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I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Kaiju Gods: Large and in Charge [A Modified PDQ Godgame]

On the planet of Aris, the steampunk, magi-tech, techno-science, and bio-terminis factions all arrived over 500 years ago. Some came from other realms, others from other worlds, and many from different dimensions. All to claim and collect a precious resource found here in abundance but in scarcity in their respective origin points. Megacite

It has been called the ultimate element. Leftover from creation it could be used for any application or enhance existing sciences, magics and abilities. The planet was riddled with it, and where veins were found territory and nations were founded to claim it. Time has worn off the initial shock upon meeting aliens from other realities and as conflicts ended and an uneasy stalemate had been achieved as lines were drawn and politics and profit soon moved nationalistic warmongering to the sideline. This does not mean that the nations were at peace, however. But open conflict was limited to some engagements and mutual defense pacts and mutual destruction prevented escalation of hostilities.

The world of Aris was at peace relatively speaking. Within the seas, there was drilling and on the land there was mining. Filtration and getting the refined Megacite back to their own points of origin was accomplished annually with various methods. The ways to and from the world were not always open and attempts to move beyond its boundaries at any other time were both foolish and dangerous if they worked at all. But greed is greed. And often that drive for more can make even the most sane planners delve too deep.

The cracks and fissures were (at first) seen as boons to the extraction process of more Megacite. But there were things best left alone on this world. Creatures that were kept within, Either living, sleeping, or possibly imprisoned there. No one knows when the first creature crawled out of those cracks in the world. But the first to attack caught everyone by surprise.

It was intelligent. Massive. And...destroyed. Consumed. Underestimated, it soon was discovered that the refined Megacite was its intended goal and target. The less pure Megacite was used as currency of which every citizen had. The next least pure megacite was used in construction of which the buildings, vehicles, and products were sometimes made. The most pure which was used for applications of technology, magic, and more as well as sent back to the origin worlds of their maker was the most desired by the beast. It attacked over and over, it ate, it took and it finally became sated. When it seemed the beast was no longer active in the world and did not return, the nations rebuilt and began developing some countermeasures. When the beast returned it was met with resistance, however it took many years to finally slay and kill it. It spoke only a few times, usually to demand things and then promptly return the next year and take. It answered the question many had when it first appeared. How smart was it? Could it have been reasoned with?

The world would never be the same. It has been 100 years since that day and the nations have almost forgotten the tragedy. But time is a river. And history repeats…

Awaken Kaiju! Godbeasts! Masters of Aris!


I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Welcome to: Kaiju Gods: Large and in charge, a flavored approach to a godgame with a slightly scaled back system. Hopefully it is easy to understand and once things get rolling, will be a blast. This is an RPG sandbox style game, where interactions can be co-operative, competitive or boring. All actions have consequences though, both to NPC entities and other PCs.

You the player, play as a Kaiju. You are the mightiest godbeasts or closest thing to a god on the planet of Aris, Whether you hatched, were born, created, or have always existed you are mighty and the world will tremble. Good, Evil, Indifferent... It does not matter. You exist to live, consume, and maybe should you wish... To Rule. The following is a guide for creating your Kaiju godbeast. All Kaiju get two qualities the first quality are Kaiju Qualities and the second are Monster Qualities which will be gone into detail later. First we talk about size. A Kaiju can use his size in combat to attack, defend, and overwhelm defenses.

The larger a Kaiju is, the more punishment he can take. However, the larger a Kaiju is the more Megacite is required to have to be fully functional throughout the year. To feed your Kaiju Qualities it will take . Lots and lots of Megacite. It is part of the nature of what you are. Changing shape or size with magic, science, or abilities does not change what you are at the core and what you NEED. Each year any Kaiju does not meet his Megacite requirements results in a net -2 to all abilities (for all stats). Eventually when it reaches the point where the Kaiju can no longer continue (the loss of stats bringing him to 0 Kaiju Qualities or less), he must slumber to regain his lost abilities. While asleep he can take no action and may be slain by wandering kill teams or heroes, so be careful.

Larger Kaiju are often more powerful than smaller ones and as such will have more Action Points (AP).
Smaller Kaiju may be seen as less threatening to “mortals” and as such, enjoy a bonus when dealing with them, and find it easier to get mortals to work with them. However smaller Kaiju can have more or even more potent Kaiju Qualities so there is always a trade off.
***Note: No ability or quality will be able to produce Megacite, or improve any nation’s extraction rate.

Kaiju Names
Think of a good name for your Kaiju, but not one that is impossible to pronounce or type. Slurgan, Bulbatha, or Smasha are good names. SSthrilliaizaixthez-Bursssshhhssjth is not. You can be unique or pick a good name without randomly typing on your keyboard. This is one of the only deal breakers on a submission that will not get you picked no matter how good a character it may be.

Kaiju Types
There are many different types of Kaiju, giant robots, mutant plants, frankenstein creatures, toxic or nuclear made creatures, giant animals, your imagination is the limit. What type of Kaiju will you have? What kind of Qualities? Does it have two heads? A thousand arms? Wings? No wings at all? Aquatic? A giant flying moth? Where will he make his home when not rampaging? What are his attitudes towards other Kaiju? What type of Kaiju is his nemesis?

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Kaiju Qualities:
This is a quality as described in the PDQ document . Simply put, this is what kind of Kaiju your Kaiju will be. When a character takes damage they assign damage to their Kaiju Qualities. You will be given 8 Ranks (16 points) to assign to Kaiju Qualities. This is where the customization of your Kaiju comes into play.

For example if I wanted to make a Huge Dinosaur Kaiju with Acid breath:
I would take Huge +6, Acid Breath +2, and if I wanted a small amount of immunity against fire I would take fire immunity +2. This leaves us with 6 more points to assign. If I wanted him to have thicker armor for instance I could buy Thick Skinned +4. With my last 2 points I want my Kaiju to have keen eyesight so I take Eagle Eyes +2. These qualities can be used in opposed rolls in any situation.

The Character would look like this (when completing this section):
My Name
Huge [+6] - Description
Thick Skinned [+4] - Description
Acid Breath [+2] - Description
Fire Immunity [+2] - Description
Eagle Eyes [+2] - Description
Diplomacy [-2] (Due to size)
Dread [+2] (Due to size)

The more ranks put into the size quality, the larger your Kaiju will be but also the larger need for Megacite to be to sustain him, however you gain more AP at the cost of diplomacy. This finishes up the Kaiju Qualities segment now on to Monster Ability/Qualities!
***Note: No Monster Ability or quality will be able to produce infinite resources, Megacite, or increase a nation’s production of Megacite.
    Monster Abilities/Qualities:
  • These are qualities as described in the PDQ document .
  • Monster abilities are a special type of Quality. You will be given 12 ranks (24 points) to spend on minor Monster abilities.
  • Monster abilities, as a Quality, are rated in Ranks. These range from [+2] to an unlimited total. Unlike regular Qualities, when a character takes damage, they may not assign damage to their Monster abilities. [this makes you still useful rather than completely gimped from bad rolls]
  • When using an ability, the initiator rolls 2d6 and adds the ability's Rank, then compares the total to 9. If the result is greater than or equal to 9, the Monster Ability succeeds; if the result is less than 9, the Monster Ability fails.
      • A Monster Ability of Good Rank [+2] will succeed roughly 50% of the time. Increasingly higher Rank makes the ability more likely to succeed when used. Players begin with a number of ability Ranks they may use to make Monster abilities. These are assigned like normal Ranks in Qualities, save that they may only be assigned to Monster abilities.

      • Each Monster Ability is a separate Quality.
When making Monster abilities, the following rules apply:
An ability has a minimum Rank equal to the total of any penalties, bonuses or Quality Ranks it bestows when successfully used. Abilities with a total that is negative, such as curses or debuffs, have a minimum Rank equal to the inverse of this total. Monster abilities used with a total of zero must still be at least Good Rank [+2].

Monster abilities have no maximum Rank: if a player wishes to make a simple ability much more likely to succeed when used, they may increase the Rank of the ability as they choose.
An ability should not be universally useful; if a monster ability bestows a bonus or effect that can apply to almost any roll or otherwise seems like it could be useful in any situation, its application is too broad and must be reduced.
Monster abilities may be pitted against other Qualities (including other Monster abilities) using the resolution mechanics detailed in PDQ. A monster ability must be logically capable of countering another ability or quality in order to be used against it (GM's arbitration).

i.e. Gorgoth confronts Stumpy and attacks him with Explosive Blast [+2], rolling 10 for a total of 12. Confident in his defense monster ability, Stumpy stands his ground and uses Force Shield [+6] to resist, rolling 3 for a total of 9. The two abilities collide and Gorgoth's magic overwhelms the shield, dealing three ranks of damage to Stumpy. [12 vs 9]

When attempting to destroy a persistent monster ability effect that has been previously set (like a shielded area) and exists independent of its creator, treat the Rank of the Monster ability that created it as the total Ranks of damage that must be dealt in order to destroy that particular effect.

i.e. Gorgoth encounters a wall of Continual Flame [+6] created in Stumpy's lair. Gorgoth wishes to destroy the Monster Ability (which is independent of its originator), but he cannot use Explosive Blast [+2] to do so, as neither his player nor the GM can think of a logical way that an Explosive Blast could counter Continual Flame. Instead, Gorgoth uses Cold Aura [+4], which would automatically deals enough ranks of damage to destroy the Continual Flame [+6], and so the Monster Ability is extinguished.

Later, Gorgoth encounters another Monster Ability of Continual Flame [+6]: this is a separate use and is not affected by Gorgoth's earlier actions.

Defensive Monster Abilities, such as shields, may actively roll to resist being destroyed, using their Rank as a modifier to their defensive roll.

i.e. As he retreats, Stumpy throws Force Shield [+6] over the entrance to his inner sanctum. Gorgoth wishes to break through the Force Shield [+6] Monster Ability (which is independent of its originator), and to do so he uses Explosive Blast [+2]. He attacks with Explosive Blast [+2] and rolls 7, for a total of 9. Since it is a defensive Monster Ability, the Force Shield [+6] resists and rolls 2, for a total of 8. Gorgoth deals one rank of damage to the Force Shield, which is now [+4]. If Gorgoth wishes to break down the Force Shield [+4] he must continue to attack it until he reduces it to [+0].

Meanwhile, Stumpy throws down another Force Shield [+6] in his inner sanctum: this is a separate use and is not affected by Gorgoth's attempts to breach the entrance to the inner sanctum. **Note: No Monster Ability or quality will be able to produce infinite resources or Megacite, or increase production of megacite in a nation.

I am Communist fucked around with this message at 02:08 on Aug 4, 2020

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Action Points (AP) and you
Action points are going to be given out every year (game time). Action points are used to set limits on the number of actions a player may take in a given year. This adds an element of tactics and strategy to the game as well as lets those who cannot post as much still be as valid as those who post more frequently.
Any BONUS Action Points due to a Kaiju's size are separate from any the GM assigns you for accomplishments or cool posts. -=Or=- taking nations or being given something that derives AP from an object in the world.

Example actions:
    AP actions an costs
    • 1AP[list]
    • Use a Monster Ability that lasts a scene
    • Travel to one adjacent land
    • Forge or Craft mundane items (+0)
    • In the land you currently occupy perform a nation action
    • Search the land you currently occupy for something or someone.
    • Use your Kaiju Quality
    • Expend a single +2 item or Servant
  • 2AP
    • Use a Monster Ability or Kaiju effect that lasts a day
    • In the land next to the one you currently occupy perform a nation action
    • Search the land next to the one you currently occupy for something or someone.
    • Expend a single +4 item or Servant
  • 3AP
    • Use a Monster Ability or Kaiju effect that lasts a week
    • Build a basic single story structure or Lair [Takes one month] (coccoon, or thing)
    • Put on a burst of speed and fast Kaiju reflexes to catch or escape something or someone. (ground, sea or flight)
    • Expend a single +6 Item or servant
  • 4AP
    • Use a Monster Ability or Kaiju effect that lasts a lunar month
    • Build a maze or dungeon style lair [takes two months]
    • Build a linked underground lair to other structures or lairs [Takes two months]
    • Expend a single +8 Item or servant
  • 5AP
    • Dig a vast shaft deep into the earth. [massive earth works, underground lair]
    • Attempt espionage yourself with another race. (temporary form change, each use can reduce your size or increase your beauty to a nation or race)
    • Expend a single +10 Item or servant
  • 6AP
    • Expend a single +12 Item or servant
  • 14AP
    • Use a Monster Ability or Kaiju effect that lasts a year.
See table(s) above for ease of finding information

]uKaiju Lairs & Hideouts[/u]
Every Kaiju is hungry, and every Kaiju needs a place to rest and stash any extra Megacite they may receive. Is it a cave? An old military fortress in the side of a mountain? Perhaps in a swamp or under the sea?
Describe your Kaiju's first lair or hideout discovery and what his home will be like. It will be the first one he gets in the game! (when created)

There is nothing in this world that will satisfy you.
Nothing in this world that will empower you.
Nothing more delicious and nutritious and will feed your power.
Nothing like…..Megacite.
The more refined, the better it tastes, smells, and ultimately fuels you. It takes lots of energy to make an impossible being like you possible. So long as you are fed and eat what you need during the year, you will remain so. Do not and you will feel drained and lose and take damage to your Kaiju Qualities. Once they reach zero. You will need to sleep to heal and return to wakefulness.

See tables above for ease of finding information

Nations come in many sizes and like your Kaiju certain actions and different qualities effect you or affect them. There are goods to sometimes be bought if you have a good enough reputation, each nation produces its own amount of Megacite which can be determined by scouting or other Kaiju means.

Time is measured in years. So every GM update saying “end of the year” means that the year is over. Action Points do not transfer into the new year. But surplus Megacite DOES! So long as you have a base, home, or lair that can house it and keep out other Kaiju from it!

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Combat will be handled a little differently here than in the PDQ handbook. Nations get a certain number of actions. Kaiju get action points to do certain actions. In combat the Nation can either seek you out if you kick the hornets’ nest once too often or if you step in the anthill will sting you. The nation has its own level of national defense and each year can increase or decrease their threat level, depending on how often they are made to suffer.

But essentially the number of phases a nation has is the number of combat rounds it will take to make or break them, or you.
(If you reach zero Kaiju quality ranks your character dies.)

Should you decide to fight another Kaiju for “reasons”. It will resolve as stated above until one of your runs (if you have the AP to get away and they don’t), cries uncle, or reaches zero quality ranks.

Using monster abilities and Kaiju qualities takes AP (costs seen above). And resolves as already stated above this section.

Damage and Healing
If your character is damaged, they can heal one Kaiju quality rank per year by sacrificing all of their AP and essentially going to sleep. Items may be for sale or in the game world that may heal damaged ranks.

When diplomacy and words fail there is only war and death.
Slaying another PC will gain you all of their stuff, Megacite collected, and items.
Getting slain by one of the nations will result in a loss of all of these items

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Other Business

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via PMs. You can also often find me in #ohgod on discord.
I’m happy to help with questions about the game or your character. Feedbacks will be given to all completed apps.
Discord is NOT required to participate in this game but it is encouraged. We have a robust evolving community that has been playing / running godgame style games for a little over a decade.

I am looking for around 6 - 8 players but can take more or less depending on interest. The game world and map will either be expanded or contracted based on this, so while I've been asked if there will be enough M for everyone I will say just about enough depending on how efficient you are.

Some questions that have been asked and answered already from discord:
Is X build and Size more efficient than Y?
A: Yes and no. this is wholly dependent on the PC's playstyle. I want people to be able to play what they want but knowing it might be harder to get it all initially.

What does dread and diplomacy have to do with anything?
A: Some players like to be social, others do not. Some try to ignore the mechanic and will find that the effects of their actions affect the nations and other NPCs. For example: If you want to make friends with the nations and be diplomatic then you can be small. Dread kind of locks you into intimidation and conquering, and demanding things. Where as the more diplomatic option you're not intimidating anyone. And the demands you have might be met with laughter if a dog sized Kaiju wants a nation's surrender.
Sometimes your in game actions will give you a bonus to nation interactions. If you smash not-tokyo in a neighboring nation, you knocking on their neighbor's door for a protection donation may have them pay you off rather than have their citizens killed.

edit: About Kaiju Qualities vs Monster Qualities
The rule of thumb is that if its a physical quality with widespread use its a Kaiju Quality.
whereas if its a skill/knowledge with a more limited application its a Monster Quality.
Kaiju Qualities can be damaged, Monster Qualities can't.
and we have more leeway to use Kaiju qualities widely while Monster Qualities should be more narrow.

1.) Kaiju qualities are broader in application.
2.) Monster Qualities will never degrade in power due to damage taken, and thus always be available.

I am Communist fucked around with this message at 19:56 on Aug 6, 2020

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002


Description: Big Red is a giant Kaiju made of unbreakable crystal and filled with fiery red liquid.

History: He was imprisoned deep by the progenitors of the world. Held in place by magnetism and science the delving of the new races upon the surface have broken his prison and he...etc etc

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
Huge [+6] - Larger than most but not the bigges Big Red uses size to his advantage in combat
Thick Skinned [+2] - Old battle scars sriss-cross the crystal which shields him, many a blow have been turned aside by his skin alone.
Fire Bomb[+2] - He vomits forth hot magma, his breath can melt the strongest mortal armor on tanks
Burn Immunity [+2] - Big Red is immune to all but the harshest of flames. His resistance can be overcome by only the hardest and concentrated flames. Nuclear fire, mage fire, and even some acids can be resisted by his burn resistance.
Eagle Eyes [+4] - Keen are the eyes of Big Red, he can see for miles and pick out details of tiny objects from afar. This also aids him in searches.

Automatic Due to Size
Diplomacy [-2] (Due to size) - Due to his fearsome nature and size, Big Red isn't a stickler for diplomacy and just wants to be left alone.
Dread [+2] (Due to size) - Opponents flee and those who would be allies mistrust and fear Big Red, requiring him to chase down victims or to coerce mortals to work with him

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Detect Stealthy creatures and things [+6] - A eldritch glow will appear around camouflage items, creatures, or things.
Fireballz [+4] - A ball of fire to explode and damage enemies.
Wall of Flame [+4] - A wall of flames to block off pathways and burn enemies.
Shield of fire [+2] - Offensive vs physical attack. Melts bullets Good vs flammable objects and flame spells
Unveil Invisibility [+2] - A cloud of red particles dispels the invisibility of another by covering them in a red dust that doesn’t come off easily.
Rock Hard [+2] - A hardened brick of magma the size of a train is formed and slung towards his foes.
Mental Dominion [+2] - On a single thinking target, gain dominion over their thoughts and actions, like a puppet.
Psychic Communication [+2] - Be able to speak with any creature with a brain that is able to think for itself.

Hunger: 20M


[img]  URL   [/img]

[b][u]Description[/b][/u]: Words

[b][u]History[/b][/u]: Words

[b][u]Kaiju Qualities:[/u][/b] 16 points [8 Ranks]
[b]Size [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality [+X][/b] - Words

[b][u][i]Automatic Due to Size[/u][/b][/i]
[b]Diplomacy [-/+ X] (Due to size)[/b] - Words
[b]Dread [+/- X] (Due to size)[/b] - 

[b][u]Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks][/u][/b] 
[b]Quality/Ability [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality/Ability [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality/Ability [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality/Ability [+X][/b] - Words
[b]Quality/Ability [+X][/b] - Words

[b][u]Hunger:[/u][/b]  Value from chart

I am Communist fucked around with this message at 20:37 on Aug 4, 2020

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Feedback time!

Amnistar posted:

The Dark Queen

GM: It's "Megacite" *patent pending, Mag-I-cite is trademarked.[/b]

Kaiju Qualities: 16points [8 Ranks]
GM: No issues seen.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Spawn Larva [+4] - GM: Perfect Example of a Monster Quality
Healing Slime[+2] - GM: This can also be used as a "shield" vs damage, [preventative] if the mucus covering is used in such a way. But not to heal ranked damage to Kaiju Qualities as the healing mechanic exists.
GM: Otherwise, no issues seen.
Hunger: 10M

Not Alex posted:

Slaithe, The Gaze of Madness

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
GM: No issues seen.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
GM: No issues seen.

Hunger: 40m

Zore posted:


Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
GM: No issues seen.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
GM: No issues seen.

This goes down here;
Hunger: 80m

Valhawk posted:


GM: It's "Megacite" *patent pending, megac-Y-te is a failed soft drink

Kaiju Qualities:
GM: No issues seen.

Monster Abilities:
GM: No issues seen.

Hunger: 20

a fatguy baldspot posted:

GM: Just needing some explanations for some things so I have a clear understanding of them.

ALASTEREESTI <---- GM: Ohoohoh, very borderline, but I'll allow it.

Kaiju Qualities:
The Ceânsong [+4] - GM: Creative but... what does it do mechanically speaking. Is it a siren's song? Charming those who hear it? Or is it something to frighten? It doesn't seem damaging. It also seems like communication but not? Please elaborate. I am curious.
Great and Terrible Hands [+2] - GM: Large scale creation and mending of things. Correct?

Monster Qualities
A Door in the Rain [+6] - GM: You're making +6 specters or renavants? y/n ?
Barilyant Ballet [+4] - GM: Is this an attack or a defense? Speed ?
The Upheaval Arrangement [+2] - GM: Exit song spell.

Hunger: - 80m

Lair: - GM: No issues seen.

paradoxGentleman posted:

Belfry, Night-Spawn, Goat-Snatcher, the Beast of Devil's Spine Mountains

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
GM: No issues seen.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
:krakken: GM: No issues seen.

Hunger: 5 M

:krakken: GM: All entries. I do not give out praise or say things like "good" or "cool" because I've had messages asking why if an entry was good why it did or didn't make it. So "no issues seen" means it means that the quality or ability meets requirements for play. "Mechanically sound". If I have questions, do not take them as negative. They are so I have an agreed upon understanding and clarification between GM and applicant so if picked, there is no disappointment on either side.

So far so mechanically sound!

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Ok deadline for entries will be in 3 days. I will post feedbacks on as far as the last day. On the 4th day I will begin picks

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Seems like the last feedback. But there's still time for entries!

Lux Animus posted:


*Note: GM: No issues seen. You can change size with abilities or Kaiju Qualities but not the diplomacy/dread or the amount of food needed to feed you or any other mechanics. But physically and fluff wise this is doable.

Lair: GM: No issues seen.

Kaiju Qualities: 16 points [8 Ranks]
Painless Patchwork Body [+6] - GM: No issues seen.
Shapeshifting Chimera [+6] - GM: No issues seen.
Sensory Thread Network [+4] - GM: No issues seen. But realize you'd be building it with rolls, not already existing as rolls can fail.

Monster Qualities 24 points [12 Ranks]
Thread the Needle [+8] - GM: No issues seen.
Explosive Eye Lasers [+4] - GM: No issues seen.
Reactive Absorption Field[+6] - [GM: No issues seen.
Psychic Puppetmastery [+6] - GM: No issues seen.

Hunger: GM: its 2.5M. Mechanics change for no one. For my and other players' sanity and ease of play.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Ok the time to pick is upon us! The deliberations begin!

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

The 8 players Selected that meet quality control standards
(listed in Order of size)

a fatguy baldspot as ALASTEREESTI | Size Colossal | Hunger: 80M
Zore as: KLR-8, | Size: Colossal | Hunger: 80M
Not Alex as Slaithe, The Gaze of Madness | Size: Gargantuan | Hunger: 40M
Roland Jones as Azheia | Size: Huge | Hunger: 20M
Valhawk as Xicos | Size: Huge | Hunger: 20M
Amnistar as The Dark Queen | Size: Large | Hunger: 10M
paradoxGentleman as Belfry, Night-Spawn, Goat-Snatcher, the Beast of Devil's Spine Mountains | Size: Medium | Hunger: 5M
Lux Animus as: STITCHIGO | Size: Small | Hunger: 2.5M

Game post announcement and map generation ongoing!


I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Game thread is up!

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