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Aug 3, 2004

I am greatful for my loop pedal

piratepilates posted:

Did anyone earnestly enjoy Into Darkness? I haven’t seen it since release, but I can’t remember anything particularly noteworthy about it. Looking back, it seemed to be the worst parts of J. Jabrams’ tendency to take existing material, shift around parts, and then zig where the original zagged (Kirk dies instead of Spock [but he lives anyway!], Khan is good instead of bad, etc.).

I’ve barely seen people discuss it since it came out, I’ve read plenty of discourse about the 09, about Beyond, about the TNG movies and the TOS movies, but ID is the one that seems to have sank like a dead mobster in the open waters of collective consciousness.

*raises hand*

I enjoyed Into Darkness pretty much up until the 3rd act and then it nose dives pretty hard for me.

I mostly enjoyed for the action sequences, the occasional meditations on death and I thought the threat of a hyper militarized Starfleet was interesting.

The movie absolutely has issues but I still think its entertaining, I enjoy all of the cast and the story is interesting enough. Its clunky and unfocused and made some bizzare editing/structure choices, but its a good enough space romp that I genuinely enjoy it.

mllaneza posted:

He should have zigged one more time and had Cumberbatch playing Joachim - pretending to be Khan - instead of Khan himself. Poor Joachim was the voice of reason in Khan's crew in WoK and he got dragged down to hell with the rest of them. Just have the reveal late. Oh, and lose the magic blood.

Yeah I really think the movie would have benefited if Benedict was some other member of Kahns crew or a brother or something. It would have fit with the Kelvin timeline idea and allowed them to play around more.

Spocks speech could have easily been something like "He may not be Kahn, but if hes anything like him, you should be afraid."

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