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Dec 30, 2012

I write my poems in the dirt with an oily rag
I have to wear a gas mask just so I don't gag
I got a SOCOM scout and twenty extra mags
And a couple severed heads in my bug-out bag

This thread is for you to swap gear with your fellow goons or just offer to give it away if you're a wonderful person like that! Remember, everything in here is at your own risk.

This thread will be handled under SAmart rules: In case you need the SA mart rules, here they are

Discussion: Do not post here if you are not buying or selling something. If you have some groundbreaking insight into what a goon is buying/selling, think its overpriced or even if you think they should buy something else, this isn't the place for it.

Don't be stupid: If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Don't wire money to nigeria or some poo poo you dumbasses.

Giveaway gear: If you're offering to give the gear to another goon, please make it very clear in your post so there are no issues in the future.

Selling stuff: If you would like to sell something shipable, make a thread in SAmart with it and then link the thread in a post here or copy over the OP. If the item is too large to ship and you are selling it locally such as a bicycle, kayak or similar and would like to give goons first dibs, then you do not have to post a thread in SAmart, but it is still recommended for due diligence purposes.

Editing posts: Please do not remove items from your post once they are sold. A strikethrough or spoiler with a note that the items are sold will work just fine.

Guns/ammo: No selling guns or ammo please. There is a bunch of legislative BS that the forums don't want to deal with so just don't do it.

Issues with sale/possible scams/etc: Contact me, JB or an admin through PM, email, smokesignals, morse code, large piles of rocks on a desert island or whatever your prefered method of contact is. (PM or Email is easiest since I have no idea how to interpret smokesignals or morse code )


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