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Saint Drogo
Dec 26, 2011

unironically, picky eaters are just more evolved. probably in all other areas of life too.

eating any old poo poo is a fly's job.


Saint Drogo
Dec 26, 2011

Starks posted:

Also I donít ďgetĒ dipping sauce. You already have sauce. Itís on the pizza. People that need to dip their already unhealthy food into a cheaper sauce that is just going to overpower all the flavour are weird. Why do people do this?
we've all eaten enough pizza that the cheese/tomato is just part of the base flavour. that's how the traditional pickled jalapenos & BBQ sauce came about.

e: also, crusts. that's some serious bread to get down with no extras.

Big Beef City posted:

All of you gonna get hit by a fuckin bus and I don't even care. Don't come crying to me when your legs pop off and your skulls are crushed or whatever. Bus.
gently caress. evolution didn't prep us for that one.

Saint Drogo fucked around with this message at 16:49 on Aug 11, 2020

Saint Drogo
Dec 26, 2011

Tiny Bug Child posted:

picky eater solidarity, picky eater supremacy. why should i go eat a bunch of gross poo poo to try to trick my brain into not thinking it's so gross anymore
people will never get over the idea that eating poo poo (in every sense) is a virtue.

'overrule your basic drives for the convenience of uppity dipshits, peasant.'

Biohazard posted:

I had to stop dating a woman in part because she'd only eat the same 3 things, and the whole thing came off as incredibly childish and stupid.
this sucks though. picky eating should come from love of food & flavour.

Saint Drogo
Dec 26, 2011

people will respect you more for admitting you dgaf than these lovely rationalizations.

but that steak, man. if you're gonna kill a living thing at least relish the blood.

Internetjack posted:

My grandma, RIP, was a plate mooch. She'd have her own plate of food but would always want a bite off everyone else's for whatever strange psychotic reason. Especially at restaurants.
Meek and humble voice from an 80+ year old, "Oh can I try a bit of that?" to everyone at the table. It wasn't a one-off, it was 6-10 times per meal for decades, and it drove people nuts.

As a joke, one of her sons bought her a telescoping fork as a gag-gift. Mistake.
This was like handing a harpoon to Ishmael. She just stopped asking and started plundering plates from that moment forward. She'd carry that thing like a Texan with an open-carry .45 at a BBQ. It was insane, food being speared and stolen from about 4' across the table.

At her funeral, it was held up in memory of her, and everyone had a good laugh.
this is the good stuff. she sounds like she'd have made a great Terry Pratchett witch.

Saint Drogo
Dec 26, 2011

lots of good people have tried to make Britain worth a poo poo over the years. but this speech is still applies to the entire country.

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