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Sep 12, 2013

Bubble brother

I couldn't find any thread dedicated to Classic Macintosh games, or any thread under the apple tag, so I figure since I have a bit of experience in this subject, I'd start a thread on classic Mac games

Of course many don't necessarily think of the Mac having any worthwhile games, but I've found there are a couple good versions of games, and even some exclusive games on the Macintosh, such as:

Arguably definitive versions of early Maxis Sim games like Sim Earth, Sim Life and Sim Farm
The pre-SC2000 Sim games are definitely at their most colorful and arguably most fun on the Macintosh, not to mention tend to have the best sound fidelity on Mac.

Glider Pro
The ultimate entry in the Glider series, in which you guide a paper airplane through a house, there was a pretty decent modding scene for this game back in the day, and it does come with it's own customization tools, so if you're not satisfied with the current offerings, you can make your own house. The source code to this game has been released on Github recently if you want to play with that.

The Factory: Industrial De-evolution
A nice game to play with the mouse where you control a production line for various products for a month or so, this game also has had it's own modding scene back in the day which means many custom months (campaigns) exist for it. And of course, if you're not satisfied with that, you can just create your own custom month.

Marathon Trilogy
Of course no Mac thread would be complete without mentioning the Marathon Trilogy, which was essentially the Macintosh's answers to Doom on the PC and Bungie's silver before they hit gold with Halo. All three are pretty solid games and are fun to play, not to mention have had a healthy modding scene in the past with many mods of the games, and even some new games made from the same engine.

This is is just sample of what's available on the Mac, finding these games are up to you as I'm not here to share

But how do we exactly play Macintosh games? Well, there are many methods

Seeking out actual hardware
Of course, this is probably the most expensive and arguably time consuming way to enjoy classic Macintosh games, so if you don't mind going the hardware route, I recommend getting an old Mac. Simplest I can recommend is getting a Powerbook G3 with Macintosh System 8.6 or later, though some software like After Dark may have some issues with OS9. I've seen Powerbook G3s go for about a 100 to 200bux on ebay, though I did get a G3 and G4 from a goon for cheaper a few years back.

Running it on an old version of OSX
If you happen to have an old PPC Macintosh or come across one with an old version of OSX, you may just be in luck as you can run old Mac software if you install a layer of Mac OS 9.2 on your system. Some games might have some issues this way, but I've found that a lot of them just work fine like Glider Pro.

Getting an emulator
Macintosh emulators I'm aware of are Basilisk II for 680000 Macintosh emulation and Sheep Shaver for Power PC Macintosh emulation. Keep in mind, you need Macintosh ROM files and OS installation disc images for these emulators, how you obtain those are up to you. These emulators are open source and can work on modern Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, so whatever OS you use, you can have fun with the vast array of Mac games out there.


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