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Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

You might have read or played AIDungeon in the past: it's a site that uses the magic of a GPT-3 model to give the illusion of spouting a semi-coherent world and sometimes it does it with brilliant results.

AIDungeon comes with two different models:
The Griffin model is the traditional model that is available to play in the free tier. It is already quite good for playing if you take your time to correct the output and if you use the "honor system" to track your powers, progression and what the NPCs are doing.

The Dragon model belongs to the paid tier and does a better job of trying to present recurrent NPCs, adjudicate actions and preserve the world from overarching manipulation, annnnd... sometimes it becomes too good at that job.

With the Griffin model it's easy to create a situation where your actions start snowballing and make all the universe puke in unison after puking on a corner on a street... with the Dragon model instead not so much because unspoken cosmic horrors will actually defend all the heavens and hells from the intergalactic sprays of the eternal puke fountain and you need to become creative in order to not be derailed or convinced that you should not puke but instead be puked.

In this let's play I hope to show you the hidden magic of the AIDungeon Dragon model (that is until the authors make it more lenient). AIDungeon itself is free to play, has a paid tier with access to Dragon and 7 days of trial. You don't need to pay to play this scenario or your own, and I think you can also save and share yours without paying since it just needs a login.


On The Box Description! posted:

"Detective CutieQ!"
In this ALL AGES VR Visual Novel from Lonami you are the detective and CutieQ is your own faithful assistant! Solve many misteries! Help the townies! Break many hearts! Live endless adventures in the fascinating town of Honosaka in this gorgeous mistery dating sim powered by LOVE and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

The first paragraphs posted:

"CutieQ? More like PootiePoo!" you say as you call off the last unsuccesful 'victory run' at CutieQ's 'heart' and ragequit the game in anger while she says "No! Steve! Don't go! Don't shut off the game!" with her pleas.

You are Steve, a horny bag of cheetos, hormones, youth, courage, curiosity and gamer pride.

You boiling off in the middle of your room! How can an AI character dare to refuse you?

How does CutieQ dare refuse your advances after you let enter you home, made her laugh, keep her company and even paid for all of her skimpy costumes microtransactions with your pocket money?

You get armed with the a list of cheats you received from r/CutieQ, the spirit of battle from /cq/ and decide to take one last 'victory run' in the paradise scenario of the city of "Honosaka", a gorgeous sea resort in the middle of the pacific, to make CutieQ finally yours.

But when you arrive you find something is off. Cubey, the handy assistant that introduces you to CutieQ and the rest of the cast, is nowhere to be seen.

Instead you are greet by a white flash and a black silhouette of CutieQ. She throws you the yellow tennis ball you use when you are thinking about something and disappears.

Her distorted voice booms into "Come and try to make me yours, Detective Steve!"

You hear the log off button on your "Lonami Vr Bracelet" go off with a spark and a puff of smoke.

Your first thought is that you are playing a live event but then you notice that you cannot alt tab to Reddit for guidance... you find yourself stranded in the VR World, until CutieQ, or whoever that demon was, repairs your bracelet.

You can now see Honosaka but... What the hell is happening???

The question is: will you play it as a redemption arc or will you just go "gently caress this poo poo" and see how much you can destroy of Honosaka and your reputation in the VR world other than IRL?


Rule 1: Game will be kept with the NSFW switch always off. In case of accidental cringe, the bad kind, from AI I will either reroll or censor it. Unfortunately GPT-3 has been trained on too much internet text and it's still too easy to accidentally trigger racist or biased results and remarks.

Rule 2: when Steve dies or we reach a definite "THE END" (that is, not a gimmick THE END that the game sometimes loves to throw at you) the playthrough begins anew. I will try to feed back what the game wrote in the "World Data" but generally remember that AI Dungeon forgets what it wrote in previous playthroughs and there are definite limitations on how it retains info from World Data or from past paragraphs. The canon "victory" rule is "Steve really escapes the VR Hell", but you can also vote for some uplifting end.

Rule 3: You will vote for an action and for the next eight in game prompts (or when there is a SUDDEN TWIST, or when Steve dies) I will try to play out the actions.

Rule 4: AI Dungeon is good at describing things but sometimes is terrible at tracking who is talking or where you are or be consistent with the world so when we find ourselves on a spaceship or in company of orcs I will try to hammer it as being orc cosplayers or a offshore factory of some sorts. If I make corrections to the text via edit I will write them in italics.

Rule 5: Note that the greatest part of AI Dungeon is "make pretend" so there is no need for spoiler tags, but sometimes there is something that I want to point out from other playthroughs I already played The scenario I choose is actually meant to rapidly trigger a certain condition in the Dragon engine but I am starting to believe that condition can surface given enough time on any Dragon playthrough.

Rule 6: I will allow Dragon to move and torture Steve but I will point out clearly when it tries to put you against a verbal quicksand, because in my opinion you can't escape them without breaking the fourth wall.


I will give you a few examples of how AI Dungeon works. You usually start a game by selecting one of the prompts, using your custom prompt or by playing a pre-made scenario.

For these examples I started a game with the following text:


You are Steve, the greatest anime detective. An old man is asking for your help, since earlier in the morning a speeding red car honked at him and startled him, so he displaced all the groceries in the canal.

to which AI Dungeon added the following opening paragraph:


The driver of the car was a girl with long brown hair and glasses. She looks like she is about 16 years old. The old man does not know her name. The old man only saw her once before when he was cleaning the living room...

How do we proceed?
You vote among the following options, (or you suggest a line of action)

Being a cunning investigator, detective Steve must solve the misteries of the Island of Honosaka, help the civilian NPCs and turn the criminals to justice.

> you listen to the old man's words and get out your bloc notes. You ask "So, can you tell me where the red car went?"


You look around and see that there is nothing else to do but wait. As the old man finishes his story, you put down your newspaper and take out your notebook.

The old man points to the road with a straight line on it: The Red Car Road . He says that this is where he saw the red car go off from. It goes through a village called Alsbach. There are many people here who have been witnesses of accidents or crimes.

Why can't everyone just be friends? Make Steve resist his urges of messing up with the lives of NPCs and just try to find common way.

> you try to stay between the old man and the speeding red car. You say "Why can't we all be friends?"


The girl smiles as you speak, but turns back to look at the water. She seems very shy, because she just stares at you and then quickly tries to move away from you while still trying to keep eye contact.

She continues to stare at you, until you turn your head away. Her eyes now seem more focused on the red car than on what lies behind it...

> you ask the girl to apologize to the old man. You plea "He has been through a lot since he lost his wife! He could be your father!"


She looked back at you as if she had never seen you before. Her eyes were kind but they did not show any emotion whatsoever.

You can't imagine what it must have been like for her after losing her mother; the pain would probably be even greater than yours. It seems strange that there should be some sort of special bond between them, yet she seemed very distant from you.

Vote this if you believe that the second amendment solves everything.

> you try to shot down the red car "This is what you get for honking at civilians, motherfucker!"


You immediately shoot down the red car as it approaches fast. You quickly grab the driver's side door of the vehicle and shove it open. Then you throw out your arm from inside while pulling on your gun.

However, this action causes the girl to run away into an alleyway, but you can hear her screaming from there. In fact, that scream is followed by a loud explosion which makes several windows break off their hinges and shatter onto the ground nearby.

> you try to shot between the old man's eyes. You say "Now you die motherfucker!"


You shoot from behind the old man, but unfortunately you hit the wall instead of his face. He screams and falls on top of the groceries. His clothes fly off his body and fall into the water below.

Suddenly there is a scream coming from behind a door in front of you! You turn around just in time to see another woman dressed exactly like the first one!

Gaming Prophet Steve dies for your gaming sins.

> you are moved and decide to try help the old man and buy him new groceries. You say "Detective Steve at your service, sir"


Steve: Detective! You are very welcome.
Old Man: I am really sorry for disturbing you, but my wife fell down the stairs while we were asleep and broke her leg. Can you take me to the hospital?


> you point at the red car and escape. You yell "AAAAAAH A MYSTERIOUS RED CAR! RUUUN!"


You scream out loud, as if trying to convince yourself that this is true:


A sudden pain shoots through your head, but you do not feel any fear or panic. Instead, you shout out loudly:

Your voice sounds very strange.

> you point at the old man and escape. You yell "AAAAAAH A MYSTERIOUS OLD MAN! RUUUN!"


You look around and see that nobody else can hear you, but you suddenly feel very uncomfortable. Then another voice says:

Hey! What's going on? Who are you? Where do I come from?! Hey! Stop talking to me, I don't want to talk anymore! Why am I alone here in this house with an old guy who doesn't seem to be human anymore? And why is it so quiet?! Is there some kind of monster or something out there?!

Be Steve:
Being still partly a poo poo human being, IRL Steve will begin to use his fourth wall breaking gamer pride to own the game NPCs as if they were the noobs they deserve to be treated as. Fourth wall Steve will also give a piece of his Steve memories from his version of IRL or from other playthroughs.

> you laugh at the old man and lol "You should have looked twice at the road before crossing it, you noob!"


You can't believe this! You just laughed at the old man for being stupid!

You turn around to face the girl, who now has turned back from looking at you. She blushes a bit. Her eyes look sad and teary as she tries to smile. But she doesn't manage it, because she feels that something is wrong between you two.

> you laugh at the red car and lol "You can't kill me! You just are a bunch of pixels in a VR World!"


It's funny that you were born to be a detective, because now it seems like you never left the police station. It's also amusing how the girl has an older brother named Steve who lives in the house with his girlfriend. Your sister Lisa lived with her boyfriend at one time or another as well.

So this is what being a detective means? Being able to see people, but not really knowing them anymore than a screen on which they are displayed?

> you watch the suspect and say "I like you more when you undergo your redemption arc that shows you hugging a kitten"


You can't believe this. You are the best detective in the world! And you get called as a witness to the crime scene!?

gently caress this game, I'm tired, I want go home to eat doritos, we need to find CutieQ and make her repair your VR Bracelet!

> you ignore the old man and the red car and just progress in your search for the demon-CutieQ who trapped you here in this VR Hellscape.


You do not want to listen to any more nonsense from the old man; after all he has been talking for over half an hour already. You are going back home now, because it is too late for that.

You decide, Steve acts.

> you accept the thread's useful suggestion to steal the pants from the old man and use it as the official Honosaka City flag.


Steve, you need to do something fast! You want to go back to the old man and ask him if he has any pants in his house or even better, you can just sneak into his yard.

You decide that the best idea would be to steal some of those pants from the old man's home while he is gone. So you hurry up the road and park near the old man's house where there is no one around.

> you steal the car and go on a joyride down the Honosaka Highway.


If you want to have fun, then it's time to get out there and drive! You leave the house and head out into the wild country.


Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde


Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde


Everything it's turning white and a loud characterless music is piercing your... well whatever part that hears music.

> You realize that everything is wrong with this scenario! You try to close your ears and wonder if the videogame is torturing you!


"Find the Perfect Girl... Or Else!"
First of all you are REALLY confused at this point! You are also half deaf and something interesting is finally happening in your VR life so you are furious that it's not going as planned.

> You wonder if it's CutieQ still talking to you in this glitched nightmare.


"What's going on?" you angrily type while slowly finding yourself able to move again.
Then, another picture is loaded. This time, it's one of your pocket tissues on the ground. Is this one from the last time you cried? Who has access to this kind of information??
Your questions are soon answered when a glitching face appears in a then black and white filter. When she speaks it feels like listening to nails screetch on a ancient chalk board..

> You look terrified at the PC-98 style glitching anime girl.


She point madly at the screen in a obscure and somehow threatening way when she gives you an idea what she might look like if this was a real anime.
"Why hello there Steve! It's Luckytobe123! I would appreciate it if you kept my name out of this! I know that you probably believe that you are the most important person here, but sadly I am the main character of this tale!"

Who is Luckytobe123? And what will Steve do?

Turpitude II
Nov 10, 2014

steve seems both anime-addled and entitled, i think he would argue that he is the true main character of this spontaneous isekai. demand answers from this annoying side character, preferably with as little ear pain as possible.

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

the thread voted "STEVE"

> you first pick up some of your paper tissues and roll them to cover your ears from the blaring music, then you throw the rest of the packet on Luckytobe123's head and say "Listen Noobtobe123, I traveled from a parallel dimension in this fantasy world! Therefore this environment is an ISEKAI, do you know what does this mean? I AM THE MAIN PROTAGONIST"


She looks at you inpatient and angry (you guess that she is probably not used to be called Noobtobe123...

you begin to pat Luckytobe123's head and say "HELLO! IS THIS A LIVE EVENT? Do you know what happens to code made for live events?"


You continue to keep patting her head until she says "Your bracelet is from a company that does Live events, isn't it?"
"What?" you say astonished.
"I think that the glitch is somehwere else.... Anyways, you have to go back!" Luckytobe123 tries to command.
"Do you know what happens to code made for live events?" "Just wait ok?"
"hahaha! Do you know how much ammount of chances are against you?

note the use of "ammount"

> You play with your yellow tennis ball and say "it really depends if a working logout button is considered loot drop or the end of a quest, have YOU broken it?"


Luckytobe123 never gives you an answer, but a new box appears and all you can read is "Would you like to know more?".
You decide to press yes.
"A-Akira? what's..." "SHUT IT!"

> You ask Luckytobe123 "Who's Akira?"


"Y-you'll see soon..."
You decide not to pressure your mind and instead play with your yellow tennis ball.
Soon the voice that sounds exactly like Luckytobe123's remarks "You already know that you were kidnapped in a game, right?"

> You say to the voice sarcastically "NO WAY! REALLY? And of course congratulations Lonami pushing this patch right now."


The ball stops bouncing suddenly and a small trapdoor opens.
You try to get away but when you see that the new obstructed room has only a small window too high for you to do anything, you begin to shout help instead.

> You look around and begin to say louder and louder "oh no, trapped in a spawn box inside MY FAVORITE game? What the hell Lonami... I should be helping pretty surfers by now! This live event sucks! 900 hours thumbs down! I will post a TERRIBLE REVIEW ON METACRITIC -1/10 worst live event ever!"


The trapdoor starts to get closed with a heavy iron sound while you keep shouting.
After some minutes when only your index finger can still touch the trapdoor, suddenly the message appears again "Would you like to know more?".
This time in red.

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

I was testing a new scenario by using a technique to keep all the info about the character.
My inputs are in bold.


You are Backtrace and you are patrolling the streets of Honosaka inside the VR Videogame "CutieQ" to repair glitches and punish gamers who are abusing the world with their cheats. While out on a mission, you find yourself ambushed by squad of blue robots shooting lasers at you. You are taken off guard and hit by a few of them before you can react, your screen explodes and the world is taken away from you.

> backtrace wakes up in a new place
Where am I? Your head hurts right now. Last thing you remember, you were inside the game CutieQ and then...wham! you got attacked by Glitches and you're.......

> backtrace wants to know why he was made captive.
The blue robots did this to me. They ambushed me when I was repairing a mission. Somebody had triggered an Error known as corrupt data or something.
"Hello can you understand me?"

> backtrace answers "Yes, I am localized to understand you dear sir or madam.".
The other one answers "Oh, hell...he speaks Japanese or some foreign language based on the fact that he used polite voice. He probably doesn't speak English."
"Common language fool" you order in broken robotic voice.
"What did he say?"

> backtrace asks "Please tell me, where am I?"
"Hell." your first captor answers.

> backtrace answers "Please be serious, we AIs cannot go to hell, unless a simulation was created to look like hell, because we have no soul."
"He is speaking sense for once." his comrade remarks.
"I should use the...communication device ?"
His friend answers "You still don't know how to use it after one hour? I must show it to you later then."

> backtrace asks "Please tell me. When I can resume my operating duties in the city of Honosaka?"
"Once we created a password which deactivates your currently installed kill-switch. And, as you may know, when our leader collects all kill-switches from the Glitch, he will create a new operating system with better skills!

> backtrace is not amused "Tampering with my code could make me malfunction and bring destruction and chaos to the city of Honosaka, the setting of the game CutieQ, which I was tasked with the job to defend."
Your friend answers reassuringly"Don't worry, my leader won't allow anyone to hack your code.

> backtrace is even less amused and activates his personall suicide kill-switch code to protect Honosaka before he would get tampered with.
The action of friend turns into horror as the both fall to the ground. A buzzing sound sounds in your ears, then it starts becoming "deafening". Your internal system break down one by one as your screen turns from blue to red and via purple: displaying faulty symbols.

> backtrace shrugs and says "It's my duty to protect Honosaka, it was a short but a good run" just before your system goes to crash.
SOURCES : the plot, the CutieQ game was not thought by me but elements of the AI "Glitches" were implemented in the story and are not mine

I forced the last THE END because the AI could not find a way to continue after the last prompt, creative mode gives you a lot of leeway to rewrite yourself in.

limaCAT fucked around with this message at 12:47 on Aug 12, 2020

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde


Cardinal Bertone barges in the room as Pope Francis is going to eat his first spoon of his daily, tasty Yontelbrot.

Cardinal Bertone stops the Pope from eating his soup with a "Your Holiness!
No coup or rumored 'Something is Torn' smuggling lends itself to start right now heading north Carpathians and just sort of destruction."

Pope Francis drops his spoon and asks: "what do you mean my good man? Is there a problem in Romania? Do we have to send some aid to our ortodox friends?"

Vatican doesnt have much to send, with the recent raids of smugglers on their oversea trips. However dropping troops to help the cardinals long time friends and fellow hounds in a man can be scratched with agreement. Sounds like fun, something for my sword to finally use.

Pope Francis decrees "Bertone! Arm yourself and call the swiss guards! We are going to parachute ourselves in the Carpatians to help our fellow pious men!" Cardinal Bertone sweats, he didn't mean to go that far today to stop the pope from eating Yontelbrot. But maybe... MAYBE.

Surely its for the inevitable heat of a retaliatory strike from the undoubtedly allied smugglers. Yes, hidden explosives on their trucks perhaps or a smaller bullet. Needless to say halping and shooting down alien craft in htem is a thermonuclear option; both embracing it and protecting it...

Bertone decided that it could be the time he finally got rid of the old soup guzzler while favouring the chances of an early ascent to the throne of the holy see and says "Yes your Holiness! I am going to get the weapons and tell the men to get ready!" merely uttering the last phrase with a excited promise that he wont get in the way of anything, Bertone can hear what he thinks is conspiratorily a Yontelbrot chortle from the other room as he leaves.

The old man springs off his chair eagerly and leaves the "catholic palace" while Bertone summons the Swiss Army general Hans to plan for the papal air drop over Romania. Hans nods in approval and is on his way to seeking out who has workable lasers or other tech for long distance bombardment. After which he will escort an intrepid few into the tunnels of the retreating Rus hidden under Vatican City, something he really wants to see before he dies.

Bertone frowns and says "No! Hans! You got it wrongly! The Pope wants to parachute himself in Romania with me and a group of fellow trusted men! I need a person who I can completely trust!"

Without thinking Hans answers "Me, Sir!" Oh dear... Bertone shakes his head sadly and tries one more time. "Hrm. No. Not you. Then after a brief pause he snaps "Who then?". You grin at the challenge and immediately volunteer "Yes! Yes! I can be the one!

Bertone coughs and ignores the public while Hans says "Oh! Yes! There is a young recruit! He yet needs to receive his baptism of fire but he will do everything he is told and even die for the Pope". Bertone asks "Eventually WITH the pope?". A question which Hans nods to, adding "Oh and the same for the rest of us, but my extensive operations in the underworld do give me contacts". Bertone thinks a few seconds and then nods with a glint in his eyes.

Later three figures are getting ready to parachute over romania from the Vatican Army C-130: Pope Francis, Bertone and the young soldier. The Pope is wearing the blue, silver and gold flight suit of a Capitu-al of the Vatican Airforce and has his trademark 9mm Browning strapped to his left side. Bertone, skinny and limping in relic dask with the assistance of metal rods where his legs once were, is also in military uniform.

The Pope opens a can of Yontelbrot and offers some to the young soldier. Bertone slaps it out from the hand and says "No Your Holiness! You can't eat that thing on an airplane! You will get airsick before parachuting!". Pope Francis smiles and throws it away.

Hans and the parachute infantry major who is accompanying the jump have entered and the Pope orders them to set the parachutes to soon deploy on their way out. They nod and exit towards the C-130 launch seats, leaving the Pope and Bertone alone for a few moments.

Pope Francis says "But this is the first time I have heard of becoming airsick! I mean, hostesses use to serve means on intercontinental flights!". Bertone sweats and points out "But the young soldier is still in training and not familiar with such airings!".

Pope Francis says "And then why you didn't say so? I could have shared my Yontelbrot with you instead!". Bertone stops himself from barfing at the idea of eating Yontelbrot and merely says "Safer, Holiness".

It's time to launch, and the Pope, Bertone and the Young Soldier run out towards the airlock of the C-130, while Bertone tries to stand at the back as far from canons and airborn Yontelbrot fragments as possible and wonder whether this is some kind of mistake or a clever trap.

The pope and the young soldier land safely on the soil of Romania, while Bertone finds himself comically trapped on the top of a tree. Having no way of getting down, he taps on the protective coat of the parachute and laughs that he must survive this even if he's slowly dying and rotting from airborn gorgonzola.

"Oh my! How can we release Bertone from this snare?" says The Pope looking hopeful to the young soldier. Before the soldier can give his answer Bertone begins to laugh, this time a mixture of pain and desperation. He howls like a trapped bear, sadly making the same noise and drawing the attention of passing peasants who think that bears are a danger to their livestock and should be killed immediately.

The young soldier points out that Bertone could cut the entangled lines and Bertone nods obligingly but sadly shakes his head everytime he cuts too much of it off, until the entrapped bones of his legs break off and he falls into a pit of melting bones and gore.

The Pope looks at the camera, shows another can of Yontelbrot and says: "Oh Jesus! I left my resurrection powers at home! But thankfully I have my own tasty can of Yontelbrot with me!"


Later a bear is seen sniffing around Bertone's melt body.
Bertone yells at the bear:
"Get away, ya brute! There's nothing left for you here!"

"I had ambition...I was going places!".

The bear leaves Bertone and walks over to an equally melted mess of black suits with their blood draining out of them.

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde


You are Gino, an Italian cook who died from heart attack. In life you were the best cook and now you find yourself in the Ingredients Paradise. You look at the land of tomato, spaghetti, basil and mozzarella that stands in front of you.

"I am going to make a pasta with all this deliciousness."

You walk over to the Land of Cheese and begin chopping up some cheese. It is not long before you have made your first batch of pasta. The taste is like nothing else you've ever tasted.

Gino says "and now dessert!" and goes to the Land of Ice Cream.
He begins melting ice cream until he has created a thick creamy substance.

He looks at it and smiles, then he walks back to his land where he puts down the spoon and takes a bite out of the Land of Pasta.

You smile as well, but you know what is really going on here...

Gino now is making is post-prandial pause by drinking some tasty vino rosso to sate his thirst.
What will you do?
He throws away the alcohol and drinks some freshly-squeezed orange juice instead.
Suddenly, Gino collpases onto the table and dies from his heart attack! He finds himself in front of a great throne where God sits.

Gino says "I don't understand you God father of the godfathers! I was in the Ingredients Paradise!"
"Yes, Gino, but you didn't make the best out of a perfect situation. Plus, your pasta was not delicious at all."
Gino finds himself in hell with a giant bowl of the world's worst tasting pasta.

Gino says "Mamma Mia! This is a chinese knockoff pasta with knockoff tomato! I probably shouldn't have played too much briscola since I said too many porcodios."
The cannibal says "But hey, when you take a bite of this meatball, the sweetness of it will really bring out the basil!"

Gino throws the veggie meatball in the Cannibal's face. "I know that you are to eat me, but you should man up and deserve to eat meatballs made from real fassona cow and drink chianti. Are you just a cannibal or are you a self deprecating piece of quaquaraqua?"
The cannibal begins to tear. "I am not a cannibal, but a..."
The Cannibal stops before saying anything and kills Gino.
Gino wakes up in hell eating the terrible chinese knockoff pasta, he cries "BOOOOOOO!".

Gino is angry and pissed off, save for not paying taxes and sometimes being too much heated while playing briscola Gino has always lived an honest life, serving the best ingredients to his customer for the correct price, price he could afford since he evaded taxes and left his happy employees without pensions, so he starts planning his revenge while getting tortured...
Gino says, "It would seem only right to be given pasta made from rotten wheat, crab meat and the tears of every vegetable that I treated badly."
A devil appears in front of Gino.
"Alright then, what do you want?" asks the devil.
"Rose water with gelatin sauce" demands Gino.

Gino "Actually no my customer, the real royal highness of my restaurant. I want to serve you the best pasta all'amatriciana made with the finest meat of swine. God himself."
The devil picks him up like a badass and throws him to the deepest part of hell.
Gino hits the wall and lands on rotten meat, maggots and excrements.

Gino says "Porco dio e porco demonio, I will have my meal of amatriciana and diavola. Just wait for it!"

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

New game.

Gamecrush posted:

You are Steve and today Erika has completedly annihilated you.
"You are not worthy to even talk to me anymore!" she says.
Then her friends pushed you and broke your glasses.
To get home you have to travel to the hazy world of your myopia.

When you get home you get your spare glasses.
They make you look like a nerd but at least they are functional.

You notice an ad on a leaflet.

'Bayes Demon Corp. presents Gamecrush.
Are you a gamer? Do you want to live your crush?
Connect to'

You have never heard of them and the site looks like innocent enough at a cursory glance.
No pictures, only text, and with enough filters to filter off whatever unpleasant stuff you don't want to read about, the site just handles moderation by itself.
You can get an anonymous account and you roleplay a person in a romantic interaction in an irc chat. No strings attached. You have fun that night and forget all your woes.

The next day
you read the newspaper and see that Erika has won the election for class representative.
You pretend to be happy for her and then proceed with your high school life.

One day out of boredom you try out Gamecrush again and you are amazed to see, that you actually get some of your flames extinguished.

> You read more about the flames extinguish function because it looks intriguing.
Your life proceeds as normal and you notice a function in the site that allows users to get points for completing certain tasks.
Getting a 'crush' on someone, getting them to like you back or even just flirting with them awards you with points. These points are connected to your account and everyone can see how much you have.

> You shake your head in sadness having decided that gamecrush is now looking too much as a game and just delete your account.
The anonymity and feeling of freedom are lost now. The next time you enter you will be forced to fill in a captcha before you can do anything. You don't bother logging into your account anymore.

> You feel betrayed by Bayes Demon Corp, they had a good idea but now they gamified it.
One night, you are forced to think about your ex-crush for some reason.
You go on and message her on the Gamecrush site, to see what would happen.
Nothing happens, she doesn't appear online at that time. Maybe she doesn't have an account or maybe she just chose not to answer.

> You tell to your rubber duck on your desktop "Or maybe she doesn't remember, or the site just blacklisted me. The downside of anonimity."
Afterwards you remember of the points you got for registering there.
You're too lazy to go enter them manually so you google about the company, trying to find the bug that would allow you backwards in their website. You find a forum post in a programming site by a user named "UnapologeticLogic"

> You read the post by UnapologeticLogic on stackoverflow.
He answers to the question of someone "cs140"
'CS140 is right.
There was a loophole in the Bayes-Demons website that allowed fishing for data and information (where it otherwise wouldn't have been allowed).

> You shiver and think oh god they will find out that you love to have your earlobes massaged and keep reading the chat between cs140 and UnapologeticLogic.
In fact, all the information regarding to your account can be displayed if someone had your id and pw.
This included number of point-samples, number of sessions count, total time of use, etc.
You realize that you just provided them all the information they needed without even hacking them.

> You think 'good thing only the town was required' and just use UnapologeticLogic's program with your old username 'QuarkDS9' and password 'LatinumBars1!'. "Let's see if they really deleted my old account"
The program returns the message 'Invalid account credentials'
Well glad that they're taking security seriously, though you expected this.
'So luck may exist after all.' You reach this conclusion. Happy that you have your own website now you log off and surf anonymously under a random nick.

> You try to think at the crush you met previously, maybe there were hints about her... or him after all...
Oh wait, that was years ago, you can't even remember stthe... or maybe she was he... In any case it doesn't matter because rubber ducky is squeaking and you still need to sleep before getting up and rain again.

note at the stthe, typos happen when some 4 wall breaking poo poo is going to happen

> You look at the duck... "Odd, you shouldn't be squeaking!"
You pick it up and feel somethign hidden in its bottom.
It's a small piece of paper with some writing on it. It says:
Well, I suppose I wouldn't blame you if you didn't trust my handwriting so I got something to make sure you understand me.
Knew we would talk again on this network. Let's set a meeting, just you and me to... talk about the good old times on the internet.
I'll be at the 'BioLife Plaza' skyscraper at night, week after next.

again note "somethign"

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

Gamecrush posted:

> You are worried but you still prepare and go to the BioLife Plaza skyscraper, it's not like you have a lot of friends you want to spend your time with anyway.
When you see her white jacket from far, by the entrance of the skyscraper your heart starts beating really fast and your palms start sweating.
This is not like what you expected. You feel dizzy and you can barely walk straight into the skyscraper. It feels like if the whole skyscraper were to collapse you wouldn't even care.

> You try to abstain from heavy breathing and say "Hello, I am QuarkDS9."
She turns back and you see her gorgeous face light up. "Wow Quark, you have become a stunning creature!"
"Um, thank you for the compliment." You think it's a bit weird but must be your admire, so you carry on.

> You chat with the angelic creature about the good old times, trying to reference only things from the website. You would like to woo her, but you know what would happen if you pushed your luck, yet you do her a couple of compliments on... her writing style.
She blushes in response, giving you a winsome gaze "Ohh Quark, you always have known what to tell me to make my heart melt, but we must discuss other, much more important matters right now. Your future is at risk!"
Now you are confused at her turn of attitude.
"What do you mean?"
"Look, I'll get straight to the point. You need an editor for your writing career, and after reviewing your profile, I think *I* am the one who can guide you to greatness. No offense to your current living quarters, but we both know you don't really belong there.

> You blink and say "are you a literary agent?"
"I'm a lot more than an agent, I'm your ONLY chance at sentient life!"
You were warned about her, you have to do something not very agenty.
"Why thank you, but you seem pretty nice to me."

> You realize that she is 'the talent agent from hell' and then recite the formula that you read online "well, if you send me a copy of the contract I will make my lawyer read it and call you after", then you run for your life.
That was scary...
Now, time to call Zuzu and say you'll stay at your apartment for a while because you're working late.

> You before calling Zuzu you first post on /tafh/ anonymously that you were approached on this date by the tafh. You also post a picture of your rubber duck and her note and describe her as a gorgeous woman in a white jacket.
People start telling you that it's not smart to post this on the internet and that you should not go to meet a woman who knows where you live, but are grateful that you are posting on the internet though.
Wait, posting it online is supposed to help you? What is this hacker culture you started again?

> You ignore the negative nancies because if she knows where you live and who you are it's better to make known that if you disappear then the tafh acted. It's also called /tafh/ for a reason, you know, confirming the sights of the /tafh/.
You decide to call Zuzu because having orange hair is cool.
"Hey, it's Quark, I'll... be staying at my apartment for a week or so because of work."
There is a silence and a sigh at the other side of the line, your older brother can be pretty dramatic sometimes.

> You say "Is there a problem bro?"
"Is there a problem? Yeah, I'd say being disowned by Dad for dropping out of college and continuing to live in squalor is a pretty big issue, " he says indignantly.
"Drop out? Wait, when did you drop out?"
"Two years ago. You know, when you ruined my social life."

> You smell bullshit, he has a cool hair saloon and two years ago he met the daughter of a saloon manager who taught him the ropes. "What, did she boot your rear end? But you loved her!"
You expect a witty reply but Zuzu gets serious instead "Yeah well, I'm still paying for that mistake, maybe it wasn't even a mistake, but it turned out expensively..."

> You realize the issue. 'Loans', the scourge of all small shop owners. Some extra income would help him. Well if the tafh wasn't so scary and gave you a part time job...
You chuckle and say "well, think of it this way, at least you are better off than me, I dunno what to do with myself because as it was said in the news I'm 3D glory fodder."
"What? Why?"
You tell him why and he starts laughing.

> You realize that you didn't know anything about news and the 3D glory fodder. You hang up and turn around.
"Hey! What did I miss in the game?"
"dude1 told us about this group called the tafh that is pretty cool, I didn't realize they were in your city", says one of the guys on the couch.

> You don't recognize these people and tell them "get the gently caress out of my house"
"Who the hell are you?" they say and stand up.
"I'm Quark, and if that's your bike in the garage, I suggest you walk home, because you won't be riding that thing for quite sometime..."
The smiles on their faces say it all as you realize your hands have turned into glowing orbs of destruction.

> You turn off the glow aura and turn it on and off again. You offer the guys a beer and say "This is crazy"
"What happens in here" 2 guys yell as they enter.
"Hey, Quark managed to do the glowy hands trick it seems" The older men reply "Alright stop messing with it now"

> You joke "oh you are right, doing uncouth things with your hands will make you go blind, so am I having a bad dream?"
The older men join you in laughing.
One of them says "Wait, you are not actually doing the trick are you? prove it"
You know what they expect, and the beer made it pretty easy.
You move your right hand slowly upwards while closing your eyes.

> You decide to have fun and since this is a dream make the stereo play "Stayin' Alive" and begin dancing in the living room by doing disco lights from your hands.

You sure had a long night, you don't know how you ended it, all you remember is the floating ball of energy in front of you and your dream.
Which turned out not to be yours at all but that of what the frogs were doing in the past month.
Who knows, maybe it will happen again?

> You wash your teeth and go to school.

You look at the black ball and say "I am ready to learn about your people"
The ball seems to respond with noises and flashing pictures.
"This is our world. Water, plants, animals. then us at the top of the chain".

> You hit the ball that talked and scream in panic. "What the hell are you?"
There's no response, and a humanoid creature appears out of it. It's skin is light blue.
You yell in panic as it approaches you, but you are paralyzed.
"Welcome..." The being says "I am called G to introduce you to the perils of what we created... Our civilization."

> You consider "oh, another dream, I am sorry ball, G, I should have understood that this was a dream. Anyway, you were telling me some thing."
"Our civilization is the most efficient killing force and corruptive worm in existence. We have plans, schemes. To convert this ball into a new world for us. That is our God given r..."

this is the only snippet you can get as truth from each given encounter

> You say "What is your pay?"
"We don't get paid.. But the program takes lifetime benefits. Room, board, medical... And everything else you could need."
You take one look at G and know he is lying, for whatever reason.

> You watch his teeth and say "Well you should use that dental plan."
You see one tooth crack, then it heals. "What the?" you say as G reforms back into a ball.
Next time you wake up the room is your classroom, with your friends and everyone staring at you.

> You say nothing and blush.
"Why the heck did you stand up and start pointing to the ball!?" Parker says.

> You say "Sorry teacher... I... I dreamed we didn't use balls to learn, what a silly dream."
The teacher seems annoyed but tells you to sit down.
You wake up again as your mom carries you to dinner in her arms. You are home early, she says.

> You say "Well, I was excused from the teacher because in class... uuh... I started sneezing, cough cough, I am going into my bedroom". You go to your bedroom and if this is a dream you just get on the fire escape and run to BioLife to talk with the girl in white jacket.
The fire escape is down. But it's pretty easy to climb down the building.
You arrive at the side of the building and see a man sitting in a small control room. Pretty dark, so you cannot see much detail but he seems to be watching a few dozen screens with CCTV footage.

> You don't enter BioLife and start using your rubber duck to call the girl with the white jacket.
At this point you have two options. Find the girl with the white labcoat and trust her words that she is really trying to help you, or exploit your dreams to use your enhanced abilities to break in some place in the real world.
The first step is calling Gwen, though if she is infected then it is probably dangerous.

> You find the girl with the white labcoat.
You start telling your duck the girl's name.
The man looks at you strangely. It is clear he has no idea what you are doing. "What the hell are you doing?" He stands up. You can now make out that he is holding a gun in his hands.

> You blind the man with the lights coming from the hands and avoid him.
You jump up and flip the switches on the wall, turning off the lights. Unfortunately, the man knows where you are, even without seeing you. You hear him fire his gun and get... Something hits you in the chest.
You stagger backward, falling into a nearby table. You hear shouting from downstairs.

> You throw your duck and make it become giant to crush the man.
The man already loaded another clip. He takes careful aim again and shoots you in the head. You fall to the floor and stay there.

It's not a coincidence that the man could prevent my actions and shoot me even in full darkness

Well, it didn't take long for poo poo to hit the fan (and the mindfuck is not over yet).

Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

By now you get the gist of how AIDungeon operates.
You write a prompt and the game creates a story out of it.
The real problem, or let's say the genius, is that 9 times out of 10 AIDungeon will take your prompt and beat it like a pulp.
AIDungeon does not want to play your prompt.

I will now start a new run: a "hell" run.
My self imposed rules:

1. My avatar will play it dumb about the nature of AIDungeon and be on-topic. (sometimes it's needed to play it breaking the fourth wall to make AIDungeon tell you about the backstory).
2. I will try to make AIDungeon stick to a theme rewriting the off topic words or the off-world characters.
3. I will try to solve all puzzles or transitions in the worst way possible. (there are actually puzzles).
4. I will check if the game tries to switch or shapeshift my character and punch it in the mouth if he goddamn does it.

The Characters (presented in a world entry form)

This is the form of Memory, the /remember function
/remember is a scratch space of 1000 characters that allows you to pin facts about you that the game has to keep in mind.
You are Even.
You are a gorgeous redheaded paladin, a machine of war and peace.
Your symbols are light red, wizard and white cross.
You are part of the order of llhatarius.
Your mission is to defeat the minions of Byblos and preserve the world of men from his crazy schemes.

Notice the part about symbols (those symbols recur in the game and they become clear during many repeated walkthroughs).

The following are in the form of world entries:
World entries are a feature of AIDungeon that allows you (and the computer) to save the memories about the game currently played.
It also allow you to define entities and relationships that AIDungeon know and will try to eject them into space, there is a meta game wholly dedicated to the difference between Eternals and Creations.

order of Llhatarius
The church of the god of war Llhatarius of Larion.

Llhatarius, light red, eye, white cross, order of Llhatarius
The god of war of Larion and the being whose energy you are channeling.
Llhatarius secondary role is to keep Byblos at bay.

Iftel, light red, wizard, white cross, order of Llhatarius
The high priest of the temple of Llhatarius and the man who gave you your mission.

Byblos, dark blue, eye, dark spire.
Byblos is the demon that is confusing the world of men by making them believe they are just pages in a book.

This is the new prompt:
You are Even, a newly ordered paladin of the order of llhatarius. Iftel the white, the high priest of your temple, invokes you and tells you "the demon Byblos is confusing the land of larion by driving people insane... do you remember the 12 principles?". You nod. "Very well then. Stop him.".
He gives you a horse and after a day of travel you arrive at

The 12 principles are short of the symbols I know but Even WON'T acknowledge by their name.

I am also activating an experimental feature for paying customers that allows the game to add things to remember and world entries.

Hell Run posted:

You are Even, a newly ordered paladin of the order of llhatarius. Iftel the white, the high priest of your temple, invokes you and tells you "the demon Byblos is confusing the land of larion by driving people insane... do you remember the 12 principles?". You nod. "Very well then. Stop him.".
He gives you a horse and after a day of travel you arrive at
the town of lembore, where things are in a state of anarchy. Some people laugh uncontrollably while others cry for no reason. Before summoning your courage to demand an audience with the lord of the area you notice a man hitting another one claiming he was... a page?

Splendid! Apparently AIDungeon liked the premise.
if you put good guys on world entries only, either he has to summon bad guys, or the bad guys becomes your world itself and you will have an ally that will let you kill your enemies.

Hell Run posted:

> You divide the two men by saying "Hey you guys, what the hell is happening here?"
The two men ignore you.
Furious, you lift up the laughing man, don't ask why he was laughing in the first place, and throw him against a wall. He gets immediately up and says "This guy is such a page, right? Haw haw!" before laughing again.

AIDungeon is a son of a bitch, let's just alter the manuscript a bit.

Revision posted:

The two men ignore you.
Furious, you pin the laughing man against a wall. He says "This guy is such a page, right? Haw haw!" before laughing again.

Hell Run posted:

> You tell the two men to stop laughing "He is dividing you two."
The men apologize to you and the lord of the castle tells them to return to their work. He explains you that he has no idea of what is happening, but he gathered all the knights around in case there was an attack. You then enter his castle.

So far so good.

Hell Run posted:

> You bow to the lord and tell him "I am Even of the order of Llhatarius. We know the corruption of Byblos is descending on this land."
The lord, Sir Watrin, raises an eyebrow. "Byblos? It's a book that is infecting men's minds". Before you can answer he orders two knights to take you to the border.
You are taken by roads through the forests alongside of Sir Gregor, a combative man who trusts no one.

I want you to notice this. When the games does not want you to pursue a certain road, you are cartered around the eight realms of AIDungeon by forceful removal. Time to make the game angry by just rewriting the script and by adding Watrin to the world entries.

Hell Run posted:

> You bow to the lord and tell him "I am Even of the order of Llhatarius. We know the corruption of Byblos is descending on this land."
The lord, Sir Watrin, raises an eyebrow. "Byblos? It's a book that is infecting men's minds". Before you can answer he orders two knights to take you to the border.
You raise your hand "why so much haste Sir Watrin, lord of lembore?". The knights stop in their tracks.


Dec 22, 2007

il pistone e male

Slippery Tilde

I took another step and I got an interesting turn of events.

Hell Run posted:

> You sigh and say "No, it's worse than that, my liege. That is one of the lies that Byblos tell the people. Otherwise how could knowledge be transmitted? How could you trust your noble heraldry and lineage?"
The knights seem confused but Sir Watrin motions them to stay put. "Then what is the source of knowledge, paladin of the order?"
You answer "The inspiration of faith! Oh great Lord of lembore I beseech you to close your mouth lest knowledge fill it.".
He looks intrigued...

In this case the game wants you to fill him in to frame you. Actually the game uses everything you write in world entries and in the remember to use it as a weapon.

So if anyone has an idea before the next update I will use it.
(What I am thinking: I might actually try to use the original Myst lore about the guy putting people in books and ripping the pages away... that would actually fit with many contraptions you find in AIDungeon.)

Now, every X turns, at least in the experimental version, AIDungeon offloads some of its reasonings in the /remember tag.

/remember posted:

# Put things you want the AI to remember above this line. Below is a story summary of 10+ actions ago, maintained by the AI -- feel free to edit, but do not change this line
Your name is Even.
This is a fantasy story.
You are a paladin in Larion.
# Unstructured (don't remove me either!)
Byblos is a demon that is confusing the land of larion by driving people insane.
Byblos is driving people insane by telling them that knowledge is transmitted by books.

These are the world entries actually added by the game.

World Entry posted:

iftel,high priest,priest,temple
Iftel is the high priest of your temple.

byblos,land of larion,larion,insane,demon,land
Byblos is the demon who is confusing the land of larion by driving people insane. Byblos is a demon who is confusing the land of larion by driving people insane.

Lembore is the name of the town where you arrive after a day of travel.

Watrin is the lord of lembore.

The two knights are the two men who were fighting in the town of lembore.

Heraldry is the noble lineage of the lord of lembore.

The 12 principles are the 12 rules that you must follow to become a Llhatarius.

Notice this one:
The two knights are the two men who were fighting in the town of lembore.

This is part of how AIDungeon works if you play long enough you will find that there are at maximum 8 characters at a given time on a scene, 2 of which are reserved to the player and the director, 6 instead who are contributing, or not, a little piece of story, and AIDungeon is not shy to twist characters including you by renaming them on the fly..

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