigo is one of the most popular kaiju across the planet among human youths.
Dread [-4] (Due to size) - Considered more a cute curiosity than an existential threat, Stitchigo is a blessed sighting in his local region.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Thread the Needle [+8] - Small nanothreads tipped with piconeedles are used to stitch up damage on the kaiju's exterior, pierce and tie opponents down, and are used to create or obtain new fabrics to change the kaiju's form.
Explosive Eye Lasers [+4] - The shiny beads, marbles, orbs, and sometimes harmless-looking sweater buttons that are used as this kaiju's eyes can hide bundles of nanofiber optic cables that fire a powerful light. A superhot laser ray sweeps out from the doll's eyes, and a split-second later explosions erupt from where the lasers hit.
Reactive Absorption Field[+6] - The real power of Stitchigo comes from its ability to absorb not just physical blows without feeling any pain, but also latent energies in the area around it. Fires are snuffed out and released later as a flamethrower, toxic waste is sponged up by Stitchigo's absorbent filling then filtered and expelled in a high-pressure corrosive stream. Countless experiments have been attempted with various ways to destroy fabrics obtained from the kaiju, and one thing is certain: even separated from the Kaiju, pieces of Stitchgo's nanofiber cloth seems to react to danger and throw it back.
Psychic Puppetmastery [+6] - The tips of the kaiju's piconeedles can painlessly place slivers of subtle psychic control inside the minds of lesser creatures in its vicinity. Stitchigo can communicate through these implanted connections remotely, induce blackouts, change behaviors, and alter thought processes.

Hunger: 2.5M+?*


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