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Cemetry Gator
Apr 3, 2007

Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?

The motion picture gave us McCoy in a full beard and leisure suit, so by that measure alone, it is the best.

The Wrath of Khan was handled by the TV production wing. TMP made a lot at the box office, but they wanted to produce the films tighter.

Having Spock die during the Kobaishi Maru mission was a way of trying to stop the spoilers - you see him die, and it's only a training simulator. I guess those rumors were false... Oh no, you didn't! Also, Kirk and Khan never share the screen.

It works well because it does something interesting. They focus on the human part of superhuman, so despite all of Khan's strengths, he has to get revenge on Kirk. It's not enough to win.

It also takes a different look at the swashbuckling captain that Kirk was. He's forced to face mortality and the consequences of his actions, and he's not always going to be able to wriggle out.

In a way, it's fascinating, because we have a film that's about getting old, which goes against the modern film making ethos. Kirk has to accept he's no longer the young buck, but it also says you can still live.

3 was good, but it definitely suffers from the lower production values, and replacing Kirstie Alley. But having Kirk blow up the Enterprise was brilliant - it's a perfect symbol of the crew and that loyalty went both ways. Kirk was willing to throw it all away to do right by Spock.

It's too bad that they overused that trope. On numbers if times they destroyed the Enterprise, Picard certainly has Kirk beat. If not for time paradoxes...

6 shows why you don't have digital clocks that are accurate to the second.

The TNG films - it's been a while, but I think the biggest mistake was doing them pretty much immediately after the show had ended. Part of the first six films was that we got a chance to see these old friends again, but with TNG, it felt like a continuation of a show that had a pretty definitive and strong end. I wondered if waiting 10 years might have allowed them to explore how they have changed more, like the first six films.

As for the new trilogy - I have rarely hated a film as viscerally as I hated Beyond. I have thoughts, which I will share when I get off work, since my lunch break is ending.


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