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May 17, 2010

OneEightHundred posted:

The Exile series was a nifty D&D/Ultima-esque series with a surprising amount of depth and Exile 3 in particular was extremely good
Exile was awesome, Realmz was really good too.

Porfiriato posted:


Extremely fond memories of playing Bolo with 7 or 8 other people in our school's Mac lab in the early 90s - there was always a scramble to try and grab one of the 2 or 3 color machines and not get stuck with one of the old SEs. I guess because it was Mac it didn't really get the appreciation it deserved at the time (and still doesn't today), but in the early 90s being able to play a networked real-time capture-the-flag combat game with a dozen people was truly mind-blowing. There was nothing else like it - even Doom for MS-DOS didn't come out until 93-94 and only supported (I think) 4 players, at least initially.
I'm jealous you got to play with real people! By the time I heard about it and tried it (around 2000) there weren't really any players on any of the trackers, so I had to play against bots instead. I'd love a modern remake.

Other games I loved, although some got ported to PC at some point...
A-10 Attack! - funnest flight sim ever, ran really smoothly on my mum's 40mhz Quadra, you could blow the poo poo out of everything, even at night!

Escape Velocity Override/Nova - miles better than Elite

Boxcars Casino - fun casino sim where you could pick up the chips which blew my tiny mind at the time

Avara - weird polygonal mech-based 3d FPS


May 17, 2010

Thuryl posted:

Realmz started out as a pretty cool D&D knockoff and then got increasingly bloated and weird with updates over the years.
I can't really remember what it was like when I stopped playing, just that I preferred it to Exile, I think because the Spiderweb rpgs were all really ugly (not that Realmz was much of a looker)

Dirt Bike 1/2/3/3d - basically Trials. I spent a *ton* of time playing these, although the 3d version wasn't great
Snood - basically Puzzle Bobble, insanely ugly but also insanely addictive
Damage Incorporated - a 2.5d game that came out once the world had moved on but was still quite fun
Spectre Supreme/VR - seem to remember people raving about this, especially my brother who got a Mac when I was still using an amiga, but I never really enjoyed it that much.

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