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Vim Fuego
Jun 1, 2000

I just had an epiphany: the internet is useless!

Ultra Carp

Khanstant posted:

I had a tempo agency job one summer in college as janitor for this fake-medicine-scam business. One room I had to clean was "the powder room" and it was stacks of sacks of various powders and containers for them to go in, some kind of big vacuum tube system too, a lot of it looked kind of cartoony to me. It was supposed to be a "clean" room, so other workers weren't supposed to be in there or walk through, but the layout of the place made it a really logical place to cut-through so people still did. Even so, I wasn't always sweeping powder into trash, they'd hoover it up sometimes lol. I was also concerned b/c they didn't have masks for me to wear, but some of the pill-making workers did? They told me that powder room was non-toxic, just inert fillers or whatever. I still brought the mask I'd wear for drawing classes to avoid black-charcoal-boogers.

They eventually did have me cleaning the toxic stuff, some of which was basically the cleaning solutions being the toxicest part. It was all non-FDA "medicine," lotta homeopathic poo poo, bottles that are like "take 12 pills every 6 hours." Kind of place that also sold healing crystal pyramids and like coffee enemeas and whacky stuff like that. Anyway, hated dealing with the toxic stuff more than cleaning bathrooms so if any test tube or beaker or whatever was going to require mechanical effort to clean, I'd just toss it in the broken dirty glass hazard bin. They could buy replacements for the price of one bottle of their snake oil, gently caress em.

as a "bonus" for working there, i was given one item worth up to 25 bucks or something a month. The coffee enema and crystal healing objects were what I wanted but out of the price range, so I settled for a jar of pink rock salt one month and this jar of raw-honey with chunks of bees and hive still in it. It was good on toast but I think it also makes me immortal b/c of the royal jelly in it or whatever.

edit: Sorry, there's no actual protip there. Uh, just be safe, you don't know what those office goons are up to in the back.

how was the coffee enema tho? invigorating?


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