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Jun 6, 2013


Fear Protocol: Codename Omega

I'm here to sing the praises of a recent videogame by the name of Fear Protocol: Codename Omega. A truly terrifying survival horror game that the most observant gamers will notice takes some of it's ques from the Resident Evil series of games. You play as the legendary Agent Jack Banger, a member of the legendary NSS (Night Striker Squad). You and your team are tasked to find out if the Devil Corporation is somehow related to the recent wave of murders involving biomonster attacks. Not all goes as planned however and your team ends up hopelessly lost within the great complex you set out to investigate.

How did things go so wrong? Is there a traitor in your midst?! The plot intrigue is off the charts.

Fear Protocol: Codename Omega is brought to you by the same minds who cooked up such gems as Dingletopia: Nation Under Siege (by Orcs), Phucker in the Woods, Phucker in the Gulag, Phucker in the Rome, Gythol Granditti, and Vidiot Game.

Download link

You can play it in the browser, but my recommendation is getting the .exe version instead since the HTML5 conversion is a bit shaky at times, more or less so depending on what browser you are using.


Agent Jack Banger, the stoic protagonist of our story puts business first and pleasure second. He is a man on a mission, and no disgusting biomonster can keep him down. Had his wisdom teeth pulled out just before the mission.

Mondy Macron, the lovely NSS pro who specializes in forensics and data analysis. If you ever need something figured out then get her on the horn. Unfortunately she has gone MIA during the operation. Is she still alive...?

Tony Dirtbag, the explosives expert. He is a wild character who loves to blow things up, but is also a strict professional who would never put safety second. Unfortunately he has gone MIA during the operation. Is he still alive...?

Gilbert Simpson, the team leader. Captain Simpson is a cool character, always sporting a pair of shades. Not much is known about him, you could say that he is a bit of an enigma. He will provide constant support to Jack via RadCom, but some of his insights seem a bit off.


You move about the Devil Corporation building using the arrow keys, and blast away all the biomonsters from hell with your trusty gun, knife and grenades. Every now and then you will need to use your wits to solve the devilish conundrums you find yourself in. Floor by floor you will inch ever closer to the truth behind this wild malarkey.

Note: It will take somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes to beat this videogame



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